[Vocal Coach/Musicians react] GFRIEND – Fever MV | Is this different?

[Vocal Coach/Musicians react] GFRIEND - Fever MV | Is this different?

Oh what's up guys we are keep OPS's package with another video I'm Megan hi Brianna and we are sisters super into kpop I am so excited for this this is our first reaction to g'friend since we have discovered them our first and last discovery of g'friend was sunrise we still have yet to do our mini marathon of g'friend music videos but sunrises my song oh I love that song and g'friend is just beautiful so are you ready here we go I know for a fact I'm gonna recognize most of them but I won't know their name that's me too like I get their names mixed up yeah I've always recognized over here is so beautiful okay girl go she's like a monkey with a ponytail yes sing it however we're swearing those like eighties gloves oh they're also insanely beautiful this has summer song written all over it I'm gonna love the song as it is their outfits are pointing when they're wearing the black in that room this is a side only friend I have not so beautiful the same amazing Oreo – she's not what are those gloves they're right this okay they make dancing was so easy is just so crazy it just looks so effortless like oh this is as easy as breathing I would correct me if I'm wrong maybe it's just because I haven't heard any of their b-sides girl oh yeah this sounds different to me than their other stuff yeah like if you were to have to show this to me I keep giving distracting Oh see now that sounded like jeepers they just sound so different these stairs I can't handle them they're so pretty all the time they're so intense it's so cute and so beautiful at the same time g'friend is so pretty I loved that song there's so many good summer songs lately yeah I love it so much but okay what I was saying in there I probably should have waited till the end of it but what I was going to say was if you were to have showed me this and asked me what group do you think this is I would not have guessed g'friend not just to me did not sound like their other stuff and somebody correct me if I'm probably wrong we still haven't heard much of their music but if I was for sure comparing this to sunrise I mean they're both amazing but they're both totally different to me but I loved it this was a great song I really liked the music video they are so beautiful I love them I cannot wait for us to finally get to the marathon of reacting to their music videos and just finally getting to hear their songs not in times to speed yeah I was thinking during the videos like just imagine like good times oh my god there were some movements that they had in there where that would look pretty crazy like whenever they had like their hands up and they're like spinning around I was like somebody please do this is biting me though somebody tell me if they have music that actually semblances because this just sounds totally different to me this is just like a whole other side of g'friend for me please you enjoyed this video if you did please give the huge notification and we will see yeah to hold the doula


  • Da Monster Reaction says:

    Gfriend comes out with a different swagger every time with their voices and comebacks

  • Alice in the Victonland says:

    Some of the B-sides of Sunrise’s album “Time for us” have that Tropical sound as well as this album

  • Ukail Zamrin says:

    Hi thank you so much for this video . This is the side that we never see from gfriend . Gfriend slogan is powerful innocent . I suggest you watch the dance practice and crushed by gfriend

  • Douglas Denson Jr. says:

    Happy for another GFriend comeback and this one is a giant hit already

  • Kareema Green says:

    I would love to see you guys to react to their live performances and funny moments and an unhelpful guide.

  • Shinju Chinen says:

    Fever is definitely a new sound from Gfriend 🙂 But their other tracks sounds totally different from their title tracks too, so please check out their B-sides too!

  • 이수영 says:

    Thank you for Gfriend's FEVER MV.
    GFriend also topped a music show yesterday, recording 56 win. It is expected to win trophies at all music shows again this time.

  • Mariam Abdi says:

    love your reactions!! 🥰 please react to the wayv episodes 🙁 i just know you guys will love them

  • Drakis07 says:

    I can't wait for the Gfriend marathon too. GFriend sound has evolve slowly, from their high school trilogy to a more feminine power innocence to a more mature instrumental melancholic sound and concept. Fingertip was a experimental try to a mature/ girl crush concept who was too sudden for the korean public but very loved by the international fans. Gfriend always try and experiment more with their b-side tracks. For "Fever" Gfriend said that they wanted to show a more mature and improved side of them as they are getting older and i think that it's a step in the right path for the them to evolve musically. The song sound different, fresh and new for a Gfriend song but they kept that little something that you can still say that it's a Gfriend song. I follow them and i'm a Buddy since the Me Gusta Tu era, my first bias was Yuju but since Navillera my bias is Eunha, She is my cute sexy bunny and i would dare to say that she is my dream and ideal girl and i love everything about her, but i love all other members too and the 5 other members are all my bias wreckers lol.

    Fun facts, i discovered and became a fan of Dreamcatcher because they were called the "dark" Gfriend and that got me curious about them, that and the fact that i like rock music a lot too. So i'm a Buddy AND a InSomnia. 😁😎

  • GFriend's Buddyguard says:

    Somebody likes Eunha, haha. You should check out "Tragic Life of Eunha," even if it's not a reaction cause there's three (I think) and they're hilarious 😛

  • Alex Reynoso says:


  • Sean 黄咏杰 says:

    Can't wait for the gfriend marathon. Fingertip is the song that also different. I hope you can do a first listen to 'fever season' album.

  • insomnia buddy orbit says:

    Hitting like before watching the reaction…
    I remember too that Sunrise reaction. “Key change!” 😊
    I might say you met Gfriend in their most changing style comebacks. We can count also Time For The Moon Night (previous comeback to Sunrise) where they changed to a more mature maybe melancholic-ish style than their usual “power innocence” debut style which is awesome.
    As some other comments said before. I’m waiting too for the mini marathon since debut. Starting with school trilogy “Glass bead”, “Me gustas tu” and “Rough” … and definitely you should check in your free time their full discography. It has so many style of songs (like Dreamcatcher b-sides 😉 )

  • Time for us Gfriend says:

    Maybe try more of their song. I'm waiting for that marathon gfriend .. 2x speed dance Queen.. You gonna love them more when you do marathon.. 😊😊😊

  • Charmander says:

    Gfriend usually go more experimental with their summer releases so yea this is definitely different from their usual title songs. They did have 3 tropical house songs on last album so musically I wouldn't say it's something they never have done before, but it's still not something they do a lot of.

  • Jeana Bradbury says:

    I was so excited for this comeback. Love it!

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