The Next Batman Writer?

The Next Batman Writer?

what is going on everybody I am your host juice Wayne and in today's video we're gonna be talking about the possible next writer for the main Batman title now if you haven't seen any of my recent videos we've talked a lot about how Tom King is leaving the main Batman title and he's moving over to another Batman titled called Batman Catwoman which by the way if you haven't seen the promo art for it ah he's bringing back phantasm or I should say bringing phantasm into the DCU continuity oh yes please anyways we're not here to talk about Tom King we're here to talk about the next possible Batman writer for the main title and I have to say if the rumors going around are true some people are not gonna like this pic and that possible next writer is the current writer of Superman Brian Michael Bendis a fan of Bendis you're going yay if you dislike Bendis you're going no personally I'm a fan of Bendis as Marvel stuff not so much as DC stuff so seeing him come to Batman I'm kind of like oh no no no no no because I've read a little bit of his Walmart stuff and I was not liking the way he wrote Batman he did do a pretty cool story in Detective 1000 that gave me a little bit of hope and then I started reading his current big event in DC which is called a bet Leviathan and no I do not like the way he is writing Batman and it's got me it definitely got me on the fence if he is going to be the next Batman writer now you might be asking how do I even get to these conclusions well the people that broke the Tom King story you know a month or so ago are the same people that brought this up it is bleeding cool calm now they don't have the best track record for being like the greatest places for sources but they were the ones that broke the Tom King story so they have a little bit of credibility to their name and then another article called the morning after they talked about how Brian Michael Bendis might be the one to come on to Batman after Tom King jumps off because DC is paying him a whole lot of money and right now his cells are not very great for Superman they're actually lower than the last writers finally few issues which is not a good look when you are this huge name coming from a rival promotion that has a lot of clout to it so the theory behind this is DC wants to put Bendis on the Batman title because apparently Batman books sell just because he's Batman which i think is kind of BS because I think yes some people will always buy the Batman title but I'm pretty sure if you've got a crappy writer on that book people would stop buying back to the theory though people are thinking that DC would put Bendis on the book to bring up his sales numbers so it makes it look good that they paid him all this money to jump over from Marvel which in my opinion I don't think is a very smart idea or even just sensible why would you put somebody that is losing sales on one book on your most popular book to see if that drops in sales you know what I mean me and my friend clay have come up with this prediction I should say that he was the one talking about it and I totally agree with it but he says the Tom Kings Batman Catwoman book will outsell Brian Michael Bendis says mein Batman tyrunt if that is going to be the two people running those books like I said I enjoyed Bendis his stuff over at Marvel and not everything but he did write a lot of badass stuff and since he's come over from DC I feel like he doesn't know these characters he doesn't have a voice of these characters and it just comes off wrong especially with Batman if you haven't read his book event Leviathan I highly suggest reading it go check it out just read the first few pages it's what I did and I had to stop reading because it just didn't sound like Batman let me just give you a taste of the dialogue that Batman had in this book a little bit of context here it looks like a lot of people are sneaking into this secret place one of them being Lois Lane the other being Batman and Batman is having some dialogue with Lois did he who gave you that Kryptonian weapon drop you here Lois I got here myself no offense meant it's a rational deduction Lois ends up lowering her weapon and says you're right hi how are you and Batman says I'm Batman moving on to another panel this is still Batman talking they have not said we imagine new world order or no world order which is in itself by definition a new world but Rachel Gore Talia were never into I don't know about you guys and gals but Batman is never that wordy Batman doesn't really spell things out for you yes he'll tell you how things work but he doesn't explain it the way Bendis is explaining it in these panels like I said this is the first you pages of this book and I just had to stop reading because it it just I didn't what I mean Bendis didn't even use the I'm Batman thing properly I mean I know he tried to do like a Marvel style joke here but it didn't really work I mean every time somebody says I'm Batman it works out in it's basically somebody asking him who he is not how he is like how are you doing on Batman it's not a state of emotion that you're Batman it's who you are I want to say put that one idea that I mentioned a Brian Michael Bendis doesn't really feel like he understands these characters like their personalities the differences between them and I want to talk about this little conversation he had on Twitter with Phil Jimenez Phil says please bring back interlac benda says I am just might be a little bit more Yiddish than you remember Phil replies colossal