We Had A Sketch Artist Draw Our Vaginas • Ladylike

We Had A Sketch Artist Draw Our Vaginas • Ladylike

we used to call them flaps I hate that word I'm just saying we call them curtains but to each their own a little nervous why I mean which I am Beatrice fellow Espada I'm the founder and CEO of the honeypot company the honeypot is a plant based feminine-hygiene company that specializes in all things vaginas it's so amazing at this time when women are starting to really stand up for themselves stand up for their fellow sister it's crazy because it's so simple but women should ask themselves how do they feel about their vagina because if you can answer that question that could probably leave you to why you are the human that you are how often do you all think about what you put in and around and on your vagina I mean I think if I'm putting anything in or around her on my vagina I'm thinking about it I would say daily yeah no really I can say I probably bring in the other half of the spectrum it's not that I don't think about my vagina but I think honestly my vagina is the final hurdle of like really truly loving myself there's just a lot of stigma and shame around it for me personally I think that has to do with like vaginas we're always seen as very much for either God or for a husband so here's the thing since we're having this conversation I think that we should leave this with a challenge it's really important for you all to understand what she looks like what she feels like I challenge you to spend five minutes taking a mirror and looking at your vagina she breathed I did I find that I understand all the parts what does it look like some people just don't feel comfortable but then five minutes like talking just like it anything is creating a relationship that's it that's what we're doing tomorrow we're meeting with a sketch artist oh yes yes we're gonna describe what we think our vaginas look like we're gonna receive these sketches and compare and contrast on our own to see if we actually knew her vagina which I'm gonna tell you all now I don't think I know mine that well I feel like I couldn't give a tour like I can walk around like colors and stuff yeah yeah well usually yeah can you hit us with some vagina facts a lot of people don't know that the vagina is actually inside the body so when you hear a doctor's say you know the vagina is a self-cleaning oven it is a self-cleaning oven but that doesn't mean your vulva that's a whole nother conversation so what they're telling you is don't douche don't put things inside of there because if you do then you can mess up your flora and you know create pH and balances and all that kind of stuff okay yeah all right yep we need a map yeah did you know that your vagina makes hydrogen peroxide no so that's why sometimes you've just gone throughout your whole day and it has kind of a strong scent huh not a stinky scent but more like an ammonia type of a thing yeah Wow it creates that so they can create good bacteria so then the good bacteria can fight the bad bacteria that's right yeah that's very cool you shouldn't use washcloths in the front or the back you should use your hand I did not know me neither washcloths hold bacteria so doesn't matter how many times you wash that home it's not gonna be clean oh okay they're too rough for your vagina skin if you're gonna use a washcloth it should only be on the outside where your hair would be area where it is okay but once you go inside your lips you should only use your hands wow that's so funny because I'm always like using multiple washcloth in the shower it's like one for my face one for my bottom area and then a loofah from my body and it's like okay I can cut one of those out it's just like the amount of elementary education that we're not givin around our vagina exactly is ridiculous it's ridiculous do you have any vagina life hacks for us yes taking a shower a couple of times a day I love doing them very important and the reason for that is because you've gone through your whole entire day if you do have issues around sensitivity and irritation or reoccurring infections or things like that you can really help to minimize that by keeping yourself clean and it's very important to do it at the beginning your day and at the end of your day the other life hat when you're gonna have sex not everybody has time to go pee before they're gonna get busy because sometimes I wasn't planned we should definitely go pee after you have sex day and that's with women or with men it does not matter right after you go pee is when you're kind of just filtering out some of the things that may have entered also very important to clean yourself after don't just lay in the wet spot get up you just want to lay so yeah thank you I feel empowered and ready to go here we go hi I'm Mary and i'm back with ladylike today and we're gonna be doing something really interesting I'm actually pretty excited just because it's something new and different I'd love to