The Predator Writer Reveals The Original Thirds Act & Arnold Schwarzenegger Cameo

The Predator Writer Reveals The Original Thirds Act & Arnold Schwarzenegger Cameo

welcome ladies and gentle folks mr. H here we're talking sip leddit da I'm sure I'll let loads of people thought we'd never talk about this again but we're talking about it today why because Fred Dekker one of the people absolutely influential on this film one of the writers of the film collaborator in fact with none other than Shane black he has come out and revealed some snippets of information now i actually revealed a lot of this information even before the movie was released a lot of people still didn't believe me at that point in time that's fine they started to believe me a little bit more when it was released but this is now from the horse's mouth you can then you don't believe me you can no good double check it all that kind of but I had the link script that that dropped about this film so that's why overfilled some of the info now what can we take home from the predator the script leaked the script was bad it was and then and then as a result of that they went back for massive reshoots not unlike what they're doing with respect to terminator dark fate now I still think the Terminator is an entertaining The Terminator the predator is an entertaining film I don't think it's a good film but I was entertaining and the less it's switch off and it's definitely not handled to the first one but basically what he had to say which is quite revealing I don't know why he's revealing as much as he as he is now if we just moved my big old face out the way there we go all over drunk at the moment guys apologies basically it says they are this is on movie phone calm so you can go check this website out for yourself it's it's a normal website support the journalist is fine so they can we talk about what happened with the predator we've seen set photos of good guy predators driving armored cars and you loaded on your Facebook page to it not being the movie you and Shane wanted can you talk about that now interesting enough back when those things had a niche had initially been leaked there was some photos a lot of people were like this dis bollocks what are you talking about and I said no this is legit cuz it goes it lines up with a link script it's legit it's legit I told you then and I'll show you now now he reveals a lot M&S a lot right so he says sure I think we were halfway through the shoot we had devised the sequence which which I confessed was my idea which was essentially our heroes have to get from point A to B and the command a commandeer military convoy and at that point in the film we'd established a pair of Predator emissaries basically good guy predators now for background those guys stayed with the military in captivity and they were allowed our night for hunting bit lane so that's the background of them what was interesting to Shane and I was and I was to ask a question that nobody to give a about which is what do predators do except for hunt because they've invented interstellar spacecraft so there are stupid they're not just a bunch of Arkansas Rex who came to earth to play the most dangerous game they actually have a civilization and a culture and presumably that's worth exploring since then none of the other movies did it and I'll agree that's a great question to ask undoubtedly it's a great question to ours probably not in this movie when this thing starts about global warming such a BS narrative anyway he continues and he reveals a lot now in the movie there are some there's some pods right which is influential to the ending in the film the end credits sequence we see the pod open up and is a weapon now in the in the original script the original movie which is about to discuss here there's DNA and the jar of a little mechanical thing which the predator spills is the DNA sequencer so that's why there was some looming music to those pod shots because it wasn't supposed to be a weapon it was supposed to be mutated predator hybrid creatures 90 he says that here basically so sorry so so our idea was that that planet is dying and they've decided to take what previously was explored which is to dope up creatures with a DNA of other creatures of predators from alien worlds and create new targets for the hunt but now they've realized well hey we need maybe to upgrade ourselves just to survive and then they go to themselves well hey earth is warming up we like a woman environment maybe we should move it can you imagine predators talking like this to one another well hey buddy me so the promise of the movie is that in the third act was these two predators come aboard the ship and everybody's freaking out and the Predators actually want to communicate they want to say hey we've got a problem you have a problem maybe we should team up terrible this actually happened in the second act by the way and they didn't come on a ship they were found in an army base so again he's not revealing at all but it's there now you'll find actually this script I think it's on a VP galaxy net so check it out if you want so they continue so that whole convoy was trying to get the emissaries to the ship to get away and they were going to be chased by a the upgrade we meet in the finished version of the movie and B and this was a huge change from our initial promise is that at the beginning of the movie we see the first producer that shows up in the movie he leaves the ship and we push in on this container in the ship and what they ended up