Visual Composer 5 – What's New – Template Library, Save Rows & Sections as Templates

Visual Composer 5 - What's New - Template Library, Save Rows & Sections as Templates

hi and welcome to another episode of peace mag TV in today's video we're going to look at the new update to visual composer this is the new version 5 of visual composer and is a major revision so let's take a look at some of the new features that have been added to this new update so with any major revision the most important thing is what's been added what's been made better about probably the number one selling visual layout tool for WordPress so let's have a little look and take a look at the most important key features so you can see I'm on version 5.0 which has been released a couple of days ago so what I'm going to do is I want to jump in and we're going to create a new page and we'll start taking a look at what we can do inside that but before we do we've got one other thing we can do with the new version and if we just jump into visual composer we go to general settings we can now activate the software directly inside your installation of WordPress now this means that you can quickly go in manage your product license enable disable so you can swap it around so when you work on development server you can very easily activate it get the full power of visual composer and then when you want to move over you can simply deactivate it and then reactivate it on a new website now if we go to product license you'll see that we've now got the option to activate visual composer so what this is going to do is is going to connect this up to envato where we purchase visual composer from make sure you logged in to your account and then what I will do is just check that you have active licenses for visual composer and they'll ask you to choose which serial number so let's go through that process now and take a look at how easy it is to work with so we just click on activate visual composer that's going to go over ask us to confirm that we're happy with all these different things that WP bakery the develop as a visual composer and Envato are asking for with our account so we'll just say we'll approve that once that's done it'll take a couple of seconds it'll go over it'll find out any active visual composer licenses and then it'll give us the option to select those from a list available once you've found the one that we want we just simply click on activate and that will just go and check that make okay and you can see now we've got the option to deactivate visual composer so now with a full version fully licensed and active we can now access some of the extra new features that have been added to visual composer it's much the same as if you use slider revolution 5 they got a very similar system where you can open up the different themes and different layers you can download in different add-ons and things like that that are part of a commercial license which you don't get if you purchase it as part of a theme so that's something to bear in mind if you want all these extra features you are going to need to make sure where you've got a full license and not just part of a theme where you've got visual composer so bear that in mind so that's the first new addition so let's move on now to the next where we can take a look at how we can go in and take a look at these different layouts and we can access those with our full license ok so I created a new page ready to take a look at these new template options so all we need to do is just switch on the backend editor you can see we now got the normal layer that we used to we've got the same options for templates and if we click on that you can see we've now got a tab that has template library so we click on there you now see we've got a range of predefined layers which we can do two things to we can come down and we can take a look at what they look like by using the little magnifying glass or we can download those to start working with them so let's just go and take a look at some of these take a look what they look like so we're going to click on there we can see we've got a hero section with intro and you can see we can now take a look at exactly what's going to like look like if we like it we can download the template or we can just press back and we can go on audition a different one so let's come down and say let's say a fashion collection teaser and preview that one and there we go you can see that's what it looks like and once we hit download the template is then going to contact the servers download all the relevant pieces of data and once that's finished all we need to do is come back up to the top left hand corner click on the back arrow and you can see now we've got the option to access the library again all we've got the fashion collection teaser so we can click on that and we can insert that into a page and you see the layout is now all set up for us including the images so if we take a look we can preview that so let's just take a look you so we'll just simply click on the preview in the top right hand corner and you can see now we've got our new layout all set up for us with our images and text and so on in there let me just jump back in we will make any changes to any of this you can see we've got custom headings and that's all the set up in there we can easily come in we can change this custom headers to anything we want or we can come in and we can change the background image this being used on there or any of the other design options like the padding and so on the image that's used we've got control over all of that so it's a great starting point for be able to create layouts where you don't necessarily have a huge amount of time to look through and design anything from scratch so there's one new addition let's move on to the next one now following on from the predefined templates we've always been able to create templates that I'll entire page there with visual composer but one of the things that I've always found a little bit annoying and something that's kind of lacked behind on compared to other things like Elementor and some the other visual sort of layout plugins is the ability to save certain parts of your layout as a template so for example I've got this two column layout that I might want to use again and again and again and I just want to go through and change just the elements that are sitting inside it well I can now do that and it's quite easy to do all we need to do is come up to the Edit the row we can click on that and now we can do is we can come to the cog icon in the top right hand corner and you can see we've now got an additional option which is save as template now we've had save as preset and save as default before but they didn't do what we wanted to do we didn't want to save it as a preset or as a default to the setup so now the ability to save as a template we can do that so we can click and we can give it a name so we can call this whatever you want to lay it out there so I'm going to put a LM so I know it's an element as opposed to a full page layout and we put 50/50 column then whatever you kind of want hit Save Changes let's say we can now close that down if we want to we can easily come down now and we can go up to the template section and we can say we want to do the L 50/50 column so you can see we can now click on that and we've now got identical duplicate of just parts of the page this is a great way of quickly being able to build up a bank of predefined layouts actions that you want to mix and match without the need to save this entire page you can now save just those building block elements so I think that's a great addition as something that I know for myself I've been asking for for quite some time another new addition to visual composer 5 is another bank of icons that we can start to use so let's just come down and just add a new icon element and you can see we've always had font awesome and a few other libraries but we now have the material icon library so we can click on there that will then open up and give us the ability to choose from a whole range of icons that are all inside the material library so again you can see we've got all the same kind of options if we want we can easily click to insert our icon change the color the background shape the size alignment and so on all the different things that we've had in it for quite some time so that's another great Bank of icons we can use to expand the visual appeal of the website or the webpage that we're working on we also have the ability to easily apply CSS animation to any element or any widget in visual composer so you'll see that every dialog box will have a CSS animation drop down menu and you can click and you can see we have a whole range of different animation options available in there that now like I say can be apply to any element that builds up your page so that's it that's where we are with visual composer 5 there are some really good new enhancements in there some really nice little tweaks just to make the whole process of working with this software just a little bit more quick and intuitive and easy to work with and there we go that wraps up this look at version 5 of visual composer I hope you found this video useful hope is giving you insight into the new features have been added to this software if you did enjoy the video please give it a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button we can update all the new content we add every single week until next time take a


