The Downside To Being Both A Writer And Director – Daniel Stamm

The Downside To Being Both A Writer And Director - Daniel Stamm

are you where you planned to be right now for filmmaking with your career am I where I plan to be I think I always am in my younger years always saw myself as a writer director because that to me was like the total creator where's the directors trust the translator of someone else's inspiration so no I'm not I'm not where I saw myself or wished myself or even wishing myself right now just that writing is so hard and I've such respect for writers that do that to themselves and the the stakes of that of you working on something for years that then might or might not get made or might or might not even turn out well it's kind of more than I can I can bear with my fragile creative ego so I'm kind of playing it safe by staying in the in the directing world which I probably should thinking about it now I probably should write again and try try more of that because I think that that fulfillment that you get from seeing your story not just the way it's told on screen but your story from from the first seed is something that might must be spectacular but I've only had was my very first movie ever where I hadn't even written the script but it was a found footage thing that just came to be but to know that these characters would not exist without me having had the idea for them was incredible and I haven't had that since because these characters that I know bring to life they are already jumping off the page and just putting them on the screen so they would exist in some other incarnation one way or the other it's organic expected from me being that a writer being the real creative driving force behind any storytelling and then the format is just what the director is involved I think um it's also the turbulence it goes along with right and I was watching a documentary that compared on Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler and their lives Oh their lives had been you know turbulent for different reasons but it it was very maybe the turbulence of the writing contributed to the the depth of the stories right you know and with directing some of that you like you said you're taking other people's maybe even turbulence and you're bringing it to life but you don't have to necessarily experience all that I'm yeah and the risk you don't take the risk of just wasting a lot of time you know if I if I get sent a script and it's financed then I know the time that I spend on it right now will translate into most of the time but translate into a finished product on screen whereas if I sit down at the computer with a blank page and I start you know writing scene one day so and so the chances of that actually ending up on screen one day are so miniscule so miniscule which I think you just have to be either ignorant off to do it or be completely delusional to do it anyway at great you know more power to the people that can do that I get demotivated I think too quickly if I hear the numbers some producers said to me that in their company which produced a lot back then they have about eight percent of what makes it into the final stages of development that they are really developing with a full intention of making it to the screen eight percent of that makes it to the screen and only a miniscule percentage of what they start developing makes it into the final stage so really someone and I don't want to demotivate anyone I think any writer it has to be so driven anyway that the numbers don't matter and they just write it because they have to write it because otherwise it'll tear them apart but if you did look at the numbers I think you would you would try to do something other than start writing a script from scratch and I know that's exactly where I'm going wrong and I should find the courage again to just do it for the creative alternate and I just haven't in a couple of years so that's the answer to do I find myself where I want it to be no but I also have to earn a living which would be really hard if I now took a year or two to write a script and might or might not ever get me you know so like real life just kind of kicks in at some point right right if you look at a lot of the writers that continually put their work out there and the turbulence that went through it you know maybe it's it's just being more of a realist yeah you know just I wonder if realism and pragmatism is like a big enemy of the creative spark that you almost have to fight that as much as you can work look it straight in the eye and say I know that I might live under a bridge in a year because I can't pay my rent but it doesn't matter because I'd rather live under a bridge and do creatively what I was born to do then live in a cozy apartment and be miserable because I'm not doing that I think it's either of those of those two things yeah yeah I mean if speaking of another or like LA based writer I know Dashiell Hammett was in the Bay Area but you know Charles Bukowski you know just yes you know brilliant person but the turbulence they came out of that and and what comes first the turbulent sort of mind with amazing ideas and stories or or the process of doing something over and over gonna be rejected and then that brings out the turkey I don't know right like chicken or the egg but that's also part of the pragmatism we're talking about them I'm I know I'm self-aware enough to know that I'm not a Kowski that I'm not a genius with a turbulent story that you know I'm probably a pretty if you look at a pretty mediocre writer so factoring that into my chances of success if I knew I were a genius writer I would take the chance but knowing that I'm a friends there are so much better writers that don't get anywhere and really should that it would take a lot of ego for me to suddenly say you know what I have to say something to the world that trumps all that and it's going to surpass all that I wish I could tell you something more inspirational then I'm too afraid to write but at the moment that's kind of the reason why I just direct so maybe the inspirational thing would be if you if you still have that energy in you and they fight to to make your story hurt amazing and go for it I think even with Raymond Chandler wasn't he fired from his oil job so it kind of he was in a spot where he was ready to do it so again it was sort of like you know life sort of kind of stripped everything away right yeah would imagine that's the case for many people and that's why you see people with these dual careers you know that the create creative path presents itself when the pragmatic real life path comes to a difficult spot kind of a thing you


  • AlmightyGamer says:

    How long does it usually take to write a script?

  • Jonathan Boyd says:

    another brilliant thought provoking interview it's an extremely hard thing to be but but probably the most creatively rewarding (but the trick is getting each project funded and approved ) unless you can self fund it and even then it's quite a challenge it depends how important it is to you i guess an up hill battle a labour of love a work of art

  • David Brown says:

    "If I knew I were a genius writer, I would take that chance."

  • Adrian Daniel Botnariu says:

    Wow du hast echt ne Loser Mentalität mein Junge..kaum zu glauben, dass du in LA gelandet bist.

  • Ashique Desai says:

    This is amongst the very best of the film courage interviews. And they are all very good!

  • Ryan Paul McCarthy says:


  • Nicole R says:

    Incredibly honest. I loved this. I will share with all my filmmaking friends. I would say, write 1 page a day…you'll have a finished screenplay draft in 3 months. I wrote my first feature screenplay late last year and almost got full funding. Back to reworking it and we are going to get it made. If you don't plan of filming it, write its novel version–create the source content.

  • 21st Century Comics says:

    What wrong with writing and directing different pieces? Why do you have to only write for years. Why do you have to be under a bridge to be creative. You my friend are the enemy of creative and the epitome of settling for less. You’re not self aware enough.

  • Counterspell says:

    I am working on my second full-length feature as a writer/director. My way to do it, because I am no one, is to write something you can shoot for cheap and corporate jobs between movies.
    Let see how long it will work.

  • Peter Ohara says:

    Why are all these advice videos so negative?

  • WORD says:

    These Rock!

  • Cha Nel says:

    Most encouraged by the discussion of turbulence – brings meaning to the turbulence endured in firsthand experience of recent past, as such has without a doubt informed current project with a certain added informative intensity…haha

  • AJ Taylor says:

    The downside of being a writer-director is knowing when to he just one of those at one time. When I write my scripts, I end up writing them from the viewpoint of being behind the camera, but then I have to steer myself clear of that in order to be a writer that tells a compelling story. When I'm directing, I sometimes tend to tru and play things out as if I were writing the script, but then I have to steer myself clear of that and just focus on directing in that moment.

  • gritHouse Films says:

    To be a Writer and Director takes two parts Passion and one part Insanity or is it the other way around🙂

  • The Feel Button says:

    You face so many challenges in taking on multiple roles in productions. If you’re driven it’s probably the only way though. 🙏☺️

  • Whitney Wynter says:

    As a writer I feel compelled to write my story. I feel driven to write my story. Currently working on a memoir. Its bearing the seed of something creative, maybe maybe not borderline genius but it is the struggle that enhances maybe even produces the story. Living in chaos is not ideal. Living in a chaotic mind set is not always fun. But it adds truth to the story your trying to tell.

  • Mr. Johnson says:

    I’m an aspiring writer & Director currently working an unrelated job but I’m applying to this Film Union and from there I plan to network and learn on set so that by the end of the year I can start a YT Web Series, anyone interested.

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