with was the terrible epic that have nothing to do with Shane didn't write it either that was sort of someone decided it was a good idea some dumbass at Fox decided that was a good idea you're terrible it says there's something on the ship which is these creatures well originally there was a whole bunch of these on the whole bunch of those in the ship and what those were was those were the gestating hybrids there you go again I said all of this for the became out now and believe me essentially what they were were nurturing and growing in these pods were the hybrids of the predator DNA mix with the DNA of creatures from all over the galaxy that would enable them to basically eradicate mankind so that they could populate it themselves so that's basically what happened now the convoy chase the idea was that it would be all of our heroes on these badass big military vehicles which we see in those league set photos and the upgrade releases the hybrids and chases them and the hybrids jumped onto the convoy as available Bruton tooting fantastic action sequence bambam pang blah blah blah blah blah now Shane's storyboard of it and we had a previous and animatics and it was I think a really cool idea at some point or another the studio I think and I'm not pointing fingers at anyone in particular but there were these misgivings that were straying too far from what people expected the movie to be knows because of the Haab script leaked and they know it as well because I had emails from Fox asked me to take videos down so no it was because some dumbass who wrote the script only two people let it circulate you and Shane blank and so we sat down and when I guess we need to do a hunt and it needs to be at night so it's scarier so we ended up going in that direction which I don't think served us because it didn't top anything we'd seen before blah blah blah now I said this again before the movie was released that on us was like a turning up no one believed it but again here it says how close did you come to getting out of sorts they gonna come back it was a bad bad bad I think personally and I argued again I was not a producer on this movie so I could just say things and people will not shake their heads I believe the convoy chase had we done it and had we done it at night would have been something that had never been seen before in a movie whether you think it's a predator movie or not it's up to you but I thought it would have been cool and the other thing I said is we have to have our nose source- miss movie which I think I why not wouldn't be a bad idea it's happened back have him as an aged Dutch Shaffer you know why not because like it or not one of the master strokes of the force away is that ending because even though Luke doesn't do anything except turn around and have a beard it touches that little nostalgia button in you and you go oh cool and then you go to the credits and there's no way that movie's not going to be a big hit even though there's not a single original thing in it I'm glad he acknowledges that all it is just Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back combined and you switch it around a little bit and you change characters but it's not a single moment in that movie where I go oh that's an interesting cool thing blah blah blah basically he's bitching about other movies so basically says Fred called me back Fred call me back later that day clarify the potential on austega cameo at the end of the film and this is what he said we very much wanted him to be in the film but what we had written was a cameo he just turns up at the end he says he decided it wasn't enough for a role and nobody was willing to put money on the possibility of a sequel now that is something which we know about because honest also did actually come out and state this as fact it's there you can google it and he says he would have said come with me if you want to live he would have turned up at the end of the film after the killing of the Upgrade predator would have come out of a helicopter turning to everyone I said hey I'm Colonel Dutch Shaffer come with me if you want to live and they they walrus had yam and the kid turns to him this is in the script the kid turns to him and says even me and he points to the kid and he says even you and then we roll credits show never talk with Arnold but at the end of the day the sequel wasn't a done deal and this is really not a little screen time for Arnold to go and fly to Canada and do a half-day I agree it also asks for him to clarify what he and Shane had to do with the ending that actually made it to the movie we shot it I've worked that very last line but I wasn't happy about it so he had a little bit more to say and they also shot some absolute nonsense with respective Ripley and Newt turning up and all this kind of just total crap so there you go that is what happened with the predator an entertaining movie the garbage nonetheless what do you think let me know this is studio interference and its finest but I thought I'd bring you this news I'd love to hear your thoughts this is from one of the writers themselves again you can find this script over on a VP galaxy net believe it's there and because they've released it now post movie and all that nonsense so you can find it not lying it's all there I know guys I'd love to you thoughts let me know down below if you're new here hit subscribe you can step to date on this and the world of pop culture and movie news as always thanks so much for watching have a great weekend of a mr. age take care you


