Une semaine dans les ARTS MARTIAUX japonais

Une semaine dans les ARTS MARTIAUX japonais

Anime sentence: “Tomorrow I will be no more than an retired old man I will have nothing else to do but wait for death” Today I take you to discover and practice 6 Japanese martial arts I had the chance to spend a week practicing different martial arts in Kagawa prefecture it took me a lot of preparation and all that is thanks to Kawamura-San a Japanese I met because he had done an interview with me for a newspaper And I’m not going to tell you all our lives, but basically we sympathized and he is a practitioner of martial arts of Aikido and Iaido and I told him that it was a subject that interested me serious so he offered to come and discover all that Okay then it was my very first martial arts initiation so I’m not going to improvise expert on the subject I’m just going to share what I could learn and live for a week and in this video there will be no gags stuffing etc I gave everything in the previous because in fact I did not come to laugh for fun I went to meet enthusiasts who devote their lives to a discipline and so the least thing was to respect that by doing it thoroughly And we start with kendo, which is the modern version of kenjustu, the martial art saber once practiced by samurai. It’s a budo so there’s a whole spiritual dimension personal development but also a sporting side with competitions A match takes place in one against one and lasts 5 minutes the goal is to hit one of the 8 allowed points of the opponent. The first to 2 win knowing that if we touch at the same time it does not count and the same if we do not adopt the right posture. The easiest thing is to show you practice what it looks like with Tanigushi-Sensei the master of the dojo where Kawamura-San took me Come on, let’s go to Shikoku, we’ll go to Kawamura-San and we’ll go for a week in the heart of Japanese martial arts little preview of the prefecture of Kagawa as an introduction… We’ve arrived at Kagawa and I’m here with Kawamura-san who is whoever is going to show me just all the martial arts this week Thank you for this eek, i can’t wait! Hello, I’m Taniguchi. Please to meet you! Well, of course to do Kendo, you have to put on the Kendo outfit so I was provided one I’m going to wear this and then go for my first Kendo experience, I can not wait because it’s something I wanted to see for a very long time I had seen in the video especially about the high school with the girls who gave me a little demonstration but it was not the real thing with the mask and you really hit Kawamura-san he took me an outfit where he marked guigui on it, it’s really super nice I have never done any martial arts but I will give the best of myself because I will try to respect a little bit, because they will try to rate me I can not wait to start, to take hits of course but also to distribute because I did not come to take a lot of hits #IDidntCametoSufferOK?! Start! 1 point 1 point 1 point 2 points 1 point Game! He won 2 points, you only got 1 point but it was well played! -Good work!
-Thank you! This first experience of kendo was very interesting I loved it. Good it surprised me at first Kawamura-san he hit like that, it really surprised me, like my head was cold it heated me instantly but after that it was really great the game in the end really loved it I then chained with another martial art: naginata. Naginata is a kind of halberd Japanese it was once the favorite weapon of warrior monks with its large size it was precisely possible to face riders by cutting the hocks of the horses. Subsequently, it became a weapon rather associated to women and today we use bamboo naginata it’s very close to kendo there are almost the same rules and it is even very common that the two disciplines intersect with fights between practitioners of kendo and naginata After the kendo, place to naginata so it’s very long it’s a huge sword so it looks like a spear / sword And it was done to counter the swords Fight between sword and naginata This is the sensei from 3 generations ago. She done more than 200 fights and only lose once. She practiced naginata until she turned 94. To get up, she was forced to do it like that! Before, mens used naginata to fight during battles. It was used to counter katana who was smaller. The Edo era came with the peace and the size of katana was regulated, they all had to be the same size. To walk around with a naginata or a too long katana was forbidden. Women then started to practice naginata at home as a hobby but also to protect their families. Naginata was since associated to women. There I have just done a kendo fight against naginata Clearly naginata, the advantage is the reach but after once we get closer it’s easier Kendo, logical in fact but anyway it was very nice, the fight was intense it lasted at least 10 minutes non-stop After that I chained with an aikido training it’s a martial art that we know a lot more in France which is very popular in the world it is based on a principle of self-defense the goal is not to defeat but to cancel any attempt at aggression Using the strength of his opponent So in fact in aikido we do not give a hit because we do not look for the fight And so now I have changed I put on my white belt because we’re going to do Aikido with Kawamura-san who’s actually a sensei in Aikido
