various performers: "15 Minute Coffee Haus" XX-XX-1990 Middle East (part 1)

various performers: "15 Minute Coffee Haus" XX-XX-1990 Middle East (part 1)

well this will be okay I'll speak Russian to the mind I brought my performance art kit I can talk about many things hospitality circuses small paper cups excuse me that happens sometimes small paper cups rubber stamps or hospitality services does anyone have a preference you want to know what have hospitality services yeah I've been working in hospitality services since 1987 I got my first job in hospitality services at the Westin Hotel in Boston qapla place Winston and that was in 1987 in the spring of 1987 and all summer long I was going through a difficult time as far as my mental health I don't really know the reasoning behind all but things were very strange now and struggling so part of my illness or what I believe to be part of my illness was to just invade other people so I would go I had the keys to every room in a two thousand room hotel okay I would let myself in and try other clothes and I love the women you know I've heard any kind of shitty hotel they had these beautiful ball gowns all the time in the closets and I would just look at it like wow I'll never have anything like this you know my whole life so I would put it on very quickly and just sir like those around the room full-length mirror you know the sliding glass doors full-length mirror and then I hear a knock on the door and get my friend Stuart's and she Xin ru in this room she are you add again Oh he would catch me sometimes dipping into the bar sometimes instead of trying if it was close I would like each room had a little mini refrigerator with nips and like snacks I would dip into that bar and I'd like sit in front of it and weep and this is true I was in front of it and weep and he'd knock on the door and she are you in there are you back again and you would come in the room with his passkeys and he would bar me weeping in front of this tiny little refrigerator filled with nips and snacks and I would be like I'm sorry I I need to pee it's okay pat me on the back and say after work I'll buy him flowers and I said no no it's not gonna work this time and I said I know I know a piece of fruit and it did it got me back together and we'd finished the day of work and felt my first experience in hospitality service do care for me to continue my second job in hospitality services came in 1988 and this was at the Needham Sheraton which I still am fluent there little I can say about this year I still have the keys to every room but the only thing I'm really interested in looking at now since I'm not in the same mental state is the magazines people kubera strange magazines there it's primarily a business hotel they keep things like oh well I can't even remember but they've got lots of grass and you know like men wearing glasses with their feet on the desk you know like the executive man like this could be you you consider and make lots of money do nothing which is what I used to do at the hotel I would sit around at my desk and do close to nothing until some people here know the hairy story Harry was hired in January of 1990 yeah he was hissing Harry Harry was a nightmare and I had to fire him but I needed like grounds to fire and it it took lots of time to do my job and I have to do his and also be honest I know a lot this isn't gonna be funny yeah I'm going to try I'm going to drop it small paper cups okay um I'm interested in small paper cups I'll show them to you I like not um they depict scenes from The Wizard of Oz and they tell a little story about the Wizard of Oz on your side this one says Dorothy I mean the Scarecrow and door to discover that the Wizard is really an ordinary man and there's a picture been looking behind the curtain just like the movie just like the madman this one has the flying monkeys on it the Wicked Witch sends the winged monkeys to bring Dorothy and the ruby slippers back to her these cups I don't I am a great affection for them I have had them for about three weeks and I really feel that they're they're mine in every way I made a fountain I made a film about them I don't know much about their history like they just sort of came to me via Connecticut they were there born in Connecticut and they were brought to me I chatted up a lot I made a film titled the small paper cups and I told everyone what a great project it was and and really hyped it up but I'm a hoaxer I was lying about the whole thing I didn't I wasn't working on the film when so when the cups came to me I had to do it and now I made it and it's shown and everything's okay thank you very much [Applause] yes we have Clark Williams [Applause] I think this is I couldn't get any tapes and yeah this huh this arm is working Tec I'm gonna do a little light on this subject right here I got some sensitive poetry I want to reach him now I'm a member of a performance-art organization called the crab a which amateur course our theatre and my partner couldn't show tonight so I decided to read a little poetry from media stars of the seven years this is from my private collection and if you didn't know there was a big movement around 1978 for a lot of television stars and movie stars some stuntmen – got into a lot of poetry to sort of balance their lives a little bit yeah the New Age movement pretty much [Applause] yeah the book itself is called touch me in first poem is called touch me touch me it's secret places no