We need to talk about the new RWBY Writer…

We need to talk about the new RWBY Writer...

all right now get this off the collection I see an attack on Titan season three reaction and I'm like to get stand by for think it's good stupid next season yes oh my god it's gonna get stupid next see much more life right I mean what I I'm gonna put this out on Twitter gets really fucking stupid for anybody in there who's not caught up with the manga oh boy new subscribers silver creation oh and someone already subscribe so thank you for subscribing silver creation if you're watching I don't know if you are or not that's a test run yeah I don't know if this is from last year but not cuz it's joy oh yeah yeah I know it's definitely from last stream so actually might be for me even before that is it I switched themes for this particular one so I'm gonna be phantom of the night we are talking about the the other skiers II Burkhardt the only no FEI yeah yeah they don't point talk about any realist I mean his work with roosterteeth kind of already stands on its own at this point what other Ruby to her should I tag in this cuz I'm tagging unicorn calyx and murder of birds dan dan my help danceable did maybe Fang if he's interested is that Cole Perlman his name where's that someone else yes yeah that's yeah I mean Sharon Agathon has never been amazing if somebody tells me they think it's shit I'm not necess fire but there are things about the show I like or the story that I like and is also stuff that that's up and that's done like hopefully everything is good how many people do we have here today uh quite a few so far Ian she was gone but she still yes we were going to have good old Cowell on with us but she's yes she's recovering from con funk and she wanted me to let all of you know that it was Arnold's fault that that murder of birds was the cosmics I think they shared a room because I understand it right you know you're doing nothing to like quell though the rumor idea I don't believe that rumor for a second I don't know I don't know like the idea came to my mind when she when she said that but I'm like I know the way she worded it was like all right she's just talking very frank about it I don't think anything where it's going on like that holy crap 46 viewers Jesus oh my god most of them had on stream hi everyone I've been to four are TX's and to PAX East and I've never got sick so sue let me introduce myself because we might have more people more unusual types of people here I am renewing MacNeil host here at Celtic Phoenix productions I am one of the members of team frostbite the the the most organized I would say of the Ruby critics the ones that have sort of the the widest broad base of it we have you know our harsh critics like Batman falling do I know a lot of people don't really like we have British ninja who is just sort of there for the lols you have Tom here who actually has recently dropped the shifts because he didn t like the quality and my own work focuses on rebuilding Ruby from the ground up in a fixing serious to demonstrate what I think you can get from this series and what is what I think the series is trying to do where it fails yeah and then and then just to briefly introduce myself I'm Tom Herr and I am the host over it's like productions critic youtuber actor writer editor kind of jack-of-all-trades master Jack I did cover Ruby for a while my volume 6 is probably gonna be the last of you until the show ends and then I can just like gentle retrospect it maybe but I also do the red vs. blue retrospectives that's gonna keep going because those videos are way too much fun to drop and whatever else I feel like cuz that's that's how I've always gone about my youtube is would add on top of that I am a I am and a published author I have an English degree of you know for four years English degree he's also an author in the making yes short stories floating around the the internets and if my fucking writing program will ever load back up then I'll get that work back to work on that so fuck but my computer's so we should probably get onto the main focus and why we bring up that credential why we bring up those credentials is that we are currently talking about Ruby volume seven now I doubt any of you who came here not knowing what Ruby was so I'm not gonna bother introducing that but those who may not have been paying attention to RTX this year they announced that they brought on two new writers to help write volume 7 of the show the first one being now what's his name Eddie Rivas even worked on Ruby chippy am i understanding that right no no rebus worked on RTB ten and then he also he also had some book I think he a couple books that he published among among them he also did some work on the RV be unofficial RV be or the official RV be guy and then he came on her teeth full-time and he started working on shows like I think he did camp camp and he worked on Nomad know where he does a lot of work with like the animation and we know he's an okay writer is that safe to say – we do we know the quality of his writing uh in a vacuum he I mean you did the work with over betide and camp camp spending you know I I kind of fell off my radar but overall I'd say it's a pretty solid watch but he also had a heavy hand in nomad and nomad was what I saw of it no no that's I know fat man has a lot of praise for his funny moments but the the we don't know the quality exactly we don't have a good gauge on that but we do however have a gauge for the second person they have brought on being care see Burkhart who is a published author since it looks like before 2016 but we're not quite sure on that because the publication dates have not been listed for her earliest book I'm not entirely sure main let me try and see if it's on the actual stage oh one brave summer is published January 1st 27 what why is it fly in it why isn't that that shouldn't be okay so her entire publication history the publication's on the horses books are weird yeah well we're trying to cover them in chronological order but it's like listing things in like not chronological order like those books those horse books I think the V word might be the first I think we got any rearranges the V word is probably first but that makes sense because it's it's a collection of stories that she's only briefly attached to yea Gideon we are about to find out and the reason oh my god 99 people guys get one more person in here one more person in here and it'll be a personal best you're seeing 180 oh my gosh this is a most he won't be hi everyone holy crap I've not had this baby one is winning yeah skip back and watch everything at two times speed um so yeah the reason why is we saw some reviews for her most recent novel the castle of lives lies that were mild Lerman now she's known for having a lot of work in the the LGBTQ whatever field I'm I'm very kind of middle-of-the-road on all those issues typically I'm a very big supporter of gay rights and all that such but you know when it comes on the actual politics III generally don't like at least being shoved down our throats I like them their finest background details but like I'm very much not up things being shoved down throats but if they're going to be shoved down our throats I like them to be good and from what I'm hearing okay or we'll go into this we'll get into this let's look at some of the rooms already know my stance on it I'm all for it but I also just need to say that YouTube make it a part of the story to me you don't sacrifice yeah it's it's it's something it needs to be diegetic to the setting and and characters like exact you need to write characters first then everything else is secondary at least when it comes to character dynamics is that but so let's actually dive into some of these reviews we're going to go from as early as possible up through her most current books or most current book is the one that really set the alarm trails but everything else seems to be on the up and up and for the record we have not actually looked into these reviews very thoroughly um we I actually told people to stop reading the castle Wise Ones because they were getting too funny to not read spontaneously yeah so the V word is our what we can speculate as her first known publication does they have a preview it does not yeah it looks like you know these books up previews it sucks yeah so there's there's a lot of authors involved and it it basically looks like a compilation book I don't think we're gonna get much out of this we're debating whether or not to show it on stream but I thought for completeness sake we would do so but we're not gonna read because look at this we have amber J Kara see Molly blooms Sydney Hakim vert vert wrote I can't have that's the same person Alex Meeks Carrie kidding that's a brain Sarah Burke Sarah Ryan like it just all these authors I think they're just all on the I we're considering I write I I've written a young adult lesbian novel or short stories collection I'm not very steeped in this type of world but let's go on to her one brave summer her first book as far as we can tell yeah as described Holly Dixon is not excited about six weeks on a horse ranch without access to the virtual world of Dragon Fire in game she's the blue Elf strong and powerful in the real world she's coming off a bad year after moving from Los Angeles to Denver at least Prince the majestic horse she's paired with at quartz Creek Ranch makes her feel like royalty to gain prince's trust pally has to find her own confidence which is an exhibit jerks like Brice around when she makes an exciting discovery near the ranch life finally seems interesting as as interesting as dragon fire but to protect her real world treasure she'll have to figure out how to turn the courage into action okay I have to call bullshit right off the bat nobody is ever sad to leave la notice everybody I have ever known from LA was happy to get the fuck out of there yeah but if you're a kid you might not know any different notice that that's a big thing in a lot of like film to the kids moving from California to somewhere else there's that skating film that I remember the kid who was a surfer moved from LA to Cincinnati my hometown where I am right now and I live right near Devil's Backbone which was supposedly the most wicked spot to skate because it was actually about slurring how a skateboard that entire film and like in the film they showed it going all the way down through like Cincinnati the city proper when really it's out in the township of like Delhi and and like a green I'm forgetting districts crap regardless it's like it's like out of the suburbs it's out in the suburbs and it's nowhere near its doubles backbone or we're sorry I just I like talking about that I think it's funny no no that's fine I'd like my skating days have long been behind me so all right so we're scrolling down and the first review is two out of five that's not a good sign so let's uh warm it let's see oh yeah here it is you guys seen this on stream how's a stream looking okay this it's taking to make the scroll down yeah Palli has been having a difficulty making friends and fitting in on her new school she has retreated into her favorite computer game and her parents are set on stopping it okay it's giving a summary I don't need this yeah a lot of good reads reviews I've already I've seen this before a lot of them will do a quick why sorry is right there unless you're gonna be like sarcastic about it like a lot know like I've looked up a lot of folk reviews on Goodreads and a lot of them have the summary up it's like well the responsibilities of ranchers and tweens came across a fossil must work together to save it from those who would like to steal it this was a good children's novel it only bugged me that children call each other kids what but but they do call each other yeah that kid was mean to me mommy that's a for juvenile horse lovers as well as those struggling with change and friendship issues this is telling me nothing about the actual book recommended for older elementary readers or reluctant teen readers the prose is easy to read but deals with complex emotions like forgiveness and empathy for those who hurt you is that really complex also was that wow those only three reviews forgiveness forgiveness can be kind of a tricky issue because I should you forgive them you know that's kind of like cuz I got a lot of people like Indiana internalized that shit or they large or 224 pages okay so next one is the long tail hold long trail home yes so nothing super really sticks out about that one all right long home pulling that up now Oh Rivka who made these names Rivka can can't wait to get away from our family for the summer since that terrible day last year she wants no part of their Jewish community okay sorry interesting French she feels worlds away from home along new Cara the Colorado scenery goofy ranch owners and baby animals other parts of quartz Creek however are too familiar including the unsettling wave of anti-immigrant threats to ranch workers on a trip to the country Rivka was also surprised to learn the history of Jewish pioneers in the area when she had her defiant cabin make a cat face disaster in the wild Rivka will need to find strength deep within her to help them both get home safely okay felt like I was getting whipped by a total cat of nine tails it's like okay well it has four and a half out of five stars so let's see how that were how that ramps up here okay this review is a long review okay this review is meant for parents teachers and other people that worked with children to read Rivka is a bit tired of synagogue life in fact she's a bit tired of being different from people because she is Jewish she does not think she will even have a bat mitzvah and doesn't really want one it's an apartment there's Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah it depends I yeah yeah separate that myth I think Bob meets us for little Spartan answers for boys yes night cry it is May yes as soon as she steps off the airplane things start to become much different for from the person who holds up a sign for her to her ranch mates to the different lifestyles working with the horses they'd like this is not telling me what the quality they'll get this book helped me discover that some people who are often feel rejected by most of the world sometimes hurt other people rejected by most of the world wait that way that makes sense the world sometimes hurt other people judged a bit less though okay the religious back room and or race they tend to treat each other better I mean that should be self-evident but okay yeah it's sounding very simplistic but it's a children's book so maybe I can forgive it they're the reason for the title the book came back towards the back of the book for me but I think some people might be able to see it happen much sooner the long trail hope I mean it says there in the story that we have to get home like it's a long dear home and I'm going to guess it right now the entire story is about her learning how she needs to come and connect with her family and earned her religion in all that such and I'm guessing I'm guessing she has a bat mitzvah at the end it's a great book for use who are familiar with the Jewish for those about to participate in a bar but yeah that's that's obviously how it has to end