The Lil Pump Experiment Has FAILED… What This Means For Upcoming Artists

The Lil Pump Experiment Has FAILED... What This Means For Upcoming Artists

what's popping out the low pomp experiment has officially ended in it looks like it's a failing grade stick around until the end because if you're an upcoming artist there's a lot to learn from this case study the first week sales for Harvard dropout were forty-five thousand eight hundred seventy five equivalent units but twenty one thousand nine hundred and sixty-six pure sales or coming from people who just bought the album and that shocked me at first the pure sales of course the album equivalent units is a massive flop this is the same sales he had first self-titled mixtape as they wanted to call it and that released before gucci gang blew up it confused me because offsets sold eighty eight thousand plus screaming but only had six thousand six hundred album sales and gonna I was surprised beat offset sold eighty-nine thousand sales plus streaming with eight thousand eight hundred album sales so how the hell did low punk basically sell half as much as gun an offset overall but did three times as much when it came to pure album sales you would think that gun and offsets fanbase would be more likely to straight-up buy their album and you'd be right besides almost nobody right now gets half of their sales from just directly buying an album except for probably the biggest rappers and other types of artists so I did a little digging and found that low pump had done a limited time only merchandise collab with clothing brain young and reckless for a t-shirt and hoodie and guess what yes each purchase comes with a free digital album of Harvard dropout this is why the pure album sales were inflated and when it comes to my opinion I don't think this is cheating or wrong because if people are willing to buy our merchandise bundle then sure go ahead and count it as a sale but I do wish we could see how many people just bought it regularly because that's an important metric to have if you like analysis videos on hip hop and rap that you're not gonna find anywhere else subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bow some people are already thinking why do pure album sales matter nobody buys music anymore streaming is the only thing that matters first off you're wrong plenty of people still buy music just looking at the lab week sales that low pump was on the number one album was the Lady gaga and Bradley Cooper soundtrack for a stars born sure it had a boost again because of the Oscars but in its first week it sold 160 mm pure album sales and two hundred and thirty one thousand when you include streaming this was back when it first released and five months later it sells seventy five thousand six hundred peer sales and 124 thousand overall going number one again so that means over seventy five thousand people went to iTunes or whatever other platform and bought the album directly same thing for Gary Clark jr. as album this land which sold 37 thousand pure and forty thousand overall when a fan is willing to pay for an album when they can just stream it that's a totally different fan than one who will just stream it and it's a totally different type of artists that can get their fans to do that for them it means their fan base is incredibly strong in we see only a handful of rappers keep hold of doing this with the success of gucci gang peaking at number three on the Hot 100 on December second 2017 and even a year later I love it with Kanye West peaking at number six on the Hot 100 on September 22nd 2018 and the amount of money invested in two huge music videos like butterfly doors drug-addicts racks on racks boss let's get it in arms around you this is one of the biggest flops I've ever witnessed but I can't say I was surprised I thought he would sell a minimum of 80k and I was going to consider anything under a hundred cape flopping but damn not even 50k everybody was hyping up lil pump as the hottest thing a rapper that was never going to fall off anytime soon he made the double XL freshman list he has 17 million followers on Instagram he was getting a million likes per post I was really laughing at people using all of these things to try and justify that he was going to last as a music artist none of these things have anything to do with the music low pump was a mean a joke and like every meme it runs its course and eventually people get tired of it and move on to the next one 6:9 was also a meme of sorts but his music was much better than low pumps and he outsold him but this is a thing that upcoming rappers and even some slightly established rappers are obsessed with and that's follower count and cloud on Instagram the Twitter victims of this include young bands who gets tens of thousands of retweets when he says something along the lines of F for us or academics to police but when he posts a snippet of his music it's nothing but crickets we've been witnessing a bubble of sorts that's going to burst any day now when it comes to rappers and low pump was one of the biggest and that's social media rappers if any of you remember when low pump was first getting popular it was on Twitter a video of him at the Walmart acting like a total fool then he dropped a song take your girls to the movies people thought it was an absolute joke but they shared it around ironically they never thought he was going to be an actual rapper or a music artist but early on social media agency the lights global saw that it could use his personality and grow his brand on social media so they signed him now what the hell is a social media agency well let's take a look at the lights global website and find out when you go to their roster of artists the only person