one has reached before in silent places where words only interfere in Santa places we're only whispering makes sense touch it touch me in the morning when the night still clings admit day when confusion crowds upon me Twilight as I begin again to know who I am in the evening when I see you and I hear you best of all like a child arms a woman who is known enough pain to love a mother who sometimes is strong enough to give [Applause] I'm gonna skip that next one and go to my absolute favorite by her you I read this once every night before I go to bed I like the gentle quiet loneliness of being alone because there's no one special now no replacable like before I have some freedom some chance to be men there are only voices now the names responses I like the gentle quiet loneliness of being alone although I thought a friend last night and almost called but I decided not to because my hair needed washing and I don't know well knowing that someday soon something will grow until everything's right not dramatic glances crossed caps to cross crowded rooms I'm nearsighted anyway boy knowing that I will see in a special way a little okay this next poem is a love poem by a favorite of mine all of these are are the cream of the crop by the expensive library of this stuff and there's some good stuff and there's some bad stuff like you know you got your Ruth Buzzi easier your wig Martindale's and then they try they got a Fran Tarkenton who was the host of a show called that's incredible the late 70s and he was also star quarterback never never won a football will you call it never won a Superbowl but he was a damn good performer and a narrator for this program and this poem is called love over easy here lie the tattered pages of the stages of a love I've lived my life with many endings someday I'll have a happy one wandering wandering searching finding experiencing and cherishing losing every sentence into a period a period of my life seems to end the malady of our society is loneliness we are also have I exhausted all my resources and sources or am I just desired transitions here to bear now to them today to tomorrow we're all transients in this world I've lost love and I found it so often I've established a lost-and-found Department in the store of my life the two ages but my life revolve leaving witted and living without death is life without loved can a song be a love song if there's no one to sing it to I'll keep singing my song maybe I'll find somebody who cares about it how do you need our vegan lady I just need a co store now think about that who was on that who's in that program with him Kathie Lee Crosby now just pay attention keep her in your mind while I read the rest of the poem it's getting pretty bad when a long-term relationship is a telephone call all I have is today with the hopes of tomorrow if you will be my today maybe you will become my tomorrows today you are stranger but a delightful one can you take today for the mutual pleasure it has given and wait for tomorrow to find what gifted may bring I hope we are among the fortunate thing who will have after this beautiful today many tomorrow's together love is a bond liking and caring are the torch of solar of excuse me the torch I saw there that make the bond before loving you you must fall in light with each moment you come to me more than me and perhaps I too you with time this being involved can be evolved time is all I have to spend a minute say it is a minute earned don't waste me once in a while I meet somebody is so right for me that it scares me scary Carrie [Applause] your place or mine why not ours I've known existing with you I've discovered being when I wake up with you beside me I know I can make it through the day knowing I receive the same gift tomorrow for breakfast waking up with you is like a new beginning I can now be content alone because I know that you think about me when we're are together you have given me a quiet place to live within the shelter of your love how do I like my love over easy [Applause] but it comes out scrambled do you know what I'm talking about other women or mechanics to me I pull into one of their garages when you drive me too hard I have so many moods that I think I've invented new ones I change moods as often as you change your mind why is it when I reach out to you all I get is your answering service I dreamed about you last night but it scared me I don't understand it was a beautiful dream maybe it scared me because because it was a dream morning without you why am I so important to you that you had to take enough time to hurt me how many trophies do you need doors are closing walls are rising I'm hiding again until the cuts and wounds turn into scars everyone seems to be so concerned with themselves that they really can't care I guess I'll just pretend that I don't care if they don't care but I do dammit waiting the clown wasn't being me but but at least I wasn't being me with the others I couldn't be heard except by myself everyone has to be someplace welcome to the place for those who have nowhere to go I wish they would never have to write about losing again that's morbid writing about writing about losing for the few reflections of bitterness I plead temporary insanity Fran Tarkenton yeah I got a few poems that I dug up from eight with gonna borrow from a friend of mine as you well know was the star of Barney Miller and his own program called fish this is called typhoon II the very young he bent over to