UPDATED: Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for Writers July 2019 with Sound this time!

UPDATED: Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for Writers July 2019 with Sound this time!

hi everyone I'm Lisa and I'm trying to share some Amazon Prime deal day offers with you and it's closing soon and I'm so sorry the first video there were some sound issues but let's try this again so everything I'm showing you if you go to kit comm slash Lisa Seaford and Lisa C for it's my real name Lisa London is a pen name you are going to find actually a ton of different kits like bullet journal starter kits planner kids calligraphy like a ton of stuff but most importantly what you're looking for today is the best Amazon Prime day deals for writers and what you could do is you could just save you on Amazon you can go ahead and say bye all on Amazon and then all 31 products will just automatically be dropped into your amazon shopping cart which is one way to do it and then you could delete them all from there so like you could just say buy on Amazon and then your cart will appear and it will say ask you if you want to confirm all of these items and then it can order them for you but let's go through each one and why I recommended them so the first one is the Rocket book and this is really cool so if you're not familiar with the Rocket book it has a QR code on each page which means that you can actually go ahead write whatever you want on that page and then take your phone snap a picture and it will save everything because you could scan it in but I feel like that's kind of a pain this is so much easier and then of course the pages are erasable yes that's right you can just keep reusing the pages so if you didn't see I have a video on erasable notebooks you can watch on my other channel I'll post a card over there and then this is the phone soap so I use Purell all the time but you can't really Purell your phone because I'm kind of worried the liquid could damage it so you could just stick it inside of here and it's a UV sanitizer it works great it's just like the UV sanitizers you see for your toothbrush over here is the echo show I love this because when I'm doing research for a book I can ask Alexa stuff and this way echo show can show it to you versus sometimes you have to wait and it'll pop it on your computer so this is much easier and faster oh and I guess if you have a you can watch her Pavey whatever they're doing in the other room with the camera and over here are some headphones and obviously not everybody has Apple which is totally okay and in which case you could just pop these in and it's going to be the same thing and they're great for workouts and over here everyone's been talking about own voices I mean just because you know maybe you don't know what your heritage is doesn't mean you can't write in own voices I think you could do a 23andme test there 50% off and find out maybe you're from Scandinavia or you are from France or who knows our new guinea something like that and over here is for your tablet this is a protector screen because I've dropped my tablet a number of times and this actually will crack but the actual screen will stay intact I'm not sure how that works but it definitely helps over here you have the fire stick now I love the fire stick because you can actually make this an extension of your computer so if I want to look at say a map of my fake you know Narnia kind of world I can look at it over there um you can obviously use it just to watch TV or YouTube but you can sling things up onto the big screen especially when you're trying to brainstorm and think about things I like posting you know mind mapping or whatever up on my big TV and I can do that with a fire stick it's super easy to share your computer screen and if you purchase the fire stick you should be aware because I think it was hidden you get a $45 sling TV credit when you purchase those today and this is air purifiers so ever since I switched over to adding more plants into my writing space I feel like I have more thoughts this could be all in my head but I think that the air quality has helped so these are air purifiers over here you have which I really just I love this a not for camping but for just some quiet solitude like when you need to get away but you're like I don't have a lot of money to pay for an air B&B or to stay at a hotel you can even hook up a little lamp inside of here anyways I think this is really cute you could just sit in here get some like thinking done without distractions with all the stuff in your apartment even though I think these are meant for camping but they're on sale so why not plus it would be perfect for when people come to visit you can have a little pop-up pet for them alright I just thought this was really pretty I don't know I don't even have an Apple watch but I was thinking about you more when I saw this so just popping that on there because it's one of the Amazon Prime deals for the day and over here if you've been thinking about starting an author tube or YouTube channel for anything this is a perfect starter vlogging camera it's on sale and it has this little flip screen and it has a wide angle lens already built into it over here you have the can't the I shouldn't say the Canon it comes for Canon it comes for Fuji it comes from micro it actually looks like there's only two left in stock when I made this video so it might not even be available by the time I get this uploaded but this is such a good deal because it has a low f-stop and a low f-stop is what you need on a lens in order to make sure that you get that blurry background so make sure you buy the one that corresponds to the model that you have oh there's only true for Canon but maybe there's more for know if there's only enough for the other ones so yeah so this was a really great deal for that lens because my lens cost I think almost a thousand dollars this is a really great tripod um now it looks like from the first video this is no longer on sale it was like $44 uh so I don't know if that's really a great deal anymore um let's see this is I think super cute so this is a Polaroid that takes little pictures that you can go ahead and snap on to just don't have to be people it could just be a book you want to post or something you see on your computer and then I use these actually to help me with my bullet journaling because I'm not able to draw so that helps over here is the same thing but just does it a little differently and this one over here is for when you would like an all-in-one so maybe you're a PC user I'm an Apple user so I have an iMac but this is the closest to an iMac that you will see um and it looks like this is sold out so sorry about that since the first video okay over here you have a 24 inch wide screen monitor I think this is perfect if you have a laptop but you just like a wider view or maybe you want to look at to document side to side and of course this is the hugest one it's a 38 inch and obviously it's perfect to for when you want to edit videos so you can see it all the way from left to right over here is tiles these are perfect for what you're worried about losing your keys or your wallet you can just stick one of these in here and it's like a little GPS tracker and over here is the echo dot now this is the echo where you just talk into it but the nice thing about this one is it to me it's totally worth it because you can and it comes with this smart plug so the smart plug means any appliance you plug into it you can just tell Alexa like Alexa turn on the TV Alexa turn on the lights Alexa turn on whatever you have plugged into there so usually these don't come together and this is actually a really great deal over here are some more Bluetooth headphones and I love the Mophie for a battery case I really think it's probably the best one on the market but more importantly it's pretty small it's pretty slim and it can charge both your iPad and your phone at the same time over here we have a backpack which I think it's very convenient you can actually drop your Mophie over here into the side of your bag and then out at the other end you could go ahead and hook up your phone so you can charge it while you're walking plus it has an anti-theft device again I'm a New Yorker even though I live in San Diego and I still think like a New Yorker this feels like a very convenient backpack to carry all my writing supplies in and over here this looks like it would be for in iPad it's cloth it's soft and it's cushy but I actually use it for magazines I don't know if you guys know this I'm a huge magazine junkie um so there was actually some really good deals on magazines as well so Entrepreneur Magazine has a really great deal so it is clean eating and let's see what else do I use women's health um Oprah always a good fun magazine tea time and shape magazine and of course Discover Magazine where I actually find a lot of great ideas for my paranormal science fiction ideas for my book so that's pretty much it we're down to the wire if you want to look on your own just make sure you go to Amazon and then click on Prime Day deals scroll over here to the left and make sure to uncheck missed I don't know why they want to tell you about missed deals that seems kind of annoying but you want to see only active and upcoming deals and then you could shop within here within each of these different categories you can shop by prize I don't know why they say prime eligible pretty much almost everything is prime eligible within here and that's pretty much it so good luck and happy shopping

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    Much better! Thank you. 😊 This was an interesting video, I enjoyed it! That rocket book looked really cool. 😏

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