War of Underworld Trailer 2 EXPLAINED! | Gamerturk Sword Art Online Alicization

War of Underworld Trailer 2 EXPLAINED! | Gamerturk Sword Art Online Alicization

This video is brought to you by all the clickbait
Youtubers that used a specific scene to bait you into thinking Alice and Kirito are kissing… Stay Cool, stay with the Real Explained, don’t
approach failed imitations. What a trailer for Sword Art Online Alicization,
War of Underworld! We got our big bad of the season as Gabriel
Miller and Emperor Vecta, more scenes of Alice in pain and having to don her Integrity Knight
armor again, Kirito busy Dual Wheeling instead of Dual Wielding, Asuna getting sick of Kikuoka’s
shenanigans, all of the Dark Territory Leaders and Alice is not attempting to kiss Kirito,
unlike what the hundreds of thumbnails on Youtube want you to think! Hey everyone, it’s me Gamerturk and welcome
to Alicization EXPLAINED, your most trusted source of Sword Art Online, featuring all
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the description and the knowledge of Stacia awaits you there! But without further do, let’s begin, with
the obvious spoiler warning! All of the visuals we got in this trailer
are from Sword Art Online Volume 15, Alicization Invading, the very beginning of War of Underworld. This is going to be approximatly the first
6 Episodes of the second part of Season 3. So if you don’t want any spoilers at all,
you should leave now. Equally, if you are hungry for a little bit
more, you can check out my video for the SAO Wikia, Introduction to Alicization Invading
after you finish watching this I have provided a lot of teases there there that should give
you a decent outline of things to come, without drowning you in spoilers. If you didn’t know, we also translated the
trailer for you all to enjoy, so we can actually focus on what characters are saying as well
and they are crucial! We start off months after the battle of the
Central Cathedral, with Alice’s line towards Veggierito who is not in a condition to process
any kind of information he is receiving. You can find a detailed reasoning on that
in my “What happened to Kirito” video, so I’ll spare you all that here. But as you can see, his instincts are totally
there, as he is reaching out to the three divine weapons, two of them to be specific,
Blue Rose Sword as a monument of Eugeo’s memories and his own weapon of survival, The Night
Sky Sword. I sure do hope Foxyboy didn’t tell you this
was Alice’s hand or something like he did with his bafflingly uninformed Opening Explained
video, jeez, that guy needs to read a book or two… Yes, that is Kirito and in fact, while you
will see him reach out to the swords quite a lot, this specific scene is a key moment
where the peaceful life Alice had set up for Kirito is completely turned upside down and
Kirito here is crawling on the floor, with no life in his eyes, shaking like a phone
on silent, desperately trying to reach the swords to protect… To protect what exactly? We’ll get there shortly, but first, we take
a detour back to the Ocean Turtle. Higa is quite certain whoever the raiders
are, they want to have the only real bottom up AI in Underworld, the goal of entire Project
Alicization, ALICE in all caps, as that is the designation for the true bottom up AI,
however what they don’t know that Gabriel actually wants to capture Alice, not caring
about the capital ALICE that is the goal of the project. Meanwhile, Asuna has grown tired of Kikuoka’s
shenanigans who at this point, stole about 10 years of Kirito’s Fluctlight space, forgot
to block his memories causing Kirito to decide to fuck up the entire simulation and as if
that is not enough, now, they are under attack by mercenaries and Kirito is in the worst
condition that he is ever been in. And it is one of the best scenes of Volume
15, Alicization Invading, when Asuna is so fed up that he grabs a top ranking military
official by his collar and lifts him up in pure rage. Of course, Kikuoka is not your traditional
military guy, think of him more like the computer geek of the government that is responsible
for games and stuff, that’s literally who he is, so while he may act cool and all, he
does not really have much gravitas per se, whereas it’s quite easy for Asuna to not see
him as a scary person at all after all their past in real life and in ALfheim Online. And while the on screen text says Asuna is
“praying” for the return of her loved one, the Cour 3 Key Visual has shown you that she
is doing more than just praying this season to save Kirito and surely, it is also going
to be much harder than she ever thought it would be. We get the same visual of her next to Kirito’s
STL Unit, and I love these early episode scenes before the animators actually start having
deadline pressure. They even shaded her nails properly and the
promise ring from Ordinal Scale is looking as beautiful as always, so much so that I’m
starting to think A1 is giving additional care for every nook and cranny regarding Ordinal