steal the boys white lily the smell of fresh paint the naked noon solitaire white lily the girl pool ally remembered some jerking him off in the alley the neighborhood Punk's taking it in their mouth vanishing two other arms crocodile Billy gone J minions from the water Sakura Blue Bear blue drawers left in the dream taking it dry asset to the community these boys are like a fresco open mouth wolf life disintegrating in a hot liquid of their own blood invented the cut-up technique Burroughs has copied and put anything in my mouth I've got this television gig you know you can have that this is another able to go to pony and they probably will think as if Burroughs bone – it's called know jump jump no junk I have no crystal today the school buses the cars the lessons that teach walking other days I used to tie ribbons and dolls hair but now I put the plastic arms and legs and pigeons that fill the water when it rains this dirt shoe will fill my foot you can't have everything you how much time do I have all right how much okay I have to get this poem out of the way I know you all like Lee Majors but he was a really terrible poem writer but I wanted to just to show you what what he's done this is a really obscure book even though it's about 500 pages of stuff like this this is called it's wonderful to be in love suddenly the whole world sings and all the songs are written just for you and all the love poems to at night you have the most lovely dreams and in the daytime too sometimes you feel like Romeo sometimes you feel like Caesar at one moment you're a child again and the next year is oldest Adam there are times when you sure that if you stood on tiptoe you can touch the sky at times when you feel so small when you're together nothing else matters and when you're apart nothing else matters either all sorts of silly things can make you laugh or cry sometimes you're never sure when sometimes you're sure that the whole wide world must know the way you feel and so you play the clown just to hide it a little bit it's wonderful to be in love isn't it okay I got two more poems left I saved the good ones for last I don't know if you can all see the picture but Nita I say who this is bye even evil and this homes called why it seems that wherever in the world I go no matter who nor what I know people will look and some of them stare and I wonder if they really care they see this cane with its golden crown some of them smile but most of them frown I hear them laugh I see them cry no matter what they always ask why why why well I'm just like you and you and you and you and your wife we all have a special purpose in life this way of life I'm glad I found for you like you I to make the world go round oh yes we're all alike yes we are we all have a dream on some faraway star for me when it's all over and done at the end of the day my men go relax but I go pray for I know that tomorrow at some other place I'll have to fear back into face could it be the quest for money or fame oh no no to play with my life is not much of a game it's what I want that a want that's so dear it's giving me faith I can face the fear oh yes I do think about a day in life when a fate came along and struck my way each time it's happened they've all said lucky the guy's not dead and they were right but I wanted to get up and try it again I kept telling myself and I knew I could win so I closed my eyes to the lure and I pray Oh help me God let me walk someday and he did every stitch on every scar has brought me closer to that dream of far to be a man to do my best to stand alone is my only quest success is a term that has broad use for having none in life there is no excuse for you what I do is not right but for me it's not wrong what I've been trying to tell you all along it got to be you ask why well just like you I got to be me okay got a quick one got a quick one it's like about three haikus combined to give it this is handed to me by some Street crazy so I don't know if it actually is a poem by Gary Coleman but said Gary Coleman on it so I figured might as well read it he was on a Diff'rent Strokes you probably remember that program this is called the crash course at democracy maverick for life whimsical deprivation hold forth the banister glossy cheek Timmy count your blessings on the advocates of manifest pant suit 12 sizes too large but I guess that the only thing that matters really is the way you spit it up thank you [Applause] you know I forgot to tell everybody here that the order of things happening tonight are not as they are printed on your schedule because someone didn't want to go at 10:15 so we moved them up to 10 o'clock and then that person wanted to go later so there are lots of changes to accommodate everybody and now I hope everybody's happy is everybody happy [Applause] another thing is for those of you who don't know me my name is angie rocket and i am your emcee for this evening Tootie's actually my name is misspelled again every time I made gets printed on something it is misspelled but it is with two tees next we have bet bail stress turkeys is entitled tough meat and sweet potatoes or toughness and sweetness a tent to meet [Applause] hello [Applause] some synonyms or love adore teres poor meaning to feel loved or strong affection for loved their children love one spouse love is the most neutral add or stresses great devotion adore one's parents used in an informal sense it merely means to like very much adored scheme cherish