The Genius of Sword Art Online (Abridged): Fixing What's Broken [Part 1]

The Genius of Sword Art Online (Abridged): Fixing What's Broken [Part 1]

*Ahem* Sword Art Online Sucks Thank you. Thank you click here to subscribe, follow me on Twitter. Leave a like and name your firstborn daughter after me. By now it's no secret that Sword Art Online is terrible It is so terrible that the fact that the fact that it's terrible is a meme is a meme, and that's a real shame Because hunger games online with sword lasers is probably the best idea to come out of Japan Since ritually cannibalizing their enemies as an intimidation tactic during World War Two Look it up to those of you who are as disappointed as I was with Reki Kawahara shitty writing, awful pacing, bland characterization, ignorance of basic game design principles, misogyny, lack of attention to detail, complete disregard for internal consistence… (Three and a half hours later) Lack of knowledge of what made his narrative interesting in the first place and voyeuristic sexual exploitation of prepubescent girls have I got the anime for you! There's this idea called 'Percussive Maintenance' where you take a broken electronic device and beat it into submission until it decides to work And that is exactly what Something Witty Entertainment did with Sword Art Online Abridged Criticism of SAO is nothing new but SAO Abridged Thrashes its source material so thoroughly that it loops right back around to becoming a loving reconstruction of everything that we all hoped SAO was going to be from the characters to the pacing to the animation SAO Abridged isn't just a great parody, it's a better show than Sword Art Online before we get into exactly how SAO Abridged fixes the innumerable flaws in its source material all while remaining one of the funniest abridged series on the market Let's talk about names This is Kirito, Asuna and Klein They are the three most important characters and Sword Art Online And I'm going to have to talk about them a lot This is Kirito, Asuna and Klein they are the three most important characters in Sword Art Online Abridged And I'm going to have to talk about them a lot you see the problem here So in order to avoid confusion and to keep myself from having to say 'Abridged Kirito' 347 times let me introduce you to some new friends of mine Kurt, Ass and BallsDeep69 everybody see what I'm doing here? Yeah, ok? Ok. Ok? Ok! The most noteworthy and impactful change that SAO Abridged makes over the original Is that people aren't stupid. So many of Sword Art Online conflicts could be avoided If the people involved didn't have the mental capacities of a sleep-deprived cabbage take the Moonlit Black Cats for example, SAO attempts to justify Kirito's badass lonerness by implying that he feels responsible for what happened to the Cats and doesn't want to join any other guild to keep people safe This makes them incredibly important Sure is a shame they have the collective IQ of a coffee table "Hey, we have some time to kill, how about we make some extra cash fighting DEATH monsters in this DEATH dungeon where we could DIE? Nevermind that our guild leader is gone. We need CHAIRS." not to mention the whole reason they all get killed is because Mr. MLG Pro here finds a treasure chest in an empty room and OPENS it and I feel like that's all that needs to be said to show that this guy is about as smart as Bakug…OH GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE?! But the cats aren't out the hook let's talk about Kirito Kirito hides his level from the Moonlit Black Cats because if they knew his real level they wouldn't want him around WHY??? Are you forgetting that this is a death game? Why would ANYBODY not want to hang out with people who are GOOD at the death game Now, It's never explicitly stated Why hanging out with someone at a much higher level than you is a liability Because Sword Art Online… Because Sword Art Online But as far as I can tell, Kirito being around makes higher-level Monsters spawn And if that's the case then Kirito knows that getting into a combat situation with the Cats is a bad idea So why did he say NOTHING when he was suggested that they go into the dungeon? If he knew that his very presence would cause Trogdor to come in and burninate all his friends Then congratulations Kirito. You are so socially incompetent that you committed manslaughter. Bully for you The actions of these characters are Completely incongruous with a world in which people have both a fear of death and a basic knowledge of cause and effect Which is why Sword Art Online Abridged completely rewrites this entire plot line for starters not only does Kurt not hide his level from Keita Keita approaches him because he wants a higher level player in his guild which, you know, makes sense Why does Gary run right into the most obvious trap since THIS?? This because he's an NPC set to auto loot and why are they in the dungeon in the first place? for chairs? NOPE. Because they're in debt to the mob and have to find a replacement for the special item that Charisma Hat stole this slash-and-burn approach to adaptation is what allows Something Witty Entertainment to take Sword Art Online from a barely coherent mess of broken dreams and lost potential And turn it into a series that isn't downright insulting to anybody who has a better critical eye than a trained eggplant In addition to the obvious benefit of LOGIC these massive changes result in more complex and meaningful character development that happens in SAO proper and not