Tips for Artists with Emma Vieceli | Let´s Talk Art CLIP 1

Tips for Artists with Emma Vieceli | Let´s Talk Art CLIP 1

Jack: So you mentioned earlier how you don’t really have a formal art background you didn’t learn it at school. Instead you just kind of, took it on. Is there anything you can recommend for people who haven’t been taught art but want to get into it? Emma: Art, art is so subjective and objective, and I’m one of those people I don’t ever want to say, do what I did or don’t do what I did. In retrospect, if I had done an art course I would have found it a lot easier diving into Hamlet and understanding perspective. I would have found it much easier to learn some of the most basic art techniques through a course rather than literally having to learn them as I do them. There’s no question that technically my work would probably be better. If I had had training. On the flip side of that, another of those beauties, of comics as a career, Is, it’s not essential to have that training. It is quite possible, I’ve done it, a lot of people have done it. It’s very easy to enter, well not very easy, it’s quite possible, to enter the industry with passion and a strong portfolio and a willingness to learn. So I would never suggest someone don’t do an art course or do an art course, It’s really got to be what works, for you. As it was for me, I stopped pre GCSE doing art at school. For various reasons largely because in my school, you could only choose two out of music, drama and art. You could only choose two of them, so I went for music and drama. Because that’s what was more relevant, to me. So art just got sort of dropped, it became something I did for fun, but, I think if it’s something you’re passionate about and you’re doing it all the time, and I was. Everytime I wasn’t doing anything else, I was always drawing. My friends joke even now their parents will remember when we were kids at school, they’d know I’d been round their house because all their telephone books or everything was just covered with drawings because everywhere I was I have to draw. So in terms of recommendations, if you want to get into the industry and you don’t have formal training. You can either consider doing a course, if you feel like it’s something you want. Otherwise these days, there are so many YouTube channels, there’s so many experts sharing tips online. If you’re willing to do your research, you can probably find the information you need. Draw, sounds ridiculous, but I genuinely have spoken to people who will spend a while gathering a few pieces into a portfolio and then waiting around and they’re like “But how do I get in?” It’s like, you’re not drawing! You have to be doing it. Yeah, like just learn as you do it. But also just consume, read comics, and don’t just read them and go “Ah, that was a good story!” If you’re looking to do the art, you’ve got to see how an artist does it. And it’s not just about how they form their lines, it’s about the spaces between their lines, if there’s a panel that stands out to you, really analyse that panel, and really go “what have they done?” “what makes it look that good?” So it’s about not just consuming things, on a superficial level. But consuming them from the point of view of how would I do that? How have they put pen to paper and made that work? If a course works for someone then that’s great, but it is an industry that doesn’t require that So long as you’re willing to put you will have to work twice as hard. Because you’re gonna have to learn technical skills that other people might have been told.


  • Fred O'Rourke: Sequence and Narrative says:

    Yaaaaasss Emma!

  • Marcelo Pitombo says:

    i love it , i want more ! thank you !

  • Kevin Phillips says:

    She's very good and interesting to hear.

  • Wladimir Martinez says:

    Bonjour. , je suis pas une flèche dans le domaine du dessin, c'est la raison pour laquelle je voudrais, que vous puissiez me dessiner ça me ferait un grand plaisir . Par contre je sais pas comment il faut vous envoyer la photo ? Apparemment ont peut pas la mettre dans le commentaire ? Si vous voulez faite -le avec la photo de mon compte. ,merci d'avance, vous faites un bien joli métier 👍

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