emphasize lose tender care cherish the baby as if it were their own cherished their antes the opposite of course is hate can this lower okay cold soup drop the rotating mend the therapist the negligent parents the disloyal friends into the leftover refrigerated wit words that have been poured into a diet kool-aid plastic pitcher with an old hair dye stain wooden spatula stir the contents both the live and drowned will float to the surface de spice in typical forest then as you fight nausea pour it all into the sink making sure every last plop flops out don't bother with the strainer the garbage disposal will do its job as soon as you flip the switch the tough guy this is for two with my friends Derek and Susan not together but just the first time I've read this in public so uh I'm nervous anyway but it gives me another reason uh why is this tough guy being so tough hyper as a bleeding ulcer I could melt his iron heart if I wanted and he would be liquids but what kind of marriage would it bring a rollercoaster ride in the air off the rails and in horrifying underwater deaths a drowning pierced lips and bitter withdrawal the deep forceful voice without other effects hard crinkled aluminum encrusted eyes they can turn red and water on cue at the mention of god this man who fears the sacrilegious humor because it might drag him down to godless corruption yeah he's sensitive and emotional clear Finger Lakes of soothing strokes he's full with faith dense old mountains sun-warmed rock ledges to sit on in viewing comforts his humerus has laughing unpredictable gentle winds blowing my long uneven streaming hair he's strong with fireplace marble blends and he's mistakenly assuming his strength should be universal he's an exploding volcanic island in a passion of birth to watch him makes me drop into deep slumber with no air left for my fire when he is burning with beginnings there isn't the enchanting pause in time for mutual appreciations so I stepped back to let him burn wildly boiling the water surrounding him raising thick blinding steams snapping with increasing volumes yelling into the night but he took with him the heat that warm to me [Applause] affection a fond or tender feeling toward another emotion a pathological mental or physical condition the act of influencing or acting on the state of being influenced or acted on an attribute mental tendency or disposition affectionate having or displaying affection strongly or favorably disposed [Applause] that's what you say we don't want no revolution that's what you say that's what you say but I don't want your pity all I want is revolution revolution revolution turn this around and around [Applause] you know how long it takes to find something in a dictionary tender easily crushed or bruised fragile easily – door cut having a delicate quality young and vulnerable physically frail weak sensitive to frost or severe cold easily hurt painful sore gentle and solicitous expressing gentle emotions loving given to sympathy or sentimentality soft scrumptious likely to lean under sail crank to make tender to treat with tender regard little lights on the audience please just up a little thank you miss Potato Head this is a rap poetry performance about the post performance poetic rap got there by Miss potato had the performance our rap consult here take some epsom salt and some ants and take that with melted chocolate and a white rabbit [Laughter] don't confront me cuz you'll stop me put me in a straitjacket cuz I'll snap back like a dragon a Snapdragon or a big yellow jacket don't stress me or undress me I don't want to be naked with a birthday cake head a neurological chemistry for nuclear physics ain't no kicks don't take away my emotional rates or a bite show with venom bright red hair henna blood will drip from your denim well I'm bleeding in a Nazi high chair separate that you love me from what I did care then tell me tell me your feelings about my actions and which actions sweeter tough fluff or rough there'll be saliva satisfactions tell me your thoughts from during my actions and which actions your journal entries of memories dreams reflections and esoteric inventions tell me the seeming meaning or political leaning of my actions and which actions did you deconstruct it as contrived constructionist contemporary convoluted compromise concocted and communists just ain't in anymore tell me from the seeming steamy meaning if you think you do or don't agree with me share your passions tell me if there was cohesion during the piece of season for you tell me your feelings and I will appreciate you tell me your thoughts and I will you tell me your reading of the meaning and I'll benefit from you then I can gauge my actions and create new actions tell me about you and I will know you gently caress me with who you are tell me how you Reaper formants are with your heart and I will love you love you love you and tell you to Commission about 10 minutes or so while happy the clown sets up [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] this this first one is a a one-act play in one part on a three by five card if it actually happened we lived in an apartment where there were some people who can get along above us as a family and they spent all the time hating each other and yelling at each other and we lived with it until we couldn't deal with it anymore cops came to our house and motorcycles are catching on fire in the driveway and stuff and it was just that so the dramatic persona