The WORST Watercolors I’ve EVER TRIED // My Snobby Art Review

The WORST Watercolors I’ve EVER TRIED // My Snobby Art Review

Husband: So you don’t like it? M: no, H: Is this the worst art supply you’ve ever used? M: About two months ago. I went to this really cool art store called the Art Warehouse. This is not sponsored, by the way. This is me being an art supply addict. So yeah I went there with Sarah from SoCraftastic and Chloe Rose, and Hannah, and we just spent way too long in there. And I found these really interesting Watercolors. It’s called Aqua Fan Watercolors it’s supposedly portable. So I don’t know. Let’s take it out of the plastic because it’s really reflective I think I paid like 25 dollars for this. I don’t remember it was one of the more expensive art supplies I bought I’m already ticked off. Let me tell you why. This brush thing here It like isn’t very sturdy. It just like slides out. You know, if I paid this much for this, you better stay in Oh now you’re staying in. Okay, we’re good. Well uh. This is like an aqua fan, it says, I’m really curious about that. So let’s find out Let’s find out. Oh, ooh Oh whoa What? Okay, okay this actually just turned really cool, you know those watercolors those like the Viviva Sheets? I thought they’re gonna be like that, but no they’re a lot cooler It’s like these pans See, but there’s a very generous amount of watercolor on that. Okay. Can you see that? Oh, Whoa. Look, how vibrant this is Wow, okay, that’s pretty thick I mean like feeling This that’s really nice Look at all these reds. Okay. What in the world dude? Do you see that color? That is so bright that it’s obnoxiously bright- all these greens Wow Wow, I thought I was gonna be let down honestly, but look at that. Wow, I feel like this is the artists version of Pokemon cards Like you want to see my deck? Oh Man, I can’t get it to flip out really good, but you know ideally, it would be like Yeah, look at my colors. Oh Ow, ow, ow! My skin is caught! Is there an age restriction on this because I might be restricted out of them. Not for 27 year olds anywhere on here. Nope. We’re good. Okay Well, we’re gonna try this today and I don’t know, see how it goes. I’m pleasantly surprised I really thought I was gonna get ticked off when I tried this But this is great. This is a lot of colors this is so pretty The brush looks really cheap guys. Like I mean, I don’t know about this I’m just not happy with this brush. Like I don’t even know if it’s worth filling. You see that? Like I mean It’s okay, but let me let me show you my Pentel aqua brush Okay, this guy has had some really good use that’s why it looks disgusting but the brush it’s just a lot Better there’s more of a point to it I’ll fill it with water and see but I think my plan is to just use regular paintbrushes I think I’m going to use this Bee watercolor paper. I haven’t used it in quite a while, but it sounds fun So we’re doing it Guess we’ll start with the usual Swatching. Are we about to have a swatch party? Okay. Well, I want to test if it holds this now that it’s filled with water Yes, but like could it be a little more snug? I don’t know I see that getting demolished up in my purse I don’t know about you guys Okay, I guess I will swatch stuff hopefully- Hopefully this ends up being promising otherwise We are done with it The cap doesn’t even like stay on the back of this is dumb, okay Can you stay? Come on it’s like hardly anything. Its getting points off because this brush is irritating Alrighty, I’m gonna squeeze it a little bit. Ooh, what color should I swatch ? Let’s do this pink color right here Look at that It’s pretty nice. The brush, I just don’t like this brush. I mean it flows really nicely The water comes out which is good, but it needs more of a point on the end. I can’t do details with this Let’s test this skintone right up at the top Alright, let’s test a darker skin tone because if I want to do other ethnicities I need to test these Hmm, this is nice We won’t make this a whole video of swatching because that can be boring. How do I understand the order of this holdup? I think I go straight across and then down like This is that one that is this one That is this one that is this one. Wow, it’s hard to get the sky way up here this poor neglected guy We gotta test you. You might not ever be seen again Ooh, you’re actually really pigmented. Alright, this is the weirdest watercolor I’ve ever tested before Hands down the weirdest watercolor. did not expect this. Okay. Wait, there’s one that I really wanted to test. I think it’s this one. I Think this is my favorite color. So we have to test it. Yes. Oh look at this beautiful teal Get out my friends get out Who makes this? Craft Wave? Is that the company? Oh, wait. Just closing wet paint. Smear it everywhere I didn’t think about that I’m gonna dock points if that’s it because this is supposed to be portable II We made a mess. Okay. Now I’m now I’m docking points. This one is getting everywhere Everywhere, it’s all over me now, honey. What is going on? You are on the bottom of this. So basically you really do have to keep it like a fan. How am I supposed to do that, how am I gonna do that? It’s hard to get them all not to touch This is gonna be such a mess Alright the most Awkward paint