WARNING Artists: Do NOT join Diddy's Making The Band….Here's Why!

WARNING Artists: Do NOT join Diddy's Making The Band....Here's Why!

the storms show its soaring shelves so did ii AKA take that take that is bringing making a band back to mtv and i just want to send a personal PSA out there to all the aspiring singers all the aspiring rappers and anybody else that wants to make it to not go on this show or be a part of Dee Dee's brand in any kind of way because you don't want to fall victim to the bad-boy curse now what's the bad boy curse you asked well let me break it down to you because see the last four groups that Dee Dee has formed in the 21st century on TV and also TV really turned out to be nothing you know you can end up like Aubrey O'Day being a bat pocket or you could be like day26 singing for chicken and fries on the chitlin circuit it's really your choice and it's all up to you SoundCloud YouTube iTunes you don't need bad boy you just need talent and persevere first band that was formed by did he was literally called dub an and it was formed in 2002 and it was filled with rappers and singers it had a really good mix they lived in one house they made hiked 20-some Mouse for cheesecake choked each other out because they was ninjas at the end of the day they ended up making one album before they went away then a couple years later you had Danity Kane that was formed right so like I said you had that pocket Aubrey O'Day sweet Andreea classic Shannon named McDon and then the other one that I can never remember I always got her and Dawn like not mixed up but I just could never remember her life to me look was like a thicker version of dawn she went on to do some acting down in Atlanta nedk was formed they had a couple albums you know the best song was damaged you know fix it you know that was the jam back in the day but then they ended up fitting there now then you had day 26 that was formed in 2007 you had q you had Willie and the other ones that we didn't care about when they put out two albums that were really successful before they broke up and then they were reduced to being on loving hip-hop and leaking naked sauna pics because we do remember that back from the Media Takeout days back with Media Takeout was really popping like we always knew Media Takeout was free now and then they broke some good stuff so you got to move on to Donnie do y'all remember johnny claimed it was this was one of the white guys supposed to be in a band he didn't quite fit so he was given a solo contract where in the hell is done like where is Donnie we never found he put on one album in 2008 some singles in 2014 and we ain't heard nothing from him since then last but not least you got dirty money which had Diddy Kalina and Don Richard out the album last train to Paris which was basically a John recalled alternative R&B you had R&B sounds you had some rap but you had techno – did he was trying to basically expand into a different genre now I love that it's one of my favorite albums ever I can play it from start to finish I play it all the time I don't get tired of but a lot of the public they just didn't get and eventually that group ended up being dismantled a year or two later that case I can't really be too mad at Diddy because he wanted that group to be a success it was really not successful because of the execs behind the scene see Jimmy Iovine and all those other people that really make the decisions in a boardroom did not like the look of the group wanted the group to be you know like right not dark they just did in fact allegedly Jimmy Iovine had leaned over the Diddy when he was pitching a group and said hey Diddy you can't just get Cassie to do this with you like we can we like their vocals they sound great but you just can't get Cassie to do it so basically what the execs wanted was for Diddy they have Cassie next to him singing them songs but they have Kalina and Don in the studio actually pushing the vocals out you know they was trying to have a real Nicole Scherzinger type of situation because you know in the Pussycat Dolls it's only one pussycat we hearing and this Nicole all the other ones wasn't even the whole album had been recorded before they came to the studio that's the truth Nicole sung at all and it was the one other black woman in the group that did the whole you know she did the ahh she did the ad-libs and that was it all the other ones was there just to shake their non-existent ass in their boobs that was it so nodding just broke down the ban day26 Danity Kane and dirty money all four groups that were formed by dating in the 21st century that has failed this is the official PSA do not go on the show do not be affiliated with him period in the world of sound cloud on iTunes and Tube and Facebook and Instagram and Twitter you can literally build a career on your own just like chance – rapper all you need is talent and perseverance not daddy not Sean John not take that not none of that so like comment subscribe sure if you carry him I will catch you guys later the storm show its storm shelves


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