• hannah lee says:

    Hi, could you share with us your sources/where you found this timeline? Thanks

  • Manuel Salas says:

    Interesting but no complete information. Where is Nancarrow, Estrada, Lachenmann?

  • Trey Lehman says:

    This surreal hodgepodge of sounds is hella annoying

  • Flávio Giannini says:

    The ones I know wich are not here are Leonard Berstein and John Williams

  • Matías Uribe says:

    Julián Carrillo, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Alberto Ginastera, Silvestre Revueltas, Carlos Chávez, Blas Emilio Atehortúa, Adolfo Mejía, Leo Brouwer, Antonio María Valencia and the rest of the latin american composers are missing in this list.

    Why do north americans and europeans keep omitting all our wonderful composers in your lists and history books? …Julián Carrillo, for example, was the first composer in the world that composed microtonal music within the western academic music tradition and fabricated microtonal pianos.

  • Lova aaa says:

    aaaw what about wyschnegradsky 🙁 though happy to see some fairly unknown greats such as Leo Ornstein and Leopald Godowsky included. Yeah piano nerd obviously

  • Columbia College Hollywood - Official says:

    Amazing vid! Keep up the fantastic work! We'd love for you to visit our channel as well and view some short films, educational videos and more! Have an amazing and inspirational day!

  • sabretoothfortnight says:

    this is great! do you have this on a t-shirt so I can get motivated to do my laundry. I hope it doesn't go up to the sleeves because my heavy metal band said that I have to cut those off :.(

  • urizen says:

    great and very helpful thanx 🙂

  • Carlos Pacini says:

    Thank You for posting it. It's very Nice

  • Will Gardner says:

    i love the music !!!!

  • Angelique Mouyis says:

    This is really helpful! Do you by any chance have a PDF of this somewhere online?

  • Áine Dempsey says:

    Hey This is really good! Really helped thank-you! is there anyway I could have a copy of this as a picture like the whole thing together? that would be great 🙂

  • svitlana azarova says:

    Dear Daniel, thank you very much for including me in your timeline. It was a pleasant surprise 🙂

  • Arash Azadi says:

    do you have this in Photo?

  • onami75 says:

    nice work! thanks for doing this!

  • Distortion says:

    Hey, great video! Do you happen to have an image copy of the timeline? I would like to see it all at once…

  • relike868p says:

    So what about those composers you do not attach any schools to? How will you describe their (Adès', Hersch's, Azarova's) music in your own words?

  • odod says:

    finnissy ??

  • Никита Морозов says:

    Nice work.How about the 3rd streem?

  • Uli Jovran says:

    Nice work, but it should be named "Timeline of EUROPEAN and NORTH-AMERICAN modern/contemporary composers. You ignored Latin-American and Asian XX century great composers, except for Chin.

  • Edward Piercy says:

    Bartok? Kodaly? Ginastera? I must have missed them. Bartok perhaps Primitivism/Expressionism/Neo-Classicism. 🙂

  • Sergio Sarano says:

    Und Lachenmann?

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