Town Musicians of Bremen (Dingo Pictures) – Phelous

Town Musicians of Bremen (Dingo Pictures) - Phelous

when I hold here is one of the harder to find English dubs of a dingo pictures movie it's an east-west dub and it's not on an east-west DVD looking at these two DVDs you'd think they'd be of the same movie but now that'd make things too easy I picked up the east-west DVD of the Bremen town musicians expecting it to be the dingo movie but that's surprised by instead being a creepy live-action version of the story from 1959 well not being the dingo movie it is originally from Germany and it's where those movies that's technically in color but looks like it was colored by someone urinating on the film reel however it didn't always look this way it's just that east/west got was probably one of the worst copies of this movie out there to put on their DVD so after this east/west DB turned out not to be the dingo pictures version I thought maybe there wasn't actually an English version of the dingo pictures movie out there until I found out some of the French DVDs actually have English as a language selection and the back of this DVD did have the Union Jack flag on there indicating that it should have an English tract but of course I've been fooled before is that German animal soccer world DVD said the same thing and then it didn't have an English tract on there I was also wary since this French DVD did have the same cover art as the east/west DVD which wasn't dingo so I had to hope that this wouldn't end up being a crappy live-action movie instead would be another crappy dingo movie but despite sharing the same cover art was something that wasn't it this french DVD was in fact the dingo version at the Bremen town musicians and speaking of reusing cover our east/west did that themselves by reusing the jammie ol Pig cover for some old Three Little Pigs cartoon wait I thought I said I didn't get wipe action crap against Ted got my precious garbage animation from Germany what is this well dingo got creative I guess you could call it with a couple of their narrator sections decide to go live-action with it so for the Bremen story we have Georg fields who's one of the regular German voice actors in the dingo tunes as the narrator and in Camelot another dingo regular and most importantly the German voice of wobbu Armand Drogo is narrating as Merlin but there we at least had the regular English dingo voice actors and here we of course have few famous colleagues of mine there are musician in a city called Bremen Wow that's so bad it's hard to believe it wasn't done as a joke and yes unenthusiastic Dutchman and his child are back because you have nothing better to do eating eating is what I like to do and this is by far the best east/west dub why because they'll repeat a short loop of a dingo track over the whole thing it's just beautiful silence and a little bit of background noise while they're talking and I will take it now it is kind of odd though we've got an east/west dub on a different company's DVD however I am pretty sure that this company that put out a bunch of dingo movies in France fun kids in the possessive forum for some reason had some kind of relation to East West as they tended to use a lot of the same art assets for their covers east west and fun kids could have been part of the same parent company just named differently for these particular regions so I believe either as part of the same entity or in cooperation these companies very cheaply had these dubs produced for them possibly in-house and one of their branches now even though these covers use a lot of the same assets I do find it kind of interesting that they've been modified slightly so on the wobbu recreation that the child-murderer seen cover for some reason there's a little explosion behind the birds and you'll notice on the Bremen cover that the air it looks stretched compared to the French one and all for all say this cover is salsa cat the cat who on the east-west cover they very lazily chopped off its head and slid it down a little so the title could fit horrendous dubs and super lazy picture edits what didn't east-west do you can see on the back DVD cover how the cat was supposed to walk and by the way if you ever wanted to hear an east/west dub in another language this DVD has you covered it's the exact same people doing the French and of course the Dutch dubs on here for the house would kill him over but they PA – super yeah I've been taking advance cuckoo and it's just a mob – though unenthused ad apparently couldn't be bothered with the French Bremen dub team at 9:00 eastward can cook Oleg Kalugin one officially lon lebesgue to cook messy vapor image I thought first maybe he didn't want to regale the French audience with his mastery of their language like he