“tracing art = using reference” nice try holly brown but no

“tracing art = using reference” nice try holly brown but no

Have you ever seen somebody post something
online, and just thought to yourself . . . “you should probably delete this, because this
is not a very good post”. “I won’t lie. This is definitely me when I’m” looking
at my own content. But, the situation I’m talking about today
is the first time I’ve seen someone post something and thought “you probably shouldn’t
have deleted this, for ethical reasons . . . but I’m still glad you did because it was still
a pretty bad post”. So yes, it’s me. Greetings parasocial parish. Rejoice, for today father is blessing you
with a mess. Honestly there are no other words to describe
this situation. Sometimes in life, things just go to far,
and we have reached that point everybody. But fear not, for I am here to enlighten you
all, and um get some views while at it. So who deleted what, what am I even talking
about , and why does it matter. Well, it kind of doesn’t . . . but, nothing
makes me laugh anymore except irony and ironic TikTok compilations, which is actually still
irony, and now I just admitted that I watch TikTok, some of them are good, okay. But this situation that happened a couple
of weeks ago actually make me laugh, so we’re going to talk about it anyway. So today we’re talking about a big Art YouTuber
that I put in the title for views named Holly Brown. Holly’s fans like to describe her as being
blunt and honest. But I guess after this, we’ll just have to
shorten it to blunt. Long story short, she has hundreds of thousands
of subscribers, millions of views, and she made a YouTuber apology video. Yes, we now have one of those in the YouTube
Art community. But there’s one tiny problem with her video. It’s completely fake. And I have screenshots. So let’s go through it. Also, I’m going to be drawing fanart in
this video because um, graphic design is my passion Also, I’m obviously going to be cutting
a lot of parts out of her video, but please watch the full thing if you want to check
my math. And also, also, I’ll be adding some music
to her video to kind of complete the YouTuber apology aesthetic for her. Now let’s get into this. “I’m sure somebody will think less of me for
explaining this to you, but that’s okay, people hate me for various different things and if
you don’t like the fact that I use references and I don’t freehand everything, then that’s
fine.” Yeah see, I will say nobody should really
get hate for using a reference. Like, in all seriousness, artists use references. I’m using one in the drawing I’m doing right
there. How can you freehand something if you’ve never
seen it before? So, I’m with her so far. “And I realize no matter what I say, somebody
is gonna think I’m lying, and that’s fine. Like, I don’t care”. Uh oh. “Um, a lot of people pointed out that I did
not draw this Alphonse in the background. That was actually just traced from a reference. Um, well not even from a reference. I straight up just like traced it”. Well that’s not using a reference then,
that’s just . . . tracing. And you didn’t mention that it was traced
when you posted it to your Twitter. “I just mostly do this to help with composition
to figure out everything”. You trace . . . entire characters . . . with
very neat lines just so you can like figure out where they go? I’m really trying to stay on your side here
so could you please provide an example? “And here’s an example. I will photoshop s–t in, to figure out how
it’s actually done, and then I will, you know, adjust from there”. Yeah but that’s not what you did. Unless by “adjust from there” you mean
tracing. In which case, interesting wording go off
i guess. “I do that a lot for a lot of my drawings,
so sorry to say that I do Photoshop a lot of s–t to figure things out. But I don’t just like take things like this
and keep them in the final artwork.” Again, Photoshopping a lot of stuff is not
what you were doing. You literally just said that you straight-up
traced over artwork. And do you see how she keeps doing that? Like “I’m sorry for this thing that’s
not bad or wrong” and then her entire fanbase is like “oh Holly! you don’t have to be
sorry for this thing! Because it’s not even bad or wrong thing!” And it’s like . . . well, true, but that’s
not . . . what she did . . . so . . . “And I apologize if anyone thought like that’s
just my process is just like stealing screenshots from Full Metal Alchemist then drawing it. That wasn’t my intention”. See, she did it again. “I honestly kind of forgot that I uh, I hadn’t
redrawn the final image. Because again, these were– when I originally
had posted them, I posted like this one and this one I think.” Okay I was really trying to give her the benefit
of the doubt here but, let me get this straight. She forgot that she traced it? She forgot that she carefully, and neatly
