Trying 23 SIMPLE NAIL ART IDEAS by 5-Minute Crafts | The Polish Queen

Trying 23 SIMPLE NAIL ART IDEAS by 5-Minute Crafts | The Polish Queen

Can apple cider vinegar and orange oil work
as nail polish remover? Or does Elmer’s glue work as a peel off base coat? Today, we’re
going to put 5-Minute crafts to the test! Hey guys, it’s Clarice, welcome back to my
channel. Let’s dive right into testing these hacks. So this is the first one, it looks
we’re taking some floss, and then wrapping it around a painted nail, and then we paint
over that with a different color, peel off the floss and then it’s a striped nail. Now
this seems like a great idea but striping tape really isn’t that expensive and you could
save your floss for what it’s actually supposed to be used for. But ok, let’s try this out
and see if it works. And what color should we do? How about a light purple and a purple
holo. But before we test this hack, this would be a perfect time to try out a PVA glue hack
so let’s watch that together. So you’re having a hard time getting your glitter polish off,
and they look like they’re hardly using any acetone at all, did you guys see that? I mean
look, that cotton pad doesn’t look wet at all, if you ask me, but ok! So we take some
PVA glue and I actually had to look up what PVA glue is, and there are articles you can
read about what PVA glue is and all the different kinds of it, but long story short, Elmer’s
glue is a PVA glue. So, I’ve definitely heard of the idea of glue as a peel off base coat.
So what we’re doing is taking a brush and painting that on. And then you have to let
it dry, and then you paint on glitter polish, and then you peel that off. That looked like
it worked amazingly well. Um ok, never mind, nothings coming out, let’s do it this way.
How many should we test this on? Should we test this on all of the nails? Maybe just
on a couple so if one doesn’t work we can try it out on the other one. Ok, so while
we wait for these to dry, we’re going to move on to this hack. This is for fixing a broken
nail with a teabag and yes actually, it’s on this nail, well it’s actually on both of
my pointer nails, I’m just going to peel this off. Can you guys see on this nail, how it’s
kinda tearing, it’s, it’s really sad. But both of the sides are tearing, I did fix them
with nail glue but this side just came apart again. Guys I have a question for you. Have
you ever had the sides of your nails start tearing along the smile line like mine? Because
I actually had this problem on my thumbs too, and it happened when my nails were getting
too long and there was just too much stress on the nail and it starts tearing. Even though
I’m pretty much always wearing nail polish. So you can let me know in the comments if
you ever had this happen to you. And if you have any tips on to keep the nails from tearing
then you can share those too. Alright so I have this green tea, mmm sounds yummy! Alright
so we have a broken tearing nail, it’s not totally broken, it’s just tearing, so we have
some tea, and we’re going to just cut out a small piece of that teabag, and I think
this is base coat, and then we’re going to pat that on, put lots more base coat, and
cut the excess off, file it, and then you can paint over that and it’s almost as good
as new! So I have these little scissors I like to use for when I do my nail art stuff.
Oh boy I hope this doesn’t make a mess. So now we’re going to use a regular base coat
so I’m just going to apply one layer of this, and place that on. Uh oh it’s not sticking
on! Ok maybe I should just let it dry a little bit. Alright I’m going to let it dry for at
least 5 minutes. So back to the peel off base coat with the glue, so now let’s paint it
with the purple holo and we’ll use this also to do that floss striping. Alright so my purple
holo has dried, now let’s grab the floss. Ok so I have my light purple nail polish ready,
I’m just going to open that up. And then wrap this around, now let’s paint over this. Alright
we painted over it, now let’s peel this up and see how it turns out. Oh, that didn’t
turn out very well. Huh? I just think striping tape is so much easier and the lines are so
much nicer and crisp. So I’m going to give this hack a 1 out of 5. So while my other
hacks are drying we’re going to try out another hack. So apparently you take some nail polish,
and you pour it onto a cardboard of something? And you pour another color onto the cardboard,
and you take some more floss, wow another floss hack and then you dip it in each one
and you make lines across it like that. I don’t know about you guys but that looks really
weird, I mean it just looks so messy. But ok, what colors should we use. How about for
the base we use a light blue. So this is also going to be on another one of the glue peel
off base coat nails. And in the meantime, we can pick out what colors we’d like to stripe
on top of this blue. How about dark blue and silver holo. Do you think that will look
good? Alright so it’s be about 5 minutes, let’s check on to see how the teabag nail
is doing. SO it appears that it’s kinda stuck onto the nail and that’s great, let me going
in with some more base coat  and see if we can attach that on. So I’m really generously
painting it on. I’m using these tweezers to kinda hold it down, maybe that’ll help. Wow
I think that kinda helped! Alright now let’s let this dry and then we’ll check on it to
see how things are doing. Alright guys so I’ve worn these nails for 24 hours, now I’m
going to try peeling them off and see how well they do. Oh look at that guys! It’s,
it’s doing it! Oh wow! Ok it doesn’t look like it’s doing as good as a peel in the video,
but, I’m actually really impressed! This was only 24 hours. Wow. Wow this is like peeling
