Trying Amazon's Top Selling Resin | Art 'n Glow Resin Review

Trying Amazon's Top Selling Resin | Art 'n Glow Resin Review

hi everyone welcome back to my channel in today's video I'm gonna be trying out and doing a review on this resin called art and glow and it's the number one best selling resin on Amazon in the United States it has a very high rating of four and a half stars out of five with over 700 customer reviews which is very impressive and I did read through some of the comments and people are saying good things about this resin so I was curious and want to give it a try and see for myself and I want to give you guys my EMPA and my honest review now I got the 16 ounce kit it comes with eight ounce of resin eight ounce of hardener and it cost me $25 which I think it's a good price and fairly affordable it's not too cheap it's not too expensive it kind of falls right in the middle and if you have prime shipping will be free which is a plus because if a lot of times if you order resin online they will charge you a lot for shipping now on the bottle itself it says it is crystal clear self-leveling resists yellowing has a forty-minute work time or forty minute pot life it's non flammable has no VOCs and has low odor now vo C stands for volatile organic compound and basically it's just fumes that chemical give off so none of that and it's probably made in the USA now on the back is the resin cheat sheet and it just has a short instruction on measuring and mixing and all that stuff now this resin is one to one ratio by volume and it cures in 24 hours they do recommend you to work in a temperature of 70 to 80 degrees minimum of 65 degrees Fahrenheit now of course if you work in a warmer climate it's gonna shorten your pot life and your resin will cure faster now I hope you guys can see this under my studio lighting but the resin does have a bluish tint to it and usually companies will do this to neutralize a yellow tint from the hardener now my hardener is new so there's no yellowing but some brands the hardener will yellow over time so that's a good indication when you buy resin if the hardener is yellow it's old so it's been stood on the show for a long time so that's a tip for you guys now let's get to the mixing and pouring okay so we're going to pour 15 mil or 1/2 ounce a hardener and 15 mil or 1/2 ounce of resin so one ounce total and here's the resin now the resin is definitely a lot thicker than the hardener both guys can see it and the viscosity reminds me of honey or cancer so it's it's pretty thick now I'm going to transfer to a bigger Cup so I have enough room to mix it properly without spilling it okay now here we go with the mixing and because the resin is thick I definitely do feel some resistance and I'm trying to mix it slowly so I don't incorporate too many bubbles but I'm finding that hard to do and I can already see a lot of bubbles now as I'm mixing this I can detect a slight chemical smell but it's very faint and not bad at all now I'm going to do a double mixing method where I transfer the mix resin to a new cup so I can thoroughly mix the two liquids together okay I'm done mixing it now and as you can see there's a lot of micro bubbles I'm going to let us say for a couple of minutes for the bigger bubbles to rise so I can pop them with a lighter okay now I'm going to pour a thin layer in this cavity for this one I'm going to add a sticker and a glitter layer and for this one I'm just going to do a thicker clear layer and here I have a metal disc which I'm going to dome with clear resin okay now we're going to try some resin dyes and then pour that into mold all right so here's a resin after an hour from the initial pour the resin has gelled and its tacky enough for me to add the glitter layer so I'm gonna go ahead and do that all right so I decided to make another batch and this time warming up the resin in a hot water bath to loosen up the resin so it's easier to mix this technique will also reduce the formation of micro bubbles now this will shorten the pot life so keep that in mind when you use this method also I did mix less resin this time I did 20 ml leaves each no I did 20 ml total so here I'm mixing my batch in the hot water bath and I hope you can tell that it's looser it's less viscous compared to my first batch definitely easy to mix and I can see less levels forming so it's nice and loose and here we are significantly less bubbles now let's compare it to my first batch I'm sorry guys unfortunately I forgot to press record but basically I poured white colored resin here where we had the sticker and the glitter and I also poured a thin layer of clear resin here and a thicker layer here so we can compare with the first batch now all we have to do is wait for them to fully cure hi everyone so I actually waited 48 hours for the full cure and already pop them out of the mold so we'll go ahead and take a look here we'll start with the first batch we did okay so here are all the clear pieces and you can definitely see that there's a bunch of micro bubbles throughout the piece definitely a lot more and the thicker pieces like this one and this one the thinner one you can still see some but not as much as a thicker pieces it's pretty hard some flexibility but as you can see I'm putting quite a bit of force so it's pretty hard I'm pushing my nail in now I can't see it but it does leave a small indent of my nail but it's self healing so it disappears here's the dome metal disc and there are some micro air bubbles I don't know if you guys can see but it has a nice dome here's the glitter and sticker definitely see some micro bubbles if you turn it to the side and see the clear layer but from the front you can't see any of it because of the glitter and here are the colored resin pieces and these turned out very nice of course you can't see any of the bubbles because of the pigment okay moving on to the second batch this is the Bosch where we warmed up the resin in the hot water bath and you can definitely see that there's some micro air bubbles but not as much not nearly as much as the first batch this one's a thicker piece this one's a thinner piece and here we are comparing the two and here's the domed disc and there are a few micro bubbles but you really can't tell definitely less than the first batch has a nice don't to it and these cured pretty hard also you all right so here are my final thoughts on this resin I do like this resident I think it's a great craft present overall it's easy to measure it's one-to-one ratio by volume it's readily available on Amazon in the US and the price is reasonable also it cures hard with some flexibility to it it has a self-healing property so you know it's durable and won't crack now regarding the micro bubbles you just need to know how to work with this resin to avoid them it's all about avoiding yeah as you saw in the video warming up the resin definitely helped a lot also thin layer of resin had less micro bubbles than the thicker ones because a thin layer allows the bubbles to rise to the surface to pop on their own so as you can see this resin is designed to working in thin layers perfect for coding and diming now if you are planning use for casting definitely work in thin layers however if you want absolute level free casting you will need to use a vacuum chamber or a pressure pot to remove them completely and if you are playing to color the resin or layering it with glitter this shouldn't be a problem because you won't see the micro bubbles annually now regarding the yellow resistant property I can't prove it to you guys that's something that's going to take a lot of time to see so I'm planning to save these pieces and hopefully I can do an update on that in the future now the big question is would I use this resin and the answer is yes I would I hope you guys found this video helpful if you did hit the like button let me know if you guys have any resin or resin products you want me to try and review other than that thank you so much for watching and consider subscribing if you haven't and I will see you guys in my next video bye bye


