• Ishwor Bhusal says:

    and I am struggling to learn python to run machine learning algorithms in 21st century

  • chris vann says:

    Hand made under candle light .no modern machinery..no electricity either..absolutely mind blowing craftsmanship..that is what you call amazing.guy must have been a genius

  • Scratch Pad says:

    I think I just felt my IQ skyrocket 500 points watching this video! How could a 250-year-old proto-robot manage to completely and fundamentally redefine what programmability means almost three centuries before the idea of programming became a thing?!

  • Linda Lauren says:

    It’s so cool how even the eyes follow the writing of the letters like we do if we were writing.

  • Jose Agusto Garcia Gomez says:

    Terrorífico 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  • Tito Tiger says:

    Charles Babage Machine

  • Bo Huggabee says:

    the height of the bumps over the letters are what decides the elevation for the central cam wheel reader. how that translates in to movement of the arm is utterly fascinating. one revolution of the central wheel then turns reader to the next letter. its a shame the creator couldn't work out the kinks between letters to smooth the movement of the paper. the writing is very fluid though. the next step would be to add multiple wheels and thin the tracking arm so that it can write sentences instead of what appears to be 40 letter limitations.

  • alquimaistro says:

    Que hermoso….

  • Dave Cunningham says:

    Only a communed engineering genius in the calibre of Mozart could've designed and built such a masterpiece like this. I could'nt even build something remotely as good as this with a raspberry pi, electronics and code.

  • KROSS777RLSH says:

    Dame ….i didnt even know THIS existed

  • Jordan L says:

    60 thumbs down? So 60 millennials have seen this.

  • HetaliaRussiaFan 01 says:

    Such a beautiful yet creepy looking clockwork doll,i love these kinds of dolls and i want to collect them i love Clockwork dolls!…Sad thing is that such rarity is hard to come by and if i do find one i might have to pay more money then i can take out.

  • Spacekriek says:

    I could not help thinking of prof Tim Robinson's analytical engine while watching this fascinating mechanical doll. Search "Tim Robinson's Meccano Babbage Analytical Engine Barrel (2007)". It's another neat piece of intelligent mechanical design.

  • Gavin S. says:

    That thing has to be haunted in some way.

  • Gábriel Priòre says:

    Are there any plans to restore this video to High Definition and release it on Blu-ray?

  • One True King Of Smug says:

    Wow just wow
    I can not fathom how they did that
    It must be aliens

  • darksigben says:

    Wow wow wow!!! This is really a masterpiece

  • Adelram Wolfrik says:

    I just interested these automatons when I watched movie -Hugo

  • astari djatmiko says:

    even arranging ikea is not easy

  • Al H says:

    sailing to byzantium

  • Scott Roy says:

    Also… WTF is up with the teeth in GB?!? Do they not get enough calcium?!?

  • Vu Tran Dung says:

    This remind me of the same "writer" automaton from the movie "HUGO"

  • Greg Chapman says:

    Surprised it was not deemed witchcraft in that era

  • scorpioninpink says:

    Automaton is a dying art. I hope that the younger generation starts taking up these art. That includes Mosaic, Frescoes, Clock Making, Automaton making, pottery, glass blowing, mask making, doll making, latin calligraphy, manuscript making by being a scribe, carpet making, weaving, tapestry and other type of art forms that are slowly dying.

  • Jermoni Joseph says:

    This is incredible!

  • Jean Q Nguyen says:

    Soon enough we’ll have a modern day version ,comes with bells and whistles ,we all will be the thing of the past, shelved just like this one …irony..

  • - Alice Gray - says:

    Surprised they didn't burn it as a witch.

  • Abhijit Chavan says:

    How is it powered then…. Wow Rolex system maybe 😉

  • InfiniteUniverse88 says:

    We need to bring back the enlightenment. Only then can be live in a post-scarcity world.

  • Jean-Pierre Rupp says:

    This is the most amazing machine that I have seen.

  • Art Vandelay says:

    This blows my mind! That people, without computers or any means of technology that we know today, could plan and create something that complex 250 years ago!

  • David Rackley says:

    Lesson for today…NEVER hit a dab and then watch this😎 this is by far one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.

  • puglord gamer says:

    What an amazing thing but there is no space!!!!

  • Trucker says:

    Typical white male privilege discrimination, where is the black girl automaton ?

  • Carola Rost-Maskawy says:

    That's incredibly awesome! Breathtaking!

  • Piezonuclear Luna says:

    Girl, that's amazing.

  • Carol Britz says:


  • Wes Guill says:

    I want one!

  • boson96 says:

    Oh man, what a great piece of art this is. This is what technology should be about, to make things elegant and beautiful.
    I can't imagine how would someone even conjure up such a marvel. This really makes me reflect upon my pathetic life.
    The music, the narration and cinematography made this even more beautiful.

  • The Ramdom Channel says:

    Beautifull, fascinating… am I the only one who got here after watching Hugo?

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