did English but he is on the French wobbu table Babu excuse moi the focus should haunted a sitter Celia – zulan bundling uma de fauna port Wharf on to do much and yes the English track on here is the exact same one as the east-west DVD but while we're on the subject of French wobbu DVDs wobbu is so cool in France he got two dubs of his movie they owed up his name on this wine instead just calling him the funny little animal they dubbed him the king of the forest well did on the cover anyway on the tale that they actually went to the effort to edit on this dub he's just the mischievous raccoon oh and speak speaking of effort if you go to the German track on this DVD they even fancied up the wobbu title on there as well it's just so weird really that this exists and you want to talk about walking nothing like the actual movie covers this later French wobbu dub apparently came out in 2005 and was by ry M musique there's also a bumper on here of a crappy logo bouncing around a generic DVD bumper four kids play but not in the possessive form and it's way worse looking than the other logo are they the same kids play I don't know but what I do know is instead of starting partway into the German version of the song like on the east-west DVD here they actually went to the effort of making a new wobbu song yeah really to make exactly faster don't you see why I'm dumbfounded that this exists that song almost sounds too good for a dingo movie Sacre wobbu indeed anyway as you've probably guessed the actual dub is slightly better than the dynamic Dutch duo Chihuahua who knew he code over will put that copy Oh senator lava version if I chose but a to me ma sha me jump Donna Wow they actually tried amazing anyway I should probably get to talking about the actual Bremen movie now right it's the German DVD why wouldn't I have that right but look wobbu does appear in Bremen a couple of times so totally justified so the town musicians of Bremen is a fairy tale and I don't think it's as widely known in English but it is pretty popular in Germany in the actual city of Bremen there is a statue of the animal musicians from the tale it's a rather odd tale where some animals kind of have a midlife crisis so they team up to form a band and then end up stopping some bank robbers and steal their stolen money they also stand on top of each other which is something which is barely featured in this movie on the Luneberg ahead and not far from Bremen was a beautiful oatmeal in the middle is the donkey earlier yes earlier yes it's hard to believe but sometimes events occur when he brought shanks with porn to the mill he brought sacks with what I barely know what to say to that no wonder this dub was buried on a French DVD anyway like most Mills it was converted into a theme park so the donkey was kind of out of a job but it at least had idiots around gawking at it like Aladdin and female Aladdin look the real donkey people sit easy crowd I guess the donkey had two stints right in front of the mill oh I guess unenthused dutch dad couldn't make the donkey noise so we had to cut back to the German track for that anyway these live-action segments are kind of extra ridiculous with this east-west dubbing as Joerg fails is clearly putting energy into his performance here and it clashes so bad with the voice of the man barely keeping himself awake you should don't you after all no supermodel at all donkey Oh the donkey excitement is over he's no supermodel but in the first place the donkey wasn't an old donkey but in the first place the donkey wasn't at all donkey are we sure this movie has an English dub and everybody wanted him to say oh yeah hmm probably should've just stuck to using the original audio anyway the stupid tourists annoy the donkey so much it runs away from its theme park home which is hilarious to Janice and then we just get a bunch of random dingo cameos like the sinister birds whooshing thud er cynic Goldie the dingo Gophers and most important of all wobbu wobbu doesn't have any lines in this movie though so zero out of ten that's not what that means always gonna give me something to eat without working for it oh those damn donkeys are always looking for a free ride I know I'm going to make music myself music is what I am you are music also wouldn't that technically be working for it you dummy right I've got to blame and be going musician I'm a singer wow what a story the donkey just decides to do this immediately out of nowhere but luckily it kept a cello up its butt in case you ever realized it was really music the whole time also if that's not a cello I don't care the defendants you might recognize this German song if you haven't tried to completely scrub animal soccer world from your mind as they reuse this song there guess the Bremen town musicians were a