[Vocal Coach/Musicians React] KNK – Sunset MV | They're so visual!

[Vocal Coach/Musicians React] KNK - Sunset MV | They're so visual!

No oh my god what's up guys we're keep OPS's but get you with another video I may in hi Breanna and we are sisters super into kpop and super into KNK oh my gosh I love KNK unfortunately all we've gotten to is their music but they have amazing music I can't stress enough how much I love KNK music they're insanely talented music wise I don't know any names I wish I did I haven't gotten to that point yet with them but someone's back is on this thumbnail I don't know how to feel about what's pretty muscular I'm kind of scared sunset are you ready first I was like whoo and I was like what is going on there oh my gosh they're so insanely beautiful oh they're choreo also it's just on another level amazing [Applause] their music videos are always so colorful of beautifulest and they are too so intense deep I know it's so easy in the red with it yeah my gosh this choreo is something else Oh jr. those eyes No oh my god I love their outfits by the way I'm going to do that earlier like that over there do white and black oh yeah I think I do think about the fact that they're like like every single one of them it's just gorgeous but feel like least we've said this and every single one of your music videos we've watched really hard I think you said that last time definitely recognizing through some vocals yeah and I'm recognizing them but I just have not like oh my gosh oh that's cool because they're just like sunset and they like to kind of study orange red oh my gosh oh it's like a sunlight so beautiful I want that in that background that was beautiful man that song was intense I honestly don't think I've heard a song like this in kpop to be honest this is a first for me not at first in general I've heard like music like this it was much more like electronic though I can relate this to like some of those stuff that I listed to whenever I'm in like an electronic mood yeah but what just happened the only song I could see reminds me of is now or never from Oakland you know I think I was kind of thinking the same thing but I couldn't tell if it was the music video making me feel that yeah yeah that was me too I was like never mind like the music video reminded me a lot of sf9 music video now or never I think I know if as the colors are like the way they were dressed too but it was it was definitely very unique in all in its own every single aspect of it the song the music video the vocals it was just completely all its own like that would probably be the closest to match it to but still very different also K&K did it oh my gosh and they're all so freaking gorgeous it's gonna be yeah it's gonna be our our mission her next KNK come back well we hope you enjoyed this video if you did please make sure to subscribe to our channel down below click the notification


  • Jeana Bradbury says:

    Amazing! Okay, Ladies, I've wanted to ask this. What is your ethnicity? I hope you answer, but understand if you decline. I just think you ladies are so pretty and unique. <3

  • Trish Milburn says:

    I love this song so much. I almost messaged you all earlier about it, but it was obviously already on your radar. 🙂 Someone else mentioned that it's reminiscent of some of the club music we had back in the '80s, which could be part of why I love it so much. My first impression is that I like Heejun (the shirtless wonder) and Jihun, who comes in at about the 1:46 mark in your video, are the ones really attracting my eye, even though they're all stunningly gorgeous. I love Seoham's deep voice doing the "Sunset, for for you" parts.

  • lilkikay says:

    Thank you so much for reacting to them again!~^^ Yes, they are all so good looking and tall, but super silly.

  • Da Monster Reaction says:

    KNK came to slay the world with their voices and physique

  • lilkikay says:

    Heejun the Maknae's back was on the thumbnail XD

  • ACE says:


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