though it's like a book report oh Lord here's a 3-star looks like some of the lesser ones the long trail home fits with a number of recently published books that have taken on a depicting current events Asterix which the astrick says property of the rebel librarian also middle a middle grade novel takes on censorship of books and library okay so it's a disliking the other book it very tamely depicts anti-semitic graffiti and and mentions anti-immigrant rally and a beating of a person who is a minority these descriptions are mild and therefore appropriate for upper elementary and middle school students the main characters battle with a desire to run away from her Jewish identity and her upcoming Bat Mitzvah and coping with the challenges and fears involving being different and embracing her identity any child who loves horses would enjoy this book there's a lot of description about her experience on a horse ranch in Colorado oh right I'd like a weird thing that they tack on at the end thing is almost intact on a lot of animals and the outdoors permeates this novel Rivka struggles to find her if I read all four books in as many days and I must say this is the best it is the best in this series oh this was a read aloud with Scarlett I appreciate the pro-immigrant storyline that but it still gave him a three star I love this book it's a wonderful story about facing fears in Courage we read many books for kids about racism they're set in the past middle grade novel put Svensson Kareem today into a contemporary story that also includes horses I know what kids and I I already know what kids I can pitch it to part of the new story called quartz Creek Ranch recommended all right so okay so what I'm getting so far is that they're good books for yeah you're good looks for kids they're not like but the das are like these these reviews haven't been like very helpful know which is weird because uh some of the ones we get to caso of lies are very detailed get more details when something's bad than they do in some things yes it feels like but obviously five sir I've always loved avoiding this one didn't disappoint at top speed I'm skipping today I'm just like breathe do I even need to read the summary for top speed let's read the summary for top speed okay for Ella winning has the hours just give a cop speed because we're done with those things for Ella winning has always been the goal and I quark rate in court Creek Court squeak I can't pronounce the name at the ranch meanwhile at the ranch she's pretty sure she'll ace horseback riding too there's just one hitch in her plan the literal hitch for the whore I mean figure eight the beautiful corner horse she's paired with won't listen to a word she says oh my oh my what a surprise struggling with figure eight and be a motivation of the motivation Ella needs to control her ego and temper especially when she's turned on to a two barrel racing figure eight would be incredible at it I'd racing not me her kind of odd that she knows but quiet sensitive Jordan is the only one on the ranch or the time to teach Ella those high-speed turns horse drifting deja vu I remember this place before nein on the streets and I know it's but a big up suddenly Ella faces new challenge on her road to success figuring how to be a good friend do we even need the review read the reviews is it sounds bland as hell yeah well it's got for a half stores yeah I've always loved horses and this one is didn't disappoint at top speed is a story of Ella a girl reeling from a broken home and overbearing father this does give me something about the dead book would you wait 0 C there's a two-star view right below it no uh of course wait C review is it is is they're actually more to it yeah I I think wait okay so wait no no no okay it's like you think I guess see it I guess so um so uh Nowinski Hanna a top speed of a Darby Creek wait what Nowinski Hanna at top what why is it is that who's the why is it saying the Winsky Hanna is it the publisher what was that new review here this is review by central is the book okay yeah I'm looking at right now in Snejana at top speed 232 pages Darby Creek learner which i think is the publisher so who is Nowinski Hannah who's Hannah nan ski is that's a good question that I don't have an answer everything's G across the board listen also aren't these tours for are these course books also co-written buses yes yes here J Kaiser who I don't know let's see I don't know I don't know how I don't know how much she was also only word I was thinking is I guess yeah and she's also cited on all the horse ones so it's like maybe oh that's not a good side guys oh no she could very well be the one keeping Keirsey in check okay castle blaze briefly no care sees this told okay oh oh so it's a kiss the book gave it two out of five stars let's see of course there are many suitors who are going through a horse obsession like up might I myself did having some I never understood that white horses having some having some horsewhips elections seem like a must have but I just didn't care for this book the characters are so unlovable and hard to connect with I just felt irritated and found myself feeling bad for the grown-ups in the book if a reader can make it past a lengthy section they will love the well-written horseback riding and the most realistic evolution of the main character the cover would be a huge draw the planets this is blander than the motherfucking after the fall cover for Christ's sake this is more stock than fucking handgun I don't even know what that means [Laughter] Jesus Christ okay alright terrific new series scene note to the end of the series in general the lava here are my notes about the series in general this is written with just the right amount of predictability for the age group mill reader kids were the problems to go a problems go to a horse ranch for therapy this was handled sensitively with not too much graphic information about situations kids find they're worthy of being understood and respected and there's an underlying belief in redemption kids growing steps not all once and the changes are believable the series would speak to troubled kids and it would teach the value of compassion kindness to kids who aren't so troubled other concepts value of hard work high expectations and of teamwork kids who like horses would be drawn to this but really any kid could enjoy them and then Bob Baca this isn't the sort of book that I normally read but I enjoyed the experience the good character development creates an ending and ending with the real realistic sense of triumph keeping this novel grounded and relatable can we all great this is yeah the showcase so what I'm noticing from these reviews is like I keep saying the word like handled sensitively like they'd be hanging all these issues well which she was completely counteractive or counter to what we will get to that I'll get to that but I'm I'm also seen that yeah so shy girl and shy guy which by the way which is known as be careful doing that um just just saying there's some art out there you might want to avoid if you're of certain inclinations or you might want to find go ahead go for it yeah I don't know I can't judge you more stock than a handgun someone's quitting me on that I I was trying to say like more stock than a rifle but but I didn't I didn't I didn't connect like my thoughts there I instead of rifle I went they hadn't get him no why okay so shy girlish I died for Hannah quartz Creek wrench said it right this time was the worst kind of punishment because there was nothing she fears more than horses then she meets the beautiful grey named shy guy who's just as afraid of people as Hannah is of horses she can help can't she help shy guy overcome his past of abuse and abandonment and restore them to his former glory no because they're both Shia V characters made up what do you think these characters meet up since they're all on the same place maybe I mean that would actually be like like oh my god you know new MCU quartz Creek Ranch Avengers horse the horse Avengers who will get that yeah yeah oh wow 192 hi everyone feel free to stick around make sure you hit the subscribe button and the bell I'd be love to have you guys here so we're catch everyone up because we're almost near the end of the the quote-unquote good stuff the good boat we're going through the the novels and reviews of those novels by Keira C Burkhardt who is the new writer for Ruby trying to gauge the quality of her writing because we saw some things that are somewhat alarming in her newest book but we'll be getting to that shortly right now we're in the last of the horse books when I was little I loved horse books I grabbed this I received a free this really pretty much debut no no like weird maybe they all came out once or smelly bad the horse books are like the horse books are not they're not remembered an exact date when they're published so it's like so a wonderful day and pretty much everything you want in a book with horse and a girl in the cover full of wonderful characters both human and horse face your fears and standing up for yourself and people and horses you love this book is about grouse friendship and learning about yourself in ways both wonderful and terrifying full of great horse scenes middle grade relationships and harrowing finale this book as every is for every kid who feels lost sometimes and for every kid who simply loves horses okay so this one kiss the woman gave the last one two out of five stars gave this one four out of five Hannah ends up at quartz Creek Ranch is a summary Missy and ends a burning show yo-yos this book was far and away better than the other book ever series the story is really truly about a girl in a horse bonding the author does a great job creating memorable characters and a pace of plotline that creates a believable relationship I think horse fans were to adore this book okay that's fair right is this the next one yeah it's weird like I think only three reviews are showing up but like no no either there's a teen ratings but only five out of use yeah I think this is a debut although I'm pretty sure there were three or four different ones in 2017 impressive output I'm putting the same review on the other books I read in the series with this was written with just the right amount of predictability okay so basically it's the same thing the other one said so yeah all right now we're off we're off the horse books and seems to be her first book solo is the honor code which has the first noticeable dip every book all the horse books had a four – four – you know four point five this has 3.75 which is not a sharp dip but it's a dip that's noticeable so let's see yeah so that yeah yeah she is definitely the solo author on the Sam knows how lucky she is to be a part of the elite Edwards Academy as she dreams of getting in the Harvard one day she willingly she's willing to do anything to fit in and excel at her at high school even if that means enduring hazing signing up for sports she hates and attending the school dance with an upperclassman she barely knows okay but when she learns at the high cost of entry will Sam be willing to bury her the worst night of her life in order to keep the community sacred as the oh my between truth and justice blurs Sam must find out for herself what Connor really means it sounds like a cruel intentions five stars stop poking intensely imaginative must must read about rape culture that deserves a wider audience okay all right okay this person's going into pros and cons this next which is good Samantha WOA may be which stands for will AB yes okay I am always intrigued by books set in boarding schools and this one deals with darker side of those institutions you know awesome I've never I kind of wish I'd gone to a boarding school for the experience but at the same time I also glad I didn't I think there's one near my old high school like none in my area the beauty of a boys school you don't have to live there to be you wanted to live near it yeah you don't really I though multiple issues were touched upon one the one which caught and kept my interests revolved around sexual assault and the fallout experienced by the women and who are brave enough to speak out Pro the book was broken in the 3x each with a distinct focus in the story I like this division which kept me very focused and I also really liked the addition the addition of the second POV as she served the purpose I was not fully aware of until almost the end pro so there to Burkhart showed the good and bad sides of boarding school she introduced us to the nice and so nice people had set school and I appreciate it as she didn't paint the school and people would Philly ate it with the school as all bad okay all right con Sam was a really complicated character and I don't think we got to know her as much as I would have liked to okay throw but I think that was the point part of her needed to be kept concealed in order for this story to work that that's values I Pro this story definitely ramped up in acts two and three as Sam prepared for and actively sought justice these are my favorite parts of the book and I love seeing that sight of Sam okay Pro there was a very awesome twist which I only saw coming really close to the reveal I tip my hat to Burkhart because it was really great way to distinguish a story from a field of sexual assault stories alright that just raises further grow as a woman I found myself angry and frustrated and nodding my head over and over again there were so many things that happen in this book which were appalling but sadly quite realistic don't care to give an example please guys like you're not giving any other side we'll just reading your review of any kind of information the yeah really yeah play big may be pro have many elements that were not shocking but I was the effect seeking justice had on the young woman in the story of quote this is the price for speaking up I write this is why we so often stay quiet who would willingly bring this into their life I mean alright that's that's fair enough that's that you gave us an example and we're satisfied you give an accurate statement here why did you do that the rest of them give us what pros and cons with exam chills please like like oh god that's why I wish I some reviews actually had like spoiler tags that would soap so help so help well guys get to more people in your own was that 200 are they'll be amazing yes yes personal best overall an interesting and thought-provoking look at rape culture and the pre question survivors are forced to endure when they speak out which left me simultaneously sad frustrated and angry okay so the next one is two out of five important silver linings playbook or Bradley Cooper yells what the fuck and throws a farewell to arms out the window I wanted to do that with this book but it was a library copy and I was in a moving car but yeah my sentiments exactly that doesn't help because we don't get exact exact example why but entertainment seems she's talking about and okay five out of five oh wow so uh I love a good boarding school book and who doesn't love honor code must read Edwards Academy its summary Burkhardt is woven a story about rape rape culture class power the limits of friendship girl-on-girl meanness in a way I've never seen before I never realized what was coming and I