The Whisk(e)y Vault – Episode 3 – Writers Tears

The Whisk(e)y Vault - Episode 3 - Writers Tears

welcome to episode three we're gonna continue with Walsh distillery today we've got writers tears now first things first this has a name plaque on it you like gray this has nothing to do with the whiskey in the bottle it's just that we discovered writers tears when I was reading an article and I thought my god a school like this needs to have a bottle called writers tears it turns out they didn't distribute to the US so I contacted the story an actual distillery employee replied to me and said oh well we can't ship it to you but there's a shop down the street that can and so I contact the shop and they said oh well you know we'd prefer to ship by the case all right I'm sure like yeah I'm sure you wouldn't and plus the shipping for one versus shipping for a case it's like a we're already all in let's do this so I sent an email out to our students and said hey if anybody wants to be in on this if you donate enough money I'll put your name on a bottle within 30 minutes we paid for the entire shipment nice so sure enough this one is Michael Gray I truly find gentleman a gentleman and a scholar and living in Arkansas a man of means and discretion so thank you Michael because we're using your whiskey today for our tasting and as we talked about yesterday now here's the thing for the life of me so I can't figure out what the blend is on this remember yesterday we had the percentage of single malt and percentage of pot still you know this is supposedly the same thing just a slightly different percentage okay now I don't know what direction that goes in but I'm guessing more smooth and lesser I'll do the NASPA I remember yes yes your balls ridiculously smooth well think of like this when you have a percentage of unmalted barley you end up with these notes of sort of spicy butter biscuit like a tea biscuit like shortbread cookies yeah right you're going to start get those Walker's yeah as the Tartan yeah like those kinds of shortbread cookie flavors yep that's a trademark Irish whiskey flavor and almost always it has to do with the percentage of unmalted barley and the Nick's right so if you lower the percentage have unmalted barley then you lower that malty tinge on the back end which has a sort of Irish j-hook action going on and so if it's smoother then it probably has more single malt and less spots it feels smoother than yesterday this is going to be practically water it is smoother its sweeter to know j-hook notice no curl on the back end like that like yesterday had yeah in terms of complexity it's the same at the beginning in the middle and the end the entire way there's no kind of progression as it sits on your mouth for a while yeah so if you like that one flavor okay so keep in mind this so my rule is that uh there's no such thing as good or bad whisky there's just whisky elect drink and whisky I don't like the drink right yeah and I would also amend that to say there's a time for whiskeys so there are days when you want to just be taken out to the woodshed by a whiskey right and if for it to have its way with you you like to get punished yeah exactly and then there's times when you're just like I just want something that's just dolphins smooth and just goes down like butter and just I don't want to think about it yeah right to me this is a whiskey that man if this is what they were drinking in the 19th century which was Bernard Walsh's professed goal mm-hmm um things rank and good whiskey is it possible for us to know at all if he was accurate I mean do we have whiskies from I have no idea that way because I have no idea I mean that's nothing wrong I get 5000 years ago yeah yeah we'll make a bottle a whiskey was even if it is no they uh I mean that would mean that bottle would have to be over a hundred years old just to be made in 1899 right so perhaps a sunken ship discovery yeah well you know they did find so we've got the painting over here that you can't really see but um it's not that good it was a gift from Steve ray so maybe keep that one to yourself Steve's Steve's better than the painting yeah there we go so anyway it's a bottle of the famous disguise you've painted no he didn't paint this nothing ah it's a bottle of the famous cask of scotch that was discovered in the ice you know you can't move the paint in Antarctica now but it's got other things around it and things are balanced on it and that's gonna be a train wreck yeah all right that's true yeah so anyway that was actually discovered well as one of the Lost whiskies of a an Arctic expedition so maybe if someone took Irish whiskey on an expedition and we find it someday we'll be okay through the Antarctic to the whose aunt our dears to you our next episode will be in the heads are trudging through snow so uh yeah I don't really know the difference between this and the other one other than that this is prettier what the fact that it's from the same distillery I'm not surprised in the slightest yeah like oh yeah it's that's the thing they do yeah yeah pretty whiskey's mmm pretty whiskey and you like to be punished what I'm feeling bad about that all of a sudden yeah all right I'm gonna try something should I try side of that let me let me let me try it before to see if I get bigger oh yes you should that just got a little more interesting so a full pipette or just a little bit that's enough right there did I say pipette correctly what is I it's a straw so straw what the glass straw what's the pipette pipette is like a pipe cleaner oh that's what that is haha but you know Y is such a scientist oh yeah so when you add water to whiskey remember what's happening you're creating a chemical reaction you're pushing all the oils to the surface so if there's a lot of rounded oils that are buried in the whiskey they're gonna be pushed to the top yeah it's gonna get a little more aggressive it's likely it is livelier yeah things are different well because think about oil when if you have anything we get go to Italian restaurant dip bread and oil it gives this rounded kind of coating mouthfeel yeah yeah and I got that one in there for you say so um notice that that's kind of what we were experiencing a second ago this sort of rounded not much drama mouth smooth friendly mouth heal I feel like we should have like a issue of bingo card and all the watchers every time we use certain words salt and smooth thalma smooth mouthfeel diva diva ha wait are you saying that to make a regular appearance yes anyway I like this one a little bit better with a drop of water that brings all the oils out to the top makes a little more interesting to me you know um which is a good thing that means this whiskey is older than their probably letting on because I find that that usually only works with older whiskies okay so cheers to Walsh tomorrow we're going to try a variation on writers tears called the redhead how many whiskey's is this distillery of add 6 or 7 they have a whole line of the Irishman whiskey I need to have 6 or 7 very friendly whiskeys in a row yeah is that what you're telling me yeah that's exactly what I'm telling you all right so when you're not looking I'm going to scrape the label off of one and put it on prisons Roger at heart fair enough something's so smoky you open the top and smoke just billows out I think that's called a parlor trick not whiskey all right all right well thanks Walsh so mayor crazy stay this side illegal and Mary turned to us before we have time to miss you Cheers


  • Bryan G says:

    Well that was different than what is seen today 🙂

  • Candy monster 120 says:

    WTF "no such thing as bad whiskey"?