Scale to highlight that it is canon, the care they did not give Eugeo back in Episode 15… We go back to Underworld to an earlier scene
than we were at before, Alice trying to live a modest and peaceful life while building
a healthy relationship with Selka. It’s a huge dilemma for Alice as well, as
she knows she is not Selka’s sister, in fact, she blames herself for the passing of the
real Alice Zuberg who she uses the body of as a vessel of her own. However, it is Selka who does not mind any
of this at all and gets close to Alice, melting her ice away, leading her to start caring
for Selka in a sisterly way as well. Especially in such hard times, with how her
father Gasfut Zuberg acts as you have seen in the previous trailer, banishing her from
the town, how the townsfolk takes advantage of her, and of course, how hopeless and alone
she feels when taking care of the lifeless Kirito, Selka acts as a beacon of hope for
her, helping her keep up with everything going on around her, instead of giving up and snuffing
out her own Fluctlight as a way out. The scene you see with the teary eyed Selka
however, does not belong to these peaceful moments, but rather a scene we will get to
shortly. But the event that you saw earlier, the one
that caused Kirito to attempt crawling on the floor to reach out for the divine weapons,
causes her to leave that peaceful hope behind and requires her to be the shining hope, the
knight in golden armor of the innocent villagers and disgusting landlords of Rulid. And that is the reason why the first Volume
of War of Underworld is called Alicization Invading. The first proper scale invasion from the Dark
Territory. We hear Kikuoka talking about how Kirito is
their final hope, full aware that he is not in a condition to be the hope of anyone at
all, as we see the dozen mercenaries get closer and closer to their goal, with the haunting
line of Gabriel Miller… “Your soul will surely be sweet”
While this trailer makes it seem like the line comes absolutely out of nowhere, this
was something that should have been teased all the way back in Episode 1, in a 4th BoB
Flashback of Sinon. In Episode 25, you will return to Gun Gale
Online and see this moment from the perspective of Subtilizer, Gabriel Millers GGO Avatar,
but the contents of Episode 1 had this exact haunting line by Subtilizer, when he was suffocating
Sinon with his bare hands, putting an end to her chances of winning the 4th Bullet of
Bullets. These were the final words Sinon had heard,
before being returned to the lobby. And this line right here, was actually a callback
to that moment, which unsurprisingly, it wasn’t for the anime audience… Seriously, you guys have missed so much and
I strongly recommend you check out my Alicization Explained series to learn more about all the
things the anime has skipped so far, there is an entire Chapter in the book that the
anime skipped, entire character backstories, motivations, a proper explanation for Incarnation
etc, on top of the fact that they outright ruined the ending of Episode 24, which was
the emotional highpoint of Kirito’s entire journey, when he couldnt even remember who
the nostalgic voice coming from the console belonged to. Either way, Im going on a tangent, yes, Anime
skipped too much when it was cramming 6 Volumes into 24 episodes, go check out my Alicization
Explained, you’re gonna appreciate this story a whole lot more, moving on with the trailer… With the brand new theme, Resolution by Asuna’s
Voice Actor Haruka Tomatsu kicking in, we see Alice during the Rulid Invasion against
Goblins and Orcs alike, announcing to the villagers, merchants and the village elder,
her father Gasfut Zuberg, and the creatures trying to invade Rulid that she is a Knight
of the Human Empire and takes the reigns of authority back into her hands, after suffering
under their orders for months. And the title card makes it very clear, Alice
will be the main character for the majority of the War. Human Realm Arc was Eugeo’s journey but A1
did not care about that much and put Kirito under spotlight again. Now, it’s Alice’s journey and A1 has absolutely
no choice but to let her have her story, thanks to Kirito being too busy drooling on his Dual
Wheeler. I have no clue why the second long clips are
edited so frantically and completely out of order, but we constantly switch between Alice
with an Eyepatch and without an eyepatch, just know that whenever you see her without
an eyepatch, it is a scene that takes after the eyepatch scenes, although they are all
from the invasion event. I sure do hope the Anime does not skip the
fears and insecurities Alice was feeling that caused her to never rip the eyepatch off before,
otherwise I’ll go on another extensive rant on how A1 simply wants to butcher every single
personal moment any of these characters had in the novels.. I love the moment when Alice simply breaks
a sword with her bear hands though. Many people think that she is destroying her