in this play are the hag who is the greater great Gila monster chain-smoking woman propel the daughter of okay there were a little background they're redecorating their basement they're making entertainment side what you saving it for my Bicentennial what's the big deal lousy bucks for a piece of the next next thing is a poem about my old boss the secret when I put all these things together you know it came out sounding like you know all these experiences that are having negative ones there are a lot of positive ones interspersed but these poems haven't come out this is about my my old boss it was a high tech company and he was sort of a high high tech bamboozler he'd he put together these proposals that the customer wouldn't exactly understand but you know that they buy it anyway there's a book high-tech and the guy was a real user he'd he'd make you work 60 70 hour weeks and pay you 40 so it's poem is called meet my boss I wrote meet my boss he has an irritating voice and a shading smile he's got a charming little chocolate breath pungent and vile with accusing sidelong glances and incessant grading whines at lunchtime he will seek you out and delegate Lizzy diamonds he'll bring you heaps of documents and wave his tiny hands with buzzword knowledge of what he scammed he formulates his demands he'll point to this and point to that and stab at what's highlighted and every time you see his sneering face we've got to act delighted for it perchance your loathing shows and does not escape detection he'll ditch for months about your attitude and direction he speaks to you when you're seated while he mount all our stands crowded at you your cubicle he issues his demands on and on long past the time he's out of things to say long past the time he's horse he'll stop mid-sentence cause then pee himself in order to prolong his captivating intercourse aren't you guys done yet we're really pressed for time do you work quickly see you can help me with wine it's a firm deadline you know so everyone will stay it's all going to be finished by the next business day there was an ounce oh yeah here why don't you also look at this this is something I don't want you to miss the work is a team no one's gonna go home okay hold on per minute okay my wife is on the phone right right yeah right yeah yeah I'll see you in a few first I gotta tell everyone here what I want them to do if I don't hold our hands if I weren't always on top nothing would get done since everything would stop these guys would just wander the putter and it'll be difficult with tick tick er an amble they thought would fiddle by God above I swear what I've messed things would be it would all be in shambles if it were not for me I let everyone know that I have enough power that I give the raises and I set the hours they write me mails to do what I say they come up and ask me what I think is okay okay all right yeah okay yeah yeah I'll see you in a few as soon as I tell everyone just what to do someone will be responsible for each action item I'll break down the tasks and let you guys divide up I know this product is gonna be great the stuff that you've done is all been first-rate the end is in sight but my dinners getting cold so okay is there anything else that you need to be told I'll leave my phone number in case you're in doubt that way there'll be no excuse if you can't figure it out I went graphs and numbers figures and tables charts and statistics and long-winded fables you know what I want now so start earning your pay and have it all done by the next business day bye bye say as best as I can trying to get away from this man good night he says it looks down at the floor then folding his arms he stops to think to think just a little bit more out of gas at long long last he finally turns away as he heads for the lot you can see in his face there's something something important he is sure there is something important that he forgot to say [Applause] this one is a love poem but it's sort of a joke love poem there's a person right here at this very table who was new to town and wasn't going out with anyone and so we had a Valentine's win a date with Jared so he he got a couple of couple of sincere ones some good ones and then he got a bunch of dope ones and this is one of the joke ones that I wrote Oh Jared Oh Jared Oh Darren Darren Darren my love you play your guitar like the angels above your sock man you smile makes my warm blood race like grievant my dreams as I feel your embrace to touch you to hold you to go to your geeks to be alone with bone wood and later on talk of the phone with you with your Valentine's Day [Applause] this one I'm gonna make it short because I was gonna tell a shaggy dog story but we're running late so I clip it cuz it's an open-ended one maybe you can come to a party sometime in my place and I'll tell the shaggy dog story so this is my my statement of purpose to go to art school which a lot of you know I just finishing a master's in computer science and people are saying why you're on a hard school and you know like Evel Knievel so there's my statement of purpose this is an official document wiggle wiggle wiggle II wiggle II wiggle err wriggling Fiddler's twisting squirmer busy busy busy buddy business yep right this way what's your purpose just who are you anyway hi how do you do Oh damned if I don't I couldn't have said what I said any better myself and I won't [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] can you hear me