still not sure about how I feel about it yes I'm being purposely cryptic the unfortunately realistic resolution will have me thinking for a while Sam is a brave strong scarred and artful young woman semantics I don't read good I might be an author but I don't read good it's good so reluctant to come forward to passionate to stay silent she endures high school the high price for coming forward I don't know if I would have been strong enough to handle the relentless bullying she received coming forward I like to think I would have disclosed similar treatment from from Scully but like those who did later did I may have waited we all wanted to believe we brave but being a teen is hard enough without death threats coming from classmates after being raped I will certainly look forward to yeah this okay there's a good review then give it a five stars yeah now we're reviewing the reviews for the record that's kind of what's happening here reviewing the quality of these reviews I'm gonna do a proper review later no you're not but looks at things oh wow this has a ton of reviews this does deal with aftermath or a major trigger first I'm guessing the the realistic resolution is that he gets off scot-free yeah that's not really a twist that's not it's not a twist or ya know that the other person said realistic resolution yeah which I said yeah that's that's what I'm guessing people have no faith in the criminal justice system I swear look I understand from a law background flawed but it's it's not imperfect or it might be imperfect but it's not like terrible honestly like the word I mean it could be worse obviously yeah but still when it comes to like great victims it's not exactly scared of your favorite of the time and also quite a bit that's weak here I found the writing to be fine though not especially memorable likewise I didn't find it as intense or raw as other books that we have that I've done this it's also a very white book and the characters who note who notes this in the book over and over feels like she's playing the role of a critical reader in stating it and it doesn't feel authentic I also felt that some of the reaction of students to what was going on to feel a little over the top today's teens are far more aware of their world than I felt this book may gave many of them credit for and perhaps I'd have let that slide much easier where are we given more intense exploration of the school's culture absolutely worth reading particularly for those who enjoyed books about smoked cultures and private schools and for those who want to read more books with various angles towards rape culture okay oh wow this is long so a white book is that me does that mean it's over white book that means that the primarily majority what I mean you guys yeah okay me about a lobby like the people pushing a lot of take a lot of diversity and such they don't want to acknowledge the fact that homogeneous groups exist like like I mean it's it's not necessarily everywhere but you you get populations like say Norway you've gotta be hard-pressed to find people of diverse colors there yeah it's like now we are now we are in America which is a room yeah yeah that's true but then y'all thinkin defect like wealth disparity in such like that among minorities yes so in a in a boarding school being primarily white even with I think things that are starting to level out I still think it's gonna be primarily white at this time a day when schools are expensive lots of boring school party schools are lame man unless you're in fantasies just let you're in fantasy stories yeah cuz cuz honestly I would love to like like be in a magic school somewhere like nah not Hogwarts fuck Hogwarts Hogwarts is terrible that is like Hogwarts has like the worst OSHA violations all right I'm just going here like whoever wants to go to Hogwarts is a suicide which literally the stairs change directions on you to the point where you can use it fall right into a bottomless chasm who built that school where is oh sure whatever the fucking version of of OSHA for England is like they have a field day with all those places it's like how in Resident Evil 2's remake the secret lab underground the reason why it's a secret lab isn't because of any of the experiments going on it's the fact that their walkways over a bottomless pit have a like a two-foot-high railing that you could easily trip over all right so this next one Mandy this is and fleshed out one but it's a three point three stars out of five mister off this review by saying that maybe the most disorganized review I've ever written and give a huge trigger warning for rape sexual assault I'm writing this not caring about grammar or flowy writing or anything else because I walked away from this book so Reggie but I can't really put into appropriate words all the things I felt also my reviews usually do not contain spoilers but this one does thank you because it's the only way to accurately express my full range of emotions if it turns out this you love this format to review let me know because this is different from what I normally do but I'm happy to change up my style for what you guys have been like reading I think they're like they're like like groups of reviewers on this site I never really thought it back so I don't feel it good reads enough but like are they like reviewers that stand out above the others here me that'd be weird all right guys we need to roughly double our numbers so we can get the watch rate up to 420 but then I will yell blaze it on stream and you'll all be happy so honor code bikers burgos am a fifteen year old girl who gets into an elite private school where behind closed door she learns and experiences things she never expected from having the line up naked and be ranked by upperclassmen to being forced to join sports tee a sports team sadly this is sure this isn't College what what's the sports team she's really ready to handle what's in store for her but her desire to learn earn a scholarship to college keeps her motivated to tough it out when she gets matched with the the hot upperclassman she's been drooling over for the school mixer she thinks she's finally fitting in until that upperclassman takes advantage of her attraction to him and her negativity and rapes her when she went went to him for help with schoolwork how did that play out I'm I'm curious how that exactly played out sacred Sam seems quite hard to avoid exposing incidents or identifying herself for the prom or the prosecutor the prosecutor is a person who prosecutes a crime yeah I'm guessing the identifying herself or the the criminal will become the criminal but she still fights her way through the city my thoughts through the first two-thirds of sort of the book were all positive we needed more books about rape culture that bring these issues to light this showed why girls don't come forward when they've been sexually assaulted and details all the fallout that happens when they finally do yes I thought this book is everything until the plot twist happens that had me raging until the very last page and I'm still raging as evidenced by this review didn't actually get raped it was her roommate Garci that went through a my brother my brother just want to know if I want chick-fil-a that's my stance on chick-fil-a I will never pay money for it but if someone ask me if I want it I said okay so that's the twist the twist is that Sam didn't actually get raped it was her roommate Gracie that went through the traumatic incident and Sam in some deranged quest that I per decide to make the story her own and go public with it yes wait yes the boy who raped girl this the reason this this reviewer is is angry the boy who raped Gracie attempted to rape Sam too but she was able to escape before anything happened I mean stop that's that's still sexual assault okay this may be so angry do not take someone sexual assualt experience make it your own you literally just said he attempted to rape her to attempted sexual assault but he is but I think she I think she says um I think she's you could say I think the other one ended up being worse than Sam delver I don't care if you want to hurt them I don't care if you're trying to expose someone to make them and make them seek justice rape is such a terribly and deeply personal occurrence that if the person knew experience it doesn't want to pressure reporting exposing it or do anything about it that's their decision not yours I'm there is so much here that it's just so fucked up well I understand that but at the same time they should always encourage people to tell the truth guys if something okay yeah it's yeah the culture we live in obviously it's your gonna it's gonna be fuck's but yeah absolutely go yeah yeah guys if something happens to you go forward with it at the very least get it on the record so when when the more evidence comes out further down the line you can say definitively yes this happened you don't have to have anyone saying no that never happened you can say look I've reported it when it happens so that's that's the one of the most important things when it comes to this day and age you need to report it when it happens yeah just so that when when you're finally comfortable coming forward about it you can say look I made the report then I'm ready to go forward now yeah like a friend of mine had this happen she reported at the time so if it ever comes up please and and keep yourself safe yeah I recommend a Walther p99 very effective at deterring potential risk just say yeah also don't drink swift kick also if don't don't drink unattended drinks just say so with your own experience of how he attempted to rape you and make him face justice for that but do not masquerade but what if she's a vampire [Laughter] okay wait so wait is this book told in first person or high horse I think maybe first person okay that just raise questions now I do think you spoke at some great teams exposing corruption in a private schools showing how girls are treated cruelly after coming forward with this type of information and how rich white male privilege is unfortunately alive and well today are all things that is important to address and it did all these things extremely well that being said I just couldn't wrap my head around what Sam did and why this is ok I'm not sure if it was her 15 year old mind and and care for a friend that made her think it was a good idea or she just wanted the spotlight but this does not sit right with me and judging by the good rays reviews I'm not the only one that thinks this or I know I'm the only one that thinks is OK I've struggled a lot of my ratings for this book because with the false rape report really set me off the the sorry it someone just quoted me there I think I tried in cs4 they shine a light on the overall rape culture issues our society faces today originally why the raid has two stars but I think I'm going to bump it up up because despite the problematic plot twist the message was good and the writing was fantastic and I overall did really enjoyed three out of five I'm actually kind to on the one hand I want to commend her for running something so deeply fucked up like that put on the other hand I also want to egg her car yeah and I'm not sure which one I should cover with so I mean overall it looks like we didn't get anything lower than a three I don't think oh oh there's a one star review oh shit okay let's do the one star review there – once I run after this okay I'm scrolling ER and here's one okay to see our my review I really like this one but early on I just didn't care about the characters the writing was not the best and I have read and it was very full of things that really just it really just didn't need I wish the story would have gotten started a lot faster than it did I believe that might have to lead me to like the book more I will say that the things this book covered did not sound very authentic and things during the court part just really didn't work for me at all the twist at the end I saw coming a mile away oh this was a court section I might have to read this book yeah I'm actually kind of curious don't you give me a free copy of this four bucks for 300 pages Jesus mile away I don't like the other but it's kinda just saw like it was over the top and parts not off others okay so the second one is Katie there's folk tales with issues that are important today's world and have come up with log recently however I didn't like the way this book was written well I'm a sucker for books about boarding schools and were summer camps this portrayed a school in a school in a bad light yes I understand that many of these elite private schools have problems like this and medium rape but I didn't actually feel bad for Sam or Gracie frankly it made it hard to care about anything that happened I feel bad for thinking that like I said because of the subject matter but it's hard to care that's pretty much yeah caring about Karen plays is one of those where things talked about because it really it does kind of come down to your person like are you somebody who can well I was actually I was going through a video at some point soon on the the three the three point paradigm of writing a character which is the author's view of the character the audience's view of the character and the character themselves which is an independent entity of those two which is a kind of a weird thing to wrap your head around I'm not a writer yeah I promise I like I so many scattered thoughts on it I just I can't really compile a coherent through line it's it's tough it's a tough like thing to kind of really get down on paper so yeah so we've got some mixed reviews coming out of honor code but overall seemingly positive so yeah like okay so she says we see she's already alright trying to you know cover some very heavy topics to varying degrees um my theory was that like the other author was like sort of her her guide her like babysitter like just sort of like kind of pushing her along the way she needed to get a just culture her career and get some books out there but I'm thinking that maybe she needed a little longer of that to gestate some of the ideas alright ah I'm gonna take a brief break here we'll be right back people everyone stay tuned I'm gonna get drink and oh yeah I should probably get a drink of all that we shall return shortly alright we're back well I'm back I don't know about Tom no still no tell them alright so I come back on screen window Stream top good good oh damn so we just got we got $10 super shot from Blin charge or a donation from oh shit their attack on Titan spoilers switch over oh yeah I saw the image for that I William is there not changing back why it's not changing I still say that be right it wasn't a changing bad thing could change you back soon not every go alright that's really delayed play Church donated $10 say so he has she has a messed up mess of view on rape is it safe to say the males in Ruby may get put under the bus and volume 7 as well I don't know yet we'll get to reading Castle of Lies reviews which are a lot more a lot more divisive okay so castle of lives here's the description Delia Delia isn't uh in line to inherit the crown but she's been raised to take power however she can she's been friends with Princess chlorine her whole life and she's scheming to marry bailed the heir to the throne but her