• Ashwani Singh says:

    nice video great learning. Thank You for helping us to understand.

  • aravind reddy says:

    Hi Your videos are really helpfull, can you make video on difference b/w throw and rethrow

  • saahil shaikh says:

    Hi cope automation great vedio. Having one question here. What is poc's belong to in automation i have asked this question several time in my RPA interview. Hope you will help. And other suggestion to you is that please keep a vedio short and crispy so that it will be easy for us to watch it while travelling. Because long vedio give us sleep hope you will not mind.

  • Viswanatham Narahari says:

    Good. A small comment about video recording. Part of left side is hidden. For example, January is not seen when log is shown.

  • Vusimuzi Sibanyoni says:

    Thanks man! Really appreciated.


    I have done that working fine.. Waiting for remaining part.. Thanks for sharing..

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