own sword, she isnt, simply check the color if you dont believe me. The color is much more bronze than her golden
Osmanthus Blade and chances are, she couldn’t break a Divine Weapon like the Osmanthus Blade
with her hands anyways. This is a weapon of the goblins invading the
town, right before Alice and Amayori wreak havoc at street opening up to the town center. But to be frank, this moment is the least
badass thing she does in this amazing scene. This is an entire sequence where Alice announces
her true identity as an Integrity Knight of the Axiom Church, the title she never wanted
to wear again since running away months ago, getting the support of her father, the chief
elder Gasfut Zuberg and throws that disgusting Nigel Barbossa the fuck off of the scene,
god I just want to see that dickhead getting thrown around. I really do hope they dont use too many of
those experimental weird angles in these epic moments and go with what’s actually proven
as “heroic”. More scenes flash on the screen and since
many of you seem confused, I believe this screenshot is as good of a time as any to
address this, no, the Blue Rose Sword has not been fixed, it is still very much in half. It’s just that it’s stuffed back into its
scabbard, so you dont see the bit where its broken. We see a whole lot of crying, towards the
very end of Volume 15, so this is most probably episode 5 ending or early episode 6, the Trainee
Pages of Kirito and Eugeo, Ronye and Tiese respectively are part of the small human empire
army and are responsible for supplies and you can hear how small the army is from Bercouli
and Eldrie in the voice over, in a flashback scene from the Axiom Church. With around 50k warriors of the Dark Territory,
against the 3k soldiers of the human empire that barely had training. All Integrity Knights are aware that even
their overpowered Memory Release skills won’t be enough to stop the oncoming onslaught. However, once Alice arrives at the Eastern
Gate and takes a break from her initial plans of “I have no clue what Im doing so I’ll listen
to the stranger on the magical device that told Kirito to go south”, naturally Ronye
and Tiese recognize her as the Knight who arrested Kirito and Eugeo and decide to have
a chat, only to learn Eugeo had died and Kirito had suffered a faith worse than death. And the proof of that statement is the fact
that Ronye’s tears do absolutely nothing, while Tiese’s tears were powerful enough to
get some attention. You see the remaining Integrity Knights during
Bercouli and Eldrie’s speeches and you can see how desperate Bercouli is, even inviting
Fizel and Linel that none of the other Integrity Knights even trust. But the kids will sure make them all very
proud really soon with their cunning. There are 2 Knights you don’t see here, but
will meet really soon on the battlefield, both quite interesting and charming personalities,
Sheyta the Silent and Renly Synthesis 27, so keep your eyes peeled for them! On the other side, we have the Dark Territory
Generals, going one by one, starting with the leader of the beast headed Ogres on the
left, Furgr, or at least that’s what everyone believes his name is, as his words are… Not very well pronounced so nobody is really
certain. He will have quite an intense moment with
Alice on the battlefield. On the right, that is Sigurosig, the chief
of the Giants who will have a major battle against Fanatio Synthesis Two and the leader
of her Whirling Blades, Dakira. Up next, we got the two Goblin Race Leaders,
top left is the Chief of the Flatland Goblins Shibori, an absolute warrior and relatively
an idiot compared to the Chief of the Mountain Goblins, Kosogi, a tactician himself who recognises
that the Goblin races were being used by the Emperor as mere bait and nothing more, and
had better plans instead. On the far right, you see the leader of the
Orcs, or as I like to call them, Porcs, because they have the face of a pig. That is Lilpilin with the face that is often
described as “beautiful, for an orc”. He will have one of the saddest moments once
the war actually begins in Volume 16, Alicization Exploding. Next shot, bottom left is Fu Za, the silent
and cunning leader of the Assassins Guild. One of the people even the Emperor has a hard
time reading. In the middle, we got Iskahn, one of the rather
very likeable characters of the Dark Territory leadership, the leader of the Pugilists Guild
where their fists do the talking. On the bottom right, there is the Rengil Gila
Scobo, he is the leader of the Merchants Guild Last but not least, the most “interesting”
of them all for the Emperor, and possibly the most influential, if you can hope to influence
the Emperor himself, two pairs of unreadable and determined eyes. The one on top belongs to Dee Eye Ell, the
Chancellor of the Dark Mages Guild, an absolute powerhouse in Sacred Arts. Although she does crave for all the knowledge
Quinella the Undying One possessed, especially with the passing of the Administrator, she
is not someone you want to want to cross with. On the other half of the screen, Vixur Ul