plan plans must change when an army of elves invade the kingdom failure her cousin possible and Corrine become trapped in the castle an elf warrior sapphire may be Thalia's only hope of escape but Sapphire has plans of their own meanwhile an ancient magic is awakening within the castle with the power to destroy the whole kingdom can thoroughly I find a way to protect her future and her life sounds exciting well I'm gonna go to her website um because she had an interesting description I remember like it's only describing top I'm just look it up here see well the top review is a two-star review so yeah it does just shortly code well yeah caso of lies is like a CW show crashing into the feta into fantasy in the best way wonderful original instantly captivating and truly genre redefining z– let's see more about this wait CW show crashing in the fantasy but CW does fantasy like all the fuck yeah I'm trying to find there was there was one that like described it as Naima phones he sees on disco is fuckin briefly as they scored I think it's in the ruby discussion CW show crashing into fancy they do fantasy all the time I mean it's a lot of it's supernatural fantasy but it's still fucking fantasy III can't find it but there was one that described it like Game of Thrones meets like drama stuff I can't describe it anyway let's let's get onto these because these are fun very first review number one is two stars and this is where we start seeing some of the cracks in all this a problem I receive the copy this book from net gallery in exchange for an honest review book trigger warnings mentions of threats of rape mentions and threats of rape violence disfigure disfigurements I think it's supposed to be like disfiguration Oh anti eight anti-aids narrow sex work content incest alcoholism aches and generally a lot of drinking and sex now I'm gonna stop here and preface this if any of you have written read my section of short stories forged in flames you might understand that I have gone into some uncomfortable territory with sexual relationships quite primarily that the first story opens up with eventually the first two or three stories opens up with underaged characters having sexual relationships with each other I chose to do that as an exploration of kids getting in relationships have premarital sex and that can sometimes be okay and sometimes be unhealthy and I wanted to explore that dynamic meanwhile we're gonna have to get into some lucky shit with blue with a castle of lies yeah haven't come after me yet I think I did it tastefully enough I was trying to be very careful with it it doesn't sound like this one does I asked for it my character continuing I asked because why a castle intrigues me with weird teenagers are sounding amazing I was told why the characters as demisexual le oh so I was super excited to see how that play out that means me only phone you only have sex with someone when you fall in love with them that's that's one of my key problems with the whole dynamic but I'm not gonna get into that now am I unfortunately this book doesn't deliver on pretty much everything it's not awful you say he's over 2 star review but there was really little keep me interested court intrigues here is synonymous with petty teenage romance plots and it's hard to really dig these characters when they have so little depth they eventually develop a bit especially bail to gross from the most bland love interest to it into an actual person but that's it I guess if Casso of Lies was just a very standard fantasy tropes mixed with underdeveloped characters I might have given it three stars I wish that was it though but apart from the polyamory so much of the representation within castle of lies is let's go with lackluster the non-binary character is of course the nonhuman one the elf parts of all hits so many prominent promiscuous bisexual flags it's not even funny and he's only beautiful when he sees past his disfigurement okay so it's like the I guess uh disfigure phobia or whatever they're trying to say earlier the elves as a whole are exotically codify exotic I constantly and frequently felt like Native characters then there's thelia the demisexual character I'll keep this short the ace was of course them yeah okay the age was of course the most manipulative of them and was described as cold and heartless by others yikes in the first half of the novel Thalia is established as generally sex averse person with the exception of Baron with whom she develops an attraction it's a big deal that he was the one that she felt comfortable kissing that was all fine but the characterization flies out the window to hem fist sexual encounters with Sapphire first a kiss then Parsifal Delhi sex for comfort with her cousin Fillion ever really liked like incest tag like even with cousins it's like so long as you don't do it frequently enough your your book didn't what Jane Austen's books have one of the character had a thing to the cousin I think I don't like the last 30 or 40 years that that's really become taboo yeah reflects on how different this is from her from previous experiences never questions anything and is essentially like she never previously described as anything close to them owning your cousin we should make that clear now we're not advocating voting although if they are hot please please do not commit incest or if you do at least don't do it within two generations [Laughter] it was incredibly opposite so never questioned to anything it's essentially like she was never previously described as anything close to demisexual or sex averse it was incredibly off-putting to have her identity vanish like this it read like demisexual people just become ow all OH sexual and pansexual would probably be more I hear it there and like sex averseness or such a potion are only present when sexual attraction is absent well I can only oh I can imagine several stories where this thing could represent be respectfully explored castle of lies unfolds without any introspection except perhaps that Celia is a better person now that she loves and has sex good message there sarcasm overall castle of lights was a bust all the codes for me and I'm really disappointed on all the lost potential all right that's whoa this this next one all right I do want to start reading some of these because I my tongue is right now so all right so Ashley library in the country added it DNF at 9% I can't I just can't this is the first book I've dnf'd in years so hey it gets that award typically I'll strive to stick through with them but this one was just so over-the-top and modern sounding if you copy provided by the publisher be a net gallery record for those who are no DNF means did not finish and I didn't actually know that so I started looking at the site and I'm like oh that's what it means haha alright I'll take you take over the next two or three cuz I that was a long one I covered yeah alright so next up we have Elizabeth with a two star rating I received a free arc of this from Nick gallery and freearc know I think she got like out the arc of the story thing from net gallery oh so she didn't get the whole damn thing it sounded very intriguing but ultimately I was very disappointed with the directions this book went and it just wasn't really that great in general either honestly I'd probably rate this one point five out of five stars if I could the plot synopsis sounds so intriguing but don't expect any legitimate court intrigue nope in this story the plot is ham-fisted romance with some half-hearted pedestrian level politics political scheming and ad astra basic fantasy tropes let's get into some of the basics the characters they're just not well developed it's only been a few days I can barely remember most of their names I mean I've only been a few minutes and I don't even remember all the names and there's just and there's too many of them and too many POVs oh okay to have enough time to dig into all of them some of the characters are hardly developed at all the 4p Obi's we see are athelia because in the print screen Parsifal Caelius cousin not related to Korean ballad Koreans love interest ish and Sapphira non-binary elf Delia is scheming but secretly has a good heart and listen you goes on quotes as a little while those quotes so I'm gonna put it in close first of all as a mouthy CAD Bale ed is basic bland male love interest why you can feel the sarcasm in this I think you should have read that as but secretly has a good heart and Sapphire is warrior conflicted between their feelings for duty and the heat they meet and that's it there never develops beyond that forget about Korean she ends up being possibly the worst person but we never see your POV and her actions are just never explained at all there's some minor characters like the king Delia's brother no and careens other Li L okay but they're completely forgettable they don't contribute anything all right so then the characters Oh dad that was just created man yeah the representation so you've got Parsifal who's bisexual and runs afoul of the depraved bisexual trope because sure why not wait what's basically I mean the trisexual czar just horny bastards well I mean I can't speak to your personal experience but okay and then you've got sapphire who is non-binary their gender identities explored a tiny bit in the beginning but that's all maybe possibly thelia is by /pan but that's never touched upon at all in any regard let's see the relationships oh boy the crane pilot is as boring as you can get Kirino has never explained never expand upon I honestly don't know why this relationship exists other than to show how good and pure bail it is and how Kareem is just a bitch for playing with his feelings and then there's thelia slash Parsifal and Sapphire look I don't like polished ships in fiction I just don't I can't relate and I've only ever seen it done once in a way that didn't seem forced first of all has been in love with Delia since forever but Delia isn't interested at all until two-thirds of the way through the book she decides possible is her true love and of course they have fantastic chemistry and everything is magical and that's in parentheses plus there's the factor of sapphire who has insta-love with parsable though the author did set up the feelings between sapphire and thelia don't worry though philia slash partial and sapphires all hand waved with the explanation that it's all the magic in quotes that's making them attracted to each other never mind that no one else is affected by all this we're just supposed to expect that feelings can be changed on the flip of the switch oh damn the writing the writing it's fine from a technical standpoint I feel like seeing medieval ish character saying mom and dad / daddy sounds weird especially since the characters aren't children just about the out of place I'm moving another one like that – yeah the overall plot I mean nothing really happens philia wants to rule the kingdom so she tries her darkness to make it happen but her plants are spoiled by the Elda tacking because there's too much magic in the human world the how or why of this has never explained so the King decides to send bay LED and features son-in-law Knoll to go fight the elves but of course no wants to kill bay LED because I don't know why it's never explained the old successfully attacked the capture the kingdom take everyone prisoner yeah we've seen this all before the final verdict there's nothing here in this book that's newer groundbreaking the LGBTQ representation is questionable characters aren't fleshed out or particularly likeable motives are never developed in any natural way if at all and the plot is just standard paint by the numbers high fantasy fair it's a shame because I do think some of the concepts introduced are interesting like the goddess and her priestess okay where they come from but of course none of that has ever explained upon or explain at all this sounds like an interesting story but nothing interesting ever happens I see why all right oh damn that was just excoriating man holy shit yeah right when you read our to stone or what do you real one-star just a book with blank pages actually I would probably have an aside when I read a book with blank pages better than this and then I can't leave you for something Aussie kiya three stars this author shows a lot of promise this is why they hired her this right here I said that the fat man like I assumed in on this I'm like oh god no not again not again don't make the same mistake I did yeah this shows a lot of promise the idea for this is so unique and I was shocked by a few of the plot twists however I was surprised by a few most of the twists left something to be desired the ending was a bit predictable which was rather disappointing that said I was so interested I read this one in one sitting I'm waste it's like 300 pages isn't it where are these fucking fast I guess maybe I just I got a spy on my hands to read through III got Tania the evil actually really good highly recommend the novel the books so if you were one thing yeah go read a good book so I got Tania the evil that series is great so that said I was so interested I was thinking the character element could have been done a bit better I enjoyed there's a lot of the characters themselves but never really felt any connection I love this world it was amazing but the characters didn't quite fit I haven't read many books like this but it shares a tiny bit of similar east of the three dark crowns I received didn't I have no idea that I next one art provided by net galley in exchange for an honest review I'm always looking for new books to read ones with ideas and concepts no one has ever thought or what I was looking for a good story um as soon as I heard about the Elven detail of the the Elgin detail of this book I knew definitively I wanted to read it however as much as I wanted this to like this book it just wasn't for me I was extremely confused with where the story was going and the multiple POV has made it difficult for me to grasp onto the idea of what the plot was I had mixed feelings about the romance and the characters and I didn't enjoy it as much as I would have liked to point five out of five stars okay let's see I found a bit hard to remember all the names and their licious between the characters the plot was nice fantasy romance Thank You Ned gali gali for the next one – I'll read the one else let's see iris need to cut us off from Petra I'm assuming not the Petra from attack on Titan he winded up bent against the tree I received a copy this book from net galley in exchange for an honest review after months of putting it off I finally sat down to write this review Oh always a good sign first let me say how excited I was about this one I started reading it on the same day I was approved and at first I thought this will be my new favorite book and all the things I love manipulative characters complicated relationships court intrigues and then it becomes sappy love story and not an interesting one I cringe so hard about reading scenes that were supposed to be erotic and I found that I really didn't care about anyone except maybe philia and she just became more and more boring now this sounds like I hated the book but all in all I think it was solid read and I would definitely try something else by this author if you like