– I’m a member and program director at The Robbin Gallery, in Robbinsdale, and I am a professional working
artist and I exhibit in galleries around the Twin Cities. I got two degrees here at North Hennepin, an A.S. Degree in graphic
design, and an A.F.A. in studio arts. – We have, at North Hennepin, foundation courses in drawing, painting, photography, sculpture 3D, and, most recently, ceramics. We pride ourselves in teaching
these foundation courses for our students experiencing
a two-year program, then hope that they can pass
on into a four-year school, perhaps a Master’s,
or, at least, enjoy art for the rest of their lives. – What I liked best about the program was the variety of mediums I got to work with, and the variety of classes
you have access to. You get a feel and taste of
a little bit of everything. – We also try to give our students opportunities in exhibiting locally, as well as at the school. We bring in outside
judges, once a year, for the annual student art show. These judges look at their
work, they critique their work, and, this way, the students get feedback that’s, I think, a reality base. – The faculty here are just like mentors. If you have a question, they
will go out of their way to work with you on it,
one-on-one, or give you that individual attention in the classroom. – One of the more gratifying aspects of teaching here at North Hennepin, and I think all the
faculty share this with me, is to see their students
leave the college, go on, and continue in the arts. It is this type of feedback
that we get from students that underscores, I think, our
success over these past years. – Before I came to North
Hennepin, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with my life, and didn’t know exactly what
kind of job I wanted to go out there and get. After being here, I really got inspired to do what I love, I kind of discovered what I loved. That just brought it all together for me.

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