Threnody in Clay

Threnody in Clay

Threnody in Clay by Brenda Clews spin story grief revolves inscribed on my skin between my shoulder blades in my heart fire, ghost, wailing, daffodils and dark water rock, wet, scale, alone madness atonal slaughter memory, savaged, salvaged prison, an abyss crumble rock strength into to clay melt trees into charcoal limbless lady twirl ravaged ghosts pulsate nerve-knots pulse-knots broken body-time grasping sweat fever earth trauma fingers reach for the past without hands, torn off splinter of drifting willows scatter truce mid-day pole flag wood brush, solidify resins unlimited trace of canopy in tree whorls hidden in pay-bark spindle wort the newt symposium salamander skies leeway zenith cul-de-sac of recall whose edges vignette in emptiness gold-plated cave walls dulcimer strum-eagle flight of a mid-worn druid arboreal incantations rise greenly intoned in green copper bones tone, fir-cone dropping the future: a terrifying proposition if we base it on the past curve of economics of time we lived in recurrence forgetting that is remembering shape-welding and massing and who interrupts gives lie to the truth? our images move against us apparitions on cave walls cast vector spinning light shapes sight shadows shape insight remembrance in folds, creases spectral silver strands wires entangle engage disengage I had children once walked in orchards of fruit laughed with lovers world choke post-Industrial time bombs emission thresholds cross charcoal dust covers what the heaving oceans didn’t reclaim roiling, shadow, paper-inkblot flowers red, yellow, green, pink stains vocal versicolour disconnect rock mount, skin curl, boil fire in the ether dragons of light explode skywards cataclysmic titans run, rain of fires, brine rising gulp airless gills flap salt flame glass implode crack chlorine eyelids spokes cling massing birds bodies flap slipshod tether ice precipice agnosia numb sense mind-cave of the philosopher the past cannot replicate into the future drop-sack cyborg drones roam green skies clay melt undone lifeless flora bees without bodies banded vision chromosomal chaos slit helixes barren gestation sacs sever hand, ankle, knee, elbow, memory rock bone splints earth blighted eventless horizon bury unconditional denouement clay fugue rises from god-breath spine uncurling assail fauna amputate grace soot-covered, root-face, root-stretch flicker horizon bend planet spin discarded populations antiquated irrecoverable relinquish suicidal shadows arrows of mechanical birds stints char dust rasping clears veins prosody of blood vessels inner eyelids, fluorescent light green unravel flicker vignette frame my turning sustainable extinction fallen coin, gold tower burn scraggle branches of soot scarcity infills web of life broken logic images freed apocalypse untether foundation gold mine mountain refuge vein of lucre topple into tuner of endings where narratives petrify

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  • CŒDES Pierre-Marie says:

    This one artist work, and as always from Brenda Clews:writing, modeling, setting a scene, filming and animating and telling a strong story, to finish a video montage work, image and sounds and music … I must admit that to watch and listen, I have them chills. Bravo my friend, once again you have trained me in this special world that is yours … and ours.

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