horses I have some great recommendations for you I wouldn't recommend it to my friends but at the same time I'm not supported that I read it I Melinda's boy that seems so promising a different that didn't work out before me Oh God the right now we get to the one that they're waving they're waving so many red flags that they might as well be like speaking and no what's that line what Oh she uses her magnet powers to collect more death legs you have so many death left she might as well be speaking it oh I can ruin that's called parson Parsa for is this yeah oh I like to cut your to Gabriel I know so this next one by Zoe is the reason why this dream is happening okay I received the copy from that gallery in exchange for an honest review Casso of Eliza's young adult in a lot of way Castle I didn't expected even surprised me but unfortunately I found a lot of flaws BoBoiBoy didn't like it go CW content warning I guess incest abuse while questionable lgbtq+ rep I don't know idea what the hell this is this little tag at the end is pieced cept whatever setting plus I'm assuming September like the story seemed to want to go so many places at once on one hand this is a politically intriguing story the holy kingdom is ruled by a drunkard king who basically bankrupted the whole country his daughter Corinne is a mayor of Marable age but his his Ward bailed has been promised to the throne philia is from a family of nobles but she grew up alongside princess Corrine the Lea was raised to be a warrior and conspired by her mother believed in conspired by her mother believing that the one purpose in her life is to become queen baled seems the perfect path to the throne but everything gets thrown into chaos when King the King reveals he has promised Koreans hand to a southern lord to secure their alliance on the other hand we have the element of the elves in the magic sapphire is an elf recently promoted to an elite elven fighting group their mission is to invade the holy kingdom and gain control over and out of the control wellspring of magic the humans are completely unaware of he seems like good plot points once the elves make it to the whole kingdom the storyline of who will be king queen is largely forgotten about and a few major questions I had were left unanswered one of which was about the magic problem in the Holy Kingdom why was all the magic overflowing oh they don't even address that like the whole reason the hell's invade Jesus Oh Oh No who are the Union [Applause] that's a Michael B Jordan perfect personally picked her out didn't he no I'm kidding I'm kidding one of the things was about the magic problem in the holy kingdom why was the magic overflowing additionally kourin's engagement to the southern lord is a plot point that is completely abandoned despite the many unanswered questions and contradictions there were characters the characters in the story have very mixed feelings about honestly this reads a lot like a messed up fantasy version of love island all the characters are a little bit trashy and not in a way that's wholly entertaining because of the political conspiring none of them really trust each other towards the end of the story they begin to build some trust but it was wasn't quite enough to make up for the rest Helia the main character in one of the POV characters she definitely fits this badass tough girl fantasy trope she was trained in martial arts by her mother but she was also abused by her mother and other members of our family despite that her mother's training defines her life and she strives to become queen one day these are just like I think describing the characters don't lose any opinion in here oh no there is opinion here the princess chlorine and thelia grouped together and are practically sisters but when the story starts Thalia absolutely hates her guts because of an unspeakable thing Corinne did to thelia I honestly thought Corinne was the most pointless character of all the characters she manipulates and uses people the most but she also sees the least development and a lot of what she does is left without motivation or explanation questioning what I see aver gummy bears you bitch [Laughter] bailed which bailed is such a weird game you save it's like Balin if maybe it's baylard bailed no one expects the Union Inquisition originally from a Kingdom to the North Bay baylin's parents were emissaries to the holy kingdom well when they died the king took bail it under his wing as his ward because of the Kings favour towards bailet he has been promised to inherit the throne Balin grew up with the Alya and Corinne and is madly in love with Kareem honestly baylard was the most clueless of all the characters he wasn't my least favorite but I really wanted to slap him my team's he is entirely unaware of the way core lean in thelia are manipulating him or manipulate him parts of all parts of all is from the family of nobles left bankrupt by the king spending part of all was described as disfigured and uses a sense of humor about his own looks to get away with with a get his way with others in court parts of all struck me is a little bit as a cheap tyrian knockoff he has sexually wanton drinks and too much and makes people laugh he also deals in secrets and uses people's misconceptions about him to his advantage of all the characters I thought parts of all was the most interesting and sees the most development through the story interesting kind of a Tyrian knockoff but that may be port in his favor sapphire and elf boy and one of the elvish POV characters sapphire is non-binary the elves get the choice to choose a gender at a certain age and Sapphire never really felt completely right as a man or a woman so that's an interesting concept I thought this was interesting as a confidence and Kazakh that it wasn't explored enough of all the elves sapphire is the most genuine and compassionate but at some points there Knight Evie got my nerves the relationship with alien Parsifal is a key part of the story it seems like the dudes are all like really naive and the chicks are like thirsty bitches I mean honestly not a bad place to live in them I do not know that many thirsty – she doesn't count she counts from multiple but she doesn't count think of dashi when it comes on the thirst romance Casso of lives makes a genuine attempt at LGBTQ representation which we definitely need more of in high fantasy I could debate that but we'll continue however I don't I just I mean I am a stickler for shoehorning I hate shoehorning however I don't think it was completely handled the right way I'm not part of the lgbtq+ community however so please correct me if I'm wrong about any of this I'm gonna comment out on this it doesn't matter what group you're a part of if it ruins the story it ruins the story feel free to comment on it there's a bi character a non-binary character in a polyamorous relationship the BI character unfortunately is written into the stereotype of IP will beam from mischievous or perverse they don't really change this problem they don't really challenge this problem in the story as for the Pollyanna relationship there's a huge part of it that really bothered me and I can't really explain what without spoiling the story sapphire is a non-binary character and I found the concept of this really interesting however isn't really developed in the story the author were definitely could have used this character as a platform I think that opportunity was missed that actually sounds like a blessing in disguise but that's personally me moving away from the LGBTQ aspect there were particularly there was a particular romance in the story that I found really problematic two of the characters that get involved with each other are cousins okay I guess you could argue that in the medieval setting getting involved in your cousin wasn't so strange however we are in 2018 so do we really need to be writing fantasy stories we're cousins love each other a lot so disappointed because without the aspect of the character being cousins this romance would have been one of the highlights of the story for me I mean the story's not sentient oh yeah look if I wanted to write a story set in the 1910s and write about cousins falling in love that's still aboveboard like I can do that that's perfectly fine he'll some of those classic classic romance novels out there are like Jane Eyre and such we're like in during that time period yeah if you look at a gun with the winds marrying cousins was pretty regular okay mm-hmm hey buddy go people this is the big one writing the writing was a big mystery there was a lot of potential but some seriously heavy editing was needed one of the major problems was the dialogue in some parts is just so cheesy and cringe-worthy one of the things I hated most was the fact in the characters referred to their parents as mommy mom or dad daddy maybe it's very nitpicky of me but I just felt so wrong in the setting I sit across death from daddy who ignores me even though he hasn't seen me all week that this but these are adult kids yeah like I don't like they are teenagers or whatever I don't know at all some really bizarre and at times disgusting analogies for certain situations one example is that when one character kisses another making someone else jealous the character who kissed uses this sentence to describe their guilt I am the shit and piss overflowing in the poop garden why why would you ever ever describe something in those terms ever buy lots of our images they're supposed to be like okay so the poo the garden is the castle sewer system I get that all the same say sewer sewer why would you not come so this is the line that made me want to do this video because why hey holy shit this is one of the most disgusting phrases I have ever seen in my god dad's life and I cannot believe that this writer is now on a show that I love oh god she did something unthinkable she made the pros of Twilight look decent okay so continuing this review like okay is this visual necessary there were numerous instances of very weird analogies like this and I don't understand their purpose are we supposed to laugh supposed to feel disgusted I wasn't sure whether the author wanted us to take the story seriously in instances like this Quentin Tarantino wishes she had this good this good dialog other times if every descriptions worked really well such as the instance in the beginning where the only as hatred for chlorine is being established for the reader Kareem isn't made of Queen material never has been in illustrating my point she can't even hold her liquor she worms across her bed and her silk nightgown spilling wine across the blankets that's not even that's alright description makes me feel kind of gross but in a good way because Kareem is so miserable okay I do understand that sounds like all these care I guess it's the tricked of writing great fantasy just make everyone miserable don't have a lick of happiness in there fuck that man I gotta have happy characters galore the story had some solid bones but cut you best had some bones at least two payments but covering that are a lot of flaws it's just unfortunate it wasn't edited a little better I like the political intrigue I like the magic heck I even liked how miserable and trashy the characters were some of the characters did seem some did see some decent development throughout the story which I appreciate – unfortunately the thing I liked the things I liked just were not enough to out the way what I didn't I don't know if the I would continue the series but I would see myself getting off the author to try in the future well he ran up for the next two cuz holy shit yeah we got another DNA Horace Walter said ok I also got food waiting so I will speed through what we can but I don't think it's the food here you can you just bring it in just a few don't stray you keep going I'll be right back all right so I'll retard us then I wanted to enjoy this base on the description it sounded good but for me it just didn't do it I couldn't connect with the characters found them unlikable and didn't really care about what happened to them it's confusing at times and I think the characters were confused generally sadly not for me couldn't hold my interest Bankston not galilean the publisher for a free copy and an honest opinion yeah some of these two stars are getting me the feeling that are doing it for the the the the opinion for the free the free the the free coat like if they didn't get for free they would not be giving it two stars this is I have never seen a comment this trainwreck II when it comes to a novel I mean honestly even even if you didn't like Twilight there are things you can say nice about the novel like there are some interesting things in the novel's you can say about it like I know there's a section in one of the novels and I know this because I was watching a uh the book was better with a Kaiser rogue his name but he does the book was better and he was talking about a part in in Twilight and where the Twilight novels wherever disappears and then you have to flip through several pages that just list the months as Bella or as Belle whatever her name was I camera where name was I'm talking about Twilight and how even that had positives like like I'm Erin one of the books I remember hearing in one of the books her name was Bell right or Isabella or Bella Bella everything's Bella and there's an entire section where she's like pining for him and she's like monthly pass and in the book apparently it's just blank pages with just the months written on them yeah that's really clever that's really years ago I do a series or I write each book chapter chapter so I actually have my PhD in acting how shit that series is well you're next up I've already read Torah you read Harker form use the restroom all right look Parker that was a I see one star DNF at 12% oh shit so let's see castle intrigue has a certain draw that would make me want to pick up a book Castle lies has a promising plot description and one might think that they would be an aid for I said an intriguing story of those without power wise enough to take it unfortunately what I found were petty childless match Mecca nation's couple with writing that was still enough to make me never want to pick this book up again unless she didn't say we didn't want me did never pick a book up again this book was not to my taste it was not enjoyable to read the rain did not pull me in and I would could not connect with a single character there was no one that I wanted to know more about nor a plot thread to grab onto if this indeed turned out to be a flop a story rather than character driven while some are and that's what it is the characters are exceedingly childish from the way they spoke to the way they acted it wasn't the fact that they were in their teens and acting appropriately to that age group that they seem to be absurdly foolish even then daily on the main character especially had some notions that were painful to read about she go through the things her mother had taught her in order to survive in a world women were seen as lesser such as how to cripple a man without messing up my bridge any gems Jesus then then the next moment makes sweeping assumptions about how the only thing necessary had changed the whole toxic structure of society was her becoming queen it was baffling to me