  • Crafter's Delights says:

    Hope you guys enjoyed this resin review! Do you guys have any other resins or resin products you want me to try and review? Let me know! Thank you for watching!

  • Core 51 says:

    The amount of likes in this comment is the amount of cup that she transfered the resin

  • Anett Elek says:

    Thanks for the tutorial, was really helpful. I bought this resin, because it was advertised as Clear resin, and the price was good. I am a beginner to resin, but I got all these microbubbles no matter how slow or fast I stirred the resin. Now I will try to put in a warm bath, as you suggested. …of course there is no pressure chamber at home :/ …. but then it should be advertised the correct way… and yes when I add pigment to it, there are no bubbles. I just wanted some clear pendants and now I might use it mostly with colors to avoid seeing the bubbles.

  • Mallory Gilmore says:

    Does this resin get soft with heat? I use easy cast resin and it bracelets or rings practically turn to a jelly hardness when worn. I know that I’m measuring correctly and others have had this issue too

  • What says:

    Wow. Im gonna use this to coat some keycaps. Thanks for the tutorial.

  • Natalie Ou says:

    This review is so good and thorough! Very easy for a beginner to understand. Thanks!

  • Dianne Gong says:

    Thanks for all your videos! It's helped me alot! Please continue making them!!!😊

  • Elphie-Stjames says:

    I love the review I actually bought this resin because of your review and i really like it better then other two part resins
    I've used in the past! I hope you continue doing reviews of amazon resins including the uv resins I trust your opinion more then the reviews on amazon.

  • Cmnder bunbun says: Is my favorite. It does have a smell though but it has been the most reliable for me in terms of curing super hard regardless of size of batch. It’s also #thiccc

  • Hasinah Rafiq says:

    I missed your resin videos 🙂 Glad to see you're back

  • Joy I-W says:

    I love it!

  • nikkinj says:

    Liquid Diamonds.

  • AgentPothead says:

    Sweet I just bought some of this for resin casts. It seems to work good.

  • missbluekoi says:

    Ive been trying to find a new resin and would appreciate suggestions.
    The resin ive used is envirotex lite 16oz for about $17 from my local hardware store and its my only local option.
    Its served me well for smaller jewelry and such but ive recently been doing slightly bigger things like trinket dishes and boxes. The resin seems to struggle with staying runny and getting in the nooks and cranies of things, it gets gloopy too fast. So id like to find a clear resin that stays runny and is at a similar price per amount if possible.

  • Rever de Faire says:

    When you did the review on art resin a long time ago, did you keep the test pieces and if so did they yellow? Thanks!

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