Vinyl Community – 10 artists I have seen live, a thread response to Black Beans And Rice

Vinyl Community - 10 artists I have seen live, a thread response to Black Beans And Rice

everybody is Richard here again and welcome to another video I thought it would jump in this thread that's going around I think it was started up by black beans and rice tan bands or artists that you've seen live and to show Tim albums by them I thought yeah it's pretty good so I'll start off with a very first concert I ever been to and I've got some tickets here I don't have them all like I wish I had kept them all but I haven't and that is back in 1881 excuse me an Ulster Hall and Belfast I saw the kinks and this was the album that have been released it's a live album about six months before I actually saw them this is one for the road which is double live album and yeah at the time of seeing them I knew the kinks singles we had electric greatest hits LP Plus this other sort of double compilation with sort of half hits half LP tracks so I was well aware of quite a bit of their sixties material and so whenever I saw the concert I knew you loved the songs they did play some of the big heads and they actually followed this album quite closely but they did add some songs that I remember the death of a climb and they also did a well-respected man which was great I keep saying that's one of the best concerts I've ever been to as it was my first concert I was only 15 years old and I was crowned upright at the front of the stage and you know you could actually lean on the stage there was no sort of get between the crowd on the stage he could actually lean on the stage and I just remember the energy of Ray Davis he was jumping around something wild it was great great night Dave Davis fantastic guitarist so that was the kinks from nineteen and eighty-one so the next one 1983 and it's the big one for me I got to see David Bowie life in June 1983 and obviously he was touring the last dance album it was a Murrayfield Stadium in Scotland and it was fantastic concert but the only problem was there were no screens so but we was a potent outsize whenever you're sitting in the stands and but still the set was immense on considerest 1983 most of the material obviously came from his true glory or switch for the 1970s plus four songs from the last I fell but fantastic fantastic concert and I did get to see him live again in 87 which wasn't quite as good Cecilie the kinks I got to see them live again about ten years after they weren't as good either next up 1984 and I want to see in my hometown the Smiths and this was around the time of the released their compilation album hatful of hollow amazing concert the highlight for me was them doing this charming man where the the intro guitar part was done by Johnny Marr which is not on this album here I couldn't believe it scene it was the probably one of the first bands that I fold really from the start and I got to see them late again as well but about time and 84 whenever you want their concert like that a lot of people thought no the Smiths were of that punk generation which they weren't and and the double a lot of people were spitting on more say you know because that's the way the permits did it was not very nice and he walked off stage and we had to try and cook some Bible but it did eventually come on and the sweating stopped so great concert loved at 1984 this mess 1985 I don't have ticket for and I thought of it through this woman just laughs I went to see she wore a head and they were brilliant they had their Teddy Boy it fits no lon and they must have it in the late thirties at the time because it was 85 they're long gone pasture or hay day but they're still so energetic they were throwing each other a bite and they played all the hits and I thought it was just a really good rock and roll concert and I saw them in Korean as well see MKS University of Austria Korean scene with this mess so that was 1985 also and well no it's actually 1986 is the next one and the Kings fall in Belfast I got to see if you can see herb well that's Elton John and again he was turning this album it's not as best album this as I saw on fire but he was absolutely amazing I couldn't believe how good on the piano he was I even did that you know almost I don't know I did a plan of backwards and so forth it was nearly lying on his back playing the piano as well and he went through all the heads they actually did the concert such a way that he started chronologically and worked his way up but throwing a few of these songs in here which worked okay but a mason concert and he still had the voice and he still had the ability to sing in falsetto as well and some of the songs so it's up forward for seven high pitched mi so Elton John's 1986 great concert next up and in nineteen and it be when all society with dollars eighty seven series seven yeah as a cell October 1987 we can't see that but guarantee is Bob Dylan and he was this was a pretty easily sex album knocked out loaded and so on Edie Wembley Arena and he was supported by Tom Petty and Heartbreakers and roger McGuinn