• Omega Supreme says:

    Nice Jeff beck tune! I don't understand this Strat.. Why not pay 25% more and have the real deal standard?

  • Marmaduke Winterbotham says:

    How are the jumbo frets? Are there any intonation issues when holding down chords?

  • C Sablan says:

    Lol, slow down..

  • Kendrick H. Rhee says:

    Dunno if it’s the strat or the pickups …. but too thin sounding for me …. sounds like 8 strings lol… no sustain or thickness of tone imo

  • Marmaduke Winterbotham says:

    Good playing there. But all the tones are incredibly glassy to my ears.

  • RX-93 akhrouk says:

    me thinking between this and surf green HSS.. if this aubergine got HSS,I would go straight away tho..if there is more combination to choose…XD

  • Owen Thunderguns says:

    Just bought the Arctic white model….Its dope!!!

  • Zocker Bruderschaft says:

    Fender special strat or performer? Here in germany there are some special left for 850€ Dont know whether i should wait for performer or take the special.

  • Dr. Marcio Onida says:

    Great playing! For a blue one! Awesome

  • Quentin James says:

    Jesus !! He yanks on that trem bar like he's trying to shake a baby to death !

  • Jay B says:

    That's a really cool Strat.


    Love the Arctic white in this new series. Guitar acquisition syndrome cured…momentarily that is!

  • David Eyskens says:

    Just a quick response to the is it "BETTER" question , meaning is it better than the original 50s strat..
    Well, please impossible to answer that for you or anyone for that matter..I'll take an orginal 50s much quicker than the performer..I saw one at GC and it looked cheap and I decided not to play it..I was struck by its appearance, I owned an American special when they first came out.I was never satisfied with it..The frets were jumbo, with a fast neck ( slim) I learned on soft V neck guitars strats..Immediately I had problems with it..The QC for this strat was poor (mine, not all) frets poorly finished, but they improved over time..They look better than this new performer with pushy pully knob..Not for me, could be for you though..I'm not impressed with all the new fender guitars outside of the Orginal 50s & 60s..Beautiful original sounding strats..Great pups, Yosemite pups are good too…Sound better than TX. Specials…again I'll take the OG strats any day over the Soecial, performer, players performer, player, players professional, player elite performer professional performer playrr elite, I'll stick with the OG 50 & 60s all day long.

  • nelsonmann says:

    That was great. I've been looking at these guitars. Nice to see and it and hear it being played great.

  • chris rocco says:

    question whats better this amazing guitar or the Fender American original 50s???

  • grancucui says:

    I’m getting one of these hopefully next week 😊can’t wait

  • chris rocco says:


  • chris rocco says:


  • iDuncan says:

    Now that's some sweet playing, very nice!
    They're still on their way to Australia, but very much looking forward to trying one. I'll be deciding between this, the Professional or the Elite Strat.

  • Spiro Lagousis says:

    Just bought this model , just absolutely love it .

  • João Fonseca says:

    Very comprehensive demo! And very good playing, as always! I like to hear you a lot, my friend!

  • G says:

    A little "Cause We've Ended As Lovers" by Jeff Beck. Great tune, nice new Strat and excellent playing.

  • 7000ironman says:

    man! and I just bought the America Special Strat! oh, well…it's still a fender, right?

  • Theodore Elektrk says:

    On it baby!

  • Cream City Music says:

    Get yours from Cream City Music here: http://bit.ly/AmPerfStratPenny

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