traced over the whole thing with a small brush, left it in there, and then uploaded it to
Twitter, because she was too distracted by the fact that she also posted one other image. Uh. “But yeah I just wanted to be honest with
you–” “Another thing that I do is I use mood boards,
uh where I take colors from various different things”. Cool but that’s literally not part of the
issue and nobody accused you of that so, now that we know you’re a tracer and you tried
to pass off tracing as using a reference, let’s just skip to the part where you lie
about deleting your twitter. “Another thing is, I actually deleted Twitter. Social media in general has been very uh toxic
for me. That’s– that’s why I– well it wasn’t really
why I deleted the Twitter. Um, I deleted my Twitter because I was spending
three hours a day on Twitter, not to mention I don’t think social media is necessarily
good for my mental health. Especially when there’s drama”. Oh so you didn’t delete your twitter because
this person called you for tracing? It was only because you spend too much time
on it and definitely not because you can’t delete tweet replies so the callout was just
kind of on your Twitter forever? Hmm. But wait! As this person pointed out, (insert picture:
hytc1.png) Holly didn’t even delete her Twitter .She just protected it. That’s right, she just put her Twitter account
on private and then told all of her subscribers that she deleted it. It’s like– She has . . . a quarter of a million
subscribers, did she think . . . no one was going to check? “When I post sketches that are really rough
like this, it means that it’s not final artwork. I kind of assumed people knew that, but again
I can see how that’s seen as like really bad. And I’m sorry if like any of you were like
*gasp*” So now it’s my fault for not knowing. You Know what, I am pretty much done with
this video. “I probably shouldn’t have posted that picture
on Twitter and I’m sorry.” That’s . . . That’s it. That should have been your whole video. It should have just been three seconds long. “And yeah, I recognize that this is like lazy
as ba–s to do something like this in your process, I know. And, I will probably just maybe do like a
vague outline of something, and stop doing this. Just so I can avoid ever accidentally posting
something again.” “Really funny right? Hence my laughter and big smile.” “Okay. I just wanted to like, say that. Because again, I don’t want to start any drama.” “That’s not how it works! That’s not how any of this works!” Spreading misinformation about professional
artists . . . is kind of . . . can you—don’t. Professional artists do not trace over artwork
and then upload it to their personal social media accounts, without specifying. In fact they wouldn’t upload traced artwork
to begin with. The comment section was so badly informed
even I was surprised. I mean I know when it comes to finding accurate
information online it’s pretty hit or miss . . . but in Holly Brown’s comment section,
I guess they never hit, huh. I’m sorry, I’ve been watching a lot of
TikTok videos lately and I don’t know what to say for myself. So we’ve all had our laugh at this trainwreck
of a situation. Or at least, I have. And honestly, that’s good enough for me. But, you know what, I need this video to be
ten minutes for that extra ad revenue so . . . I guess we’ll take a look at some of the
positives in this situation. If we have to Over the 160 videos she’s uploaded, Holly
Brown has undeniably helped a lot of people. And 160 videos is a lot of work to put into
a YouTube channel. What we should not do is trace artwork and
then upload it to Twitter without credit, I think we should also not cancel Holly Brown. It was an honest mistake (except it was extremely
dishonest), but it doesn’t negate all of the good that Holly has actually done on her
channel and all of the good videos she’s made. I’ve made mistakes, you’ve made mistakes,
it could be argued that YouTube itself is a mistake. And we can criticize those mistakes and laugh
at them, but we can also do that without trying to end someone else’s career. Know what I mean? I don’t have time to cancel anybody, there
are too many TikTok compilations for me to watch. We can cancel her after I’m done with those,
okay?. Sorry, but TikTok and the Word of God, are
the only “trending topics” I’m following right now. This was all my opinion on the topic, I’m
pretty curious as to what yours was. Anyway, looks like I’ve gotten ten minutes
of content out of this so, leave a like, tell me what you think, and subscribe if you haven’t
already. Thank you for watching and a big thank you
to my 42,000 subscribers. Okay bye. Draw or trace? I guess you’re gonna trace, huh? You’re using reference, you really thought
you tricked us! Nah! You’re gonna delete your Twitter and we
won’t miss ya! Then go on YouTube and you act like you’re
the victim!


