Traveling Art Journal Project – Canvas Corp Brands Creative Crew #CCBtravelingartjournal

Traveling Art Journal Project - Canvas Corp Brands Creative Crew #CCBtravelingartjournal

hello everyone its Chelsea for paper octi of studio and today I'm showing you another travelling art journal I thought I'd do a really quick flip through at the beginning so that you could see art that other people have done in this journal and it arrived at my house and then I'll be mailing it off to Germany next so these are getting pretty full we this is a year-long project with canvas court brands creative group so I picked a page which is the next page in the journal and then I taped around all the edges to try to protect the other pages in the book and then I wanted to add a lot of texture to this page so I started with that same masking tape that I was using for taping everything and just putting it on in strips this creates just kind of some interesting textures in the background that will hopefully show up when I start to put color on I also taped the center of the book this is a stitched journal meaning that she stitched the pages together with her machine and so I noticed that seepage is happening in the inside of the book so I wanted to try to seal everything and tape everything and make sure that none of the liquid that I used on it was going to seep on to someone else's page so once I have my tape down I used some clear gesso from liquitex to further seal everything this is watercolor paper that has been T died according to what it says in the meet in the front of the book doesn't excuse me so I just wanted to get everything sealed up before I went to my next step which is to add some more texture I wanted to do a fall page it's almost the first day of fall in a couple days when I made this obviously not when you see it but when I made it and I just wanted to add some type of natural elements so I have some a few new stencils that I got from Tuesday morning and this one it's supposed to be sticky on the back it's kind of a weird stencil there was it spot you're supposed to be able to stick it to something and and what they had shown was like doing decorating terracotta pots and stuff like that with it it wasn't really that sticky so I don't know but I got three of them in there they're interesting designs so I'm using a couple of them this one has kinda I think this is supposed to be stems but I just thought it looked kind of like interesting wavy lines I'm using golden light molding paste is this is a texture paste to go through the stencils and it makes it makes it feel raised and this stuff dries really quickly and that's the reason that I use it there's a lot of different texture pastes and molding pastes and modeling pastes and all kinds of stuff out there for you to choose from you can even make your own there's recipes on Pinterest and things but I like this one because whatever it's made out of it dries very quickly and you know I'm super super impatient so then this is a leaf stencil that I've had for a long time not sure what brand it is I'll have to look it up I'll try to look up all the brands of things that I used and put them in their description box below as well as of course the canvas Cort brands products that I'm using this is part of a design team project so it is intended to highlight canvas Cort brand products mostly of course you can't just use one thing so this this paper is a piece of deli paper that I made by spreading crackle paste from DecoArt you know crackle paste took a really long time to dry and if you force the drying by using a heat tool it creates smaller cracks and I like the bigger more interesting cracks and so I did an experiment I spread some of it on deli paper and let it dry naturally and then I figured I could just tear the pieces off and apply them to things where I could have crackle it doesn't look exactly the same but it was a good idea and it worked he didn't peel off the paper I thought maybe you know it would just like flake right off the paper but it worked fine so I'll be continuing to use that everyone so now I'll have a whole sheet of it there so I'm attaching this using a gel matte medium at this point the gel is thicker and is is better for sticking on this type of thicker stuff heavier stuff so there I got instant areas of crackle texture without putting the crackle paste on the page it's happy about that so then I wanted even a little bit more texture and so I decided to use my fine liner which has white titanium white acrylic paint in it and I've noticed when I've used the fine liner model that it gives a raised texture because you're not spreading it you're you're you're using it out of a needle and so I thought oh that'll be cool I'll have these curly textures what I didn't think about and what you'll see when I start to do the next step is that white acrylic paint is plasticky shiny and resistant so what I should have done learn from what I should have done and not what I did I mean it turned out fine but it wasn't what I was intending I was attending for this to be texture so I should have done another coat of gesso over the top in order to give this shiny plasticky stuff something to have color adhere to instead of it just you know going right off like plastic I mean if you if you put a water-based something over a piece of plastic it's just gonna wash off right so ya should have put a coat another coat of gesso but I didn't so as you can see as I'm spraying the glimmer mist and that's what I'm using is tattered glimmer mist and I'm writing the colors the first one is butternut squash the next one is Dijon these have mica in them they're water-based mist with mica flakes tiny teeny tiny little shiny bits and that's how come they're called glimmer mist as I spray them on there the white titanium white continues to really show while the other bits of my texture fade into the background and that's because the color is not really sticking to that acrylic paint it's just running right off of it because it's too plasticky so that's where a layer of gesso would have really helped my project but I still like the way it turned out it's it's really beautiful so I'm not worried about it I just did not think about that when I went to to add texture in that way so the next color was a glaze or I guess I sprayed on some craft which is a brown glimmer mist and then the next one is Adobe and that's a glimmer glaze so it's a heavier thicker stuff without a spray so you apply that with a brush or something like that or pour it on or whatever and then my next one is olive vine which is a glimmer mist and I wanted it to only be on these ferns at first so I'm applying it with a brush instead of using the sprayer because the sprayer will just