Top 10 Onstage Freakouts By Musicians

Top 10 Onstage Freakouts By Musicians

well that was uncalled for welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 onstage freak outs by musicians gimme a break one minute left looking for more watch mojo videos with a British twist well pack your bags and take a trip to watch merch at UK for even more bloody brilliant content for this list we'll be looking at the funniest most shocking and most notable temper tantrums and freak outs by a musician on stage warning this video contains explicit language number 10 Josh mommy kicks a photographer in the head Josh Homme II of Queens of the Stone Age is well known for his short fuse and irritable personality one only needs to watch his profanity filled tirade against an audience member at Norwegian Wood to know that another shocking moment came at K rocks almost acoustic Christmas concert when homie kicked a photographer seemingly without reason according to the photographer Chelsea Loren homie violently kicked her camera which was driven into her face she was forced to seek medical treatment at cedars-sinai Medical Center homie later apologized saying that he was quote lost in performance I was a total dick benign are there any Nickelback fans in Portugal well evidently not after an irritated Chad Kroeger asked the audience if there are any Nickelback fans in Portugal he is met with tame cheers he then asks if they want to hear some rock and roll or go home before petulantly raising his hands and bewilderment he is then smacked in the head by a thrown item which results in Chad defiantly saying goodbye to the crowd before walking offstage and flipping them off if there were any Nickelback fans in Portugal that night the band likely lost them with this performance number 8 Dave Grohl kicks a fan out fight at my show you asshole if even good guy Dave Grohl gets angry you know something is wrong in the middle of performing skin and bones at the 2011 iTunes Festival Grohl cuts off the band to break up a fight in the crowd after identifying the culprit and the striped shirt Dave swiftly kicks the fan out of his show and receives great round of applause hey in the striped shirt look at me right here mother look at me look at me [Applause] why because the only thing you should be doing at a Foo Fighters show is dancing this freak out actually comes off as an endearing moment for the lead singer because you can tell he just wants everyone to have a good time buzz off guy with striped shirt number seven Josh Tillman rants about idiocracy do people realize we haven't like an entertaining tyrant happening right now he may go by the stage name father John misty but chances are most fenced in shallow music festival cash for a sermon about the number of consciousness political beliefs or philosophical musings do we think that our hilarious tyrant is going to be met with a hilarious revolution Tommen was set to perform at WX PN's exponential festival but rather than grabbing his guitar and putting on a show he decided to smoke a cigarette and lecture about the numbing effect of the entertainment industry the nature of evil and the stupidity of the world he then improvised the winding piece before covering Leonard Cohen and prematurely walking offstage we don't know if he was on something but it sure killed the audience's buzz number six Axl Rose jumps into the crowd Axl Rose vocalist of Guns N'Roses certainly has a flair for the dramatic he is infamous for his tirades and meltdowns but the best of the bunch has to be this one which sees him literally jumping into the crowd after telling security to take away a man's camera Axl proceeds to jump into the crowd and take action into his own hands he then blames the lame-ass security before slamming the microphone down and storming offstage it's not every day you see an entertainer leaving the stage to literally attack their own fans but hey Axl Rose has always been one of a kind you never know what you're gonna get with him number five Courtney Love freaks out okay this one we can actually understand throwing that up it's stupid and rude and I'm gonna beat how do you do it again well playing in Brazil love stops the show to deride a fan who was constantly throwing up a picture of Kirk mein frontman of Nirvana and husband to love for two years before he committed suicide don't see the Foo Fighters into that shit she called the fan brood explaining that she has to live with the memory of Kurt every day and that throwing up pictures of him is disrespectful and stupid the man apparently does it again because she curses him out flips him off and leaves the stage most onstage freak outs are childish but this one while still unpleasant feels heavier and more personal number 4 Kurt Cobain has a tantrum speaking of Kurt Cobain here he is in action doing very Kurt Cobain things Kurt was seemingly hammered for this performance as he randomly stops performing in the middle of the song staggers backwards and slams his guitar into the ground he then goes on a rampage of destruction which includes destroying the drum kit knocking over and viciously head-butting the amps and using the drums cymbal as a blunt instrument like a similarly weird freak out at the Hollywood rock festival it's hard to tell if this is just a drunken escapade or an unwell man desperately crying out for help number three Danita sparks throws her tampon at the crowd no we take that back this is surreal sparks co-founder and vocalist of metal band l7 was truly not feeling up to facing the wrath of the crowd on this day while playing at England's Reading Festival the band experienced technical difficulties and the irate crowd began to fling mud at the stage and frustration in retaliation sparks took out her tampon said eat my used tampon followed by an expletive and flung it out the crowd it's hard to know where to begin with this we're used to vocalists yelling at people jumping into crowds and destroying equipment but this this is something else number two Billie Joe Armstrong famous meltdown at iHeartRadio this is one of the most well known meltdowns in internet history Musical or otherwise Green Day was performing at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas when vocalist Billy Joe Armstrong noticed that they only had one minute of stage time remaining than bowing out gracefully and putting on a hell of a final minute Armstrong abruptly stopped the song and went on a slurred vanity filled tirade complete with declarations of how long he spin around and that he isn't Justin Bieber whatever that's supposed to be he then destroys his guitar flips off the officials and saunters offstage we've seen angry people before but this is a full-on meltdown for the ages not quite at the end yet almost there though just be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos all right back to business number one Kanye West's rant in Sacramento Kanye West has always been a controversial and dramatic figure but he elevates his game here and delivers what is surely the greatest meltdown in music history after showing up 90 minutes late to the show West performed very briefly before randomly exploding into a diatribe which touched on many topics including fellow celebrities like Beyonce and jay-z the politics of Hillary Clinton and pop radio playlists he then dropped the mic and stormed offstage to make matters worse he then canceled the remaining days of the tour citing stress and exhaustion now that is a meltdown do you agree with our picks check out this other recent clip from WatchMojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos


  • Navras77 says:

    The title implies that the video is going to be about musicians, got a bit confused when I saw Kanye West in it…

  • kody chaput says:

    In Billie Joe’s defense Greenday was originally scheduled 30 minutes and without consent or time the band was cut short in the middle of a set to give JUSTIN GAY ASS BIEBER an extra 15 minutes. This isn’t a melt down. This is a Punk/Rock band that has been inducted to the Hall of Fame now cut short to give a no talent hack extra time. THATS HOW YOU REACT!!! 🤘🏻All hail Green Day

  • amy st jimmy says:

    I see Billie and I clicked

  • BrianFillups says:

    I thought that Kanye West one would be the time he made a big scene about a fan not standing up even though said fan was wheelchair bound.

  • Kieran Murthy says:

    Omg I remember that Billie joe Armstrong moment!!!😂😂🤣🤣

  • Bamtastic Wow says:

    You could have a top 10 list of just Kurt’s onstage outbursts. He’s got some gems 💎

  • Andrew Barratt says:

    I kinda fee sorry for Nickleback…. Never thought I'd say that.

  • Memdog 44 says:

    Nikki Sixx from Mötley Crüe should be on here for when he kicked out a security guard for pushing back fans

  • UnheardStingray says:

    i scanned to number one and it was the one i thought it would be. was just soooo random and lasted forever. started laughing when i realized what the stage was doing

  • Megan Cordato says:

    Man I love Dave Grohl. He`s one of the nicest guys I`ve seen. I`ve never met him, but would like to one day

  • DolphinRevolution says:

    Its pronounced Cedar Sigh-nye, aye. 🍁

  • William freytes - cheverez says:

    Greenday can do no harm in my book, billyjoe is fuckin hot.! ! & he's bi.

  • Charlotte Windt says:

    Im a simple gal, i see bullie joe armstrong, i click

  • Melissa Melissa says:

    Was pretty contemporary list……no Jim Morrison and the doors?

  • Bill Rounds says:

    Sebastian Bach HAS to be #1

  • Sidney E says:

    Ha ha. The second I saw the title, Axl Rose popped into my head. 😝

  • Hammerhead547 says:

    I'd say that Graham Bonnet and Yngwie Malmsteen's famous fistfight on stage infront of 10.000 fans in tokyo in 1984 tops all of these because they legitimately hated one another at that point.

    Kurt Cobain and Billie Joe Armstrong were just being the pretentious self important petulant assholes that they really were in those silly little bitchfits.

  • Son and Wolf says:

    #2 is like the NUMBER FUCKING ONE JUST LIKE GREEN DAY. GOD BLESS Billie Joe Armstrong

  • FishFillet says:

    I mean if some asshole popstar cut my stage time in half cause of his ego I'd be pissed too. Give Billie Joe a break

  • Mathew Soltan says:

    You guys for some reason always just sympathize with women. The bitch threw her used tampon into the crowd. Imagine if a male artist threw a used condom into the crowd?

  • E Phelps says:

    Cedar Sin-eye? its Cedar Sigh-en-eye… wowza

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