okay cause it's not [Applause] check check check check see this my my little better little better which one four five point at it shouldn't take long it doesn't matter you know people want to listen we'll listen people who are lollipop at school this first one is called almost fourth of July somebody told me the devil's like a Springsteen tyler's and I said sorry about that so no one take offense they're wet oil palm on my son's back slack and white it's fair skin exposed and heat and glare my head spins briefly here my husband's hand over briefly here my husband's hand over mouth radio capital whale on the beach whale on the beach I swing my hips to water's edge and steep like a teabag in the cold see my little boy oblivious my hero his chief father raked pebbles and straw like the moon rocks the three of us lie on the deserted beach I think of big stakes chopping blocks bull's-eyes I was just doing this thing over at MIT the performance thing and we were talking earlier tonight about cemeteries and funeral rolls we wait don't ask me how we got on that this is for some of those people who I was talking about that with an elegy process horn smoke speech process form smoke hunger process form smoke change process form change idle process religion hunger form the process of religion hungers perform you will spend long nights tapping out every rhythm you have ever heard I finally decided to chuck it all and leave have you lost your change form title have you risen past two points where change form idle translate into yearning every day I walk by the place where her soul was sucked up and gone I want to know what is the impulse behind visiting someone's grave I've never done anything like that is it more meaningful not the place of violent jerkings of the tearing of the spirit but the other the cemetery a place of forgetting and remembering I keep trying to picture how it happened as if that might get me closer to it there is only one thing behind before the quick flutter of the heart before the impatient tap of the fingers there are two ways to leave naturally unnaturally as darkness waits just outside of the windows [Applause] Kristallnacht krishnalanka was the night of smashing windows that's right Kristallnacht brought down sorry Kristallnacht rage of son brought down smothers the beds scattered feathers and remains of something human the distinction of each thing in its own white cup of snow each to each step we take toward forgetting memorizing nothing committing nothing to speech may lie mute if we dream and forget what we dreamed forget the voices that said move into the showers for delousing we live continuous moments we live continuous lives forgetting and powered into the future our past lives between the pages of a book shtetl ghetto shove the littered past covered with blank snow fog lights maneuvered we moved towards the showers somehow I felt pushed to one side and later was used to pull bodies from the mass graves the mask of light common indifference bearing the stamp the brute kick the quick kill we moved toward that unknown Berlin 1936 a shattering then the shuttered windows [Applause] last time I read this one someone came up to me afterwards and we're talking and they said so how old is your son and I let them down have a son I don't know how I got this but I guess it's possible this one's called my father's arms in the backseat hilarious all I heard were eight cylinders roaring through my fever in the front seat my two elder brothers hugged the dashboard song before long we would reach Lake Powell and spend the night on a dark wood dock to fish for the unsleeping cart under the humming light meanwhile he sat in back looked out knowing as a passed by it was leaning forever this place this time our lives like this our loss wasn't turning into man to touch only in the brief clutch of grief or stiff embrace and coming home again I was 10 that year we cannot first come than the unknowingly all first after what is retaliated against these things have gone on in every generation only the place has changed there are those victims some help others are idle some care about nothing themselves we ran through the smoke-filled tunnel conditions of every generation heartsick that this many had to die she is young poverty has already claimed her others are vital from inability for lethargy we see this in every generation some care only about tunnels about getting to another place they were infested and somewhere comatose she was young and still sleeping poverty like smoke covered everything we kept running but carrying the sounds in front of us that should have been behind us we cared what we were subjugated our hands and tied no one thought that that much was worth anything we wanted to get to another place there was a way but we ran thinking there were more of them the tunnel was covered over by some we couldn't tell we ran heard sounds before we arrived that goes that should have been behind us no one could tell how long she had been lying there fear tied our hands they ran in front of us but it was too late others have filled sacks of contaminated water they did not know this we could have said something we ran in something like smoke unsure our hands tied sounds coming from in front of us like echoes that should have been behind in every generation it is the same the faces are often much the same poverty a look of anguish on her face as she slept place has changed but conditions remain so we ran some for