  • SPACEPORT says:

    Funny. When I first watched Predator all those years ago we mused that Predators were a brutal race that had dominated – or in co-operation protect – a subservient race who had the tech and just hunt all the time seeking out new prey. Otherwise the idea of Engineer predators and Lawyer Predators etc etc seemed lame. When this backstory of their society started in Predator 2 it almost destroyed them overnight. Then the film 'Predators' went back to them being brutal and was OK. But this idea of 'good' Predators destroys them as characters – The Predator would have been even worse. What is it about nicking old ideas and then feeling compelled to destroy them with some modern agenda.

  • ABcd says:

    Hollywood is becoming shit and going down below the gutter and taking some of the best franchises with them to the gutter..

  • CageCat says:

    Is it just me or was the audio quality bad in this video?

  • The Nightman Cometh says:

    Its simple predator goes to earth or space colony hunts some elite soldiers/killers how can they fuck up such a simple premise like that

  • Gary Smith says:

    You say “writer of the film” but I’d prefer “criminal of the film”.

  • ULTRAWIDE says:

    Dunno why they didn’t get Jim & John Thomas to come back and write a new one. They made it.

  • Ed Beasant says:

    Proves that black and dekker now do movies.

  • Nebs Nebsic says:

    The ending is awful as it is, but some of these ideas are much worse. The predators were in captivity but allowed out at night for hunting? An advanced civilization such as the predators deciding on releasing a bunch of mutants in order to eradicate a civilization? These are such childish, lame, ridiculous ideas. And the studio meddling I fund baffling. Hadn't they had their experts read the script before it was given a green light, say that it was utter shit and avoid the costly reshoots?

  • Mp4 12c says:

    If you could write a predator movie what would it be storyline setting. my favorite was the first one and predators set on another planet I thought was a good idea

  • SpiderPig2904 says:

    Mr H, they just did a massive update for The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance ( think they revealed most of the roles in the series). And apparently there's an eyepatch wearing Fizzgig. Don't know if you'll cover that, but I would like to hear what you think about some of the new character posters they revealed.

  • err0r0b0 says:

    Predators was patronizing, but not that bad.
    AVP was promising, but embarrassing.
    The IP has been sinking for far too long.
    Let it dift away into the deep sea.

  • Lima Bravo says:

    The movie sucked but that end credits scene with the suit was just a bucket of hot piss. “ that’s my new suit bubba”, I wanted to hurl myself at the screen. Listen to the fans, see what they want and come up with a script that respects what has come before and expands the mythology not steal fucking autism

  • Spazzafrazz says:

    Why not continue the super predator story? Instead of just a dying planet, it's been stripped of resources because of war and over hunting. The classic predators are losing and need a new planet. Hell I hate the dna concept but it would make better sense in this regard to give them a edge in a war. I'm so worried for the future of this franchise.

  • sarrjel says:

    It's a waste.

  • mark burress says:

    WTF is next…Predator Fluid?? If you don't like it youre…IDK…and oh BTW EFF YOU??…I am done with Terminator and Alien and Predator at this point. Just buy the old movies as good or bad as they were…and let it go…

    Hollywood sucks because they are playing politics and EVERYTHING gets revealed now, nobody likes it, start over, more money less quality…no imagination.

  • Smashful says:

    Why would he be a Colonel? Was a major like 50 years ago

  • Andreas Böhm says:

    The upgrade predator, should have been the only one who unites DNA from his victims, he should have been an outcast some crazy predator (psychopath).
    The future predator should have been commissioned to Hunt him Down.
    That would have made sense in contrast to that crap we got.

  • Jose Angel Rivera C says:

    I would love to see that movie better of whatever was on the theaters.

  • darkashtar says:

    I could definitely see the predators wanting to come to earth due to its environment being more compatible. Wanting to come with an alliance? No. Wanting to make it a colony planet, that I could see. Or you could just do the government allows the predators to hunt because they have given the government technology, and the government covers up their actions. That could be a good movie.

  • J Hearld says:

    I believed you on the script for Predator. You haven't failed

  • darkashtar says:

    I'd have much preferred they went with Dark Horse storylines, but they probably didn't want to pay royalties to Dark Horse. Studio involvement rarely helps a movie. I'm willing to bet the studio handicapped Shane by not allowing him to use anything from Dark Horse.

