• Liofa says:

    Yaz were Yazoo in the UK…

  • ButcherGrindslam says:

    That's why I type everything manually. Years for compilation albums need to be listed by release of particular compilation.

  • Philip Walker says:

    I use dBPowerAmp to rip CDs, which includes many sources for metadata. In most cases, all of them are incorrect in one way or another. The ISRC number is usually incorrect as well as the composer information. No one seems to understand what the year field is suppose to be for. I always have to correct that. Occasionally, I'll have to correct titles and artist fields.

    I've found that ASCAP's database for composer information (for those songs under their control) is the most accurate, while BMI and GMR tends to use alisas instead of the composer's real name. SESAC, when I've used it, is also very accurate for what few compositions are under their control.

  • Rogueofmv says:

    Gracenote's screwiness is just one more reason we should be glad for EAC– being able to source info from the far more accurate MusicBrainz and Discogs catalogs has saved me many a keystroke over the years.

  • Luke says:

    I use MusicBrainz. Unfortunately you have to go by their style rules, so it won't always be a 1:1 match with the back of the case. Was OCD with getting everything right.

  • The7thStranger says:

    Howling at the random clip from Undressed. Anyway, I'm pretty strict about how my music gets ripped. Year is always the year the album was originally released, and no pop music ever gets a field in the Composer field. I reserve that strictly for instrumental jazz composers and classical composers.

  • Nate Newman says:

    Now I need to listen to Situation again….

  • TD070VA1 says:

    For once I thought some other speaker took over the channel! Anyways it is for that reason why I don't use such CDDBs anymore; I just enter the info manually to my own liking.

  • Hill says:

    Someone has to teach vwestlife the real way to rip CDs 😂
    ExactAudioCopy & MP3TAG ftw!

  • RetroProfessional says:

    what happend to your voice

  • Matthew N says:

    As one viewer commented about your voice. When I heard it I was like whos this sounds very different then the Kevin that we all used too. Hope you feel better from cold. I remember uxwbill had one a while ago. And I noticed the cs title stuff a lot gets messed up on windows media player too. Not as bad but the genre does get wrong.

  • Moody Blue Wolf says:

    EAC has given me wrong info for somer eally obscure CDs I have in my collection. Nothing amusing or funny yet. I saw Peach boys instead of Beach Boys in the artist plane and on the back of the CD case. 😀

  • rmx77 says:

    i have had issues where i get an album all broken up cause of other artists being featured on songs along with the main artist. there was one time i wanted to keep an album as one whole entire album but itunes wanted to split the cd and make it where all the backing artists were a single track. i have even seen it with the mobile version of foobar2000 where it will take a whole entire various artists album and leave each artist as a separate track. some albums that arent even various artists foobar has called it various sadly. i have also seen issues where at times some some info cant be found at all for an album and it all becomes just track 1 to whatever amount of tracks

  • Fos says:

    This is why I'll always prefer folder organization instead of tag based. Especially for listening on my phone and mp3 player.

  • Madness832 says:

    It's not just CDs, my Blu-Ray deck also uses Gracenote for movie discs. And some amusing ones have come up, as well. Like a very-obvious English disc showing up as some foreign title using a (presumably) non-roman alphabet (i.e. shows as boxes & other gibberish).

    Also, I liked that "Breakin'" opening. Is there a full link?

  • Andrew Elie says:

    RIP iTunes
    You will not be missed

  • Brendon Mills says:

    Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and key it all in by hand.

  • Bryan M says:

    I am in the process of doing the same thing you are doing ripping over a thousand cds. It's so frustrating becuase I almost have to fix every single CD.

  • apr292000 says:

    I use EAC to rip my cd's and constantly change my source for metadata

  • Ronald says:

    At least they are listed.
    The vast majority of CDs I've ripped I've had to type in everything in manually.

  • Hopper says:

    iTunes is F**kin’ Sh*t ••• Pink Floyd

  • Levi Kragt says:

    What the heck was that at 3:00

  • Pietro Gagliardi says:

    Oh boy do I have a bunch of screenshots I could share here… Sadly I would need to find them again 😐 I have shared them with friends on IRC before, though.

    Most recent "discovery": Kraftwerk were apparently a rap group. (on Trans-Europe Express)

    Also my "favorite" thing that I see in CDDB is albums where every track has ([Year] Remastered Edition) on the end (with the same year for all tracks), because what else would it be 😀

  • Anthony Chiappette says:

    And it was very nice of Gracenote to take all our hard work, and then CHARGE for it. We should all sue Gracenote! I contributed a lot of entries to that database.

