[Vocal Coach/Musicians React] Stray Kids – TMT MV | B-Side of the year!

[Vocal Coach/Musicians React] Stray Kids - TMT MV | B-Side of the year!

what's up guys we're k-pop says that gets you at another video I'm Meghan I'm Brianna and we are sisters super into kpop it's super industry kids but this has been established everybody does straight kids release their music video or I mean it's a music video but not their official like title track music video anyways TMT this is like my favorite song in that whole freakin album which is impressive because I love that album but right I mean I'm just gonna say it TMT is she is winning this year oh my gosh this song really just this album in general but I find myself repeating TMT after it's over cuz I'm like that wasn't enough I'm gonna listen to it again before I get to mixtape 1 ok I'm ready to see this here we go TMT Felix we were watching Felix on our actual TV last night yeah I just hear the beginning so I'm gonna get so excited this song sounds amazing in my car by the way I love the palm trees yeah oh we know Ledo stop I like this stuff oh yeah beautiful and then the harmonies come in the songs perfect I can't stress I'm oh let's not do this seeing them actually see no honey if you are not alumnus to now would jam in chomps voices right next to each other is something I can't really handle the harmonies right there give me everything we don't need to stop I thought they're about to run into each other you make me stay oh so bad there's a video for it I cannot stress that enough and they're all so beautiful in it the video was so chill but it just being outside that was perfect you ever thought of that idea great job it was amazing everything I could have hoped for and more I knew they'd be making a video for it and I was just waiting for it it was beautiful perfect and everything about it I loved it I can't stress that enough they listen to it and watch it all the time because boy I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please give it a huge thumbs make sure to subscribe to our channel down below click the notification bell because we do post often and we will see you next time bye bye Katie rucifee school – the Tula Tula


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