off, guys honestly this is like peeling off as well as with my peel off base coat. Look
at that! I could provably save this. Alright guys, so does this work? I say yes. Alright
so I’m just going to use acetone to take off the rest of this one because I don’t want
to hurt my nail trying to take it off. So yeah let’s go onto the next hack! Let’s try
out a hack for an acetone free nail polish remover. Yeah guys I learned how to do this
marble technique in my last video where I mani swapped with It’s A Nail Thing, so you
can check out that video up here. I also had a lot of fun recreating a bunch of her other
designs so be sure to check that out after you’re done watching this one up here. It’ll
also be in the description. Using fingernail polish can be a great way to have pretty finger
nails and hands. Ingredients, 1 third of a cup of organic apple cider vinegar, 3 drops
of grapefruit essential oil, 3 drops of sweet orange essential oil, 7 drops of lemon essential
oil, 1 third of a cup of isopropyl, rubbing alcohol. Alright we this is a lot of nail
polish remover, I hope that this works. Ok soak a cotton and then start to rub it on
your nails. Alright so soak a cotton ball, oops maybe that’s a little bit too soaked.
Um it’s didn’t do anything. I hope it can burn through my good high quality top coat.
You know maybe this can remove just plain nail polish but not the top coat. Because
it’s, I don’t think it’s breaking the seal to the top coat. It says you can also soak
your nails in the solution for 20 seconds and then use a cotton ball to wipe them off.
Ok maybe we should try that. So I’m going to start a timer for 20 seconds, ok go! What
that was fast! Ok, ok, I’m taking it out and then it says to use a cotton ball to wipe
them off. Ok. Here I have a clean cotton ball piece. I don’t know guys, it’s not really
working. You know I’m really going to give this hack a lot of changes so I’m going to
soak it for another 20 seconds and see if that helps. No, I’m thinking maybe this just
can’t break through my top coat, this is having a hard time. So do you know what I’m going
to do? I’m going to paint one of my nails and not put a top coat on and then try to
remove it with this polish, do you want to try that guys? We’re experimenting here! I’m
curious to see if it can even take off plain nail polish. So this nail doesn’t have anything on
it, no peel off base, coat, no base coat, nothing. I’m just going to paint this dark
green. So I’m going to give this 20 minutes to dry, and then I’m going to try removing
it with the nail polish remover we made, and see if it works. Alright everyone I am back.
And the green nail has dried. So now we’re really going to put this  mixture to the
test and see if it can remove even plain nail polish. Um, let’s first do the way when we
soak the cotton ball in it, oops that was a little more than I intended. Squeeze it
out. And I’m going to press this onto the nail and hoe about we’ll leave it for, lets
be generous, let’s give  it 1 minute, how about that ok? Ok! Let’s see. Ok, do you think
this is going to work? Go put our answer in the comments, no cheating you can’t change
it, guess if this will work or not. I’m going to guess no. But you can guess what…? Ok,
let’s see if it works. Um, there isn’t any, even any green nail polish on this. Oh boy,
guys I don’t know. Ok that came off because I’m scratching it with the uh tweezers. I
don;t know what I’m doing wrong, I’m going to have to give this one a 1 out of 5. Maybe
I should give it a 1 out of 5, I don’t know, I don’t know if I can do that. DO you guys
k now what I might be doing wrong? If you know, then you can let me know in the comments
I’d definitely like to know, because I’d love to be able to make a diy nail polish remover
that’s why I really wanted to test out this hack. I’m really disappointed it didn’t work.
Oh! Look guys. I think it’s working, look I think it’s working. Look at that! Just kidding,
it was acetone. Did you get tricked by that? Well this was, interested. Sadly apple cider
vinegar , and a bunch of essential oils, and rubbing alcohol does not remove nail polish.
But one of my nail art friends Cody’s Beauty Studio has invited me to do a mani swap with
her so hit the notification bell and hopefully Youtube will notify you when I post that video
next time. I’m going to recreate 5 of her designs. I’ve been having so much fun with
these mani swaps and learning so much. And I hope I can share some of that with you next
time.  Also, if you want some more nail art inspiration, I have a whole playlist of nail
art tutorials in the description, so feel free to go check that out. Follow me on Instagram
@thepolishqueen15 for almost daily posts featuring nail art I do in between videos and swatches.
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And comment would you like to see me test more of these hacks, I look forward to seeing
your feedback and giving responses as well! So I’ll see you in the next video, thank
you so much for watching, and have a magical day!


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    I'm pretty rough on my hands when I don't have enhancements on. The acrylic/gel extensions force me to be gentle on my nails.

  • kevin Weeks says:

    If your nails are tearing its probably because the nail's stress point is too weak/thin so it can't support nails of that length. the first step is to keep your nails are a little shorter and to keep the pressure off of them like nail tapping/rubbing, until your nails get thicker/stronger or try a hardner like 'O.P.I. nail envy.' last thing is, stop being so harsh on your nails (experiments, scratching, rubbing, etc.)

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