[Vocal Coach/Musicians React] DAY6 – Time of Our Life (한 페이지가 될 수 있게) MV | Amazing!

[Vocal Coach/Musicians React] DAY6 - Time of Our Life (한 페이지가 될 수 있게) MV | Amazing!

wait what's up guys weird kpop says back at you with another video I'm Meghan I'm Brianna and we are sisters super into kpop super into day six and A six is finally having a comeback oh my gosh and they're also having a world tour – it's just a big time for day six I want so badly to make it to their show but I don't know that I can it's been an expensive year we're hoping that we can and make it to their show regardless it would be amazing I love day six Breanna loves day six narumi and he's had a comeback time of our life I'm ready I was ready I didn't see this trailer so far it's sounding like the trailer my god windows James I love it like that who the harmonies to your left I love his freakin boys oh my gosh I'm loving James here some I like Alex Bryan's hair Jay's hair looks like the exact same color yeah Brad is more like all red stuff like Restylane they're just so beautiful you play those drums I like the whole color change the look of this that part of the video reminds me a lot of my way oh my gosh this song is gonna be like my uplifting with a lot of Daisy's hopes from gaming Oh oh my gosh age the book of us gravity so beautiful oh my god I would actually love to react to their album if that's something you want to see let us know if enough of you want to see it then I would actually be willing to I would love to react to it in their album because all of their albums I love every single one of them there's tracks and all of them I mean I like all the tracks but there are some that I'm just like this is a heck of a b-side lately I've been listening to one to one you I think that the title of that track is just so clever but it's like super catchy to you I love oh I just love basic so much this song after we actually those vocals they just fit just hit me they're beautiful day6 has a very good blend vocalist like with the way they work together and match together and their harmonies are amazing they can all stand out vocally whenever they sing I love that as like a vocal coach and a vocalist that's definitely a big reason they stand out to me all the time I mean it helps that like they're all instrumentalists like we're instrumentalists too I'm mostly a singer but I play everything but bass I play bass when I'm forced but I'm not very good at it Breanna's placemaking but it's just it's so nice seeing instruments for us it's just what day six is but yes once again if you are wanting to see us react to this album please let us know I would love to we both love day six we listen to their albums including b-sides of course well we hope you enjoyed this video if you did please give it a huge thumbs up make sure to subscribe to our channel down below


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