Unusual Students in My Art Class

Unusual Students in My Art Class

have you ever taken an art class anytime in your life you probably have unless you're homeschooled actually I don't even know if home schoolers are offered art class anyone in the comment section enlighten me in any case you'd think artists are the most show people you could meet and you're right some of them are our class is also the most choked class you could take by the way the students are generally open to new ideas and all about creative expression but I had one class specifically that I had to say otherwise now I've never had the opportunity to go to an art school because of the costs and because like many others my parents thought it wasn't anything worth studying for in the future I've only taken an art elective in high school and I got my general impression of artists from those classes I know artists sometimes have this reputation of being weird strange people and I don't disagree with that either don't get me wrong people can be unique but when they come in contact with you the wrong way that's when it becomes a problem so in high school I would have a few girls sit around me and some of them are friends some of them were acquaintances throughout the year there was one girl in particular who was in front of me that I never really talked to but she got comfortable real fast and I mean real fast she gave me some alarming smiles and I was looking at her like what what do you want I didn't know what her smiles meant at first but for now let's call her touchy for some obvious reasons this girl touchy would inappropriately touch other girls around her during class including me she would grope them grab their ass purposely fondle them you name it she'd pop up randomly out of nowhere and try to cop a feel every time she passed by behind my seat around the sink near the tables anywhere in that classroom she would go under the tables trying to do her thing I'd catch her there by surprise and it's like she thought I would respond like Oh lovely to see you here thanks for stopping by by the way how's the weather under my legs nope fuck that she'd be looking just like the clown from it lurking under there my foot reflexes would automatically stomp her down and she would just be like ow why you mad feisty for oh I don't know you're the one violate in personal space why don't you tell me but despite that she would just keep doing the same thing over and over again I would have to keep some sharp ass ninja bull's eye focus on her every time she got up her seat because she tried to be sneaky you never knew who the victim was gonna be that time it would just happen but she didn't really do it to the guys because they are she liked it she was just known as that girl who did that to other girls and seemed proud of having that reputation you'd ask why we didn't tell on the teacher some of my friends were on very friendly terms with her and didn't intend for her to get in trouble they told me she was just doing that as a friendly gesture doesn't matter still wrong right she got the hint by the time the end of the year came how I actually felt towards it and toned it down okay the next person isn't going to be a specific person it's gonna be a group or at least I think it's a group because there's no damn way one person can pull this off themselves without being caught so I'm talking about art thieves nope not the ones you see online where people steal other people's art remove the signatures of the artists and claim it as their own that's still a super ass move to pull but I mean the people in my class who would steal art supplies in the art hanging up on the walls when nobody was looking you know how tough it was to work with limited Prisma colors and watercolors those markers cost more than a hundred bucks some of these kids would stuff a few of these markers in their bags each class session when they thought nobody was looking and Watts out like nothing happened shame on you the rest of the students were just left with dry and empty markers regarding the kids who stole other students aren't works I don't know if I would take that as a compliment but I'd probably be more pissed thinking of all the hours I took working on the project and for some tip bag to take it off the walls never to be seen again to those people thank you for massively contributing to her society this is one thing that happened to me towards the middle of the school year and it wasn't something I particularly like remembering every time it came to mind our project during that time was to draw a portrait of a human face so I chose to draw that one awesome nun lady from American Horror Story asylum fucking Jessica Lynch you better recognize yeah her character was too badass not to appreciate so I decided to use her as a reference looking her photo up from my fault so I started sketching with pencil first it looked great great then I started to paint it was looking nicely up to the hair I was really loving the piece and that didn't usually happen with my own paintings if you didn't know many artists tend to be very self-critical with their own art but not this time this piece actually looked decent to me students in the class of tamyra or walk by and complimented one of them even asked me if they could buy it after I finished it my begging is about to end right about now I wasn't very skilled with paint and I never practice too much with them really only with pencils and pens so eventually I did end up making one wrong brush book and messed up the drawing of her completely if there was any time to panic it was then oh shit shit no no no no where to control Leah I didn't know how to fix it I was discouraged by them because I remember the students had high expectations for that piece so did I but apparently some students in the class were expecting and hoping for that mistake to happen they were the ones who silently stared at the piece but said nothing about it every time they passed by before I made that error but when the time came that I fucked up that's when they said anything immediately a few of them shouted haha look at the mistakes she made mister mister look at it wow you fucking bitch those girls made an outburst big enough that the next thing you knew a lot of students were surrounding the painting they gave me a genuine that's too bad and my teacher seemed disappointed but he didn't intend to make me feel bad compared to some of the other girls honestly did you really need to yell out to the whole class for this for what reason like wow how fucking extra can you get but them trying to make me feel guilty about messing up that drawing work that time I was pressed and I couldn't say anything during the current pressure so what I do I did what the angsty a' stuff angsty emos would do in the early 2000s I put letter X's over the eyes and a big-ass smile on the piece and red paint then wrote I'm sorry I'm not perfect psyche no I didn't write that I didn't go that far but I did do the rest of the stuff which is still pretty bad then I reluctantly submitted it to the teacher I mean he still gave me an all right grade because of pity I yes thinking back should I smack those girls with the canvas as soon as they opened their mouths here's the lesson in the midst of people who try to push and encourage you there's also going to be peers around you secretly hoping you fail don't take no shit no matter what they try fuck him and just keep doing what you love I made it a resolve not to let it get to me the next time something like that happened also to practice are a lot more since then our most artists introverts apparently the students in my class or at least the ones that were very focused on their art didn't really seem to expect people to come talk to them and disrupt their workflow they were always in their own little bubble sitting in their seats and would be startled when other people walked by to ask them a question or to simply compliment their drawings oh you draw mad good how you do that though huh oh wait I never thanked her oh my god she probably hates me now at the end of the year my teacher announced the final project and I swear at that moment the classroom atmosphere changed within that second hey y'all I got some great news your final project will be a simple 5 minute presentation you guys good what's the matter but my teacher was the positive encouraging type that thought everyone could do it presentation Hey hi whoo yeah I looking forward to it it was like half of them were having an internal panic attack after he said that luckily my teacher was pretty truth grading and was nice about some students cutting their presentation short even if it was just one minute long on the other hand there was another type of artist which stood out to me who seemed like a complete opposite a few of them made their own bodies canvases in other words people made art out of themselves no not like that I mean they would have extra accessories like earring holes the size of doughnuts it would make me cringe every time I saw it mainly because it looked like it hurt like a bitch I've always wondered what it would look like if they took those out would they have Dumbo's jiggli years every time they walked around other than that they would get piercings everywhere on their noses tongues ears belly buttons and probably other places too if you know what I'm saying tattoos all over their bodies too some people had the most colorful ass hair out there while others would pouf it out like crazy a pattern with the style was commonly that these people were metalheads during class I'd see them trying to hold back their head banks since my teacher would let us listen to our own music while working and those are the wild encounters I remember having just for that one art class I'm pretty sure you guys had some if not more stranger students than the one I mentioned also one thing the school semesters just started many of you guys started school now too right so did I and it sucks so far hope you guys are having some decent experience with it because this just took all the time away from me that I used to have don't worry I'll still be uploading though just not as often you


