• MP3 says:

    My last name is Stegner 😮

  • Allen Cooke says:

    Seems like "Big Rock Candy Mountain" is somewhat autobiographical!

  • LaurelRuth Finnerty says:

    My grandmother's home was next door to his boyhood home in Eastend, SASK, Canada. It is now a museum and place for budding writer's to stay and enjoy. His novel 'Wolf Willow' was his early years there. My mother knows many of the people he talks about in his book.

  • Jessica Tevnan says:

    Reading Angle of Repose for my book club. I already started it and like it. So I hope the old ladies in our club don't chicken out and change the selection once they see it's almost 600 pages. Can you believe they complain when books are long? It's a BOOK club. You're supposed to like reading. ??

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