be a part of like breaking this stigma around vaginas and portraying vaginas in art there are so many phallic symbols in art and I think we definitely don't have enough lady parts I think we'll both be in for an experience and it might be easier for you than it is for me I'm Jasmine Mary nice to meet ya how are you good how are you I'm good not junk this time good it's good to see you so we're here again and this time you're get to see my other face the other side of you I need a little help this is a group project it really does usually so we are drawing we feeding you are gonna draw my hoo-hah I don't know how to start I'm thinking in my head the angle will be just bird's eye view but flipped so you are here okay and I am here I feel like my vagina isn't orchid because look at me I'm a long person therefore the petals of my vagina are all so long I got some big ass thighs okay so they're just gonna be large in there and like round some stretch marks on there there's you know two phases lips closed for me or lips wide open maybe that's cold lips wide open cuz it's more fun and more to play around with you know what I mean did I have to say too much I feel vulnerable I felt like a vulnerability hanging over vulnerable is do let's go to your lips not my face a diamond but with rounded edges you see this all right they got four teeth lips there's not a lot of meat down there it's like the inside of a rose you know how roses have like layers and layers I'd say the smallest bit this sort of Wiggins there are they thick like a a medium to thick okay I would say my inner thighs kind of circular okay so that kind of shapes the eyebrows of the vagina if you know what I mean cool I just my heart started beating a little fast you got it man all right so you have your lips they're full in my head it's like a little bit darker but then like the closer you get in the delays of the Rose later it gets that was lips lip pink very pink pick a pink my I immediately went to the lavender they're not lavender I haven't shaved in like no two and a half years I post a lot of like lingerie and I modeled for some like swimsuits okay so I don't have a load of hair isn't wet is it okay I keep wanting to go down like this but we now have I don't know if I'm going too far in right now but I feel like it's bumpy yeah and then when you get to the clitoris I would move to like a shade lighter brown do you feel like your lips kind of go in more around that area notice how I uncross my legs I was like let me feel it so I think a part of my clitoris there's like a darker Brown area that's like longer and wider than the rest we go down to where your hole is there's the middle and here this you kind of got a search for that thing I've seen a vagina or two and I feel like it's bigger than peoples I've seen usually you see the this kind of shape the oval shape yeah for the vagina I think mine kind of like this kind of shape a little bodily shape I think the biggest misconception I had about vaginas just for most of my life is that everyone sort of looked the same I've recently realized like there are so many different shapes and forms just like people this is called like the mound I think mine a little hooded like my eyes makes sense right it does it's like pink on the inside yeah like ah that's perfect I love working with professionals and there's the whole make a little bigger Oh having make it bigger you can see what this illustration is alluding to so when she goes home and like goes and looks at herself yeah she can remember like what was said here do you feel good about your vagina you know I don't think I did for the longest time yeah I have a lot of baggage around it this feels correct I feel like this is great I'm kind of disappointed in myself for not knowing like more let me feel your vagina all right it looks good right yeah and now I'm gonna take this sketch home and spend time with my vagina but get mine for five minutes with a mirror and see like how close it is to this actual sketch thanks girl sounds good any time I heard that we were doing this I was a little nervous mainly because I haven't done a whole lot of vaginas stuff even period stuff I haven't really done a lot of period content so that part of my body is sort of uncharted territory when it comes to the Internet I was a little nervous but I was excited to lean into that this voice in my head says you're being silly and this is a silly video it's coming up for me now when I have to look at my own vagina which tells me I am a lot more scared for this challenge than I initially thought I'm about to look at my vagina doing this in general is just like why I think I have a good understanding of of what's going on but now I'm gonna be sure this morning I'm about to take the mirror take a look try to compare to the drawing that I described and I'll just talk to her and affirm her and just hang out with there for a bit never done this before we'll see what happens I am the last to do this