[Vocal Coach/Musicians React] Baekhyun (EXO) – UN Village MV | Such an amazing song!

[Vocal Coach/Musicians React] Baekhyun (EXO) - UN Village MV | Such an amazing song!

my jaw is like drop wait Oh what's up guys weird keep OPS's I got you with another video I'm Meghan and Brianna and we are sisters super into kpop it's super into EXO which of course means we're super into thank you I am just glad to get anything EXO I've been thinking lately how much I really really miss EXO I mean I've been missing them for a long time but it's been hitting a lot harder lately so this helps I'm really glad to have this very intrigued of how this is gonna sound i know bacon has just an amazing voice from the thumbnail it's really hard to tell if this is gonna be like a slow song or like good i guess we'll just have to find out are you ready there we go thank you he's beautiful too oh my god oh my god my job from I thought there was like bass there there kind of is but I like that effect he's singing to you Oh mangie oh my god oh no I'm not ready please wait get started you invent the tree Oh who's ready to attack you he really is he's just so ah he's so beautiful oh but that song was like just as beautiful as him talk about it that was amazing oh yes his freakin vocals they can just I mean I've always known it since I've like heard him and EXO whenever I could finally like distinguish his voice in EXO I really saw how unique his voice is he's got such a wide range with bacons voice as a vocalist and vocal coach I'd say my favorite thing that he does is his falsetto his falsetto is just it's some real stuff you can have like a powerful falsetto but also at the same time this like really really light also he just knows how to to manipulate his falsetto really really well and still keep it in tune and that goes with wife stuff to his voice and this entire song is just totally my taste and I'm gonna be listening to this a lot I need to go listen to this by then we hope they'll enjoyed this video if you did please give it a huge thumbs up make sure to subscribe to our channel down below click the notification and we'll see you


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