just among the main cast even the most minor of side characters are given unique personalities and quirks that tend to be entirely absent from the original series this allows Something Witty to turn totally forgettable generic non-characters like this Into real people with personalities that we actually care about in SAO Godfrey is… this guy's name is Godfrey Is a plot device whose only purpose in the narrative is to get Kirito and Kuradeel Alone together and then get killed just so the viewer knows that This guy is CRAAAZY In Abridged, he's Godfrey the role player the quirky endearing doof who badly quotes Shakespear and really seems to be trying to make everyone around him happy and when Kuradeel stabs him and he breaks character to start pleading for his life That's a hilarious but still tragic moment that actually hits home and makes the viewer care about someone they didn't even remember after watching the original series and then there's Sachi In the original series Sachi is a tool her entire purpose is to die and give Kirito a reason to be a strong independent swordsman who don't need no guild She has no outstanding character traits except for the ones that help her die sadder and the effect that she has on Kirito is straightforward linear logically suspect and poorly executed In Abridged she makes Kurt go through an entire emotional arc and back again and the psychological scars that he suffers after her death stick with him long into the series end game and have a profound effect on everything he does when Kirito talks with Sachi under the moping bridge She tells him that she's afraid to die which is reasonable but also true of literally anybody else and does nothing to endear us to her character any more than we're endeared to this guy Kirito answers that he WON'T LET HER DIE then she dies anyway and he is sad in the abridged series Sachi's impact is much deeper and more nuanced than it is in the original when the whole guild gets wiped in the abridged series It's not because some inhumanly idiotic disgrace to the species falls for an obvious trap It's because Sachi sets an NPC to auto-loot because she thinks it will save time This is a multi-layered tragic moment that enhances our sympathy for two different characters First of all Sachi was terrified that she was going to be the one to get her friends killed But instead of it being an accident caused by her bad connection the deaths of her friends were entirely the result of an avoidable mistake that was completely under her control This is undercut a little bit since her party in abridged series consists entirely of NPCS But it's still way more impactful than "I HID MY LEVEL AND NOW YOU'RE DEEEEEEEEAAD" her effect on Kurt is significantly deeper as well from the beginning of the abridged series Kurt has been a self-assured Overconfident dick bag with a superiority complex who sees the suffering of weaker players as a source of entertainment He says he doesn't want to team up with other players because they're a bunch of mouth-breathing neckbeards and Diabel praises him for being so wise when he goes on his rant about how lions don't concern themselves with the opinions of sheep Reinforcing that he is right to see the people around him as useless inferior beings when Sachi tells him that she's afraid her lag is going to get everyone she loves killed Kurt is confronted with something that he can't find a way to mock which makes him question his cocksure attitude for the first time in the series the ensuing conversation makes kurt see the error of his ways and he resolves to stop being a sociopathic fuck muncher and give people a shot Sachi is Kurt's way of giving humanity a chance to prove its worth He lets himself be vulnerable to one person one time and that vulnerability is Immediately and harshly kicked in the dick Sachi's death reconfirms for Kurt's that his former distance attitude was correct and that allowing people to get close to you won't cause anything but pain This is further shown when he talks with Balls at the end of the episode Since they first met Kurt has always referred to Klein by his screen name BallsDeep69 as a way of having some small bit of power over him when he's going after the item from the Christmas event Klein tells him that there's a chance it can resurrect players and that knowledge gives Kurt just a little bit of hope that his vulnerability Towards Sachi wasn't completely wasted as a result he responds Thank you, Klein Showing this other player a rare sign of respect After risking his life against smurf Santa to have a chance at saving Sachi Kurt is Rewarded with a hat for his trouble now his attempts to show faith in humanity have been foiled three times First when Sachi died Second when the hope at reviving her was taken from him And third when Klein betrayed him by giving him that hope in the first place even if Sword Art Online had accomplished what it set out to do with Sachi's character Kirito wouldn't have had an arc so much as a straight line going from a relatively nice sociable dude who's a bit on the awkward side to his self-imposed pariah Who's too afraid of getting other people killed to join up with them In Abridged, he starts with posturing and presenting himself as a total ass who doesn't care about humanity at all while actually Really wanting people to like him, then he gets that point of view reaffirmed after the fight against Illfang Been questioned by Sachi then reaffirmed by Saachi then questioned by Balls then reaffirmed by Santa in an emotional cycle