• Melvin Serrano says:

    Best scene

  • carlosed1979 says:

    Jocastas And Pandoras

  • Manuel Neuer says:

    That ending is great but it doesn't make sense to me. Who were these guys who assassinated him? Did they wait for him outside even if they didn't know when he would leave? And why did they kill him? He found out the truth only seconds before so no one knew except Lang's wife who had no time to order an assassination. I don't get it.

  • Dark Zhiro says:

    I thought he was smarter than that.

  • Cole Thornton says:

    Ewan's character had a death wish. He knows what happens to his predecessor who got too close with the C.I.A. drowning him. So what does the Ghost do? He shows up at the book premiere and tells Ruth he knows she is C.I.A. Then he walks out into the street, knowing his end is near.

  • Matrix Master says:

    Dog Days of Summer: youtu.be/oRzL3oM2QfU

  • Ad Max says:

    Well the previous ghost writer died in suspicious circumstances and adam lang was executed…good call ewan, good call.

  • Seisman 75 says:

    So I just saw this movie for the first time. What the fuck happened? Is it because he found out Lang's wife was a CIA agent and that is why he was killed? Who gave the go ahead? Was she an Agent? Why hire some to write a memoir just to kill them at the end?

  • Tonys Motorbikes says:

    Forget it, viewers… it's Chinatown.

  • PoluxCastor says:

    I’m not usually into this kind of movies, this one caught me all the way, don’t know why but i enjoyed it

  • Fincher, Wright productions TM says:

    5:57 that has to be one of the greatest shots in any film ever, The composition is perfect, and it fully encapsulates the tone of the story, that watchful eye of power (half of Pierce Brosnan's face looking at Ewan) and the ultimate truth that one cannot escape its grasp.

  • Frank Danger says:

    5:21. Confidence level: at maximum.

  • Green Owl says:

    = TONY BLAIR the traitor

  • Teofilatto Dei Leonzi says:

    So powerful. One of the best &most shocking film ending EVER made.

  • Sampurna Ganguly says:


  • GuildF40 says:

    Thanks for uploading I missed the last 5 mins as my little boy woke up came down just in time to see the papers flying down the street …….. PHEW I can sleep, knowing the end 🙂

  • Joseph Niepce says:

    Such a cinematic sequence, this ending, yet drastically unlikely one to happen.
    But even if script isnt top- notch, editing and camera work are. Not to mention – Desplat.
    By the way, you focused in your analysis on film language and it is well written, well observed.
    Noone is saying film language has its flaws here, because it is excellent.
    But there is one flaw in other department, a big one. In department of CREDIBILITY.
    Lack of credibility in main characters actions after he is back from staff – only room kind of ruins to some extent this fabulous ending thrill. His actions are great to make this scene count as it counts, but I could mainly see here lack of reasonable connection to common sense. Simply – It is very arguable he would behave like he did in this situation. He was not stupid. And obviously he was not a drama queen.
    Thanks for upload. Too bad Polański is old now and he wont make many films more.

  • Lêê Hïlsïgg says:

    thanks for uploading

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