  • H.C.BrownDeadAccount says:

    Good video. Like I get you not agreeing and thinking I’m a dirty tracer whatever, but I draw a lot, and fast. I need to have shit be accurate quickly or I can’t pay bills. I do agree I shouldn’t have posted a WIP that had a trace/ref, which I literally said publicly on my channel. I won’t agree on it being a flawed way of working. Using photoshop to smash stuff together is kinda what it’s for. But yeah your funny as hell man but I kinda wish you made your own content, not just criticism of others. Idk I deleted twitter and haven’t regretted shit as it’s negativity and makes me wanna shitpost and post WIP shit. Idk in general I’m kinda done with interacting with people who have no intention of having a conversation. I’m already crazy I don’t want more craziness from dumb shit. But yeah hopefully drama gives you Adsense coin. – insert some fuckin game reference I don’t know –

  • Dominick Khan says:

    Moral of this video, just don’t trace something and call it yours ever, and if so put credit for that other persons work. I trace and copy all my favorite artist but do I post and say it’s mine, Hell nah😂

  • stucky is hella cute says:

    What if you traced from a real pic, like an actual picture of a person, would that be considered bad ?

  • Grace Hayle says:

    I love the readytoglare clip

  • seacherry. says:

    Choose one.
    A: trace and deactivate/delete your account after lowkey being cancelled for it
    B: trace and admit that you were wrong and not do it again and go on with your life

  • Skorook says:

    I just wanna say idrc what Holly does because this is stupid and all of this stuff has already blown out of proportions and is kind of dead now but-
    You guys literally chased her off of social media for 1 traced character that was so obviously traced it fooled no one?
    I guarantee everyone's traced something before, which doesn't necessarily make it right, but like when you trace things it does help you figure out the placement of things and how to draw them right the next time.
    She shouldn't have posted it as it is technically considered art theft but she did apologize, though it was poorly done and awfully unprofessional.
    Anyways, as much as I love your content, chasing after her and causing all of this drama (and encouraging it) over a simple mistake is kind of stupid, ngl.

  • Cait Jayme says:

    ain't holly brown an ice cream place ???

  • memeguru says:

    holly’s response if fucking killing me. its basically “nice video. i still think what im doing isnt wrong and wont change. i draw a lot so i have to trace. i need to pay bills. ur funny but i wish you made ur own content.” I fucking can’t 💀

  • purple_ pancakes says:

    Am I the only one who was annoyed the fact that she drew Ed with a ponytail not a braid

  • Random Dogface says:

    When you really wanna do art. Then you can do whatever you want, nobody has something against it. But don‘t start to trace … that’s not how it works.

    I have traced too, I think every artist made it once in their life :/
    But I traced over photos and never really traced over OC‘s from other artists. But that still is not how art works 😂😕

  • LazySkittlesTW says:

    Every time I watch this video I always forget what music is added into the background for the youtuber apology aesthetic and every time I laugh when I hear the ff music. So good.

  • よしの says:

    so many tracers recently on here. dam.

  • Hakeem Martin says:

    Why does everyone hate Holly. I love her

  • Kairī Marie Ackerman says:

    I just subscribed to your channel 🙂

  • Kaitlon says:

    Shes like the donald trump of the art community. Says rude shit but people praise it as “SO BRUTAL AND HONEST HE GIVES NO FUCKS!!” As if being confident about acting like a dick suddenly makes it a good thing…its not 🤦‍♀️

  • Eyy-Its-Me XD says:

    Holly was wrong in this but also, this video's not cool man….