one-hit wonder doesn't sound bad at all well it sounded better than you do now I'll give you that also it was apparently hilarious cuz dingo thinks everything is hilarious if I work Poppy's a little bit more then I'm going to be the best like no one ever wins ok let's go to what i'ma at this point the video starts getting choppy on the DVD when of course if you look at other versions of this movie it's fine so the east-west slash fun kids dubber computer was apparently trying to put itself out of its misery no clocks no cash no check no sounds nothing you must be lost thank god there is someone who the early form was very beautiful that's not much left it's not really affirm anymore an alternative couple from Bremen but it's and restricting nets that is nothing like oh and you feel like you are too much here or not is this English anymore did I make up that this movie had an english track on it how you know well it happened to me too started telling well that was super creepy not sure if that was just him reading a script direction or what started telling earlier I was a watchdog uh was this dialect supposed to go over the dog or does this guy really think he was a watchdog earlier yes earlier everybody respected me I doubt that is there nothing you would like to do ask you donkey yes yes I used to hide it's the quality control and mastery of their art that keeps me coming back to these a Vedic tool that goes out from the car and then so midway through that unenthused dutch dad realized he couldn't do the bark so they pipe in George feels Berk noise but how to sink sto swim out 5000 if isn't there much more fun in a dog's home boat home dogs home dogs home it's extra great having large parts of the story just married to us when the English dubbers are barely coherent very good the dogs singing voices German wah boos voice please start oh we're please start the magic words to make drums appear out of nowhere it's easy to be in a band when you can just make your instruments appear out of nowhere by which I mean lovely now they aren't even paying attention to when the songs of ended it's a long way to put a man it sure is suddenly the dog smelled something poo we said I smell – yes okay wow I'm glad something finally got this guy you a mode a little and of course it was talking about poo seriously out of all the east-west doves this is the one time we've really gotten something from this guy than the usual dead inside delivery and is because he broke a little over talking about poo wonderful very poo there must be a farm and indeed when they arrived they saw it was a real farm I don't think so this is just the stupid Janus pig farm again until I say cock dingo pictures town musicians of Bremen it's got plenty of pulling cock it was a real fun and there was a big pile of poop these two can't stop laughing about ooh come on be professional it's not funny I don't there it was a real cock oh that's impossible more like a bird or cock anyway the roosters had his mouth tied up because you know the classic tale of neighbors moving in behind the firm and being annoyed at the crowing so a judge decreed when the rooster was allowed to crow Oh does that sound like something stupid I just made up the cook crows in the morning and if he didn't want that then he should not build a house next to the fun he took his case to a judge the judge decided that the cock would crow from 10:00 in the morning til 12:00 in the afternoon can't believe it no cock can handle that dingos Bremen more than a cock can handle where's this men you alibi team in his leg and I guess his head ah they're gonna commit murder sounds good the two of us we are musicians and what don't need you fucking it up bye we are going to blame ax and there we are going gonna be rich and famous with our music and more people should just plan to be rich and famous seem so obvious fill a stomach dog follows X actually oh you just got exceptional anyway this cock blows so it sticks with the group over here it's tech music like in Berlin harmonica why are you whining then we know everybody and the camping have to have he's on TV and today playing with him and everybody at the same time what Marco pasado number one Pavarotti another techno he'll Jewish NIDA I feel like knowledge is leaving my head the longer I listen to this am I still speaking English do I know what English is anymore music means something hmm yeah that Lucy Catskills a chunk missing out of her but we are going to Bremen to be famous and earned a lot of money and if we are a trio we can also be important we are the best musicians [Applause] my girlfriend I can't find my damn hairbrush so much fun making music music yeah music is probably the only thing to cover most people didn't pay any attention to it they looked whatever sheesh