The Writer's Almanac – Monday, July 8, 2019

The Writer's Almanac - Monday, July 8, 2019

and here is the writers Almanac from Monday the 8th of july 2019 it's the birthday of the paul-jean de la Fontaine born at chateau-thierry in the Champagne region of France in 1621 author of the famous fables came out in 1668 through 1693 including The Tortoise and the hare the city mouse and the country mouse and the goose that laid the golden eggs it was on this day 1918 that Ernest Hemingway was wounded serving as a Red Cross ambulance driver in World War one in Italy the following January he went back to his parents home in Oak Park Illinois recuperating from his injury walked around with a cane and found himself a small town war hero he was invited to come speak at schools and social clubs about his experience in the war and he always took with him his blood-stained shrapnel torn trousers the wounds that he received would become the central event of his novel A Farewell to Arms which he considered his best book and it's the birthday of the writer who said God doesn't like crap in art jf Powers born in Jacksonville Illinois 1917 grew up Roman Catholic in a town of Protestants 1943 he joined a retreat for priests at st. John's Abbey in Collegeville Minnesota and not long after he wrote a story lions hearts leaping dough's which was published and which launched his literary career Jeff Powers was determined to be an artist to devote himself to his art his father has been a piano prodigy who gave up his artistic dreams for an office job and powers refused to do the same his first collection Prince of Darkness came out in 1947 sold very well and in 1962 his novel Mork Durbin won the National Book Award Jeff powers who said I think it's possible to write something for me to write something that even God might like not as a soul seeking salvation but just as entertainment for God this may be blasphemous to say but I believe it it's the birthday of the psychiatrist Elisabeth kubler-ross born in Zurich in 1926 went to medical school married an American moved to the United States went to the University of Chicago worked with terminally ill patients and from that work she wrote a book called on death and dying that came out in 1969 was a big bestseller in which she outlined the five stages of grief denial anger bargaining depression and acceptance and it's the birthday of the writer Shirley & Grau born in New Orleans in 1929 grew up in Montgomery Selma Alabama educated at finishing schools she said I was probably the only 17 year old who knew precisely how to set a table if I happened to be giving a dinner for the Pope she applied for a job in the English department at Tulane the head of the department told her there will be no females in the English department so she got married she began having children and she kept writing her first book was the Black Prince she was just 35 once he won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1965 for the keepers of the house about a wealthy white man who marries his black housekeeper here's a poem by Mick Cochran how to sacrifice pivot in the box square up surrendered to the pitcher slide your top hand up the barrel don't squeeze keep your hands soft bend your knees you need to keep your balance let the ball come to you be patient don't stab at him point your bat absorb the shock and hope the ball stays fair afterwards expect no high-fives no headlines no contract extension no one bunts himself onto an all-star to him you do it because that runner on first he needs to come home is your teammate is your brother is your son and you you're the guy who still knows how to lay one down how to sacrifice upon by Matt Cochran from Southern poetry revealed used here by permission and that's the writers almanac from Monday July the 8th be well do good work keep in touch you

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