Top 5 Rules for Writers – Charles Bukowski

Top 5 Rules for Writers - Charles Bukowski

well some CLI nation this is Hiram Sims professor of creative writing coming to you live from the world stage performance gallery and the Anansi Writers Workshop today's writer that were profiling wrote sixty books of poetry and was declared the poet laureate of the lowlifes he's Charles Bukowski and these are his top five rules for writers check out when you write your words must go like this Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben each line must be full of a delicious little juice flavor they must be full of power they must make you like to turn a page BIM BIM BIM what these guys do they say well dad I'd uh there was a porch chair the Flies were walking around you see they're too leisurely they're setting up the scene for the grand emotion and when they get to the great emotion there isn't any hmm this is a different agency atomic age each line must have its own power its own feeling its own juice its own flavor writing must never be boring it must not bore the reader the writer it must not bore anybody you have to have a juice in each line don't you see but the writers themselves are supposed to be the living Souls when they are too careful and too political and when they pussyfoot too much it's very discouraging it's like the world is empty so I lashed out at all this and I think I was right I was one of those rarities of of our modern times who did star for his art who I really starved you know to have a 24-hour day unincluded upon by other people I gave up food gave up everything just to I was a nut I was dedicated but you see the problem is you can be a dedicated nut and not be able to do it dedication without talent is useless understand what I mean dedication alone is not enough you can starve and want to do it hey you know I know and how many do that they starve in the gutters and they don't make it but you knew you had done they all think they had how do you know that you're the one you don't know it's a shot in the dark you take it or you become a normal civilized person form 8 to 5 do something get up do something go to sleep you know they can't get out of that circle you'll see someday they'll say Bukowski new lay down for 3 or 4 days so get your juices back then get up look around and do it but who the hell can do it because you need a dollar with a black pimps are where the whores are where the music is playing or the bar where the jukeboxes are playing in the bars where the lights are on that's where life is that may seem to be a terrible type of life to most people but you listen to that music and you walk into that bar sometime and you walk in try to find a barstool and you sit down the bartender comes up and serves you a drink you're glad to get it because you're not lively joint where something is happening I think dedication black pimps prostitution are the flowers of the earth I think those joints where this is going on I think there's great happiness and terror and horror too but that all counts and adding up when you walk into place to get a drink its liveliness when you clean up a city you kill it thank you all for watching Charles Bukowski top five rules for writers make sure you click the subscribe button so you could get more great content for writers also make sure you get a copy of these pages speak which is an amazing creative writing textbook where every single sample poetry short story can be found on YouTube where you can hear the writer reading in their own voice thank you for watching this CLI nation I'll see you later a fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing to do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without it Joan of Arc had style John the Baptist Christ Socrates Cesar Garcia Lorca style is the difference a way of doing a way of being done six here on standing quietly in a pool of water are you walking out at the bathroom naked without saying me you


  • Dennis Mason says:

    @Community Literature Initiative – I was "homeless" for years, including 1981. I despise the designation "homeless" however "streetful" doesn't work. I was cleaning a horrible apartment in upscale West Hollywood so that I could use the shower. Diane and a woman I didn't know entered the apartment with a new bottle of wine. "This is Linda", she said, "her husband is a poet…" and Diane went clubbing for the night. Linda and I drank the wine, taking our time. She talked about everything, including her husband. "He writes for the Free Press", she said. Said I, "Notes from a Dirty Old Man I think…" – "that's him", she said, and I admitted that I had never read his column. We drank, Linda left for Pedro, Diane came home, drunk. The next day I went to the West Hollywood Public Library on San Vicente and I sat and read Bukowski for hours. The librarian told me I would have to leave because I kept laughing out loud. Charles Bukowski has saved me from suicide many, many times. Thank you for this.

  • Kevin Bell says:

    A professor who leads with " whot zup "? Excellent. You could walk into a job anywhere in England.
    Scotland has standards.

  • W and S says:

    when I was at that age #5 was the best. All kinds of characters…that you knew.

  • Pam Ward says:

    One of my all time favorites! Long live the Buk! Thanks for sharing!

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