and he was excellent it really was the real highlight for me with roger McGuinn no because i had the birds whistle p any more or less played the whole album i thought it was fantastic I didn't know Tom Petty as well then I got into Tom Petty after the concert but still enjoyed it but was weird to see Bob Dylan live in concert in 1987 ok next I'm going to have to show some CDs we're getting in the CD age and this is a ticket for you can't see it either but as fresh squeezed in 1995 and this is just before they were releasing this album ridiculous I hadn't obviously I hadn't been released I didn't all the songs but I do remember they played a new song and that made me really want to buy this album I was called I want you fantastic and they played quite a bit of their previous album some fantastic players which is one of the best albums as well and the thing that got to me about squeeze I could not believe how good a guitarist Glenn Talbot was absolutely brilliant a really really good concert Ulster Hall although it was a sat down concert that was still excellent and I've seen them again since it wasn't quite as good even though it was the sium the same place they played Ulster Hall it just wasn't as good then next up again I don't have a ticket for this I thought I did but I don't know Paul Heaton and Jack yeah but I saw them I was 2014 this Kim I'd this is their their debut album and this ranks along with the kinks as one of my favorite concerts they did a few songs off this album they also did quite a few of the big hits of the beautiful side I was just hoping and praying that they would do this all one last love song which they did grreat and then they did some of the big hits of the Housemartins and Paul Hayden is such a great frontman he's such an entertainer he does know how to entertain Aykroyd brilliant and I've seen them twice since that I saw them on the tour in the next album laughter wisdom and lies and it's what we call it an honest own turn their final album well their last album which is called a Khalifa number name of it but I sold twice out for this brilliant concert and would go again I'm a Webelos the chronology is gone here a bit so we're going back a couple of years we'll go back to 2013 and I see I saw out a month life in Belfast he was good um II really concentrate this is the album whose turn with the month is the blue black hazhar and marring the governor's daughter it's not about album but is slightly under recorded I think they played a few songs office but II really concentrated on is late seventies material is punk stuff like the dirt wears white socks on the singles on the B states around that time as well as adding a few from kings of the wave front here and obviously from Prince Charming but a very very good concert again he was full of energy he was in his fifties at the time I think he's still in his fifties but only just maybe turn 69 but yeah really good thoroughly enjoy it again is one I've always wanted to see which leaves one more and this was actually again going back to 2012 this is the second time I saw this bond this is the Proclaimers I'm going again September for the third time and this is the album they toured which was like comedy which features a fantastic spinning around in there oh these guys are great they're no-nonsense fellows they come on in the jeans and their t-shirts and they deliver a set and a similar heart so everybody who's home really happy unforced brilliant bond again account with the seed in the September there's a lot more to this bond than letter from America and I want to be 500 miles we're 200 miles wherever the heck is called yeah brilliant bond and so these in 2012 so that's it that's might and would be enjoyed doubt and hope you toss it okay bye bye


  • Rob Walker let the music play says:

    Hi Richard I’ve not seen any of the artists you went to see though they are all great . I missed out on the kinks but I have this thing that I don’t really want to see artists second time around I’d loved to have seen them in about 1969… the smiths is a great gig to go to . I was a fan from 1983 but I could never get a ticket to see them thanks for sharing

  • David Heafield says:

    Generally speaking how was Ulster served on the touring front through the 70’s and 80’s ?

    I was living in S.Wales and looking back Cardiff Top Rank Club was very good for getting current bands to go there on the touring circuit , I benefited through their quite lax admittance policy on being underage and the ability to afford a ticket because of my £1 a day , seven days a week milk-boy wage….I would catch a train to Cardiff from Pontypridd and caught most of the big-name punk era bands….a great time to be 14-15

    Other Cardiff venues of the time was the Sophia Gardens where I caught Siouxie and Banshees , supported by The Cure where Robert Smith played twice , once for the Cure and again for the Banshees straight afterwards ….Boomtown Rats were surprisingly brilliant and The Tubes with the full blown stage show

    Thank you £1-a-day-milk-round

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