  • Chelsea Griffin says:

    I use references for art. I’m not 100% good in art because guess what art is a process and I’m still learning but I don’t trace. Tracing doesn’t help you learn. My uncle (who is an artist) doesn’t trace either. Please guys if you’re gonna reference use Pinterest and look at faces. It helps.

  • Ms. Smalls says:

    Oh my gosh! I totally thought H.C. Brown's comment was just a fake account that was making a joke of what she would be typing if she saw this video. Fat oof man, fat oof.

    Me analyzing comment: First of all, he didn't say that Brown was a dirty tracer, he was just implying that her video wasn't very apologetic for what she did (even if she knows or not) is wrong. Brown should be using her talent to not "trace" but use that reference and try to find the details of the character to put in her own style, it is still accurate but not to the point of using and claiming the traced image as their own. D' Angelo does criticize but in a way where it is not targeting the person directly, more of targeting what actions they have done to be wrong. For an example in this video he never said Brown was a bad artist. He actually indicated that they are good at art and that they do put a lot of effort with in their account. He talked more on the fact that the apology video was more of saying that the wrong was right. Also, truth be told, if Brown just accepted the fact that she posted traced art then most of the negative comments would go away and she would be able to still have the accounts without the hate.

    Me watching the original video after: I feel like her video was acceptable. Watching D' Angelo's video only shows his key points to the matter he is trying to prove. D' points out a valid point to where her using a "reference" is using really clean lines and having it well traced out. That fact does seem slightly suspicious but rather from that fact Brown does state things she should have done to avoid this situation such as not posting, make the sketch more rough then defined, etc. Perfectly fine since she has reflected and thought out what to do in the future. Even with all this, Brown posting that comment on D's video was uncalled for and seemed to be said out of a pit of rage rather then with a clear mind. D' welcomed his audience to check out the apology video for themselves just in case he missed something or they wanted to get their own opinion. Brown really set herself her own grave to be truthful. Should have left it alone and everything would have turned out a tad bit better.

  • Laura Sala says:

    This reminds me that i have to finish Fullmetal Alchemist

  • Anxious Adeline says:

    “ I KinDa WisH y0u MakE yOur OwN ConTENt” -Holly

    But he is-

  • sahab mir says:

    lmao I love how straightforward you are

  • lizy says:

    She is a comic book artist. That wasn't her final product.

  • Courtney Coco says:

    I trace sometimes just to watercolour the pictures, but I’ve never claimed it as my own art nor do I sell them.

  • Kait Miller says:

    Bruh, that’s final fantasy music! Great choice.

  • Lufe_Stark says:

    Readytoglare………….. subscribes

  • Lucid_nightmares07 says:

    I can sympathize with Holly honestly. This whole situation is ridiculous and she doesn't deserve all the hate that shes getting. You shouldn't be slamming her to the ground for a simple mistake. Do you think that's going to help her grow as a person and as an artist? She also mentioned her mental health in her video. She has her own problems and she doesn't need any more

  • Bernice Huff says:

    The editing and truth XD I love your videos
    Today Father is blessing you with a meeeeess

  • RaMeJ Animations says:


  • alex s says:

    I do the same thing she does in my art sometimes, I'll put an actual reference photograph into my sketch at a low opacity, then draw over that. HOWEVER, when /I/ do that, I draw very messy, loose guidelines over the image, delete the image layer, and then continue the art with those sketchy guidelines. I do so to help myself get the hang of certain shapes, proportions, or placements that I have trouble drawing freehand. i never include the actual original image, traced exactly, however. cough cough.