here who's had some sort of big success is lo pump and it's a really small roster of people you've probably seen that Diablo producer around but he's not making any big placements it says tlg signs new and upcoming music talent then we utilize our influencer and marketing businesses to perpetuate them in a new world of media consumption to put it in English they find people who got a small amount of clout online and they get them a bunch more followers they usually sign these people I'm pretty sure they signed lo pump and then sold his contract or got a cut when he was signed to Warner they can sign these artists because when they approached them they don't know anything about the music industry or how to build a fanbase so they're happy to get any type of deal social media agencies usually get paid on a retainer though which means that they get a monthly payment of however much to grow an individual or businesses social media presence and if that party isn't satisfied with the results then they just cut them off you can't really cut these guys off if they have paperwork where they basically own your so these guys did what they do best they grew a social media following millions of Instagram followers millions of Twitter followers hundreds of millions of YouTube views and then what they did was go to these record labels and tell them look we got this poppin artist right now now we're willing to sell you this contract he has this much of a following on here here and here and he has way more followers than this artists that you have that's selling this much so imagine how much you can make from this guy's following and labels ears perk up and say damn we need to get on this ASAP and they buy the contract and as we saw from Harvard dropout they're stuck with an artist with a bunch of clout and followers but no real fans the same thing wasn't still is happening in journalism you ever look up a top 10 something on Google let's say that we looked up the Forbes list of hip-hop artists for 2018 you click on a link and they don't just list them out on one page I've said they have a slideshow and each slide that you click is a new page so when these websites have to show their investors what's going on or they need more funding they say hey look you got 20 million readers this month readers is already BS because they consider anyone who clicked a reader and it's also BS because they count you as one person going through the 20 page slideshow as 20 readers it's a huge dishonest scam for being real and it's why you're seeing a lot of these online publications make huge cuts to their staff if not shut down because investors over time are looking like yo where the hell is this income stream we've been investing millions and it's like it's being set on fire the record label basically got finessed and they're likely going to learn from this mistake if they have any sort of brain they just saw followers but didn't question why are these people following low pump and what demographic are they most people followed low pump not for his music but first Instagram and Twitter videos where he's just acting like a degenerate teenager they found this funny and they would just listen to his music as well ironically but never cared for him as a person or an artist and most of the people that follow him are children they don't have the purchasing power to an album who do you know over the age of 20 that would wear low pump merchandise or even go to a low pump show it's incredibly rare they might listen to his music but anything more very unlikely so artists have been chasing the same formula low pump did ever since they act like absolute fools on Instagram or Twitter to grow their following or just post stuff that they know people will share people like Kid Buu young bands low gene are uh what's his name blue face recently maybe some others that I can't recall off the top of my head right now and they get surprised that when they release music either nobody listens or nobody cares in your audience eyes you're a clown Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey people don't want to hear your music they want to see you do a trapeze act or walk across the wire maybe spit some fire and juggle a couple of bowling pins this is why I love Denzel Curry's music video for cloud cobain because it represents this so perfectly I mean people are like don't try giving us a thoughtful speech on stage that's not what we're here for there's a reason why people like logic who only has six million followers on Instagram and people like Russ who only has two million followers on Instagram can make the Forbes list sell way more albums do massive tours that they're headlining sell more merchandise with a fraction of the followers of people like Lowe pump and six none and it's because followers do not matter all these artists that are focused on just growing the numbers instead of nurturing a fanbase they need to realize that method never worked and it never will artists that actually focus on building a real fan base not just follower count one that's there for their music and personality relates to them not laughs at them will always have success and never go broke I suggest you watch one of the playlists that'll be on the end screen if you enjoy this video when it's influenced on the rap game where I dissect a bunch of rappers who a bad influence and how and the other is double XL where are they now where we look at double excels freshmen list since 2007 to see if they're still here and let me know why you think little pumps sold so little in the comments like subscribe in the notification bell if you enjoyed follow me on Instagram and Twitter thank you for watching peace


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