splatter it everywhere so I wanted a more precise application in fact I should do all of my application of mists with a brush it makes a lot more sense I did use a little bit of water in a tiny mini mister to just kind of spread that just a little bit and then of course I always like to add splatters by using the straw on the inside of the mist bottles because they they're flexible so they make a really good splatter works really great so then I wanted some even darker splatters on here and so I'm using the cowboy glimmer glaze which is a darker brown with mica in it and I'm just splattering that using a small paintbrush going a little bit crazy with the splatters but I really like splatters and then my last splatters are titanium white paint because I still had a you know a lot of white on my page because of my swirly things that I drew with my fine liner pen so I wanted to kind of add a little bit more white so that it spread out a little bit more so that was also with this small brush again giving everything a really good dry at this point then I'm taking off my tape around the edges it didn't seal 100% but definitely nothing that I put on here all this wet media went on any other pages so I'm happy about that so next I got out this piece of mixed-media origins paper from canvas court brands and this one is called Harvest Moon twelve by twelve piece this paper has really got an interesting texture it's almost like it's almost like like cloth it feels like cloth and it's very absorbent I've been hoarding this paper because it has this beautiful sunflower big sunflower on the back that I really really love and then on this side it has the leaves and I decided to just go ahead and use it stop hoarding this stuff you know told that till when are you going to use it so I decided to just go ahead and cut it up cut out a few of the different leaves and apply these to my page so I cut out some of the oak leaves and then this other one hmm not sure which leaves they are but anyway I liked him so I cut them out when I cut things out like when I cut stamped images and things out I usually leave a white border around the edge I think it gives you some leeway to not be so perfect when you're fussy cutting and I just I kind of enjoy the way it looks over this darker background to have that little white area around the edge and I'm using the same colors I haven't added any any more colors of products to this I'm just using the same ones I already had out with a brush and just adding a bit of color not leaving them completely white or I guess more like maybe an ivory and it's not ivory its delight it's just not pure pure white on this paper but adding just a touch of colors to the leaves and their little acorns and I think that looks pretty then once that's dry I glue it down and because everything is so textured on there I decided to glue it down with tacky glue aleene's tacky glue just to make sure that everything is stuck on there I didn't want to do like more I mean I would have needed to use my gel matte medium because it's thicker paper a thicker glue and then that would have matte down the the glue marinus of the page because it is matte medium I don't have any thick medium that's glossy because the jar is empty so I went ahead and just used glue plus also because the products that I colored with are water soluble I would have got a little bit of smearing had I went over it and did decoupage style of gluing it on the bottom and gluing it on the top so then I wanted some words and this gypsy moment's pad has a sheet that has all different words on it and these little scraps are from that so I was just showing you that I just keep them around and cut the words out as I need them it's kind of like having a sheet of poetry words or whatever then these stickers are very inexpensive stickers that I found from Tuesday morning sometime I think I mean I think the whole pack of them cost like 99 cents they're they're cheap but I wanted to write the word autumn and this was what I found to use I was I was looking for chipboard letters but I didn't have the right letters I've run out of some of letters in my chipboard so I'm just using these letter stickers he didn't have any of the smaller ones that were all the way cut out they are just done in little squares I figured it looked fine it actually makes him show up on the page a little bit better I think then if they were tiny cut out pieces so that's what I went with and I'm sticking those down with gloss collage podge remember we were talking about needing to use a glossy medium as opposed to a matte medium I know I harp on that a lot but I think people get confused because they watch all these mixed-media videos and here's how you art drawing or whatever and everyone keeps talking about matte medium constantly and I'm gonna use my matte medium but nobody really explains what that means so I try to explain it so that you know that really do need a couple different types of mediums depending on if you want to do shimmery stuff or not generally I want matte stuff what I'm doing collage and things like that but but there are times when I want something shimmery on my project and I really cannot dull it down with a matte medium so yeah off my soapbox crazy about that so this little tool is a pickup tool I was using tweezers and I thought I don't like these tweezers I want to use my pickup tool this thing is from I think silhouette you know the cutting machine but it really works great for picking up stuff little sequins and beads and all kinds of stuffs great so I'll put a link to that in the description box below as well if I remember and then my final touch is this is a Sharpie water-based gold metallic pen you know they have the paint based and the water based I prefer the non stinky water-based ones this is if it has a very fine point and it's a gold metallic and I'm just drawing around things with that and then I'm also going to use a very fine tip black pin which is micron pin do you just go around those little letters and sign my name so if you've enjoyed this video please remember to give it a thumbs up leave me a comment so I know you were here subscribe if you haven't already and turn on your notifications if you really want to know that I made a video and also share if you would like to that's it for me thanks bye bye


  • Julie's Clips says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Another gorgeous piece of art, Shel! And by the way, I LOVE the way you explain everything. TFS

  • Debbie Bonner says:

    I agree with Rose Ryan, here in Florida we don't get the beautiful fall colors. But I hate the cold, so I will deal. Wonderful page Shel. BTW you don't have to comment back on all these old videos I am watching again.