boy was Jewish don't forget so was his mom the president of Earth Bendis then replies dude you trying to school me on Jewish superheroes he replies once more I mean the second I got my hands on them I turned the guardians of the galaxy into Jews in space there's kind of a lot to unpack there but look I just wanted to make it clear that I am totally for creators bringing their own personal experiences into the writing I think that's what makes great writing but it doesn't mean that you should bring I guess not your how do I say this it's not personality it's not ethnics okay I don't really know the right word right now but you basically don't bring your whole self into characters if you're Jewish Christian or whatever doesn't mean you need to bring all of that into the characters especially when they are established characters like a Superman a Wonder Woman a Batman like those have had 80 plus years or whatever of content making them a little bit more Yiddish when they've probably never been getting before is kind of just way out of character which brings me to my point of it doesn't seem like Bendis understands these DC characters he worked at Marvel for so long he wrote so much Marvel he made those characters what they were but at DC writers have been establishing these great characters for so long that you can't just change him the way he is trying to change them yeah I hope you can understand why I think Brian Michael Bendis jumping over to Batman is a little scary and I'm I'm not gonna lie I'm not gonna lie for everybody that complained in these comments are complaining on Twitter I kind of want it to happen to see it everybody knows complaining about Tom King is gonna end up loving Brian Michael Bendis his work because everyone's goal he's to this and that just see what he would do with that that's my spiteful Jean coming out a little bit but I don't think I think we can all agree there Bendis might not be the best person to jump on Batman then again maybe you're a super Bendis fan you think that would be a great idea I'm currently not loving his Superman run honestly just did a podcast about this with my friend clay over on comic book Allegiance calm I will have it linked in the description go check that out because I do talk about multiple comic books along with action comics and how I felt like nothing's happened in the last six months so the big current rumor is that Bendis will take over for Tom King on Batman after he finishes his run at the end of 2019 and it does kind of make sense because the Batman comic book is going to monthly which is what Brian Michael Bendis does he only does monthly books now and he could just start writing Batman and he could probably do it along with writing Superman and action comics too which would be really crazy because he did write so many books at Marvel so it's not out of his wheelhouse but it would be insane to actually give one writer Batman and Superman at the same time a lot of people are thinking he'll jump off Superman and jump over to Batman but we'll just have to wait and see I do know that there are a lot of fans out there that want Tom Taylor to take over Batman he's currently writing the deceased comic book which is a kind of elfs world story happening in the DC Universe he's also wrote some solid Batman stories like been an annual number three which was an Alfred story it was kind of like this father watching over his son and I thought that was really a solid freaking issue so if Tom Taylor were to be the next writer of Batman I think that would be pretty badass but I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens at the end of this year because I'm sure they will announce it probably in September or October when the solicits for the January months come out because that is when we should be getting bat cat which is Tom King's spin-off book and we will be getting the new creative team for the Batman there you have it ladies and gentlemen the possible next writer for the Batman comic book if you haven't seen any of my other videos like the bat dick problem and newsweekly from last week definitely go check those out also if you are loving the bad tested content on this channel please hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications so you don't miss any of the new content anyways lady and gentleman I am your host Jew Swain remember Batman is awesome see you guys next time


  • Samuel Peck says:

    keep up the sick videos Juice:)

  • Jeramie Edwards says:

    There were parts of Kings run that I want a fan of but I did really enjoy a few of the arcs.. I’m behind so I’m not sure what’s going on right now however I’m not a fan of bendis whatsoever and I would prefer king of him any day of the week! My favorite Batman writer tho is Scott Snyder he’s actually one of my favorite writers period if you haven’t you should shack out AD after death it’s really good!!

  • Matt Shirley says:

    I REALLY hope it’s Bendis so he stops doing Superman

  • Лёхыч Диванный says:

    Thanks God I still haven't finished Morrison's run and didn't even get to Snyder (While starting King earlier, wtf. Anyway, I love him so much), so this Bendis won't be a problem. I won some time eh… Good to be not experienced enough so you read good stuff instead of "Morrison did Doctor Hurt? I'll do a Joker "Demon" fuck yeah!"

  • Lego Pete 3 says:

    "Where's the bomb?"

    "I'm Batman"

  • The comic book Connoisseur says:

    Hey juice, what character/characters do you want the MCU to bring on?

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