that beats him down so far into the dirt that he thanks balls for showing him that there was still a part of him that could love people because now that he knows where to find it. He can kill it forever This is normally the part in this video where I would really start delving into Kurt's character But I'm not going to do that instead since there's enough content about him Ass and Yui to make that its own video I'm going to make that its own video, for now Let's go back to this whole thing about people not being stupid and talk about Kayaba Trivia question why does Kayaba Akihiko make Sword Art Online kill people? Don't remember? Neither does he! Ain't that some shit? I mean I get it man sometimes you just do things, no worries I'm sure that'll hold up in Court. The lack of compelling motivation isn't just stupid It turns, Akihiko from a potentially brilliant character into a plot contrivance acting as yet another sword in the back of SAOs potential. Thankfully, as usual, the Abridged series is here to save the day In SAO Abridged the first view SAO related deaths were the result of a glitch in the system that was caused by a rushed release and since Akihiko is crazy from having gone Three weeks without sleep to get the damn thing finished. He panics and locks everyone in the game so that he can pretend it's all part of some master plan Until he finds a way to keep the cops off his back The writers of the abridged series realized that there was no Possible motivation that a sane man could have for doing all this so they needed to add some insanity to Kayaba's character Problem is they'd already portrayed him as being ruthlessly competent when he's playing the part of Heathcliff their reconciliation of these two portrayals of Akihiko both makes sense and play into his backstory as a game developer since nothing drives game developers insane like being overworked underslept and working on a deadline They know they can't keep speaking of Heathcliff then there's that whole "You fools, I was Kayaba the whole time" bit unless you've seen Sword Art Online there is no way to properly appreciate How jarring this scene is We all know that SAO has pacing problems, but there is a big difference between lingering on one scene a little bit too long and ENDING THE STORY 25 FLOORS EARLY BECAUSE THE WRITERS JUST GOT BORED? And the way this happens doesn't even make sense There are two key pieces of evidence backing up Kirito's shocking revelation that the leader of the Knights of the Blood Oath was actually Kayaba Akihiko in a pair of Groucho Marx glasses He moved really really fast one time And there's nothing less fun than watching someone else play an RPG with the first part Kirito seems to forget that Sword Art Online is an irreparably broken game the unique skill system makes it so that there's nothing stopping a player from being able to do pretty much anything Including moving lightning fast and blocking an otherwise perfectly placed attack As for watching someone else play an RPG I'm subscribed to this little channel called The GameGrumps who just finished a playthrough a Breath Of The Wild Give that a gander Kirito and tell me how boring it is watching people play RPGs After you vicariously experience Dan and Arin's perfect friendship The kind of friendship that you know is absent from your own life Because you never develop social skills in high school and now you don't know how to talk to people Because you're a shut-in neet who spends every day writing YouTube videos about shitty anime While drinking raw Bailey's at noon in your apartment in Belgium! The Abridged series plants the seeds of Kayaba's true identity in the first episode when Final form floating personification of death Kayaba references Tron and Scanners After Heath is introduced those movie references continue These Allusions to Kayaba's favorite films create a narrative through line That allows Kurt to turn a long series of individual events Into a strong case against the leader of the game's strongest guild Or at least a stronger case than: "Nobody could beat me in a fight without cheating" And the movie references don't only serve to make Kayaba's alter ego makes sense They also create a connection between him and Kurt Kurt also constantly makes movie references throughout the series Which reflects the way in which he and Akihiko are similar They're both massive nerds with no friends Who are tired of living in a world where everyone they know is intellectually beneath them And getting trapped in this game is probably the best thing that's ever happened to both of them When Kayaba finds out that Kurt gets his movie references He is overjoyed at having finally found someone who understands him at his misanthropic tendencies, The problem is that Kurt has undergone a whole character arc at this point And has begun to legitimately care about humanity thus breaking the bond between him and Kayaba Which is represented when Kurt stabs Kaiba while quoting Mythbusters And Kaiba attributes the quote to Dungeon Master, a film that Kurt has never even heard of And if that wasn't enough then during the last scene with Kurt and Ass When Kurt finally says "I love you" to her for the first time She says "I know" quoting Han Solo in Battlestar Galactica As his use of a movie reference here cements Kurt's progress as a character showing now That he identifies more with ass than he could have with the genocidal Kayaba And the abridged series doesn't just fix characterization issues either There are also subtle changes in