she would be built up as having some semblance of preparedness for the world around her but such a lack of clarity regarding real world politics whatever political intrigue was hinted at by the premise of this book did not end up written well the political intrigue read like children playing at politics like I said earlier I guess that the main characters are teens but they're supposed machinations made them read much younger and made it that much harder to make take things seriously there are also some by is that my thumb there were also some choices in setup that had me staring at the page such as the elves live on magic that seemed to literally be the name of their land their Island slash country slash whatever you want to call it wait really that's called magic like don't worry baby I'm gonna take you to a magical place and the humans lived on Kingdom add to that modern linguistic choice such as dad daddy and mom ever they're really focusing is weird it's weird I mean my mom mom but like oh yeah but we lost modern times yeah it was like guys like father mother mama mama Papa I could more bread please sir grab some more ports no it was shipped me either supposes fancy saying and the crafting of this world felt overly simplistic and did nothing to endear me I couldn't get much further in this book because for my part it was incredibly dull to read I wouldn't recommend it based on the writing style alone much rusted detractions I measured above bad I'd notice and this book really comes down the line I'm disappointed because castle intrigue magic and teens plotting their destinies could have been truly epic can receive this topic that is so how bad I missed the first part of that how bad was this pretty pretty bad it's a one source or not I'm pretty bad mostly yeah mostly the really characters are really Petty and childish couldn't relate to any of them no no plot that she really wanted to know about that is move to dice this is such a bad sign okay Nia shades of paper had some again aspects to it but this one is sounding like pretty bad Nia shades of paper oh my god if if we cut back to the modern day in in Ruby and like suddenly yang just says oh you mean my mommy I am going to laugh my ass off like I like oh you have Raven we fought Raven like two volumes ago and she's like oh my mommy can you just imagine that like Barbara saying oh god alright so let's see you can find this review and others on my blog shape my blog shades a paper quote I've been waiting for these words since the spring when she buried that dagger in my back and she ruined my one chance at happiness I admit I was pretty intrigued to read this book because of the other premise sounded something quite different from what I had been reading lately in fantasy and I heard it was queer so I had high hopes and went with pretty high expectations and I have to say my experience reading this novel was one of the weirdest ones I've had in a long time oh that's always a good sign and overall I was pretty disciplining with how everything was handled I started off pretty it started off pretty confusing it took me a while to understand what was going on though I think the concept the story had potential I didn't like the outcome and I feel like it needs a lot more editing i felt quite overwhelmed the first few chapters because there was a lot of info dump thrown at us but oz i kept reading the book i was expecting to see more things and i found everything super Linna super lineal lineal what's legal I haven't heard that did they mean linear lineal in a direct line or descent so basically it is sort of like is sort of linear to the different variation on that I guess I learn everyday I need to use that word somewhere there was barely any information about the well building and magic system for the story to be so politically driven and focused on this castle we barely got any information regarding society or the world which is pre disorienting quote dearest uncle I hate to bear this sort of news but I believe your daughter has betrayed you I don't know why your inclusive I always have to say this I wasn't a big fan of the character arcs though I thought the part of the story was going to be my favorite because capital lies we suppose have a queer cast of characters everything was so lackluster Parsifal was a stereotypical bisexual and I don't think Delia's arrow ace representation was handled well the the characters overall seemed pretty underdeveloped and one-dimensional and interactions between them were just so weird and awkwardly written that I would it was hard to believe that was happening was happening there was also the fact that there was some incest going on throughout the story that had some explicit sex scenes and we're pretty uncomfortable to read I don't usually mind sex in books when the fact these two characters were cousins was not so good all right I keep getting this time period setting that matters for this people gotta gotta gotta open your mind to that I mean like you guys forget about one of the most one of the most interesting dynamics and all the game of Thrones was Jamie and Cersei Lannister I don't even watch Game of Thrones and I know about Jaime and Cersei Lannister okay I'd to tell you how big that entire plot point is yeah that's like straight up like every kind of wrong incest you should not have if you're going to have incest definitely don't do it with a sibling or a direct relative you shouldn't have it overall but I mean if we're gonna do it anyway I'm gonna do it anyway I'm not gonna stopping it why would I ever want to get involved in that shit um and that realm as long as the other one that happened at some point in the novel came completely out of nowhere and barely had any transgression another thing that really bugged me was the constant change of POVs there were only four perspectives in the story but it was constantly jumping from one to another I think we only got two pages into two pages into one POV and then suddenly we dive into another and that frustrated me so much because we barely got to delve into the dynamic and inner monologues overall I thought this had such an incredible premise and was supposed to be queer I was so let down by everything that there was nothing that could be redeemed in the story for me the plot was was stuck it to suck a lot of times nothing was happening and I got so bored till the point I considered DF d NF e net and the characters are so underwhelming so unfortunately so unfortunately this was a fault for me trigger warning incest threats of rape alcoholism violence she received a free copy actual rating 1.5 out of out of 5 Jesus he's the only one who knew he's the only one who knows what I want more than anything to push Karina out of the way marry Balin myself and the moment the old king kicks off become the queen the old king kicks off I mean that sick him yeah I see the brief pause here and just like reflect on all this guys this is her second outing as a solo author no oversight yeah the first outing was already controversial with a big twist that came to RIA fact the entire moral implication of it not the best sign but I could see someone doing it it could just be a flaw of the character necessarily the writer again I'm pretty I'm pretty conflicted on my feelings because I mean you can have fucked up things and stories but dude yeah dude being boring have we have we yeah boring is the worst thing your your product can be like at least punched up with some good dialogue Jesus Christ this is honest and flabbergasting that why would they pick her up did one of them really I want to know the impetus behind her getting hired like I wish someone had asked that did someone ask that the convention can anyone give me information on why she was hired yeah what yeah what what was the was it solely was it solely for the fact that she wrote LGBTQ writings and because she you know I'm just gonna go ahead and tweet I'm gonna go ahead and tweet all the Cal and see if maybe they I don't know if Cal know this well she was at the ocean I wasn't you oh I guess Twitter way to swear down again what am i yeah it's been me check oh gosh check my Twitter Twitter's been dance a little bit although I did notice what it was my my line looks on right here oh are you yeah I just I just oh fuck yeah I'm looking at my my this is see Twitter yeah Twitter Oh should I have tagged I didn't win a tag yeah I keep I keep getting the guy dinner tightness respond to this and and it does anyone know what the process what reason they gave for bringing her on board besides the generic platitudes yeah like I'm I'm really curious yeah maybe miles read the horse books and was just like this is the best you know it turns out miles is a horse guy I mean like make sense to me East Coast Twitter's to I'm also be slow I mean though he's also East Coast I mean technically but I mean you're a little further in we still have Subway sandwiches that's how East Coast I am yeah I literally just ate Penn Station East Coast subs which I don't know but was started here in Cincinnati I'm just weird to me because I thought it was you know different yeah wait I agree with mixed coffee would cop say I have feeling she was a friend of a friend type of thing oh wait just one backup for me um yeah well I'm just gonna tweet directly at Arnold and cow yeah imagine her rains uld be I mean if they brought her on specifically for LGBTQ who they are in for a hell of a time I'm gonna tell you that because but the sounds of it she doesn't exactly represent that shit very well she puts effort into exploiting their employees but can't find a decent writer Lowell I mean frankly they could have gone to me literally did an entire book about lesbians so much work just gonna like buy and such like I it's not like I specified necessarily I just explored convincing characters having romantic relationships very good yeah yeah this I hope it was good I haven't got any media not no one has everyone tells me I'm going to review your book McNeal and I sit here I'm looking at the review page and there is absolutely no reviews for my book on the review page there's one guy that wanted to do it but he's doing a video review of it I'm like dude just just write a text review that's all I need yeah for people at home like books live and die by the reviews pretty much also by big orders for your favorite off its pre-order their books and I don't really help them out yes yeah so when I get mine out you better you all better pre-order the expect only like 40 people to buy it that's how much I've gotten about at this point well I also my cousins also published a series of like little books so she's probably gonna help everything helped me to that but I can try I'm gonna Stephen get published uh I don't know I should have never this is bad I've never actually read that ever i I'm gonna try and get publisher penguin books next at least with my action series yeah I mean I'm gonna miss of rewriting yeah I think I need to leave my job soon because it fries my brain right that's why I come there that's why I'm a leech on society I know but like I say me too same I understand that so okay so the next move we move on the more degrees there or or what yes yes we're not we just didn't yes you can do me real car yes yay Miriam yes all right yeah I received the e Ark of Castle waz what's er is that okay it's download one L since the synopsis how many entry you guys really have there's not a copy of it I wasn't sure what to expect but in the end all I can say is I am Z next I've noticing that's the big thing it's not that they're like angry or like very rarely do they ever actually say it was bad they just say oh I'm pretty I think they're scared to hate it I think they're scared to hate it know some people about right said they hated it but and a lot of people have like the people who dnf2 it we're like yeah this is terrible but the best way I can describe castle Oz is Game of Thrones meets cruel intentions miss Fantasia I made the cool intentions Paris in Flast book if you're going like what the frak you are about right I probably should have DNF this book but for some reason I kept going I've had that with books there were a lot of times that I was pondering what the hell did I just read and as I continued on and never got any better I'm gonna try my best to not start ranting so apologies in advance there will be minor spoilers in this review but nothing that ruins the book who gives anything major away from the sounds of it there's nothing really to give away the book started off good I was Lejeune joining the first third of it but it went downhill from there if you're looking for a fast pace book full of action look elsewhere this book is slow no I mean SLO W she had there like a period that shit there are definitely parts that could have been cut that's even there just for the word-count about also everything is really trophy the story of the characters all trophy I mean I don't mind trumps at least I'd do them well you know Castle lies is told in perspective for characters okay they see philia tree environment remember you swore stop at nothing to become queen yeah cousin the parsifal and the princess Corrine I believe she's demisexual which was different interesting rebounds I haven't seen a lot of that rep in the past Parsifal cousin athelia which she's been in love with forever bisexual okay okay am I the only one that is tired of seeing bisexual portrays floozies my I mean like that is a trope that apparently this this author has fallen into so okay so let's write let's try to make a prediction here actually when you think about it Blake Blake has how many love for love interests at this point both kappa anybody but it really has a cannon they seem to be a lot of times presenting a promiscuous way it's starting to really bug me I mean you don't I guess you don't know a lot of bisexual people I don't know I don't know this person I can't judge them Parsifal is no exception as he's shown to live a life of debauchery I mean there's nothing wrong with a life of debauchery alright bailet is kind of the white knight in shining armor Sean he was taken from his family when he was young and brought to the holy kingdom to be the heir of the king though he has no blood ties to him and love with the print screen yeah that's a question I've been having like can they attend like the the ward really just take over the throne like that okay so I I'm gonna make a prediction here based on all the information we've gathered thus far I don't think I don't think Theon would have been in line for the crown is robbed I do I say I mean Rob to the UH I'm gonna make a prediction based on the information we've gathered thus far is that Blake and yang are going to have a hot passionate relationship that eventually they're going to get ruby in on because why not at this point with the the all the incest being mentioned here Weiss is going to have a non-consensual interaction with with Ironwood and that's going to become a whole there's gonna be a case around it and iron what's gonna get off scot-free as a point of criticism but it's a real that didn't happen to Weiss yeah yeah yeah we shouldn't be talking about this but at this point there's just holy shit like if it was like it's very possible you're gonna miss out on one of the best bad seasons of Ruby oh dude why