  • Ruby Queen says:

    I like how she just admitted she traced

  • Anthony Garnica says:

    The monotoneness 😍😳

  • Schimiya Saturn says:

    4:22 life in ruins
    9:42 bramble blast
    Truly blessed

  • Stephanie Ann says:

    Dude I'm an artist and this shit is easy ar to draw. She doesn't need to trace it. But go off sis, call yourself out and then get mad when people have a negative reaction to a negative thing.

  • Alan Reich says:

    one of my best art teachers told me theres nothing wrong with tracing. lots of people trace cartoons and anime in order to practice and have fun. tracing is not bad, as long as you don’t take credit for that shit. so why didnt she just say “yeah i traced this” to begin with

  • Marion Fu says:

    Like litterally does she think we're fucking stupid. She literally uses an example where she leaves the "composition reference" as a photo in her art. Forgetting it if you badly photoshopped it into the piece, it's a pretty far stretch but here she actively traced over the art. She didn't forget about a reference in her drawing, she deliberately traced the art. It's not about posting it and 'forgetting about it' it's about doing it in the first place. I mean usually when you draw, especially when you have a presence on social medias like she has, you know if you're drawing for yourself (personal training that can sometimes involve some tracing to understand shapes and stuff) or if you draw to post online. She knew she was going to post this work and still chose to trace Al. And you'd have to be blind not to notice the difference of line quality between the two characters. Finally her reply to your video makes me laugh. So she's just basically justifying herself by saying "I use art theft to make money"….lol

  • John Banks says:

    Yeah she’s not an artist. Real artists don’t do this

  • xoHannah says:

    I saw Alphonse, I clicked.

  • Sparrow Wildflowers says:

    I’m annoyed that she used holy final fantasy music in her apology. GET YOUR HANDS AWA-

  • Idontknow WhoIam says:

    I have no idea what happened, because little context was given, but did all of this happen because she made a drawing that had something from fma there? I've made thousands of drawings from fma, never claimed "they're from fma" because that… Is …. OBVIOUS. this is what fanart is all about, or even inspiration. I can see Al and with some changes make another character based on him. Art has really become a possession in fucking capitalism, hasn't it? It's like shitting on Hegel for basing most of his thoughts on dialectics on Plato's dialectics. I mean… Really?

  • johnsmjs36 says:

    Is it okay to trace your own drawings?

  • James Lee says:

    Modern social media an YouTube are creating a lot of "Pretend Artists".

  • Lizzie Kitty says:

    Off topic but I love your personality dude

  • Killbill Lick says:

    I just love how relaxing his voice is

  • Waynimations says:

    I didn’t think there was art drama on YouTube

  • SpiltOrangeJuice YEE-HAW says:

    The “really funny” is ReadyToGlare 🤡

  • Nom De Plume says:

    Idk who she is but i 110% agree with you…. shes a bumbling idiot… she cant even think of the word PROPORTIONS haha yep, dont like her much….

  • Raising For Him says:

    final fantasy music <3

  • Kenneth Floyd says:

    Her artwork sucks so who cares man..lol .

  • Trevon Brown says:

    Your voice is hilariously monotone.

  • Rayquaza Kidd says:

    Sooo is it tracing if i can draw the image but i need to look at it in order to draw it? Cause thats how i draw stuff i would have to look at it for a while in order to get all details but i refuse to actually slap a paper over someone elses abd draw it

  • Cassandra Commans says:

    She reminds me so much of the dumbasses I went to school with who would try so hard to spin the truth when they were caught lying about the dumbest shit. Bitch you were caught, just admit it and apologise. She has like 30k followers now. Let this be a lesson for everyone in the future ~ own up to your shit and be better for it!

  • ImmaPotatoBesyyy says:

    I genuinely enjoy how he uses Final Fantasy music throughout the video

  • Depresso Espresso says:

    Did he just add zelda music i-

  • cacca456 says:

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  • Adder The Grouch says:

    Ok this guy is mad toxic. OK she got caught and fessed up why the need to further beat a dead horse. Let's truly ask ourselves do we really give a flying fuck if she traces? Worry about yourself and how you can contribute something POSITIVE.

