• Sarahr98998 says:

    Wow, the kid swirled some paint around with his finger.  We've totally lost the concept of what an actual prodigy is.  SMH

  • Rose Agaatsz says:

    Magic what he is doing. Love this great art collection. Just amazing 🎨🖼♥️

  • Grace Joy CHANNEL says:

    Wow! this is amazing!

  • ymarrero23 says:


  • Nirdesha's Art says:

    Aelita Andre style. very cute

  • Bruce B says:

    I did this with my kids and a neighbor kid and the neighbor lady came out and took her kid home as he had paint all over him. Saw him at his sisters wedding just last weekend and knew he survived, as did my kids.

  • manu9579 says:

    Very young ages come great creativity and intelligence

  • Ge T says:

    Rich parents + connections within the "elite" art world. I think it's utterly ridiculous that this kind of pointless splattering of a playing child is considered a piece of art. A young child composing for or playing a comprehendable piece on a musical instrument, that would be something truly impressive.

    Each to their own, I guess.

  • Feliz Navidad says:


  • Pure Life says:

    I’m going to buy all the paints in my local art store and give it to my four year old son, and tell him to play while I cook diner.

  • Jane Booth says:

    khalow. khuub khalow. lost in sound translation …

  • Jane Booth says:

    shoe-ndur … beauty color use.

  • Jane Booth says:

    V €^€NT $

  • Daphne Carpenter says:

    Totally beautiful art! However, how much of a child's art is it his own, when his/her own parents have to buy the materials, mix them, add pre-layered and mixed, multi-colored acryillic pours to the canvas, set the kid and the materials up, stage everything, stay there to keep encouraging him to paint, film him, clean up, professionally edit the videos, market, etc…? This internet wave of "prodigy" baby artists is kind of scammy.

  • Beena Chaturvedi says:

    He is talented, due to his richness

  • Shaiju Rose says:


  • Alex Milne says:

    His art is good but it’s simple but I don’t understand people who spend hours doing paintings drawings and get no fame and a 2 year old throwing and mixing paint gets fame anyone can do it but his artwork is ok that’s just my opinion

  • animie-KBOPS Crux says:

    Ok I agree. He is rich.

  • Kiran Khedaskar says:

    How to buy the painting

  • nivedita garg says:

    Who cleans up after him…

  • Janhavi Kalantri says:

    doing like this seems easy but we need confidence to waste colours and innocence to play like an small kid

  • emma nguyen says:

    He is playing.

  • U A says:

    Wow a genius.:)

  • Aaliyah Daniel says:

    This is theraputic…

    And so beautiful

  • Kfgh Tvg says:

    His choice of colors put together is just beautiful.

  • th3azscorpio says:

    Wow, his painting is really beautiful! I love it!

  • Munibaa. Masood says:

    He is just playing around.

  • ms Q Channel says:

    I like his art but seeing the paint so thick that it overflows makes me cringe, I came from a humble home, only have enough for our necessities and to see paint wasted on the overflow I was thinking, "omg! Such a waste of money if u just let it on the floor!" And seeing the thickness of the paint on the canvass I was like "will it crack and fall off the canvas? Just a little scratch I think it will fall of"

  • Fozia Khan says:

    He.is.young but so talented
    Its incredible and lovely .So carefree and yet he creates art

  • Tracie Wasley says:

    After seeing the end result, this is way more than a kid playing!!!

  • EB says:

    As adults we’re so careful, it translates into our art work. Avdait is so carefree, happy and his techniques are mature and incredible, and his personality shows up in his art: his art is so incredible and VIBRANT!

  • Maria Aguirre says:

    Now a days they call everything out

  • Darcy Swanson says:

    He is just playing.

  • Sherol Stewart says:

    I love his work.

  • Public Public says:

    Contemporary art history isn't written by artists or curators. It is written by a market which finds it extremely easy to project any sales talk over a random mess with an additional sales point being the artist is cute.

  • Marina RX says:

    Родителям малыша не давали спокойно спать гонорары Аэлиты Андре)

  • Prabhat B says:


    4 year old – has his own exhibition and sold many already – each one $2000.

  • president camacho says:

    all these retards in the comment section who think "real" art is some dude drawing a realistic bowl of fruit.

  • Madison Summerfield says:

    I highly recommend people watch this, or at least look at the end result, in high definition. You won't be sorry.

  • look! i'm holding a cigar says:

    To those saying that anyone can do it – yes, they can do the process but not the result. Even here I wasn't sure what was coming out of it because the action itself or unfinished parts didn't look pretty. But the result was good. Random kids from my kindergarten usually put colors together, mixed up into a dirty brown or made a painting that looked like it was made by children in very obvious way. Google "preschool paintings" and you see what children usually make. And they don't even put ugly ones there.

  • Artomic says:

    i know abstract art is kinda shitty and effortless but those designs this kid made are truly wonderful

  • 93raki says:

    i understand that he is young..but god that composition of color is amazing!!!!!!

  • Pebbles says says:

    I love it!!! Children paint what they experience in life. They are not painting with the final result in mind but what they think and feel. It's the adult who attache a value judgement to it. Art isn't about if it's worthy hanging on a wall. It's a way of communication.

  • Sharon Inks says:

    Seriously!?you think that randomly splashing paint on a canvas is masterpieces?!

  • Camellia Secretaria says:

    an adult slapping colors on canvas… people be like "abstract art! what an artist! 😮". a kid slapping colors on a canvas… " what the heck, he's just playing! my child can also do that!"

    hmmm 😐😐😐

  • Donna Woodford says:

    What' the average cost of diapers AND paint?

  • Donna Woodford says:

    What' the average cost of diapers AND paint?

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