pacing editing and animation that just make it POP For example: during the fight with Illfang in the original series right after the door opens We get this brief clip of the Kobold Lord sitting on his throne in the dark This subconsciously preps the viewer for a moment of tension where the army slowly walks forward with the boss Looming silently over them waiting to strike as they enter his domain INSTEAD He jumps through the air like an overstuffed Tube sock out of some Madman's Laundry Cannon it starts cutting through people like that guy from too many cooks at Thanksgiving dinner Just cutting out that one shot of Illfang on his throne makes this whole scene flow 20 times better (I counted) And it's not just subtle changes, SAO Abridged cuts out so much unnecessary bullshit That you could make a whole new bull out of the shit And this metaphor isn't going quite the way I wanted to But the point is that the Aincrad arc in SAO proper is six hour long. In SAO Abridged it's just over three and nothing of importance is lost. Do you remember when this guy from the fishing Arc talks about soy sauce? Do you remember this guy from the fishing Arc? Do you remember the fishing Arc? Neither does SAO Abridged and it's better for it Then there's the OP, my God does this series have a stellar OP? I mean Jeff isn't going to want to fuck it But he's also not going to want to Beat it hard enough to make small children Uncomfortable like he did with the OPs of SAO proper, If nothing else the OP is short and well edited with a fantastically chosen theme song that actually plays during the final fight against Kaiba I don't know how SAO managed to fuck up the most obvious and badass anime trope of all time but there is NOTHING MORE HYPE Than hearing the first bars of the opening theme song Play while the main character And the big bad evil guy stare each other down, and then the way the music Abruptly cuts out when Kurt sword breaks on Kaiba's Shield really sells his Desperation and the sense of defeat he feels that having finally been bested when so much was on the line But the most impressive change to me is the subtle edits made to animation in the series And I'm not talking about making characters roll their eyes or the addition of new characters I mean the minor tweaks that don't do anything to make the episode funnier But that seriously improve the quality of the show overall The best example of this is the fight between Yui and this sentient Halloween costume When Yui summons her sword in SAO proper it's a 'little girl with big sword' moment And that's fine but the idea of an unstoppably badass 9 year old girl is kind of tired at this point And it doesn't tell the viewer anything new about Yui Except that she can summon a big sword When this scene happens in the abridged series there's this cool 'Distortion' effect That really sells the idea that she's hacking into the system To gain access to powers that she shouldn't be able to use It takes advantage of the setting and Yui's identity as an AI While creating a link between this scene and the one where she Explains that the system is going to delete her code This animation tweak didn't have to happen Nobody would have expected it to happen but they did it anyway because they knew it would improve the show And that's the really special thing about SAO Abridged There are so many lazy abridged series out there trying to cash in on the popularity of the trope And almost none of them do anything to improve on their source material SAO Abridged clearly comes from a place of deep respect for what Sword Art Online could have been And the creators go above and Beyond to make good on all of the promise that Aincrad had and I'm glad they did Because I wanted to like Sword Art Online I think most of us wanted to like Sword Art Online And now thanks to Something Witty Entertainment I can Happy Twenty thousand Subscribers special everybody I opened a Twitter. You know I really want to do something cool for these subscriber milestones, But damn it you're subscribing faster than I can celebrate Anyway about my next video I normally try to put something out every two weeks But the next video might be a bit later since I'm moving to a different house In a different country Across the ocean So I might be a bit too busy in the next few weeks to write 4,000 words about the beautiful disfunction That is Kurt and Ass' relationship. So since we might have a tiny hiatus I figure it's time for a challenge As you may know We are currently locked in a one-sided fight to the death with Pedantic Romantic And I want to win in those three weeks That means a little over thirty four thousand subscribers before my next video goes out It's a tall order but if you do it, weekly videos all through August I can't do it in July because the whole moving continents thing So if you like me If you like content If you like the month of August SUBSCRIBE to Explanation Point SUCCUMB to Explanation Point (Explanation Point!) Spread the word of Explanation Point (Explanation Point!) Share my Minions (Explanation Point!)share (Explanation Point!) (Explanation Point!)(Explanation Point!) (Explanation Point!)(Explanation Point!) (Explanation Point!)holy(Explanation Point!) (Explanation Point!)(Explanation Point!!)(Explanation Point!)(Explanation Point!) (Explanation Point!!)(Explanation Point!!!)(Explanation Point!1!!)(Explanation Point!!!1!!1!) Poi… Points Until next time this has been explanation point signing the waiver before the big fight with Pedro. (Good Luck Sempai)