challenge it's hypocritical I know because I produced the video and then when it came time for me to actually sit down and spend time with that part of myself I've liked I cannot stress enough how much I've pushed this video of I showed the pre interviews and our interview with B I think in early March it's June to be honest I like did my makeup like it was a little big day you put my little fairy lights on like I was bringing someone home I was just like you know what this is time for me and myself today's the day and I just showered I'm just like trying to like make it into a moment I turn I'm a little salt lamp we're doing this my twinkle lights are on you have to move dude I just looked at my vagina I don't know this is a case for everyone but my vagina's a flower it's so pretty I'm pretty sure I'm a big-ass vagina like which makes sense I'm a big-ass person and then talking to her it was like pretty cool looking at her while talking to her was really different than just like giving myself just general affirmations but like looking at her and being like you are worthy you are intelligent you are valuable I did this try that I made everyone else do and I didn't do until the very last minute definitely changed my perspective on a lot of things I was dreading looking at my own vagina and we just have to process that for a second I had so much shame about my own private part that I was born with you know I had judged her from you know the top down angle and to be honest like no one really looks good from this angle also I'm not gonna lie I did not have a mirror so I used a blush palette that I don't use I was just like exploring looking at like the scenery like going on a little tour it was honestly kind of relaxing I took my little mirror down there and I was like oh there she is it doesn't look exactly like the sketch that I described I wasn't too far off that's a good thing some things could have been moved up some colors could have been shifted some shades and tones were a bit off it was cool though it was really cool to see that compare and contrast I mean it looked nothing like the drawing I don't know where Lena no tell you it looks like it looks like a vagina I don't know what I had imagined like maybe some like the Kraken was down there some kind of sea monster but I didn't want to look at but it just looked like a normal vagina I'm 30 this should not be so revelatory to me my drawing was kind of spot on in the sense that like I had the logistics right I can't believe I had never seen my clip before face to face I'm just gonna say it she and I are we're friends I've never been like yo this is me this is you click I didn't realize I'd be as into it as it was I see it being something that I don't know I can incorporate when I think about it that is one part of my body that I understand but I don't like take time and spend with I think I'm gonna do that more often now I like this it's a free exercise that you can do with yourself to help you get to know yourself more after this experience I would probably describe my vagina as my best friend to maintain friendships you'd have to put in work and I want to make sure that I have a healthy relationship with my vagina so putting in that extra work really did make me feel closing obviously I've seen vaginas before because of my sexual preference seeing my own like this is just what someone else sees they keep coming back so it must be good so this was all just affirming to me maybe this is just personal to me maybe everyone else in the world is like no no I feel great about what I have great but maybe you're watching this and you're like yo I don't know what I look like down there because I was raised where I was taught that what I own is dangerous and I shouldn't own it check her out I want to get to the place that B seems to be you know in regards to her relationship with her vagina like that's the goal vagina Bessie goals right there we're not taught straight from the beginning to like be confident in yourself we're taught like society is going to look at you and judge you and that's how you be confident so the moment we get that confidence or like look inside and at ourselves as the moment we take that power back the vagina I would wager to say is kind of the epicenter of body shame we regulate our vaginas just to a clinical space like that's the place that you go to check out you take it to the gyno you whip her out of the bag show her to one person and then put her back in shame sometimes hides behind excuses and that has certainly been the experience for me it's literally insane how powerful our vaginas are I feel like if we were taught that from like a younger age things would be a lot more powerful for us fostering that relationship as young as possible in a healthy way is really important wow I'm just so grateful this was cool regardless of what you're trying to tell you is you just need to figure out and feel yourself out and be comfortable with yourself 100% fully