palette I’ve ever tried. The paints are fantastic But like girl what hold up hold up hold I’m figuring my life out right now. You see this This is a work of art on its own. Can I just like spread this out? And this be my art project? Would be a great video. Yeah, well, it’s inevitable. We’re just gonna make a mess because them Yeah, you can only spread it so far over here because there’s this like lip thing So we’re gonna just get it all over us. Oh Dear, let’s see. What do we want to even make? We could do like one of those little island sketches or Watercolor pieces just to see How things go I might have to bust some gouache out however But that’s okay Deciding ooh, you know what? This could be like an ice cream cone Island girl, it’s a giant scoop and Then there’s gonna be a door. Oh if there is an island of ice cream It had better be cake batter flavor. Ooh, I could put a cherry on top Wow, what kind of weirdness is coming out of this video? Don’t know But I’m enjoying it. Floofs, floofs, floofs. Okay, and a little door And somehow you are floating out in the ocean Don’t question it. Everybody knows there’s a hidden ice cream cone Island out in the ocean. Am I right? I think I make like a baby Scoop, but he hasn’t quite like gotten a cone yet maybe. Nah, we’ll give him a little cone There Hmm I think his mouth should be a little more animated, don’t you? there we go Exaggerate your emotions fish, people need to know you look sad. I want to do the sky first This color is interesting because when I dilute it it has a very warm you it’s like a very warm blue I like it. Okay, the ocean of water. I really like this shade should I do? What’s this one right here. Looks like it’s the friend of mine. Let’s try this. Oh Wow, that’s beautiful, let’s use it. Oh There’s even like a mixing tray up top in case I want to mix That’s pretty nice Well, we have two base colors down This is dry. An ultra blotchy. I’m not sure how I feel yet. It’s making me a little nervous. I Even used a big brush on this and like all of it is wet. So We’ll see Let’s use it look how rich this blue is That’s what I’m looking for. I’m just gonna go over everything with this blue it’s beautiful ooh This is ocean shade Right here. I like it. I want to paint This ice cream scoop what flavor ice cream should it be? you know, while I contemplate that, we have a cherry to paint so. I was afraid it was gonna touch my painting and I was like “nooo!”. Ooh look at my little mixing tray. Mixing tray This is some very pigmented red. Oh, wow, I don’t want this to be chocolate ice cream because I feel like That’s such a cliche. Right? Ah, but I do kind of want it to be chocolate ice cream Oh Guys, but it has to be right? Yes. while we’re on the topic of ice cream. I want you guys to tell me what your favorite flavor is. That is the question of the day um, that is not the shade of brown I was hoping for Yeah, we want like Chocolate brown. There we go. Delicious my absolute absolute Favorite flavor of ice cream is cake batter well, okay chocolate cake batter and just regular cake batter and it can only be from one place in the entire world and that is Handles, I don’t know if you guys have Handles where you’re from But we have it here in Ohio and let me tell you what their cake batter is to die for Okay. Another thing I’m not like super thrilled about with this palette is the selection of brown like whatever seriously, there’s one two three Browns to choose from and they’re not like That great. I’m kind of ticked. I would just rather see a better representation of brown in here Especially if I want to paint people like hello, let me represent I want to represent a bunch of ethnicities. It’s gonna be hard to do that with this palette. I wish that they had a whole family Big family of Browns. I feel like this is an afterthought and that that irritates me they give this like Caucasian skin tone right here at the beginning and then these three like those are your options Like I know I could mix colors for that But I’ve I’ve seen water color palettes with a lot of colors that have a lot more options for skin tones I mean this palette has 42 colors So we could have easily done away with some of the reds and Pink’s here or some of the blues and greens There’s an abundance and then do a bunch of brown, please I do appreciate This little mixing area It’s small but hey, they said it was portable. So Although if we’re being honest, I would like a little bit more mixing room telling you what this is like SpongeBob’s cool and up in the sky of I don’t know what Lives in it, maybe another sponge because if it was SpongeBob’s cooling it though just make sense. But you know what I’m saying? I feel like this would have to be SpongeBob’s relative. Right? I mean Sponge Bob lives in a pineapple This super cool aunt lives up here with an ice cream cone house He could be ooh We should make him like a really dark fish like a blackish bluish color Okay, the black is definitely different than all the other paints. It just isn’t Activating the same. See, this is why it’s the most awkward palette though. I Guess if you’re really desperate and you’re traveling and you still want to feel awkward while doing arts, this is the palette for you Personally I think I would just fill my own