  • agiar2000 says:

    After writing this whole, monstrous wall of text, I realized that it would be much more consumable if I went back and broke it into paragraphs, but it was still so long, I figured numbering them and adding titles, like they're chapters, would make it better.
    (Better? Writing chapters to a YouTube comment? What am I doing with my life…)

    Ultimately, if you want the tl;dr version, you can just read the titles and ignore everything else!

    Alternatively, you can ignore the whole post! Have a great day!

    1. I Hate It!
    As someone who deeply enjoyed and was deeply emotionally moved by the original SAO, I quickly disliked this video once I started hearing the presenter speak so harshly of it and of anyone who liked it.

    2. Wait, Okay Now I Don't!
    However, I continued watching, and I was really pleased with pretty much everything else! The person making this video clearly put a lot of thought into all of these points, used effective edits and highlighted important pieces from the source material, and made excellent points about all of the ways that SAO Abridged improves upon the original, points with which I agree.

    3. Agree to Disagree
    Ultimately, I do not agree with every single point, nor is it important to me that I do, since ultimately, this is about "good" and "bad" writing, which, while partially based in a lot of objective patterns, is ultimately subjective, and my personal definition of "good" writing is "writing that makes me feel like saying 'Oh, wow, that was a good experience!'". SAO did that for me in a way it obviously did not for a lot of people, and when I watch criticism of it, I realize that they are right, in a sense. There are things that, if done differently, would have made SAO more appealing to more people, regardless of how much I enjoyed it anyway.

    4. Subjectivity
    Though I may disagree with statements of the form "X is bad because of Y, therefore people who like X are bad," I can internally translate them into statements with which I have no argument: "I disliked X because of Y, therefore I fail to understand why others enjoyed X."

    5. I Like It!
    After watching the end of the video, I changed my "dislike" to a "like".

    6. You're a Stand-Up Guy!
    I was also really pleased to see that the pinned top comment was actually a criticism of several points made in this video, to which the creator of the video responded, which I found nice!

    7. I Like Everything!
    I still like SAO, and I still love SAO Abridged, and I respect this creator.

    8. I Like Positivity!
    I guess I have a different outlook when it comes to the media that I consume. In general, regardless of any objective measure of quality, consistency, or complexity, I am more pleased by positive messages and praise of a thing than I am by criticism of it.

    9. Criticism is Okay
    I think that I understand the purpose of criticism. We all want to enjoy our entertainment. Entertainment that is well-crafted is more enjoyable, and carefully thought-out criticism helps to motivate and inform content creators of how not to do things. Reviews to people who have not seen a particular work may also help to inform them of what content best meets certain standards.

    10. I Have No Standards!
    My approach is different. I try to enjoy whatever I watch. I try to get into the mindset that the writer/director wanted me to be when they wrote something. I try to help them along when they stumble, and even invent head-canons to spackle over apparent plot-holes. I treat my fiction the way some religious people treat their sacred texts. "Oh, that part doesn't make sense? Hmmm, there must be an explanation that I haven't thought of, yet! Maybe this could explain it! Maybe this is what really happened!"

    11. Having No Standards Makes Me Happy!
    Perhaps this means that I am exposed to a generally lower quality of content, and perhaps this means that I have a poorer ability to precisely discern what constitutes "good" writing in a more objective sense, but I have done the internal cost-benefit analysis, and compared to the amount of negativity through to recognize flaws and to strive for excellence, simply re-tuning my tastes to fit what is handed to me actually leaves me happier! 🙂



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    SAO Abridged is the Real one, and SAO is the parody.
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    You forgot the "Heathcliff's health bar never going below yellow" part when it comes to 'Heathcliff-Kayaba reveal'. It was another reason Kirito thought Heathcliff is Kayaba. He knew about the bar not going below yellow when the object is immortal from when he and Asuna and Yui went to the lowest dungeon and iirc, pretty much everyone's health bars were below yellow after that boss fight and additionally Heathcliff was known to be tank that never had his health go below yellow bar.

    So yeah, this is another reason why Kirito suspected Heathcliff.
    But I'm not sure if I know this from both anime and ln or just ln.

    Still, even if SAO has a lot of bads, I still enjoy it and don't consider it one of the worst animes. Hate on me all you want for that ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

    But I agree SAOA is probably better than original SAO

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    It's how and why Kurt knew she was there, and it was a subtle change I never even noticed in my first watch through

    It's a brilliant little detail that adds so much to the source material

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