music came from they looked where the music came from at this point I'd be surprised if they didn't leave clubs and retakes in and then they saw the donkey the cat the dog and a cock sing the man said this actually the band we're looking for it seems to the men and the woman the producers for Bremen the city just has producers for it if you want to be famous in the music world yes and make a record luckily of course if you sing a song in the streets record producers will just show up so mr. crunch bone and evil-looking woman from dingo hercules are eager to sign random animals have only now just sung their first song together as a full band are we going to be mtv then of course we make sure you'll be on TV so much as you like I feel like this movie is gonna give people unrealistic expectations if anyone has actually ever watched it this far and I'm pretty sure very few people have actually ever watched it in English but as it turns out crunch Bonin wife we're trying to sign these guys to a bad contract and speaking of crunch bone and pretty sure some bones must have crunched in order for the dog's leg to bend that way nah seems perfectly normal the musician get only 10% of the profit who gets the other 90% that's sir obvious no you're gonna make our own breakfast Oh outsmarted by people cabernet speak first making a record all by themselves could they do that I don't know right after the first curve they saw a small house huh they live robbers in this house real robbers not very careful robbers if they leave their money and guns by an open window and they have apparently put their wanted poster up clearly this robbery it was just a cry for attention a lot of money at least a hundred thousand George o euros apparently a stir is taking place in at least 1999 which is when any region actually started using the Euro which is kind of funny as this movie originally came out in 1997 and of course in the original german audio marx is the currency but that does tell us there's probably at least 1999 or even into the 2000s when these horrid east/west tubs got made if we had it kind of money we don't have to render studio we can build one ourselves they looked at each other don't jump at the donkey the cat on the dog and a cock flew on the cat I didn't realize when you made an animal tower they made a siren sound really learning something here there is the police we are discovered the robbers shouted and they run through the back door outside really we aren't even gonna see the robbers lazy dingo lazy the animal terror was originally how they scared the robbers away and stole their money but they were supposed to think there's some kind of creature not the police and the robbers were supposed to come back during the night and get beaten and scared off by the Bremen town musicians again but that's all cut also originally in the story the robbers were a bear a lion and dingo has assets for all of these they could have used but apparently the real reason for the live-action narrator was they wanted to enemy as little as possible and couldn't be bothered though random laughing animals that's important first is tough to count to money it was more than 100 thousand Jewish euros it was two hundred thousand euros oh good I was worried the animals wouldn't get a large enough payday from their stolen loot in Bremen they bought everything they needed for their own studio I'm glad in this version the animals actually made it over to Bremen to start their music career we know they're gonna make it big too since they get called in for big events like animals arguing over a soccer ball we can stay and leave you it's me a Brahmin well might as well continue stealing while you're at it I guess and we don't need stupid puja no you just need a lot of stupid produce those cats and their carrots and cauliflower and we shall call ourselves the braver musicians stunning name it apparently rendered everyone silent so did it and became famous and I lost my voice I just don't care anymore unless poo is involved the movie closes out with the Bremen town musicians big concert which is just them playing in a black void with some circles and stars and stuff but I suppose it's better than invisible robbers exist and there you go one of the rare English dingo dogs I hope it's all you ever wanted no it's not start telling thank you even k9 in this stupid movie you start killing you we're all going to start telling gurgi so fake that toy is gonna break famous I'd be down to the other chocolate because I wanna pay less of a bus regal Mort a comedy painless soup a mother sanity nation to be famous of like us what would we be so fun babe the surviving us what you won't be we know of any way to have an east-west dub I might be done with those forever unless I cover this pile of crap