(I also put my Aikidogi (vest) upside down, which is normally for dead people…#Ididntknow) and so here we go for the third martial art Little vitamin juice just to regain some strengths so what is crazy is that in this dojo so there is the first room here with all that is kendo, naginata, etc … And there is another room still at the top, a rest room in the middle so there is another dojo at the top with tatami mats where we will do just aikido I see the 2 newcomers with white belt who are distracted by Guigui, a french who’s visiting. Of course we remark his presence but we stay focused, we don’t change our behavior. You two, the white belts, you’re looking everywhere and you don’t behave like usual. My son is asthmatic. His uncle advised him to do aikido because it’s good for the lungs. And when my son started it, I decided to also started it with him. I was 31 or 32… so I didn’t start early! For me, Aikido and Naginata form a whole, it’s one thing. When I don’t understand something in Naginata, I find the answer in Aikido. I started aikido when I was 42, 15 years ago. We started almost at the same time, one month apart! We were both completely addict to aïkido. It fascinated me, I found that very interesting. We were doing this at least 4 times a week. That’s the end of this pretty trying day -It was a bit trying but super interesting!
-For real?! But my head still hurt from the kendo! The next day, we took the direction of Kan’Onji to go to the Otani-Sensei dojo, the master of Kawamura-san in iaido The iaido is a martial art that is based on unsheathing his sword and hitting in one shot It also includes other techniques such as cleaning the blade and storing it in its sheath. For once there no opposition we simply perform kata looking for the pure gesture. We also practiced a discipline even complementary to the iaido, the battodo the art of cutting it’s like practice of the iaido by cutting braided reeds and it is said that formerly it happened that formerly the samurai train rather on prisoners than reeds for more realism. As for me I did not do realism, I did classic Second day here with Mura-san so we go to another dojo and on the road he give here yesterday’s video so that I can train on the road so I’m going to watch that I’m going to watch my movements and today we’re going to go iaido Iaido are our specialty, right?! You master it well. Kan’onji
City completly at west of Kagawa prefecture We will practice iaido with Otani-sensei, who is there waiting for us so it looks like a real samurai with fire It makes talk the flames At the Otani-sensei dojo there are plenty of treasures And in fact he has even more treasure at home, it’s crazy, I went there already A month and a half ago, something like that it was pretty impressive So look, this is a real katana we will use We’re not here to laugh The concept of iaido is: don’t cut anybody and don’t be cut by anybody. I started laido when I was 25. -So I’m 27 but it’s not too late.
-Of course not! To practice laido, it’s better to be mature. Not like that, take it like that! Then, you start unsheathing … And now, you unsheathe upward. Then, you take it with both hands. By placing the katana like that, you make the foe’s blade slide. Then, you use your left hand to bring the katana here. And you stick! It is noon, break so my return on this training start of iaido it was a really very interesting I was able to progress very quickly very surprised because I did not think to get to this level it’s not that crazy but I can do a few things and that’s good It’s easier to teach to someone who start from zero. For those who already practice a martial art, We had to correct their automatism. It’s really an atmosphere that I like a lot we have the clothes of iaido we walk to a restaurant there and then it’s really like training intensive training we do this all day and then we walk together to eat at the restaurant Here we are in a small restaurant with the good fare oden and udon specialties of kagawa This afternoon we go on with another discipline with the battodo it’s like iaido except that this time we will really cut things we will cut makiwara represents the same resistance as human flesh So we have a sensei student who will show us how we really do because I did it roughly Go now it’s Otani-sensei’s turn In fact the makiwara, he makes himself the sensei so with his students he basically buys it to tatami dealers and he gets this done to his students And here we have the dart game samurai version with shurikens so yes it does not look like the idea of ​​a shuriken except that this is the authentic version of shurikens You don’t throw them like that! So we still have the modern version of shurikens but the others are much more difficult These one they are much more difficult Because you know, we do not throw it like a dart, we have to throw it like that, we put his thumb here And in fact we throw with the hand Here like that Thank you, master! A demonstration of laido last generally between 5 and 7 minutes. That’s the end of this second day superb experience iaïdo and batto it was really great It was really super! The next day I started the day with a college visit So I did not do it like last time with high school, it was for a very special reason This college is the only one in Japan to teach a naginata class And this course is given by Taniguchi-sensei, it was once very common in Japanese schools, boys learned kendo and girls naginata but it was lost after the second world war since when the allies occupied Japan from 45 to 52 Martial arts have all been banned Third day of this trip in Kagawa Prefecture through the martial arts and this morning it’s going to be a really special cool thing that I’m going to do since I’m going to see Tanigushi-sensei who had taught me just aikido and the kendo I’m going to see her give a class at a college These are sophomore, today is their sixth lesson. He must think you’re very shy girls… Those who are the