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    I wanted to look like an acorn in this video. Don't question it.

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    5:50 literally me

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    My friend saniya drew a stick man wearing a dress for her lil’ sister. I thought it was a good drawing, she told me she’s been drawing since she was 1. And I believe her. And she also said, “I just draw stickmans” I say “that’s ok! You’ll get better!” “Gorgeous” comes over and says: WoOW that’s a good drawing. And judging by her tone, she was being sarcastic. And me, the smart ass I was, said “wOow, could your SARCASM get any better?” And I’m not calling her drawing bad, gorgeous was being sarcastic, and I’m the one over protective friend that was extra as fuck.

  • Kristie Guidry says:

    Touchy: * touches me*
    Me: BISH U THINK DIS IS FUNNY HUH?!! DO U?! gets a bat and beats her U THINK DIS IS FUNNY?!! HUH?!!

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  • Abbey Brooke says:

    There’s around five of them in my grade ;-;

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    This has happened many times

    Random dude touching me accidentally
    Me: elbows them Don't touch me

    It's just my reflexes and I feel bad now when I think about it

  • Kristin Luga says:

    I go to an art school so…

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    That my class 1:32

  • mangled says:

    I was homeschool once and I did art class

  • Green Jadelyn says:

    This was 100% answered already, but at least in my experience I didn’t get an art class

  • Marvin Reese says:

    Where I am from we did not have art class

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    Tabbes: Fuck em and just do-

    Me: that's sounds wrong

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    (I actually cracked my phone on that place on accident and replayed the video lol)

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    Some artists are chill some are total cunts like my sister

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    She has to use her Sharingan

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    we actually do have an art class we can do web cams sometimes or do our lessions on our own with out teachers on us all the time

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    Why this video have dislikes?

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    Well my class mates of Art Club…. Those arts look violent at extreme while mine is just some places, creatures, biomes, weapons…..maybe boobs? Nah joke (just 4) but im more into weapons, Creatures and biomes because humans……. Humanoids……. Im horrible, I only use pencil, just the original grafite pencil and just draw something while the others use watercolor paimts, color pencils, blah blah blah, I was the basic one XD

  • Tony Chap45 says:

    yes we homeschoolers have art classes

  • ExcelsorPlacer says:

    I have kids like this in my class, we have a take a break procedure kids expect a bunch from me. I punch them, I broke 6 kids noses and 4 knuckles on my oeft hand and never take a cast off

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    I go to public school and we don't have art and never have had it

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    oh yeah you gotta be supra smart to get into Hi-Scoo

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    1) should have slapped all of those girls. 2) if the painting was in acrylic then it's made to be layered. Or – depending on the mistake and where it was – get some clean water and a small clean brush and get the brush damp (not wet but damp) and either wipe the mistake away (if on blank part of canvas) or gentle blend it in with the surrounding paint, let that part dry and then correct it with fresh paint. Like i said it's made to be layered.

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    As a homeschooler, I can confirm that we do not take art courses

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    i have been too a only homeschool class…….. so all introverts.

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    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) is basically Touchy

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    Lucky I got a 2 hour presentation haha

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    I am not homeschool

  • The Road to Cosplay and Comic Con says:

    In my art class in high school I was one of the best according to my teacher. Of course my entire class hated me because well I happen to be the youngest and most created one of the advantages of being autistic I poured my own personal money into my own supplies for projects. I even spent $50 on our final art piece which was a 3D sculpture of a creature we had to make I decided to make a How to Train Your Dragon toothless type of dragon with textured scales and everything for my nephew's kindergarten graduation gift that took me four months to make on my own I will go after school during my lunch. And I ended up completing my art class with a very good grade let's just say I love art

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    I hate hiscool

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    Touchy was probably a lesbian that just wanted to get it on

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