do I want it Oh God after the end of the volume the description of the directors commentary the fucking soundtrack and everything else that happened this is the thing that's making me rethink hey you know I would love to have you back on the team frostbites nothing without the T the soundtrack like I didn't care for the soundtrack at all MA oh dude mamaaaa mocks are really good debauchery character like well so Towson is also buys me so that kind of makes sense oh yeah my mark so far as my favorite those are the speculations people I'm not saying it's actually going to happen but holy shit competence 'l the potential here are reading more that's the potential has just skyrocketed for insane shit and i'm i am legitimately i know now i have to make a fucking choice now i have to make a fucking choice anyway where was I thought was bail at sapphire or one of the elves that invades the holy kingdom to purge it from magic I thought they were trying to take the magic wait okay whatever non-binary character it's actually the first book they read that has a nine bearing binary character which is nice for a couple that have for me I felt like all these characters were all flawed and made to be likeable though I am Not sure that was the writers intention I think most of them could have been written better they all feel underdeveloped one thing I need to address about Delia's character that really annoyed me in the beginning before the invasion of the elves any mention of them would make thelia break down as in like a full-on panic attack where she goes into shock on several occasions we see this happening but when the elves do get their athelia turns into this warrior goddess ready to fight them all panic attacks forgotten the dick I've caught him this is Ruby no wonder they hired her they think this is good writing my 10 holy shit I didn't understand it I thought I thought I thought maybe they were just inexperienced writers no they think this is good writing holy shit oh my god okay is it me or is this unrealistic no it is I would imagine her reaction of them being there in front of her would only bring on another panic attack nada let's kill the bastards reaction there are so many things that I feel are not explained in this book and I think the author probably kept them for the sequels but some of these should have been the first book or at least hinted to for instance the elvish invasion of the kingdom the elves come in on a quest to eradicate magic which has been around for many many years but all of a sudden is dangerous wise magic dangerous now when it's always been present I don't believe any of it is explained and I found it very confusing there's also a made to seem important character that disappears in the middle of the book and no one seems to know where he went or why he left if you're gonna make a character abandoned everything you leave at least try to hint to where they're where they've gone or what they're doing before the ending of the book which leaves us with the magic system just ugh personally I hated the magic system in this book it was actually like watching Fantasia broom sweeping and carts rolling in with food oh and I mentioned a big-ass mouth in the wall that opens it has uses a dustbin what um I suck [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] Manor is gonna get way what interesting it wasn't believable quote it came off as childish it's silly this book this book is this book is also an offender of one of my budget but major pet peeves and fantasy it's really silly but this bugs me but I mean it bugs the hell out of me I hate when it out here we go again I hate when in fancy books parents refer to as mom and dad I don't know why maybe because mom and dad appears to be a bit like slang when it takes me out of the start when I see mom and dad in fantasy books I strongly feel it should always be mother and father there I said it oof I feel better Lal you can judge me if you want looking at you Mel oh god no on the positive side I think Kirstie Burkhart shows promise as a writer I know it's not her first novel but the first one I read from her and based on the prose of the book I would give her another shot there is a lot of diverse representation in this book which is always good so kudos to her for including these that's the first Polly relationship but let's watch you miss like I make mouth in the side of the wall that apparently cleans up dust yeah you did like I'm not sure for I probably should have TNF this book it didn't do enough to keep me interested in containing the series if you just said pick it up I hope you enjoy it more than I did this is a one-man star for me has there anything alright three stars like the highest I've seen it there's really no way around it this book was terrible the combination of young adult white verging on middle grade syntax writing style with the piss shit and incest make realism Game of Thrones ethos is not a good look oh god I've never thought I would seem like all those were in the same sentence I want I want this girl there just like verbally bitch slap me with yeah yeah please come read my book I hope I hope Koki Up sis if you're so reviewing I hope you review my stuff and just fucking lay into me with that yes shame please you know what I don't care you get my book once or I would love to hear your read some of your reviews now yeah the second attempt at description is between cousins is worse get over yourselves people for chrissakes fantasy incest that happens like I get it it might be squicky to you fine but no your fucking things you know what I'm just gonna say I know your fucking place this is a fantasy story it's a fantasy story in the Middle Ages cousins got married all the time and like Celia okay and like feel Celia describes being aroused by her cousins penis is text but nobody says shit or even vomit we get hoarse fish and fledge instead what the fuck are we talking about being nothing to recommend it even not even the NAM berry representation doesn't justify it and the idea that Delia is supposed to be somewhere on the eighth spectrum is worse and she's like see if you see other reviews just like look at the other reviews holy shit I really like next to because like you've read the pretty long one there are see kind of okay so it's free free copy the on synopsis of the consumption forecast oh wise intrigued me I had such high hopes for it this book yet I was left feeling indifferent about it I had no connection with any of the characters and even though the story had twists and turns galore I struggled to push it through it to the end next one castles of Lies follow thelia Percival Corrine when the kingdom gets invaded by elves when they are trapped in the castle when they meet the elf warrior Sapphire I enjoy the magic in the story I thought oh it felt alive in charming and funny like the food cart the story so I do feel like this was a young adult is for older readers is a strong character lead book and well I did like the world magic I didn't have a favorite character however I did really enjoy the author's writing style and this is so messy isn't that reviewers missing yes if he ordered you to come yeah we'll see Becca do not well that was she posted that six months ago or so we'll see where that lines up did not finish review to come k-8 did not mean to click that Wow we might the trade off during this one oh Jesus Jesus fuck like it's super fancy and detailed but oh my god I would never ever ever in my life support book burning but once a wild book comes along and makes a strong case in favor of it it reminds me of my favorite quote in relation to the tabletop role-playing game called fatal if you haven't heard of it it's one of the worst tabletop role-playing games ever put do to print because it has like you know all this rape stuff in there basically you can be fighting someone and accidentally end up fisting their anus by accident because of how the system is set up someone put this out there and someone's review of it they said to say that this book should be burned is an insult to fire which is one of the most beautifully they they they even highlight it like this is the best line of the review then afterwards they're like that was the best line of the review you may now leave even though that was like that was like a third into the review that was a third into the review that's like small guns entry for like Luvdisc no I haven't looked at that oh basically so small gone dormant know what small gun is for like competitive pokemon players it basically gets into like the stats you know suggest to move pool this move list they can use how good they are what counters them all that stuff for Luvdisc actually I can try to pull up the actual description no I'm not snogging Smaug and there we go yeah is it here no it was I know I'm kind of taking a bit here but I really just want to do this is why is doing that mr. Dean 322 to 7 thank you for subscribing that happened like a few minutes ago so I just wanted to point that out Thank You Christ this is you want to hear roast well we'll be getting to them in just a minute being a half hour an hour half beyond is boring so I mean so I'm ignorant of minorities because I'm not one must be ignorant of white people flu can you please not argue that shit in the comments please yeah please alright so I got it so this is the smog on entry for a lot disk we'll take a generic water type give it crummy stats everywhere except for speed give them a trait that doubles the speed in the rain and the option to use agility and call it a day look this is great if you're playing with battle timeout because its mere presence should cause your opponent to laugh at it for so long that you win charm turns Luvdisc into a very sturdy pistol that can survive – Caterpie tackles and force it to switch out and instead of listing love this town errs I'll list here what does encounter love desk the first okay a be cool 94 has subscribed thank you a be cool yeah so castle wise is one of them high points things do in fact happen that's always a good start to the pros those non binary representation question mark portrays elves as the bastards that they are I wanted this person's in our discourse that sounds like something someone in at disco its low points characters are either dull or unlikable little to no character a character growth haphazard and lazy world building haphazard and lazy writing style literally chlorines entire character progression only have nice to do consequence in pure idiocy Oh God supposedly an LGBTQ and sambal cast hates common in poor people nothing is explained nothing is resolved plot question mark character arcs question mark resolution question mark research question mark coherence cohesion question mark low level subscribed question mark no I mean no thank you things happen for a reason and character is not doing whatever question mark these are all important parts of a story Castle of lies has none of them it was a taxing it was taxing to read see slogging through all the fuckery and I detest every part of it the thing with a story any story be from pet be a told as a movie television show book video game is that the scenes should support your overall story not vice-versa the story should not exist support one or two scenes as it does here as I try to do caso of lies to the end it was easy to wonder what exactly was the point of all this of four main characters – were little were of little to no impact bail its arc is simplistic weaken unnecessary he learns that Corinne a very obnoxious sketchy character is obviously sketchy he has no personnel yeah any number of characters should could replace his point of view point of view chapters staff later only exists to get uncomfortably attached to the to the humans they're basically treat as dumb pets Delia seems to be fail yet seems is the court of the story parse of all has no character growth and only exists a supplement filius chapters she is the only one who bothers who both with both country inner and outer goals most of the book revolves around her unfortunately if Elias outer goal is completely flaccid survive the elf takeover and her emotional growth is even worse learned that men aren't awful at all and become a softer loving person once she accepts dick in her life which is more for a witch more unfortunately means that the story exists to support the incestuous romance DeLeon Parsifal the soft sweet cousins Oni zoned cousin Celia realizes has always been there for her if at this point you're not gagging cringing or running for the hills Congrats there's people there probably something wrong with you okay look yeah more we understand that yeah I see book I really hate how often this is coming up for people who are experienced readers writers our readers are safe yeah everything about caso of lives is a hot steaming incestuous load of crap okay you want to take it away from here it's your Soto crap which the author loves by the way there's a difference between a realistic approach to waste management a quasi medieval fantasy land and lovingly describing it at every opportunity the shit pot sealian parse will share in the dungeon the giant shithole out of the castle the time they jump into the jaws I'm calling it then you're going to have to escape either the Atlas military or from the sheeny Manor via the waste disposal route and they're gonna cover it in brown liquid and people are gonna be like Oh where's this stuff and one person is gonna be like you'd better not think about it because I guarantee you miles and Carey won't be brave enough to prevent that idea but we'll know how to probably play it a little cleaner than this another garbage chute flyboy the core plot itself Alice the high and mighty elves claim the castle from the stupid stupid humans in order a pair of magical leakage situation I've heard this explains so many different ways and I have no idea what the actual wood is are they trying to take the magic and they trying to fight off the magic return to repair of the magic what's going on here but the sooner filled that's prone to corruption to stray from their ideals as the humans are there good intentions aren't so good it's a great twist of the expected if the entire story wasn't the excuse for the yuckiest love story at the core instead the book is full of stupid decisions pointless escape attempts which lead nowhere and a complete lack of resolution in the main plot characters disappear off page to the void of insignificance no steals troops and betrays the crown and then just disappears off page oh that's the character that just disappears no do you know why because nothing matters nothing matters in this book and the author clearly never stopped to think about what she's running about the message is she's portraying the whole thing reeks of a complete lack of reflection or awareness it reads his amateur the prone itself is hasty sloppy and graceless there's four first-person POVs and they're also lazing Bland's and possible tell apart and again what is the author trying to push right here did she stop the thing about feeley's character and background at all the book tells that Delia's mother is the last of a hard people almost completely wiped out and feeling his mother endeared all sorts of violations for the position to power as duchess she managed to Scrabble