Shasta, the commander of the Dark Knights Brigade, Elite Soldiers of the Dark Territory. The Swordsman that had faced Integrity Knights
before in combat and has even impressed the Commander Bercouli himself. With a past darker than the Dark Territory
itself, he follows the path created by his vision for a brighter future. The passionate and intellectual leader is
someone even the Emperor himself has his concerns about. But then, there is the Emperor himself, the
one who has been in a slumber inside the throne room of the Obsidia Palace for hundreds of
years, Vecta, the God of Darkness, awakened just in time for the impending stress test,
eagerly marching towards the Eastern Gate of the Human Empire. With his lack of empathy for the Artificial
Fluctlights of the simulation he has dived into, Gabriel Miller has the cruelest plans
to capture reach his goals. And accompanying him, is the Prince of Hell
himself. You have seen him before, but War of Underworld
is where you truly get to meet him. But the following scene is where I drop the
theatric introductions and get serious. the screenshot that literally everyone and
their grandmother uses to clickbait you. This scene is towards the end of Volume 15
and I will let you know exactly what is happening here. For the past 6 months Alice has been taking
care of Kirito, every single night, she kept looking for a sign of hope. The first person she met after denouncing
the church and no longer being a puppet, the person she fought alongside for her life to
protect each other and Eugeo. And from the fiercest battle she has ever
lived through, Eugeo was the luckiest one to not even survive, causing Kirito to go
completely lifeless, while she was the one to burden all the weight, the losses, the
Integrity Knights, their accusations, getting rejected by her own father, blaming herself
for the loss of Selka’s real sister, being just a tool for the villagers. At her lowest, there were times where she
just wanted to end it all. But every now and then, with great sadness
and the brimmest light of hope, she checks Kirito for a sign of life, to see the spark
that started it all. And here, in a War tent, in the brink of an
impossible War, she is looking into Kirito’s eyes for that light one last time with that
faint hope, but no matter how close she gets to the eyes with the color of the gentle night
sky, all she sees the same lifeless look of despair. There is absolutely nothing romantic in this
scene, it’s a moment of grief and utter hopelessness. And that is all there is to it. But after all of this serious talk, whatever
I say can’t really have any more weight than the previous narrations… So, we got Amayori blasting off a bunch of
Goblins and Alice crying because shits going down. Ehhhh, one final thing I must clarify, the
narrator says “It’s final chapter finally begins”, no, just no… Its not saying SAO is over, there is still
Unital Ring to go after Alicization, the narrator is literally referring to War of Underworld
here. Alicization consists of 2 sub-arcs, the Human
Realm Arc which is the first half, and War of Underworld, which is the second half. Don’t get panicky and stuff, it’s just that
the final chapter of Alicization, is… The final Chapter of Alicization indeed. Wew, what an Explained. Personally, for the first 6 episodes, I am
most excited for scenes involving Vixur Ul Shasta, the Dark Knight general. He is by far my favorite character in War
of Underworld, followed by Sheyta and Bercouli and I can’t wait to see his story and memories
get portrayed on screen. But if you made it this far, comment “Time
for Alicization Invading” to let me know! War of Underworld is beginning on October
12 and until then, I got a couple more videos ready to go. And once the journey begins again, the regular
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thanks to all my Patrons, Channel Members and Valgraaf! Until next time, Stay Cool~


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    And I apologize for a few upcoming spoilers here.

    Commerce Guild- Lengil Gira Scobo
    Giants Tribe- Sigrosig
    Ogre Tribe- Furgur
    Orc Tribe- Rirupirin
    Pugilist Guild- Iskahn
    Mountain Goblin Tribe- Hagashi (Hagashi is the one present at the first assembly. He is killed by Shasta at the second assembly, and his son, Kosogi, takes over for the War itself.)
    Plains Goblin Tribe- Kuberi (Kuberi is the one present at the first assembly. He is killed by Shasta at the second assembly, and his son, Shibori, takes over for the War itself.)
    Dark Sorceress Guild- D.I.L. (only ever get these initials)
    Assassin Guild- Fer Za (short for Ferrius Zalgatis)
    Dark Knights Order- Biksul Ul Shasta

    And no need to get bent out of shape, Foxen mostly just teases, and makes use of the jokes circulating around anyway to have a bit of fun. (He actually mentioned in his latest video that he's rereading the Alicization LNs in the original Japanese.)

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