    I've had bad whiskey, I guarantee it.

  • Bill Hartnett says:

    At 7:45 Who farted? You can hear it. lol

  • Shawn Gunn says:

    The same three Mongoloids that thumbs down every episode have apparently been around since the beginning. Unmagnificent Bastards.

  • Frank Pickett says:

    Best whiskey 🥃 I've EVER had!

  • Pat Jansens says:

    I do like my Irish whisky thanks for turning me on to Writers tears

  • KillCo says:

    Two years later… and I only just bought myself a bottle of this… 😉

  • Kevin Perez says:


  • mark mc creesh says:

    In Ireland and the UK we get this pink and white candy bar called "Pink and White Nougat Bar" (which has to be the most unimaginative name for a candy bar ever). It was my favourite as a kid, and it is very much what that one flavour is in Writers Tears, it even has the smell. I don't usually go for such boring whiskeys but I make an exception for this one. Out of interest I got my local here in China to get it in and everybody loved it, it didn't last long at all. I'm really looking forward to trying the cask strength,, as I have just ordered a bottle (for three times the price) , which I assume (hope) will have a lot more going on.

  • Matthew Williams says:

    A pipette is used to draw up a certain amount of liquid so it can be deposited into something. You most likely have used the cheap ones during school. Those usually were made of plastic and had a bubble on it that you squeezed and released to collect and deposit liquid

  • Slanj Bo says:

    I love this Whiskey, but I find Jameson Crested has a bit more punch and depth for a little bit less, although the finish on Writers Tears is longer.

  • Chace Hawkins says:

    notice that you tell to adult men that they can't cuss and the level of adulterated humor goes up 200%

  • Billy C says:

    Writers Tears is excellent, excellent, whisky. For every 'holiday' my son requests a bottle of this, and he shares with his old man!

  • mikethered123 says:

    Sitting here drinking Writer's Tears, thinking, "Hm, buttery biscuits, some cinnamon, wood and tea. Cool." YouTube a review, "Irish Whiskey smells like buttery biscuits due to unmalted barley." Well… alright then.

  • Wes Smith says:

    She Who Must Be OBEYED, the Wife Creature, found this tonight at a local shoppe for inexpensive costs. Hint of honey at first with the malt coming through, then an apple finish. Pretty good for its cost, very drinkable, would recommend picking it up. Dunno about always having a bottle on hand though……

  • zakk moine says:

    lol 50 shades of Daniel

  • csalas says:

    by this episode rex is Lit and starts acting like himself haha good stuff. the 2 before these he seemed a bit nervous

  • Corbin Whan says:

    You say there is no bad whiskey. Would you enjoy one that may be more fun to watch you drink than drinking it itself? I checked and it is not in your vault.

  • seksipotato says:


  • Glen Adamson says:

    Talking about yesterdays. Same day fellas. Same clothes.

  • Lockguy 26 says:

    Austin? whaaaa….. Houston since '79. Wife and I will be in Austin early November '17. great show

  • Drew Mason says:


  • Jacob Sweat says:

    I had to come back and find this video… because I just mooched a bottle of Writers Tears from a friend who brought it back from Ireland. He brought it over for us to try and said, "I'll just leave this here for us to share in the future." We shall see how much is left to share. Hahaha!

    Also, Rex is so much better behaved early on. What happened?

  • Aaron Cox says:

    Whisky in the antarctic? Shackleton's Booze Journey.

  • Matt Castro says:

    Proof at 1:50 that Daniel explained what type of biscuit he was talking about right in episode 3

  • charlie.g.hague says:

    That painting has to be of the Shackleton whiskey, right? I never tried the original recreation that Richard Paterson did but W&M released another Shackleton blend by Sir Richard recently that is 1/4 the price of the original. Haven't tried that one either but its on my list.

  • Holcombi says:

    Have you ever tried blending the Octomores together?

  • Justanotherparatrooper says:

    So my dad asked me if i was all right? i said no i'm only half left.

  • Mike says:

    It's a completely different show when you go back to the beginning… but i'm a fan of the evolution 🙂

  • Toman Haralampiev says:

    this channel is underrated

  • James Judy 3 says:

    A pipette (sometimes spelled pipet) is a laboratory tool commonly used in chemistry, biology and medicine to transport a measured volume of liquid, often as a media dispenser.

    I would call what you're using a glass straw, since it doesn't have any measurement/volume indication.

  • Andrew Bogani says:

    Just liked and subscribed fellas! Always on the lookout for great whisk(e)y videos with great content! Will be looking forward to watching more!

  • Dee Robison says:

    Love all the shows…… But for some reason this is my favorite.

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