first to go haywire, raise your hands! They’re serious and work a lot during classes… The naginata class, it’s the moment when they can let loose! Here it’s the only junior high school which teach naginata classes. It used to be usual in Japanese school… But after World War 2, Japan was occupied by GHQ and the teaching of martial arts was forbidden. Then, the martial arts were authorized again by accentuating the sport side. here, it’s a private school which had a strong bond with naginata since way before the war… I was invited to teach naginata to recover a bit of this tradition specific to this school. Thank you for this class! Then I went on a tour of the headquarters of the Shorinji Kempo Association in Tadotsu, which is where the discipline was born. it was founded in 1947 by So Doshin who was inspired by techniques of shaolin monks the shorinji kempo at the base it goes with Buddhism and so these are fighter monks I met during my visit And we now go on with shorinji kempo so it’s a Japanese martial art that’s pretty new and that we are going to discover with the headquarters of the association of Shorinji kempo which is located here in kagawa so here we go we will discover the shorinji kempo Hello, welcome to the headquarters of the Shorinji Kempo! As you can see with my clothes, I’m a monk. Actually, this place is above all a temple. Our concept, it’s that in life they’re always things that affect us and knocked us down. But if you get knocked down once, you get up twice as much stronger.
If you get knocked down twice, you get up thrice more stronger. And if you get knock down 100 times, you get up 101 times stronger. Here we are in the canteen of the building so be aware that it is a place of life, dormitory, etc … And there is a canteen here And so here we have the menu of the canteen so it’s funny because it’s really a very basic menu -You ain’t vegetarian?
-No, we eat everything. Nothing is forbidden, the only important thing is to be aware of the importance of the food by thanking it before eating. The followers of Shorinji Kempo of the whole world don’t limit themselves to power. Once they became strong, they aim to help the others. For example here in Tanzania, there are a lot of ill people… We help them to get treatment, to clean up the villages and we give our blood. Here I put on the dogi, the shorinji kempo outfit and then go for a little initiation No need to deviate too much to dodge, just the width of a head. And we strike! You must not dodge like that! Did you use Shorinji Kempo in real life? No! But we can use it to arrest someone. I know that I won’t lose so I don’t need to prove anything: I don’t wanna fight. We can just dodge the hits while getting closer… And once you close enough, we arrest the person. But if I start hitting him like that, I become the bad guy! And I get arrested by the police! There’s not only the body and the techniques, the heart and the mind are also very important. Normally, in the classic martial arts, the student bow down in front of the master. In Shorinji Kempo, we consider everybody to be equal: you’re superb, I’m superb. There’s no hierarchy. We simply bow down like that! Thank you for today! -The French who practice Shorinji Kempo can come here whenever they want?
-Yes, whenever they want! -And those who don’t practice it?
-They can too, it’s above all a temple here! It was then the last night of this little introduction to Japanese martial arts and I wanted to redo kendo because I really appreciated a lot direction so the very first dojo, the one of taniguchi-sensei to confront Kawamura-san and see if I made progress during this week We now go on with a last session of budo, it is 8 pm we’re going to do a little nocturnal kendo session this time so go to the first dojo, Taniguchi-sensei one They are all up and in front there is the aikido course right now and then I chained here kendo I hardened during these 3 days it’s only three days but it’s as if it were a month in the hall of time we will see if there is a little progress Oh nice, well played! Short break and debrief with the video here So it’s very different to fight him and fight Tanigushi-sensei because Tanigushi-sensei, the important thing was to wait for the moment to then strike at the right moment while with him If we wait in fact he comes and then he does not stop so we have to hit in fact you must attack, attack, attack, to not let it attack because otherwise it’s a horror, otherwise we get a gust of blow, I had stars that revolved around my head Here is the end of these 3 days of intensive training in Japanese martial arts -Thanks a lot!
-You welcome! And it is here that ended this wonderful experience in just a few days I feel like I learned a lot and above all, I took a different look at Japan now I really understand people who love this country thanks to the martial arts It’s been a great week and as I have not stopped repeating again and again saying it was a dream experience Well, it gave ideas to Otani-sensei that now offers initiations and training of iaido and battodo for foreigners he just created a site for that the link is in the description after I do not know how much he fixed the price because I believe that even he does not know yet But if you want to spend some authentic time doing iaido, battodo whatever your level, hey you go through the site, you send a little message by the contact form and you see with him. I tell you very soon for the future I am quite productive right now two videos a month on youtube plus photos every day, instagram, twitter, etc … Frankly it’s cool! Bang bang! Anime sentence: “But what memories will you leave behind”