  • Richard Rossy says:

    Fonts in videos are way too small

  • Ricardo Rey L. says:

    I cant find a way to modify the pre defined individual boxes in the page, do i need to work with the code?

  • Ibrahim AL-Sharafi says:

    thanxxx alot : )

  • Murad Al_huttab says:

    ?I have one question please, how can i set up a language sd default

  • Balram Singh says:

    Have issue with wordpress website, Please contact me [email protected]

  • BPEEZY says:

    i bought a theme and it does not give me the license for it so do i have to buy it? or can i still use it?

  • Law2708 says:

    Ok I am looking at how to create the row selections as templates, but I dont know , nor do I see how to install or place them on a page. Can I get some help with that part plz?

  • ZT5 Entertainment says:

    3 minutes of talking about activation, what a fucking waste of time.

  • Lucas MORÁN says:

    Visual Composer
    donde lo puedo encontrar gratis este plugins.

  • Lucas MORÁN says:

    Visual Composer
    donde lo puedo encontrar gratis este plugins.

  • Ranezy Murray says:

    does visual composer creates custom functions in backend? ex: i need a site where the users are able to register, acess their own control panel, buy tickets online and follow their status, schedule things in their panel. i.e, site working as a system. does visual compoder creates these kind of functions?

  • Crowne Property Upgrades says:

    Saw video, loved it and thought id found Eureka.. however, I bought version 5 as to get template features, but it doesnt allow me to save page sections as templates, only rows and columns.. also fails to download library templates!! Im on WP 4.7.2, so im stuffed, cant find any fixes either 🙁
    Any help out there??

  • premier69 says:

    thanks again buddy! i really hope they're paying you for this.

  • Krystal Hooper says:

    What would you suggest for a Enterprise level store? I have to Migrate 10,000 products over and I have 500 designer lines that I carry. I need to Migrate my products and Shopify never provided me my API, so I tried to import my CSV file. I found that very time consuming, because the products never uploaded properly I used the WooCommerce one that is free, do I really need to use the WP commercial one for 200? Can I just use the 69.00 one? The CSS right click properties shows up on other websites where you can find out the properties they used to build their website and I uploaded the CSS from Chrome onto my desktop same as you would for google fonts. I need to create a A-Z designer link list inside the primary menu navigation or inside a custom heading in a Mega Menu. So what element in Visual Composer would I use?

  • john carol says:

    is this the best and simple visual composer out there or do you know any thing better ?

  • Larry McCauley says:

    What theme would you recommend using with visual composer? I ask as I came across visual composer bundled with a theme. However I've been warned not to purchase and upgrade VC as doing so might break the theme! So, are there themes that can adapt to VC updates seamlessly? Because those templates…and saving a particularly good bit of work as a template, look so very enticing!

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