  • Eryn1321 says:

    Jazzs- "it's a flower" is just linds funny to me because like yeah that's how Georgia O'Keeffe passed her pictures off lol. But they weren't just flowers. (Also that's because the part of the flower we are comparing it to is the "feminine" part of the flower)

  • Alexis Rodriguez says:

    Jazz reminds me of Kat from the bold type

  • Vilanya S. says:

    EXCELLENT VIDEO, LADIES!!!! VERY entertaining and VERY educational 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽😻😻😻

  • - - says:

    im always holding a mirror down there to observe whats going on 🙂

  • lovepurple88 says:

    I bet any and every man has an opinion about his penis, and that is not considered weird…. why should a woman having an opinion about her vulva/vagina be considered strange?

  • Ana M-W says:

    S.O to my 7th grade health teacher would literally told us "Take a mirror down there. Check out what's going on, DO IT" and you know what? I did. This video is awesome!

  • Raimy Roams says:

    I haven’t looked at mine since I had my baby and I’m curious but scared she isn’t as pretty now or something

  • Sophia Mitchell says:

    I'm 13 and this is super educational. And its also very interesting. Especially the beginning when the woman was talking about ur v that was good stuff to know

  • jenna says:

    Love this! Jazz has awesome earrings btw

  • Lashay says:

    Y’all look they giving away $25 if you sign up‼️🤑 https://share.cloutpay.co/Nailaddict

  • Meagpie2497 says:

    This was great! I really liked the fact about using your hand to clean down there instead of a cloth and cleaning like twice a day. That was super helpful information 😎

  • Nicole Kudla says:

    I love Ladylike so much for putting out content like this. I want more merch from them. But like, stuff that doesn’t say “BOOBS” because I’m not THAT kinda girl 😂

  • Roxas1920 says:

    Recycled video

  • Princess Scully says:

    It’s interesting to me to see how different I was raised than them. My mom brought me up to be aware of my body and pay attention to it and get to know it so I can further my self confidence. When I was like 16 I took the time to look at my vagina (it’s actually the Vulva but you understand) in a mirror like the did and I googled a diagram of one and like essentially tried to find each part on myself. It honestly helped me come into my sexuality in a healthy and educational way and I would recommend to anyone reading this to do the same thing.

  • Jeannie Thompson says:

    Ladies, thank you once again for your bravery! You're doing amazing things to expand women's minds young and old alike! Dev, girl, same.

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  • Frankie Frank says:

    Georgia O’Keefe has joined the chat

  • Clarinalein says:

    I'm real sad for people who never get the chance to do that because their schools are so conservative… We were told to do that (look at our vagina at home) just to get to know ourselves in high school… I hope less women have to go through not feeling comfortable to get to know themselves. Love this video! Thanks guys 🥰

  • Arlenee C says:

    "They keep coming back so it must be good" 😂😂😂 jazzzzz

  • Ma Pa says:

    Its funny to see this video. Why? Well because to a certain extent, it feels like they are all talking DIRECTLY at you. But I have no issues with me looking at my vagina at all. However I do not talk to it. That just seems weird TO ME! Lol But there is a stigma when it comes to females talking about their Vaginas in general. This is a double standard situation here. Men as kids are allowed to explore their bodies. They find their penis and they are allowed to explore it without being looked down on. Normally people just say "he's being a boy". While females aren't allowed to do this because its frown upon. Its basically a "tabu" for females to touch, look and explore it (when age apropriate). But for men its a "normal" thing they do. Just my opinion and point of view. Liked the video and it was a bit uncomfy to watch, due to the stigma it brings.

  • LiL sam says:

    we're not allowed



    This is so, “Our Bodies, Ourselves” from my heavy-duty-right-on-feminist days in the ‘70s. Glad to see this generation going there, but a bit dismayed that we didn’t share the knowledge and awareness that we learned with our younger daughters and sisters. So, more power to you!

  • RyanIsHere03 says:

    I’m a gay guy I have no idea what’s going on

  • Matthew Studham says:

    Isn't amazing how religion can ingrain our beliefs in what is right or wrong? Religion says that down there is for procreation not for pleasure. If you can't love yourself nobody will ever be able to fully love you.

  • Pink Llama says:

    i call mine Jared

  • LoreleiBooBooHairLeg says:

    BuzzFeed already did that…

  • YuukiNekox3 says:

    Why is this video making me so uncomfortable lmFAO

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