Trying Out New Sewing Tools! 🧵✂️ | SEWING REPORT

Trying Out New Sewing Tools! 🧵✂️ | SEWING REPORT

welcome to the Sewing Report I’m
Jennifer Moore helping you discover your love of sewing crafts and DIY projects
and how about we try out some new sewing supplies I got a bunch of goodies in the
mail from my friends at Clover and this is not a sponsored video but they did
send these items to me so I picked out some of the ones that were most
intriguing and I decided to try them out so let’s go over them now this first
thing I was pretty excited about because I did need a new one of course your
standard seam ripper and it matches the all I already owned so got a little
matching set here and you are supposed to replace your seam rippers every once
in a while to get a fresh one and make sure the cutting implement is sharp so
thank you for this I will get plenty of use out of the seam ripper just being
real here I don’t do a ton of hand sewing but I was excited about this
thimble now this definitely looks a little bit different it’s called the
protect n’ grip thimble in size medium the metal tip has dimples to hold the
needle head in place and a pronounced Ridge around the top to provide extra
holding the vented rubber sides allow circulation to keep your finger cool and
it does come in three sizes small medium and large after trying this out a bit I
have to say I do really like this I know it seems like kind of a small thing but
it actually makes a difference I’ve got other thin bulls right here
but one of the common problems I have is that after you use it for a while this
one this metal one just doesn’t stay in your finger as well and it also makes
your finger kind of sweaty and you know kind of like you’ve been in the shower
the bathroom too long but I like the ridged edges I think it’s comfortable
but I also like that it’s kind of a hybrid because I also have this other
silicone or plastic one and it’s not again it doesn’t have the metal tip so
you don’t get that added protection so I like that this is sort of a hybrid metal
slash silicone symbol here I don’t know I I’m a fan next up is this tiny set of
two needle threader’s and cutters they’re so
cute I really love that you can just spit it in the palm of your hand and
they’re very convenient I tried them out they were great needle threaded easily
and I liked how small the cutting implement is if I had one criticism for
this item it’s that I feel like the threader part the metal here I feel like
there’s a good chance I’m gonna break these because they’re so delicate as
needle threader’s are but often your needle threader comes with a little like
cap for it I think it would be awesome if the threader part retracted somehow
like maybe if there was like you know kind of like how your rotary cutter
retracts something like that I feel like then this would not need like case or
anything and I think it would make it a lot more durable and less prone to
breakage I feel like I’m gonna have to be so careful with these clover if you
are watching I think that’s one little thing that would be a huge improvement
to this product of course for all I know clover already has a product that does
that clover makes so many sewing notions it’s hard to keep track of and I already
own tons of other clover products too ah this is just ridiculously cute this is
the ISO for fun heart pin caddie it is magnetic and I really love that it has
this groove in the middle to make it really easy for you to pick pins up I
have another magnetic pin holder but it’s just flat so sometimes and you’re
trying to pick up the pins you know it’s really hard to get it off that surface
because you’re just grabbing at the shaft of the pin but with this groove
here you can just pick it up especially if all your pins are facing the same
directions I think this is a really well-thought-out product I think the
hard shape is just adorable and it comes with a cover so sometimes if you’re
trying to store your pin caddy or you’re on the go you know you’re worried about
the pins going all over the place not a problem with this pin caddy because it’s
got a cover for it so they’ve really thought of everything so you can keep
this on snap it on and all your pins will stay in place and then take it off
when you’re ready to use I just think this is probably one of my favorite
items in this whole box of course they’ve got pins with heart-shaped heads
on them I mean could this get any cuter I don’t think so straight up I was
really curious about this item this is the so
for fun rollin press I’ve seen seen Rolo’s before I’ve seen a lot ones that
were a lot bigger and wouldn’t often used for paper piecing you know if you
don’t have an iron and you just want to like quickly finger press something this
is apparently the solution it’s got a tapered wheel so it focuses most of the
pressure in the center where your seam is it is supposedly aergon AMA Klee
designed it is pretty comfortable to hold this isn’t the most sturdy thing in
the world but I tried it out it does kind of get the job done it doesn’t
really compare to your iron when it comes to pressing this seam but if
you’re in a pinch you don’t want to get your iron out and you just need to press
a seam really quickly this is a good option and it’s supposedly the best for
paper piecing or for laminates so this is the roland press I do think it’s very
cute so definitely get some points for being really fun and I love the colors
and that’s a look at some of the latest offerings by clover
I really enjoyed trying out all these things it’s so much fun and there’s
always something coming out that just makes your life easier or makes sewing
and quilting more enjoyable if you are just getting into sewing let me know
below in the comments what is your go-to like Holy Grail must have sewing tool
I’m curious I would say out of all of mine I think having good quality rulers
and a rotary cutter is great I also am very picky about my pins and I recently
did a whole like history and showing off my collection of sewing pins so if you
want to check that out and you’re looking for something to watch next
definitely head there anyways I’m Jennifer Moore for the Sewing Report feel
free to subscribe to this channel for everything sewing crafts and DIY
projects and I will see you guys again in the next video


  • Sewing Report says:

    What's your holy grail must-have sewing tool?

  • Ciara Vanessa Santos Rodriguez says:

    I can’t take how cute that heart pin caddy!!!! I need it now.

    I love clover and use most of their notions for my sewing. Great video! Thanks Jen!

    I was wondering what you think of the Eversewn Sparrow now that you have a lot more experience.

  • Star Brown says:

    Thanks for the video. A must have is a rotary cutter and a 6 1/2 x 24 1/2 ruler.

  • Qathi Hart says:

    Holy grail must-have sewing tool, for any and all sewing projects, is something you make yourself, a Thread Saver, it's something I learned a thousand years ago and has been a constant in my kit since. I found a video that demonstrates how it's used, I'll share the title and time stamp, as to not leave a link in a comment, because, lame. Video title: "Thread Saver | National Quilters Circle" time code 3:18. The woman in the video trims hers, I do not, I just let it be messy. I make a new one as needed from a scrap of material from the project so that everything behaves correctly. It's also a great little tool to have laying around if you need to readjust your tension for some reason, (like a kid twiddling the nobs on your machine for funtimes). I learned this trick from an ancient sewist when I was a wee young'n (25), and have applied it to quilting, costuming, and apparel sewing ever since. It just makes so much sense!

  • S Sumner says:

    Thanks as gain for sharing!

  • Pople BackyardFarm says:

    I love to sew just subbed

  • Neon Flux says:

    I do need that thimble – the ridges inside would make a big difference to me. My silicone ones don't stay on.

  • nancy pollard says:

    I was so excited thinking this was another subscription box. haha! I'm obsessed with sewing notions. I think I sew just for an excuse to buy sewing notions. My holy grail sewing notion is the thing that ends up on my table no matter what I am sewing. It is a really tiny rotary cutter that I got at hobby lobby. It's a little blue rotary cutter. If you go to hobby lobby and search for slim rotary cutter you can find it. It's quite cheap. I use it to cut notches when I'm garment sewing and I use it when I'm using one of those slotted rulers when I'm quilting. It's quite a handy little tool. I sure wish clover would send me a box. I would even pay for it.

  • Dolores Morales says:

    Thank you for sharing, is this box available for subscription?

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