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  • Marielle D. says:

    C'est ultra intéressant comme vidéo *O * Je pratique l'Iaïdo, la Naginata et le Kyudo (tir à l'arc jap') et je suis très contente de voir que dans ta vidéo, tu as vraiment respecté l'esprit de ces arts martiaux en les présentant dans leur versant traditionnel ^^ Je fais partie de ces occidentaux qui se sont épris du Japon grâce aux arts martiaux, justement ^^

    J'espère vraiment qu'un jour tu auras l'occasion d'essayer le Kyudo ^^ C'est vraiment très différent du tir à l'arc occidental et aussi reposant que physique comme art martial =D

  • Nneru says:

    19:00 c'est bien un ost de Bleach ? <3 (remixé bien entendu :p )

  • Kyuso says:

    "Demain je ne serais plus qu'un vieille homme à la retraite je n'aurais plus rien d'autre à faire que attendre la mort"

  • Heï Heï Reï Dee says:

    Vidéo aussi géniale que passionnante !
    Les arts martiaux, oui c'est cool et c'est classe, mais c'est une vraie discipline, rigide et respectueuse (vive le ninjutsu !)

  • Heï Heï Reï Dee says:

    c'est très dérangeant ce symbole de croix gammée vers 21:30 ^^

  • Kevin lettanie says:

    Super intéressant merci pour cet vidéo

  • Wonder-wolf Wolf-howler says:

    Et le Kyodo dans tout ça ? C'est aussi un art martial japonais ?

  • Guillaume Lambert says:

    Hyper intéressant perso je fais de laikido

  • Kolia54 says:

    Belles expériences…

  • aya tahery says:

    J'ai faite du karaté pendant plus de 2-3 ans dommage que j'ai arrêté 🙁

  • Hanabi says:

    Merci Guigui, grâce à ta vidéo je fais du kendo !

  • Daniel Savoeda says:

    Je t'envie de ouuuuffff

  • Logyara says:

    Mais mdr les cours de shorigi kempo il y a des croix gammées en arrière plan

  • gottfer says:

    perso ça fait 29 que je fais des arts martiaux japonais,
    cette video c'est plus ou moins mon rêve; même si j'ai eu la chance de suivre l'entrainement d'Hiroo Mochizuki,
    c'était pas au japon dans ce type de lieux incroyable
    donc voir ton investissement et ton sérieux me touche personnellement
    je pense que j'aurais été frustre si tu avais pris ça à la rigolade 🙂
    et puis 14:13 quand même, respect pour la maitrise du nodachi qui fait quasiment sa taille !

  • Leedan Edom says:

    Super vidéo mec. Une vraie immersion. Bande son au top.

  • Benjamin.B says:

    Hello, tu en as pensé quoi du iaido et battodo ? Pas trop ennuyant par rapport au fait que c'est assez lent et très séquentiel . Ceux qui pratique n'hésitez pas à me donner vos avis aussi ;).

  • Clairoune Metalla says:

    Bravo pour ta vidéo qui est très intéressante ! Mais qui est le petit garçon à 2:07 ?

  • perriaux nicolas says:

    le t-shirt avec le chat, c'est pas une pochette d'album?

  • MsAbolo says:

    Bravo pour toutes vos video c'est avec grand plaisir que je visione vos video de très Belle présentation et très bones enchainement , musicaux aux poil.

  • Tsuna Yo says:

    8:46 shi no nage belle technique première qu'on apprends dernière qu'on maîtrise

  • Shiro says:

    Tu devrais lire Gamaran, super manga sur justement les différents arts martiaux etc..

  • David LP says:

    Bravo, tu sembles doué ! Très belle vidéo. Si je peux me permettre, j'aime beaucoup ton attitude et ton intelligence de montrer du respect. As-tu poursuivi la pratique du Kendo ?

  • azerty says:

    "Je suis allé rencontrer des passionnés qui vouent leur vie à une discipline et donc la moindre des choses c'était de respecter ça"… Tu as tout compris aux arts martiaux où le respect est une valeur fondamentale. Rien que pour ça, thumbs up…

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