  • J Hearld says:

    You crack me up buzzed @MrH 😂😂😂😂

  • tanner fraser says:

    Idc how lame it woulda been friendly predator a could have been awesome. After all I watch for the predator not the humans

  • Jaco Tromp says:

    Predator should pay me back half my ticket price, as I walked out of this piece of shit halfway through

  • Christian Manka says:

    Sounds better than what we got 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • CanyonFox45 This is my good side Hah! says:

    I think new blood was needed for The Predator,and not just new actor's.The gummy bear of candycornia had no?no value!does not belong,and would have been worse than the ending we got.So buckle up boys& girls Terminated dark taint will do what black& decker did not.a hideous cameo nobody wants!I was born in 83,I grew up on these R rated films because nobody cares in the 80's!I dislike my favorite childhood franchise's being raped.reminds me of George Lucas & Steven speilberg raping Indy on that South Park sad!

  • Lance Carreno says:

    Fox…ahem Disney, needs to reboot the series and make the Predators origins a slave race. That would explain why they have that bomb bracelet more. And that they are forced to hunt or the bomb goes off by a much more advanced race. Basically the Preds are like gladiators in a way. But not all preds were caught and used for 'amusement' I guess.

  • Ryan Lakey says:

    The best way I could describe this movie is dumb fun.

  • TangoPlays says:

    Wish they had done the treatment with Dwayne Johnson as Dutch's son with a PMC going back to the jungle to investigate the incident, as the area is getting hot again, and Predator activity is suspected. A really good writer could make this work, and could have included the DNA, and dying planet sub plots.

  • Bright Glory says:

    Well atleast he gave the films their proper titles. A New Hope is a shitty retcon.

  • Jake888 says:

    No love for Danny Glover WTF

  • MikeyArtCFocused says:

    Yea this just makes the movie we got even more terrible lol

  • PIZZA says:

    I only trust Mr H with my movie news!

  • Asteroid M says:

    Olivia Mann should have shown her tits

  • Topher Doucet says:

    Yup absolute garbage

  • Mohammad Qayed says:

    Good Job

  • Adrian's Auto Repair Shop says:

    For me this is a real simple one, the reason why we keep getting these garbage predator sequels is because the first story, its setting, its characters, its direction etc was spot on and fitted the premise perfectly, lightning in a bottle cant be replicated.

  • Section GamingPlus says:

    “None of the movies did before” ? Uhhhhhhh Predator 2 came out 26 years ago and they exported the Predator culture, civilization throughout the film.. much better than AVP and The Predator. Much as I like The Predator, the climate change was a massive turd of a plan. Even if it was one scene of exploring the culture of the Yautija, it was iconic.

    One day I will make a better Predator film..

  • Don Draper says:

    Thanks, Mr H (as always)

    0:47 That ain't "fine" with me, personally, but I directed a lot of people who had an interest in the movie to this channel so they weren't as familiar with the source as I was.

    Anyway, I still would have rather had a Lt. Harrigan cameo all things considered. A Schwarzenegger cameo seemed so lazy and obvious.

    I also think this movie gets more criticism than it deserves but I guess everyone wants to make a "Film Essay" these days.

    Ain't that right, MauLer, you fuckin' hack fraud?

  • Shaquille Shaw says:

    The only way u can save this series is

    Reboot the entire franchise and have The rock as the main Male lead


    Have a intergalactic bounty hunt between a bad blood and a normal predator

  • Joe Milton says:

    Wolf to sheep: "Hey, let's team up!"

  • The Big One says:

    I was so disappointed with this movie. All my favorite childhood franchises have gone to hell. Terminator is shit. Predator is shit. Alien is shit. Damn you to hell Hollywood.

  • Kyle Nigro says:

    There's so many good predator stories that are worth adapting to film. The problem is the studio's don't care about the story in these films. They want to make a cheap action blockbuster and it doesn't matter if it's coherent or not. So they keep turning out these badly written, directed, and acted films such as AVP, AVP requiem, Predators, and now Predator. Too be fair not all those movies had a bad premises but rather poor execution. At least Alien is trying to get back on track which is more than I can say for the future of predator.

  • Axel Foley says:

    At first i really wanted Arnold to be in it but that was before i actually saw it. Would have been a waste to have Dutch in such a hunk of shit

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