There Is A Garden: LGBT Composers on Dreams (Voice Recital) – Part 2

There Is A Garden: LGBT Composers on Dreams (Voice Recital) - Part 2

[Applause] flowers he waits to find himself lonely leaves a frost on window here we move on to net Wharram this one is the first of a series of three settings you did of Whitman's comments when I started going over this one with voice lessons kind of like the musical PTSD and make sense because women wrote it you know I can't think of you know experiences as a nurse during the Civil War and then Wharram set this in 1982 which is like you know right up towards the beginning of the AIDS crisis and then after that we'll move on to Roger filter constellations very very intense my dreams I went for there bury him I loved by me was the street shipping most places of amusement for Chicago Boston Philadelphia [Applause] Billy Strayhorn and the idea for doing voice and double bass do what's actually borrowed from one of my favorite tests and here's Sheila Jordan she did a series of mountains with just voice and basically most of them with Harvey Schwartz but she did one with Marlon Anderson that was the specific inspiration for this idea because just wonderful rendition of plush slides on that out we're doing two different songs though flowers to love something and something to live for the I [Applause] [Applause] yeah Oh Oh [Applause]

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