help some of our hands were tied some stumbled is that the smoke conditions for every generation and denial subjugation of elimination many were claimed already it sounds came from in front of us they were not echoes this many had to die she holds on her hand contaminated water leaked all over the ground to get to another place was worth this we stumbled some of our hands were tired after this we will no longer speak to each other the same way the place has changed if it is the same in every generation I changed this around before you came so I'm trying to figure out what I've changed around in a false darkness we listen to the whispers of both wood on smooth stone we take towards morning confused our own names foreign on our lips caught in this bed were like strangers who don't know how to say who we are where we've been what it means to be here our faces like the baffled women in the marketplace when we ask for more fruit than a point to each glowing clump but we don't know how to say this one here or that one there so we speak with our hands damn see air blends with the scent of crushed grapes beneath us every cellar pulls clusters of them like tiny glistening lamps too through streets like catacombs wordless shapes vanish into the closed mouths of doorways it is the same way each night in autumn all hanging vines are taking down pressed fresh down one alley there is a throw of life on cobblestones from an open door with inside a husband and wife worked a winepress by bulb light they said nothing both natural in the movements he and after work clothes and sandals unclamp the lid his wife pushed the bird stands twigs and berries into the open end he shut it tight spun the nut and torqued the handle he eased into the push and pull until a black juice rushed through the slats and they were staying with it a rich berry read under clothes on their hands in the stark light she said nothing they watched him from behind a few graves tumbled to her mouth three do you hear the silence so loud sum total it swallows all we say devouring each word and the uncivil darkness on our faces of Braille of confusion both so coldly male/female there are things not said things we must bring back it is this not the myth of husband and wife but how they work together I must enter there and be accepted back not as a god or some proud hero but as a man torn frightened wanting to learn carefully its gently this graves taken down from trellises yeah yeah I'll bed down that work out okay how many people how many people know the swallow will tell you how many know it [Applause] okay I'm gonna need your help on this one here's the chorus you just sing along for milkshakes you got that one more time if you're gonna have to do this small plan [Applause] oh no crap auto crash Lehman's ever I prove those calls even for milkshakes just say that I love Oh you really made me work what can I do for you [Applause] autocrat wanna tell you thank you to everybody putting your son chaos by Hakeem Bay [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] beautiful feel the breeze impressions here's a leaves rustling in the tree let's listen Nancy says go with my ice cream bar photocells to ice cream bars [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] do you know the way to the egg farm can you tell us how to get to be a farmer indeed come with us and show us the way to the egg farm where life is beautiful they'd be brown what log extra-large all your needs are met on the egg farm all are welcome you and you and you what size is your shoe and you over there come with us but you must go now while there still is time but first bring us meat meat for the journey meat so that we get is strong yes bring us me and you and I shall wander down the long road to the egg farm light of hot foot refresh the merged arm and arm but you must go now it's imperative rise up in weakness oh now go go to the egg farm you with you and you with your size 11 shoes and you over there get up and go now get up off of your chairs raise your dusty heads and go for these matches at the mass Avenue leave go to the egg farm go down [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so to know anything you first have to know what it isn't that really and truly believe what something isn't then you're on the way there knowing what it is so for that hang that moment right here now we meatball fluxes have discovered the source of all knowledge and therefore the source for self-realization and personal fulfillment and we're going to share that knowledge with you and then we're going to use that source using this thing we come up here so I want to present to you ladies and gentlemen the source for all knowledge and you know your place in this world you must first believe and know what no it's not so or move the way the truth and the light [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] no he's not and are inside the time lots of that's a short night with meatballs Lexus with from thank you working Providence Rhode Island will base that out of a s 220 which is an alternative space and gallery weather every Saturday night we do a thing called cavalry of the oven almost come down and tricks out something we'd like to thank would we like to thank Helen Robbo in the Middle East before we go on to our last thing introduce the group alphabetically in reverse order starting on my right Roberto Franco on guitar joker [Applause]

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