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    Damn! East-West should stick to dubbing animated movies. That was hideous!

    Also, Phelous, will you eventually review some Vídeo Brinquedo masterpieces as well, once you're finished with all the Dingo Pictures movies?

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  • BigK13372 says:

    7:35 – 8:26 Leave it to the French to put this much effort to make a crappy cartoon into a high quality product.

  • BigK13372 says:

    Y’know, Phelous, this movie could be considered a Dingo cash in on the 1997 adaption to the story called The Fearless Four.

    Yep, even obscure movies only watched by a niche audience aren’t safe from Dingo bootlegging. God help us if they did their own take on Help! I’m A Fish.

  • Nick Fisher says:

    The gun and drum bit is what convinced me to drop a like

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    This video has a lot of poo and cock! Good stuff!

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    Wow this is one of the worst dubs in the universe. Thanks Phelous for showing us this gem.

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  • Zapporah Mann says:

    This was so funny! Maybe it's because I had a bad day, but it was particularly funny today. Thanks for bringing some light into my day!

  • Yuriy Palatnik says:

    The Bremen Town Musicians (Russian: Бременские музыканты, romanized: Bremenskiye muzykanty) is a 1969 Soviet musical animated film produced by Soyuzmultfilm, directed by Inessa Kovalevskaya and written by Yuri Entin and Vasily Livanov, with music by Gennady Gladkov.[1][2][3] It is based on the characters of Brothers Grimm fairy tale, Town Musicians of Bremen. The film became a cult hit in the Soviet Union because of its memorable musical soundtrack, which contains influences from Western rock 'n' roll music. One sequence in particular contains a musical motif inspired by the “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by the Beatles. Two sequels were made, including On the Trail of the Bremen Town Musicians (1973) and The New Bremen Town Musicians (2000).

  • Yuriy Palatnik says:

    And Soviet Russia.

  • ArendAlphaEagle says:

    The man not dubbing the first donkey noises of the narrator, but SO dubbing the SECOND noises, is the reverse of the donkey noise usage in Golden Films' Hunchback of Notre Dame (making the donkey noises themselves the first time, but using a stock sound effect the second time).

  • Jen Thompson says:

    I was so afraid we’d seen the last of these top notch films. I’m so happy you were able to find this gem. It really is one of their best dubs!

  • John True says:

    Donkey: "I am mule-zik!"

  • TheRoflcer says:

    Yeesh, The Frog Prince.
    Phelan, please. Go see a therapist, you're hurting yourself beyond repair.

  • ZC-Infinity says:

    Does the father actually know what poo is, or are they just laughing at how it sounds? Just wondering if a Danish word for poo or some other childish term is pronounced the same way.

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    Finally, another Dingo's review…

    ( Bobs head )
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    I remember reading this story in school, and the cat was originally going to be drowned in a river.

    So, she would have been COMPLETELY USELESS then! (I apologize. I couldn't help myself).

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    All the donkey needed to do to become a supermodel is SMIZE!

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    Sees ending.

    He's going to review it, isn't he?

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  • Adam Block says:

    This dub sounds hilarious. Great find Mr. Porteous!

  • SirRosser says:

    Gah! Muzzle discipline!

  • AmishParadise27 (AKA: Tyler) says:

    My theory as to why the dubber laughed a bit over the poo line is that he had just received the script for the first time and was legitimately surprised by the inclusion of excrement in the story. Like he had just got the script before dubbing and this was the first time that he is reading it.

  • Cartoon Critique says:

    8:42 The only reason I even know about this fairytale is because of that 1997 animated movie where they tricked out the story to an absurd degree.

  • Samuel Chin Orozco says:

    you know what we need? A Dingo Pictures Reanianimated

  • Aimen 2 says:

    Well, in the dutch dub it sounds like the actually tried… Kinda. Sorta.. A little bit?. A small little tiny bit?..

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    10:41 "But, in the first place the donkey wasn't at all dunkey"
    I can understand why people'd be upset if the came to mill-park expecting Videogame Dunkey and all they got was a Dingo donkey.

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    Whut? That's a famouse Dutch singer who also primarily sings in Dutch. Why the hell would you mention him in a English track. Way to conceal you're Dutch.

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    This is it. The Dingo movie that finally broke me. Why? Two words: Marco Borsato (said by the cat when talking about the music allowed in the town). For you non-Dutch out there, he's a well-known singer in the Netherlands. It just breaks the translator in me. It would've been fine to go with that for the Dutch localization, but why the hell would you use it for the English one? Yes, the actors are Dutch people speaking crappy English, but the English audience would have no idea who he is. Why not replace it with a famous English act? So yeah, congrats, Dingo, for actually breaking my brain this time instead of coming close to it…

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    Dingo's Hercules? Did you to do a video of that one? Did I miss it?

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