palette and create a travel palette because this is just I don’t know The paint’s are good quality, but the whole idea of this is just it irritates me. It’s kind of I hope none of you like really are passionate about this thing and like I’ll probably get a rage comment. I just want to be honest with you guys what I think about this in case you want to buy it because This is what you can expect I mean avoiding mess Because it’s gonna get all over each other tray and that’s irritating also My other complaint wow, this is taking a negative Dramatic turn. I usually don’t have a lot of negative things to say about art supplies, but I’m being really picky here Because I’m just really irritated that They don’t have a lot of Browns But the black is definitely a different consistency and it is not nearly as pigmented as any of the other colors if you keep adding black, this is while yo So if you go to get this palette and you paint with dark colors a lot, just keep that in mind Here’s one ice cream scoop jellyfish Okay, we’re gonna have some strawberry ice cream floating on the water That’s what we’re doing here. Oh, that’s bright. Let’s everybody calm down Oh, no, it’s bleeding with the waffle cone. I thought you were dry. What are you doing coming back here like this? Okay, there are gonna be little chocolate chips in here just for funsies Do this little baby cone out here. Oh, yeah Okay, we do the little waffle stripes too waffle cone Do you think you could live on one of these ice cream Islands or Okay, hypothetically if it wouldn’t melt could you live on it or would you eat your home away? Let’s try to outline these ice cream scoops Jellyfish We might have to go for this one with the gouache cuz he’s looking a little uh… He’s suffering a bit. Okay, I’m just gonna let water soak on this black one Because I need to use some black and I’m tired of this black just not being that great Do a little bit of like dark coral down here Okay, we are switching up the tone I’m gonna mix some of these with this white gouache Hopefully it helps. I’m honestly just not impressed with this watercolor at all It might be one of the worst watercolors I’ve ever used seriously dude. I don’t – It’s just irritating like all these dark colors dry not very Pigmented and nice it seemed pigmented at first like when I was using lighter colors, but hello Kind of wish that was consistent throughout The palette I’m just not impressed So, let’s see, I’m gonna take some white And we’ll use this for the jellyfish Jellyfish. Jellyfish – I’ve done a lot of watercolor in the past, but this just behaves differently. I don’t know Sorry to be so whiny guys but I’m just being honest with you. I would not recommend buying this I’m glad I did something more illustrative than like realistic because I would be Whew, I don’t know I should do little faces on me Pulls at my heart Let me just be real with you I’m not super happy with this piece because I’m not very happy with how these watercolors performed They looked really cool in theory. I was impressed with them when I swatched everything, but then it just went downhill so this is the piece Husband: why don’t you like them? M: well They looked really cool and then when I got water like on them and shut it It like went everywhere and got on my hands and if it’s gonna be portable I think it shouldn’t be that messy. Like I would almost rather just get a pallet that like clips closed like what I usually use and This brush Slips out of here very easily. So I’m a Bummer here’s an art supply. I don’t like on my channel I’m usually a very positive person but but it does look like you’re going to Sherwin Williams and you’re gonna paint your house, doesn’t it? H: It does yeah. M: What color would you want to paint our room babe? H: Let’s see C8. M: Yeah, right. That’s a red you wouldn’t want to do that No, that is so bright. H: It’d be bold. M: It would make you angry being around that color all the time You gotta be like calm H: It’d make you invigorated and full of life. M: I’ll just do white walls. Oh boy Yeah, that’s very adventurous. All our apartments have had like tan Walls. Well, this place is gray. But H: so you don’t like it M: No. H: Is this the worst art supply you’ve ever used? M: Maybe close It’s not that great honestly H: is it just the Practicality of it or the actual performance of the paint as well? M: Well, I was impressed with the paint like when I swatched everything and then once I started doing dark colors It just it doesn’t flow very well like compared to my other watercolors I mean I did test a pallet that was like 97 cents once this is better than that one. So H: Well, yeah small victories. M: Yeah but it has 42 colors and that’s cool and I can like have powers and be like H: your watercolor attack, very fearsome. Which is Kind of scary. M: Yeah H: Well, if you had a lot of water on them and they’re just like fling watercolor M: Fling rainbow watercolor at you? yeah H: That’s how we could paint our walls. H: Yeah, let’s do that Some arcs some color dribbles color dribbles. M: Oh, yeah, that’s my review. If you guys want to it binge more art experiments or test supplies You can click this playlist right here, or if there’s something you want me to test Let me know have a good day guys bye