  • Mary Anne Bradford says:


  • Rita Book says:

    This is a beautiful work, Shel. You've got a great eye and great techniques. Thank you!

  • Carla Marlene says:

    oh that was awesome! i am always doubtful at the beginning of a mixed media video and i am always delighted with the results!

  • Linda K says:

    Beautiful. Love it

  • Colorful Mess says:


  • Doris Eguiluz says:

    Wow!!! Me encanta esa página está bella!! Gracias por demostrarnos ese arte maravilloso!!!🙏🏽👍🏽🏅🏅👏🏼

  • Suzy Q says:

    Beautiful, love the colours. : )

  • Judy Ptak says:

    Beautiful page. Really love your colors and texture.

  • Andrea Kidman says:

    Watched with no sound (at work, no I`m not lazy, my tools are not working, killing time) like it but miss your chat.

  • Roesta - Ilja Bies says:

    Beautiful colors on your page !! 🙂

  • Cassandra Wood says:

    You have some great technique and your color sense is right up my alley. Glad I happened upon you!

  • Mona L creates says:

    Wonderful page!!! Love the golden fall colors!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Scrapitydoodah says:

    Gorgeous. Great colours. Love all the different types of texture you've added.

  • Ashs Vision says:

    Beautiful colors Shel.

  • Kandi S. Kwirant says:

    Beautiful fall colors and page.

  • peg pearce says:

    Beautiful Autumn art! You gave me useful tips for my stash of glimmer mists and I'm definately going to do your crackle paste technique! Thanks so for sharing😊

  • Keryn Klein says:

    Love the natural colours of this. The white acrylic paint really works. Great depth of colour. Thanks for sharing Shel

  • Vickie B says:

    Beautiful autumn page. Don't you love the warm colours of fall?

  • TheTapeQueen says:

    I like your tip for crackle paste. This is a beautiful layout. Tfs Hugs, Shell

  • Laura Murphy says:

    Beautiful autumn page. Loveit! TFS

  • Dorothy Radley says:

    I love autumn colours but I am always sad when autumn arrives because the winter is not far behind. I am a spring person really. I love this page and what you did with it. When you mentioned about the while Acrylic resisting colour I thought about water colour paint in tubes. I have a lot of them and the water colour paste inside them is fairly thick. I haven't tried it but would that stuff work in the needle applicator to give texture and receive colour? Just a thought. I will give it a go and let you know. I am not a great water colour user but I have bought the 36 Kuretake Gansai watercolour paints because I like the vibrancy if them and ease of use. Thanks for this page, Shel. xx

  • Teresa Kannenberg says:

    I love this Shel! The colors are awesome!

  • Gina B's Studio says:

    love it! The colors are definitely fall.

  • Jackie Keegan says:

    This is a gorgeous page Shel. Love the colours you have used. I have seen the Mixed Media Origins Paper used by a few different people and I really like the sound of it. I haven't been able to find anyone who stocks it in Australia, so I looked on the Canvas Corps website. The cost to send it to Australia is way too expensive, so I guess I will have to drool over it from afar when others use it on their channels!

  • Helen Tucker says:

    Love all that texture, beautiful page Shel!

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    This is just stunning I love the rich Fall colours an the crackle page strips are awesome, tfs Shel

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    Gorgeous page Shel! Thanks for sharing your process! ♡

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    So pretty! You nailed the colors of fall🌻🍁🍂😍😍

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    Cozy spread. My favorite season. I made something similar only I did it on a 4X6 piece of watercolor paper. Those leaves you used are both different types of oak leaves. They look so cool with the colors you used. I wish I could figure out how to put pics on you tube, including a pic of myself. But it isn't clear to me even after watching a video. Oh well. Your end result is very foresty looking and the white swirls add to the scene in a good way (happy mistake as they say). Love your stuff, Shel. Jane ps-we're going to our house in Cottonwood in 8 days. Yay.

  • katewill9876 says:

    Loved the fall theme! You are inspiring me to try mixed media.

  • Karen Bellamy says:

    Another great journal page Shel. Please keep on explaining things. It doesn't matter if I hear things I already know. There are always things that I don't know.

  • Debbie Bonner says:

    I bought the same "fern" stencil from Tuesday Morning yesterday. Now I have a great idea of how to use it, thanks

  • lovewisdom grace says:

    So pretty!

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    Luuuvely!! I think it's important information about mediums. I've been confused about these things myself

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    Wow Shel, this is an absolutely gorgeous page, I really love the colours and the leaves. Probably because where I live we are surrounded by woodlands and lots of colour when the leaves start turning in the autumn!! Great idea with the crackle paste! I have to try that!! Hugs to all. X

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