The Performers – Anonym Ensemble Gregorian Chants

The Performers - Anonym Ensemble Gregorian Chants

hey everyone this is George from stress with nothing and I'm happy to show you our new series the performers this series is meant to showcase wonderful musicians to capture their musicality in a way that can be used by composers and producers from all different genres from all around the world the first product in this series is called an inimitable Gregorian chants as you can see on the screen you have a built-in browser with twelve zones to the left similar to our Thunder engine corresponding to different keys on the keyboard by clicking on each zone you can select a specific girl or enchant and then it will be loaded up into the RAM each of the phrases were recorded in a specific tempo you can also see the BPM number right after the name of the phrase as I mentioned before you can play each phrase by pressing the corresponding key in our case that's c3 the red keys at the bottom of the keyboard to determine the tonality of the chat have in mind that this is not just ordinary pitch shifting we have actually recorded the chants in different keys and sometimes in different arrangements the blue keys at the bottom you have simple sustains that you can use as drone below the chant even though that's not very typical for this particular style and last but not least you also have a couple of round robins of breaths if you'd like to make the performance even more realistic when you loaded the chant you automatically see a score of what's being son as well as the waveform and five important controls a stretch sample start attack release and reverse on the top you can see that this library has three microphone positions closed Decca and hope all of these compatible in sound to our other libraries because it was also recorded inside the sofa session studio each of the microphones can have its stereo width controlled and also he has a built-in low and high-pass filters you can use them to further tweak the sound to your liking and finally you can start over your process every time you want by just clicking on the initialize button or you can just save and load the entire template in the performance engine you can also save a note each individual's own and afterwards just exchange between projects and as most of our products you always have the building help that can guide you in your first play throughout the library so that's it very simple and very inspiring thank you for watching we do hope that you enjoy this new journey that we took as much as we do thank you until the next time


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