Update Video- New Series, Looking For Writers/Brainstormers

Update Video- New Series, Looking For Writers/Brainstormers

hey guys Edward Bachman 12 here and today I'm going to be talking about a new series that I'm working on so as we're proudly said Rian's I think I'm gonna can that one it was great introduction for me on YouTube as a whole and I've met a lot of great friends through that series for voice acting and whatnot but I think I'm going to put that in the past now but I'm gonna start working on another another new series um all the details are gonna be on the dark in the description so I'm just asking but it went one self-propelled right or help you brainstorm ideas or anything like any one then just maybe check on Twitter DM me on Twitter message me here on YouTube do whatever and just check it out check out the doc check out all the information and any suggestions you have on the outline of the plot of the series just comment it down below so I know that might be a lot to ask for but if you if you guys want to then go ahead alright let's head remark in 12:00 signing off


  • DylanDuck says:

    I have some ideas, including: One character betraying them and joining the brits in the war, flashbacks to be featured in random points on the episodes (although this was probably already planned), about halfway through the season having a character revealed to be taken prison by the British government.

  • The Caledonian Engines says:

    I could help write/brainstorm if you want

  • DylanDuck says:

    Hey if your looking for voice actors (I looked through, R.I.P. Oliver) I’ll gladly voice James

  • 03sirhandel says:

    Aah. I forgot to check a few books and episodes to analyze Donald's character. I'll do that when I can.

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