  • Anthony Chiappette says:

    That year thing really drives me crazy. I have over 1,000 CD's, most of which I ripped to iTunes without paying much attention. Then I got a Hi Res Walkman and re-ripped my entire collection. It took over a month to get all the tracks. Afterward, I spent many late nights on Wikipedia, Discogs, and others making sure all the tracks had the proper years. I even found an Excel file of top hits from the 50's up to 2014. However, I later discovered many of those years were incorrect for tagging, as they were the years the tracks charted, not necessarily the year they were released!

  • Saberleo says:

    what's that "you don't have to pretend to listen to alternative" clip?

  • Coen says:

    Why are all these CD promos so extra

  • Ken Choo Productions says:

    What is your username in discogs?

  • Wyatts randomness says:


  • Shrek says:

    Why not use Foobar2000 and rip into FLAC format? That way you will never have to rip CD’s again and you will have a CD quality copy. You could probably fit all of your music collection on a 2tb hard drive even in FLAC format.

  • waymuu says:

    Funniest instance of CDDB failure is this Long Island punk/ska compilation from the early 2000s I ripped with itunes, and this was the result.


    Whoever typed the stuff in gave up halfway through. You'll also notice that none of the tracks had any artist info, so that was fun.

  • Jamie P says:

    You should've ripped using EAC – you don't always get an accurate rip using iTunes.

  • James Slick says:

    Man, while we live in "the INFORMATION age", much of the "information" is flat out wrong, This is not just a recent "digital" problem, it's been a "thing" forever. The home I grew up in was IN REALITY built in the late 1870's ,but the city has it built at…..1945…. There is NO WAY anyone would confuse a Victorian era rowhouse with a "postwar" modern "townhouse", But there WAS a building permit issued for a garage in 1945. (I'm guessing that was the "base" for the year..) Ironically, the garage is gone ,only the floor exists as a "parking pad". But the house (complete with a very NON 1945 Mansard roof…) lives on…

  • Dat Tall Guy says:

    Ahhh yes. I hate that. I just look for the information on the original record and do it myself.

  • Commodorefan64 says:

    I was ripping some DEVO CD's a few years back, and all I got was the F word, and Sucks for the artist. then there is stuff that's not common, or mainstream enough to have any data for the Disc, and you have to do it manually anyways like a lot of the remixed Commodore 64 music I listen too.

  • Glendale Walter says:

    Nowadays one of the programs I use, Mp3tag, uses 2 sources for metadata and that is Discogs and Musicbrainz. Those two options are a lot more accurate from experience. They once had Amazon as an option however Mp3tag have removed Amazon as a metadata source for some unknown reason. I used to manually submit metadata when ripping cds using iTunes. I did my best to submit accurate data. I also use to correct album data in Wikipedia from time to time however I don't anymore. Metadata has come far nowadays but is still an ever maturing process album to album.

  • OM19 MO79 says:

    Any tagging service is often wrong, most of the times because of lame policies or lack of them. I rarely let VGMdb to tag my rips without fixing them myself afterwards.

  • Starman Brinley says:

    This happens to me all the time. If it's not a totally incorrect piece of information, it's usually just awful grammar and/or typos. Or even worse, the database has a completely incorrect version of the disc you have so you have to rip it as something else and manually change it all later. When dealing with iTunes, unfortunately a real hassle, but at least for me it's become a part of the fun (or just OCD…!)

    Side note: Narration on that ad at 1:58 sure sounds like John Cleese.

  • Mark M says:

    I prefer a simple file structure. I will forever use Winamp as my media player.

  • Barovelli says:

    My ripped CDs go back, way back, back into time. Being a DOS taught person, I cannot bring myself to put punctuation in file names. I do get annoyed at CD databases that mess with wording in titles like want to/want ta/wanna. I'll strip out a leading 'The' in artist names but not in song titles. What about live versions? Do you put 'Live' in the artist, album or title (I put it in artist). Don't get me started on bands that are named after the lead main artist, is it Charlie Daniels, CDB or Charlie Daniels Band? Gotta choose one and stick with it. And lastly the various artist compilations, the file gets titled Album-Track-Artist-Title to keep some of those in the proper order.

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