Tint Journal – Online Literary Journal for ESL Writers – Trailer

Tint Journal - Online Literary Journal for ESL Writers - Trailer

[Applause] [Applause] hi I'm Lisa founder and editor-in-chief of the world's first online literary magazine for writers who produce creative texts in English as a non-native or second language Pinscher no on our open source website you can read fiction poetry nonfiction you can self into different cultures and traditions and you can do all that without the translator so immediately additionally our international team publishes interviews profiles and book reviews so let me give you an example of one of our genres poetry which I have met you in a lab or when a Chaba so better days for now we're both trapped disoriented you from your roots I in my ways we live in a world in which we are constantly being estranged from each other through prejudices new technologies money the list goes on and on and the more they grow apart the more we need something to connect us again as human beings now tins does exactly that it is an online platform for creative writers from all over the world to share their hopes their dreams their struggles and their successes through literature in the most understood and most spoken language in this world English through their innovative and tinted language they blend cultures and bridge borders as you can see by the next example of our nonfiction category and then I'm back back in this country not of my birth and it claims me just like that without even saying may I one of the core features of our open source websites are audio recordings through our writers accents we show their individual linguistic and cultural backgrounds their idea lengths they attend as you can hear in the following fiction story one step down some songs start to filter out one more step scent is that toast closer to what we call reality light forces her to open her eyes we've had a great start so far our first issue appear in February 2009 teen since then our entirely volunteer and project has been able to reach readers and writers from all over the world also via our social media channels on Facebook Twitter and Instagram for our second issue which will be released in September we've received an incredible amount of almost 300 submissions by writers from 57 different nationalities and 50 different mother tongues for our future we hope to become a sustainable nonprofit organization a literary and cultural resource for readers writers and English learners and an online platform for ESL writers visit our websites read our published pieces listen to our audio recordings and delve into different cultures and nationalities from all over the globe enjoy our teams

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