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    your next purchase!! Amazon has this set which comes with 3 brushes (2 round tip and 1 flat tip) for
    $14.99 – Misulove Watercolor Paint Set with 42 colors. Artsy Watercolor Set – 42 colors with three
    brushes (2 round tip and 1 flat tip) for $16.96. Both Misulove & Artsy are the fan type sets.. Check
    out the reviews on Amazon for both of these products.

  • johnnytibs says:

    My favorite flavor is green tea 👌

  • Sarah French says:

    Tbh the first thing I would do with that palette is find a way to remove the pans and put them in a new palette. I'm way too impatient to wait for the pans to dry before I put them away. ><

  • ElizabethGronlund& GachaGurl says:

    Kinda sad. I really wanted those to be better cuz I have been wanting to get them for quite a long time, but something just a little better always comes along so they get put on the back burner. Now I may just scrap the idea of getting them altogether. Thank you for saving me the disappointment. Very unhappy face.
    Oh yeah, fave ice cream? Pralines and cream from Baskin and Robin's 31 Flavors but that was about 100 years ago so they probably aren't a thing anymore or don't make the flavor anymore.

  • Αρτεμις Κουμπου says:

    My favorite ice cream flavour is cookies and cream

  • Ayla Turnell says:

    I love salted caramel sooooo much🍦

  • Eri Bulusan says:

    Chocolate ice cream

  • Grace Horton says:

    Anybody know where I can get that green mechanical pencil

  • charbarley says:

    Mint Chocolate Chip

  • Chloe Ammons says:

    I have these but from a japenese brand and I love them SOOOOOOOO MUCH. Except for the water brush.

  • Anna Jones says:

    I have same set .. I loved it

  • Maranda Martin says:

    If if wont fit on the back then FORGET baout it TAKE it off

  • Paints With Ghosts says:

    Just laughing since I got a 12.00 set off of eBay (different branded name but probably similar) and reviewed them on my channel last month (tiny tiny channel, stop by!) and even used Bee paper! Lol. I didn’t hate them but would definitely bring them along to an urban sketch event.

    Mine had more “directions” with the notes of them sticking, just pull harder, lol.

    The color numbers are Pantone numbers. I googled the first few and was really surprised how well they color matched!

    I enjoyed the video! Your painting is adorable. I wonder how long I’d survive on an ice cream island.

  • CowgirlEm says:

    Toffee fudge ice-cream!! 😍😍😍

    These look like such frustrating paints! Love what you made with them though ❤️

  • Nicki Montie says:

    Coffee chocolate chip ice cream is the best!

  • Nicki Montie says:

    An artist shouldn't have to fight with their supplies to get a good result. I felt bad for you even if you still made it work.

  • Phoebe says:

    My favourite flavour of ice-cream is the Macintosh Toffee, Or Carob Dream.
    Your painting is fun and good.
    I’m sorry to hear you were so disappointed in the paint set.

  • jeon jungkook says:

    lol i have one , these paints are really cheap in my country and i think these are great watercolors for beginners like me :))) i bought this for like 545 pesos ($10) i really enjoyed using it ^^

  • Maureen-Celeste says:

    I swear this is the watercolor fan that is all over Wish.

  • Renegade Queen says:

    this set costs about $12 on aliexpress.

  • Stardreamt says:

    Chocolate fudge from Baskin Robins >>>>>

  • Zetsu Ai says:

    That's the same set I got, and I ordered mine from WISH. They were okay, but I also don't know much about water color.

  • HulloMum says:

    I got a similar set called ‘Superior’ watercolours from Amazon, and although the colours were bright and vivid, I hated the fan design and it was bigger and heavier to carry around than my other travel sets and a lot more awkward to use…especially getting to the ones near the pivot hinge bit, and honestly WHY am I buying cheap paints when I have a bunch of artists quality watercolours at my disposal? Why? 🙄. Anyway, I gave them to my granddaughter, and she thinks they are really cool 😆. Favourite Ice Cream? Anything with the words Salted Caramel in it. My fantasy ice-cream would be a salted caramel candied buttered almond with crushed heath bar and coffee beans mixed in. But no-one makes that one, so I get 3 scoops of all my favourite flavours and mix it myself. Oh, and add some honey drizzle and crushed honeycomb on top too 😂

  • Meashayshay2 says:

    Wow I was just about to get this set on ailexpress or wish. It was nowhere close to 25 on either site though :O More like $8-$10ish and shipping at like $2. Looked cool to me at first glance, and I initially loved how the colors look. Although the case overall does seem a too filmsy/messy for travel. But like someone else mentioned, it could help to let them dry a bit more before packing them away. Perhaps have a little case for them on their own? Like a pencil case that's easy to add to a purse or tote bag. I do agree on the lack of browns and consistency with drying tho.

  • Silvana Isevi says:

    Recently went to Ireland and in Dublin I tried the 'Irish Brown Bread' Flavour by Murphy's and it went straight to no. 1 of favourite ice cream flavours! Too bad they don't have Murphy's in my country 🙁

  • Jane Morrison says:

    Totally agree with you. I popped the nail out right off so I could separate the flats. Color was great, but the functionality was not.

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