VLOG #025 – Musicians + Cricket!?! Plus Special Guest Commentary from Joe 'JOboe' Harper

VLOG #025 - Musicians + Cricket!?! Plus Special Guest Commentary from Joe 'JOboe' Harper

I feel a bit stuffy this week so I think it's probably time for their biannual clean bath Robinette well I'm doing that though as I said last episode we had our first game of the season with the musicians Cricket Association this week so I've got a bit in-game highlights for you that you can watch while I'm getting on with this we had a lovely day down in plenty of getting in hi game against the opposition we play regularly and in my opinion there's nothing better on Sunday afternoon played a bit it quickly your mates so everybody in the sides and musician if you can't remember our last game we're on the average side of cricket so yeah we play village cricket really nice and friendly I tell you a bit of fun really you know in the park I'm gonna get this in the bath or you into it of highlights so we're at Parliament Hill for the mighty MCA against the salmagundi gardeners messes bends and Braithwaite go roll boys patting nice day for it here umpires on the way out wicket well they're stumped in the ground thirty five overs let's see how we go Ben's on strike how's that square leg umpire having a lovely chat already James not even begun uneventful three overs in those brand-new as well that was we have a dog on the pitch a post dogging for it's a very long single that is a very long single yep after much debate it has been upgraded to a four he goes over the boundary it is a four it was lying in the long grass from Ben's side well and then I'm going to do a bit of batting so commentary was taken over by Joe Harper who's obese he plays a stick but yeah he highlights with commentary from Joe Harper 20 overs in both bats looking very well set change a bowling skip to come on to try and buy our gear it's cool looking good 21 to 7 good start by the name polar some wheels compared to the previous polis solid for it defensive by James Navy just having a look in the new book good straight drive just for a single row takes a strike and a wonderful shot there dunk phrase clearing the rope with ease go find that so to retirements and a quick wicket brings two new bats the crease Henry Collins facing in round one ball to come swinging a mess to end the over another quick cricket has brought Jacob Phil into the grease skip is still steaming in very watchful playing inside the line there by Jacob delicately poised I'd say Jacob cleaned up as well a big mo looking to unleash beyond kal corner skip seems to have cleaned up a bit faint tinkling zuv a junior brass band big bands let's have a word with our other umpire Phil Braithwaite how we looking the thing is we got a band playing scathing critique from mr. Braithwaite in comes Ben night to the crease test goes as he's fond Dean I expect many a quick single from them one ball left in the over let's see how he goes big appeal from the bowler not out says mr. Braithwaite so an update on the game it has progressed we're now on the school boards a bit delayed but we are on about 170 173 off 27 overs this is our last wicket but we had a couple of retirements when they got 50 and our number 11 the backed goon has just hit two sixes for his first two balls and is on a 600 strike rate how many so we can't quite get the Gary's to the full Gary Sobers I mean I can probably like fast-forward this while we look for the ball but here it comes they have I think they're put in an extra 30 putting three extra men back on the boundary not seen that field I've not seen that for you're terribly often three straight here comes this is six around here here comes the goo you've ruined your strike right [Laughter] that's a noble number fourth back yo knees on 20 he's on 20 off for what the one that the one who just smoked for one 21:05 the field is slightly spread now 1 2 3 5 6 7 boundary riders gully so the NZ air progressed SAR 200 the goon is on about 25 not very off about 9 Henry's going very nicely here lovely 6 last over so I see if we can catch them more that's a lovely shot I was right behind that I've got every bit of it classic stance unleaded full flow of the bat underarm of doom back to the keeper hello Henry another six from Henry this guy's last I think this might do for Ben here we go I've got wickets here – no fancies the strike nice to see not running no these to him run many singles to be honest mate I think has a gun that back law applied there we go so the MCA finish on 213 all out so it's finished a resounding victory for the MCA there is a champion side spine specimens so there we have it let me Dam had a really nice win for the MCA that track that you saw the video that you saw in there our so limbo as produced by Matt McDonough our opening bowler and star drummer so make sure you go over to his Twitter to see the full video the link will be at the bottom in the description and share away on that as well I've got a rehearsal coming up for a show at peach breast Yacht Club coming up next week which should be fun got a kick deer in a couple of weeks time so keep an eye out for that that'll be a part of future W part of future vlog and at home is all done – see you next time

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