• JHTCxKPOP says:

    Yes, I made a top 10 for everything. Yes, I know I slightly cheated by adding OH!GG since they only have two songs. Yes, I know JJ Project isn't really a sun-unit because they debuted before GOT7's debut. And yes, after making these four videos I also came to the conclusion that, while I do like a lot of different groups from different companies, I really am a SM and CUBE stan.

  • criipark says:

    My top 10:
    10. Loona Odd Eye Circle / fav. song: Girl Front
    9. GD&TOP / fav. song: Zutter
    8. VIXX LR / fav. song: Whisper
    7. NCT Dream / fav. song: We Young
    6. NU'EST W / fav. song: Dejavu
    5. Triple H / fav. song: 365 Fresh
    4. NCT U / fav. song: Baby Don't Stop
    3. Super Junior D&E /fav. song: 'Bout You
    2. EXO-CBX / fav. song: Ka-Ching!
    1. NCT 127 / fav. song: Simon Says

    I'm not a nctzen or sm stan pff…

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