[Vocal Coach/Musicians React] Ailee – Room Shaker MV | First reaction to Ailee!

[Vocal Coach/Musicians React] Ailee - Room Shaker MV | First reaction to Ailee!

oh my god go wait Oh what's up guys wait your key pops is back at you with another video I'm Meghan Breanna and we are sisters super into kpop and this is new for us Haley has had a comeback after quite a while from what I have heard I'm not sure there's very little I know about a Lea I know I've been needing to save her off for whenever I can actually react to like her voice because I've heard that her voices insanely amazing I'm doing all my vocal coach stuff with kpop I've been really saving it off for that so hopefully I can get that going soon but for now Ailee has her comeback which is room shaker I feel like it's gonna be really good and we're gonna be shut pretty Hey I'm so excited it's my first time ever [Applause] bass oh my gosh this song is sick already hey like that girl's guitar back there Harmony's girl go okay clear in the floor with style oh my god oh my god yeah I'm loving the pink suits on like everybody [Applause] I'm ready or I'm not ready I feel like damn girl you go I loved every single outfit they'll suit her so lay down she's so pretty I'm really keeping our trash bag and I feel like oh my god I was i yeah anyways I accidentally said trash cans but oh my gosh that was good listen to this long a lot we're actually about to be leaving for Dallas because we're gonna be seeing got7 and yeah I'm adding this to my road trip playlist for sure that was so good he's homeless sick the music video was really sick – vocal wise I can definitely see she's got some vocals in there and I am ready to hear those vocals her vocals were amazing in the song I'm so ready to hear her belting out really tough songs and all that that's gonna be really fun to see I think my favorite thing about it all is that bass though I'm a sucker for the so in turn I'm a sucker for this song well we should hopefully be getting to some Ailee sometime soon I will definitely be trying to squeeze that in with the local country acting stuff so make sure you're keeping an eye out for that well we hope you'll enjoyed this video if you did please give it a huge thumbs up make sure to subscribe to our channel down below click the notification


  • Monette Soria says:

    Pls react to her cover of I will always love you and her own song I will show you.shes an amazing singer u have to react to her more

  • NatsukiCupcakes QwQ says:

    Its really different from her other songs! She's known for one of the most powerful vocalists in the kpop industry. This song is different from her vocal songs so it didnt show a lot of he vocals. Please react to Home and Heaven by AIlee they are different from this song. She's 30 and she's still rocking everything.

  • insomnia buddy orbit says:

    "I will show you" and "Heaven" asap 😛
    She is such a poweful vocalist! :3

  • Jeana Bradbury says:

    Woohoo! Never been this early!

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