  • lisbeth pimentel says:

    I had to subscribe after that tik tok at the end 💀

  • Mariah Bright says:

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  • Christine B says:

    "YouTube itself is a mistake" 😭

  • Y Daboi says:

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  • Brittany Fulford says:

    It's obvious to me, someone with no artistic inclination whatsoever. The way Al is drawn doesn't even match her art style like come on. Not to mention, Ed looks like the lines were gone over more than once, while Al doesn't.

  • sarah says:

    As a pro artist I sometimes will trace the outline of a photograph someone wants me to draw of them, their family, dog, etc. But neverr ever copy someone else's art! That is stealing

  • nice says:

    When I’m drawing something that’s in perspective and I can’t quite get it right, I usually trace whatever I’m trying to draw, decrease the opacity and then use the positioning to actually draw it properly

  • SS Skurvy says:

    I just found your channel, and I’m watching old content and I hope you see this. Your new filming set and aesthetic is so much better than this old stuff (which is still good). You perfected yourself in the future from when this one was filmed lol

  • Maryam Dadar says:

    Your aesthetic sends me.

  • Tia Melancholy says:

    The comments under her response comment is the fucking tea 🐸🍵👌

  • Paint Box says:

    "Let's get into this." wish add plays right after

  • PumkinPie O_o says:

    I trace art because I suck but I don’t claim that I made it up and I n e v e r would post it and I’m just doing that to get practice please don’t witch hunt me

  • Sprout Bot says:

    He’s like a less chaotic MacDoesIt

  • BoopBoop Dafoe says:

    I'm not saying I agree with Holly Brown but I know what she's talking about. There are some days where I just can't get a certain pose or image. So, I trace. Then I redraw the image on my own in my style, with my own design additions. I'm not saying that Holly B is right but I get it. Sometimes you can't get the pose until you understand the workings. And tracing sometimes helps. She straight up COPIED the picture and claimed reference. That's the bad part that she doesn't seem to understand.

  • Book Queen says:

    Don't trace, be original and just like be nice? Idk maybe that's to hard for you to do?


    "Can you DON'T"

  • yee haw says:

    The problem is, anyone can trace. It doesn't show that you have any talent or put any effort in and if you traced fan art or other people's art then that's just plain theft

  • Your average bitch says:

    *sees hamilton drawing on screen* (insert pterodactyl screech) YES

  • ew says:

    In the comments Holly says "I draw a lot and fast (yada yada) I need to have stuff accurate and quickly"
    but if that's the case i don't see why she didn't Photoshop it in like she "usually" does?? It takes a lot less time than tracing, especially so neatly idk man I just don't understand the thought process here ig.
    If it's all about speed and definitely not art theft then I don't see why she'd choose the slower option, especially when she said that she USUALLY uses Photoshop.

  • Alice Steman says:

    what is her response lmao. Holly Brown, idk what shit you are trying to pull off, but there are multiple artists who are calling you out, you are calling yourself out with your stupidity.

    Look at the image. The traced part is so much more clean an polished, then the legs and the character beside th traced part. Obvious difference. Nice try, but I think all of us can see through your bs

  • Villager #4 says:


  • Dark Entries says:

    Babe, I'm ten years older than you and I watch those ironic TikTok compilations. Whatev.

  • uwu says:

    big clown music for this girl

  • Xremalyth says:

    Tracing art is not the same as using a reference. I don’t think tracing is bad ONLY when the artist who traced gives credit to the original artist.

  • Lea Park™ says:


  • Rachael Thet says:

    So this has got me thinking, I drew something and traced a face of a person and some of their body but I drew hair and clothes and coloured the picture, so is it bad or okay?

  • crissy4445 says:

    She says in the comments she needs things to be accurate fast but she traced the entire character neatly instead of doing an outline of him or just shopping him in and not bothering to trace the whole thing??

  • butterscotchbox says:

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  • Axel & says:


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