she wanted better for Delia taro to fight both physically resulting in a lot of bruises and to fight for power it was not a happy childhood she warned her daughter frequently of the dangerous of men and what they did to women Delia's mother has experienced the destruction of her people the attempt of her adoptive family to tame her and a cruel marriage where she was violating rates and do you know what the book says about this woman that she was wrong she only learns to embrace fucking man and now she is so much happier and softer and better as a person which is it a disgusting repulsive take it all boy nothing has ever no I'm just dumb sorry holy shit man yeah oh wow nothing has ever said Afilias father she never comes to any realizations about her mother or how she was raised or that her father doesn't see her as her own person but as a possession father died as a quick heroic death and then no more said in parentheses can someone nuke this book out of existence please the book also deeply hates average poor and common folk everyone main kid everyone main character is in a position of privilege in fact they almost survived ordeal because their status the regular people are rounded up caged like cattle tortured and then relocated maybe who knows regular people aren't important something else that deeply bugs me about this book is of the author luckily refer to it as her little queer book but there are no same-sex couples the whole question of representation is incredibly sketchy we got a non-binary character in sapphire which is cool but the rest is a mess the only character at a 4 plus LGBT character who experience the same sex attraction as possible who's bisexual and he's playing as a slutty stereotype really the only reason I can think of to read castle you're super super desperate for a non binary representation well then ruby fans are just the kind of audience you need even then you should know sapphires Arc ends on a very questionable not I think he meant note but the E is mysteriously absent I'm starting to finish Castle flies deserve oval asked the writing is bad the characters are unlikable or bland the romance is disgusting and the plot is the result the suns translucently moronic decisions it makes me want to eat you Bob there's there's almost no reason to read this book and frankly there was no reason to publish it someone should have stopped the author along the way until this she can write whatever fecal field fantasy she wants but some things are meant to be tears just crying there's one more batch of reviews I'm gonna grab a lick of water I'll be right back you might want to grab for yourself okay all right I'll read take a pink in there comment I'm gonna clean add to hey everyone enjoyed the ad whoa dumped the book in Chernobyl don't get too close to it so at the smut book Blake would probably love it maybe um it's kind of struggle your protagonist doesn't really give another thought about the countless people a Bosma killed yeah yeah this should be a little something there see that's an insult that hopeful it's like the reviewers talking about Ruby yeah and she literally like here's our self in a relationship in market way I think I missed where that person was writing I don't know who Marco is in this incident that's worse at best roast of july 2019 he never view was rate and uh it was just written last month so it's the best of most of June 2019 literally CW Game of Thrones there you go that was a good roast yeah book it stuff is more unstable than the elephant's foot I'm sure that means these arenas to somebody we probably want miles picked there is someone just as awful right as he is well Matt next were you here for the other books that we looked over because the other ones were ranged from mixed to a decent um Bombay is gonna be a message Volume II well let's get to Volume II when you get the volume eight I guess napalm the only thing I can think of that would do this book justice probably why can't preserve get a good series I don't know I'd never watched berserk and I uh Brack what I met just just so Blake art says for a five dollar donation which by the way there is a link to donate down below if you want to donate to the stream and have your comment read out loud I'm very worried for Ruby now my end hope is at the end Ruby would be much better than it currently and currently but now I don't know anymore same blade charge are there any five-star reviews not on this book but not a single one more star review it's not that I've seen yeah I don't think there's a four-star hell I barely fingers of any stars yeah three three is the highest the next one is Xandra by starry sky books did not finish thirty percent I spent way too much time not caring I just have better books to read alright simple enough Sharon discovery yeah Elysian oh she was close she got like 3/4 of the way in what uh Shannon she dnf'd it 71% yeah yeah she was close that's that's a that's a deep point to drop a book the concept of yeah it was good actually I was interested in the very moment I'd read the blurb but as I dive into the story I found the plot was kind of kind of off at first I enjoyed it but then it went downhill so fast throughout the book the author gave a couple of POVs but like a depth of storytelling I felt like the characters aren't well described so I didn't feel any sympathy or respect to them not even the tiniest bit I'm sorry but I just can't continue I tried really hard this book until I got to the part where I fast read most of the scenes but in the end I decided to give up okay that's pretty harsh I think I'll take this next one too arc provided by net Gally the three star so it's the most one of the more positive ones quote you made me consider the meaning of days when my life was a blur of years I am in all honesty surprised how much I really liked this book in the body give it a three star in the beginning I struggled to connect with a character some of them felt very flat and filmed some stereotypes but after a while I got sucked into the plot and the scheming in the relationship the ratios between the characters and the end I didn't want to put it down and now that I finished it I wish I would I could read the next book I'm super intrigued by the magic in the book and by we're of different characters we'll end up after the ending of book 1 I feel like most of the characters turned out to be very different from what I first thought in the beginning of the book which had found to be very fun the seem I learned more and more about who they were as opposed to who they pretended to be when it comes to some things that pull the rain down for me plot and characters are the main reasons you said after you just traced them but plot is very little hard to stay on board with and that sometimes is a little all over the place and a lot of the characters doing a lot of different things for a lot of different reasons at the same time character wise i circle with how some of them fell a little flat some were at least early on more or less without personality in my opinion this gets better as the book went on but it was a big struggle in the beginning overall I liked this book it was fun and I'd love to read the continuation in this series if and when it comes out alright take the next one yes Roxas mr. portrait damn it who is there Roxas from Kingdom Hearts ok I thought it was kind of Kingdom Hearts II you know I read a lot of books from different genres well I get for them they repeat the same plot the analytical characters and overuse tropes and it's nothing unique that I haven't seen before but then comes a book that decided to go a different route and take risks and trying to nudge me into his tail to be invested into care Gasol eyes tries that for like every ambition it doesn't necessarily succeed cure see Burkhart tries to make castle was interesting my concepts of magic being so volatile it springs to life objects to a bucket to a broom and so on now the character whose lives are flipped upside down all the while dealing with elves obey in the kingdom straight away it begins and ends exactly as you imagined but because of how it differentiates from all the books the fantasy genre I had to continue reading because I was curious what will happen next so I got blind into completing it the characters are give or take will either infuriate you or you end up liking them they are to me more like a bland mesh of carbon clay not that interesting except for sapphire and Balin who only kept my attention on the story cuz I was worried and cared about them the world-building isn't perfect the cat that made my attention by which the author worked on it more in order to polish on a writing is simple easy to read nothing grander and may give any remarks of that overall it's a nice book try it or don't it is simple my Frank opinion on the matter oh right Anna 2.5 stars I really do not know how to feel about this book it seems kind of like it was just following all the fantasy novel stereotypes and tropes and when there was something different it felt a little forced that's not trouble liking me the characters but I guess the characters don't have to be likeable for a book to be good overall I'd say this was just okay it could have been better okay thank you for learner publishing 20 the arc of this book I loved it and helped me get through from it is the first art first to us are oh my god we found our first pop it helped me from the get-go such a refreshing take on elves and magic it was amazing to read how all the characters developed and how they each had their own point of view in the book okay four star a fantasy reminiscent of Game of Thrones although the characters are unlikable they're some the most interesting I've read really see yeah it's a wait that was a weird book but I don't think it's as bad as everyone yeah RTC what is RTC mean okay right to completion Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada is probably way I gave it a two-star read on her bug how about no to do that okay crazy ah two stars okay we're on the last three well reading this book I discovered one important thing about myself I like friendships and if a book can't even give me that then what am I doing here Casso of lies features a cast of that is a good that is a very compelling argument masters which is a cast of royalty near royalty adopted royalty even some Dave ourselves and all of them spent in the first half of the book trying to kill each other and was just being downright rude and not friendly at all there was a heck of a there was a heck load of backstabbing going on and I didn't like it I didn't like it friends I am NOT a back savvy person less than thirty pages in there at or even several POV changes so God several like we're talking more than one flip like okay I've been reading top it's all got Tonya the evil upset at the whole times and that that's a very loose POV it does some really interesting things with like kind of mixing who's POV area at any given time but it's very fluid in that way it's a very liquid book where you just kind of go with the flow of it and actually works out really well but thirty pages with POV changes which is a very abrupt way of putting it that's mmm it are I felt like too many characters and most of them didn't have to sink them of personalities for me differentiate them at this point I also didn't really care about any of the characters they were all at each other's throats trying to backs of each other and not exactly might have a book I want friendship I want romance but I don't want a story in which all the characters have secret plans to read each other's lives I don't know I just wasn't feeling it things since start to pick up until page 55 or so and even then yeah it wasn't really into this story maybe he just wasn't my type but I also thinking the first half was a fairly hard to follow or care about the onion was okay but even then I did not care much for the characters a lot of the elements in this book were not what I was looking for in a fantasy young adult club has subscribed Thank You Club he I think that others who appreciate fast-paced action flash arguments and strange kingdoms might like this book better than I did there really there was another person that said you're not you shouldn't go this if you like fast pace action let me see how long isn't it yeah alright you take the second last one I'll take the very last one and then George alright let's see alright and then Jordan okay one star that's awesome I disappointed in disjointed fantasy while the political intrigue had some potential the characters are flattened and interesting and the writing felt choppy and disjointed I also struggled to make sense of the magic system throughout the book it was never really explained or even well established at times to send it to the farcical a giant mouth from the wall that swallows rubbish for example none of the characters were likable and I could not relate to any of them either I was intrigued by the inclusion of a non-binary character but struggled to buy into their relationship with philia especially given the paralyzing fear of ale she displaced in the beginning of the book this evaporates at some point there's no real explanation for that either overall some good ideas but not enough to save the ball okay last one by Shannon I was given an advanced copy of the castle flies by night gallery for an open honest review of the book notice how many of these reviews were from people they got for free that's that's pretty bad – with that being said I really wanted to like this book synopsis sounded fantastic right up my alley unfortunately the book didn't deliver for me the book is being marketed as young adult fiction and I was honestly shocked by topics brought up from the beginning of the book there is an overtone of severe alcoholism and it continues throughout other topics that I personally think were quite strong and descriptive for young adult fiction include detailed sexual encounters incest interspecies love violence talk of rape and a list goes on there's some very heavy themes in my opinion for young adult fiction I'd argue very you can still have those themes but you have to be very careful with them yeah so yeah you could have them but that's a fine line you're walking on top of the heavy soda mater I found the characters slightly impersonal and unlikable by the end of it I really couldn't care less about what happened to them at times things happening in the book we're confusing and not clearly communicated the plot was slow and it barely kept my attention it took me quite some time to finish this book to be honest I only finished this book because I was given an AR C otherwise I probably wouldn't have finished it it was also beside it was also besides the heavy themes a very typical young adult fantasy romance and the ending was quite predictable a published date was set for May 7th 2019 as of now if your interest oh if you're interested in matter I spoke up or you just want to see if I'm being harsh you can always check it out for yourself I however wouldn't recommend it and I definitely wouldn't recommend it for target and age group I'm starting at 13 and going up Jesus Christ yeah this is why I'm never gonna mark in my books as young I meant like yeah you know my book I mark it as 16 you know I'm a sixth I'm a 16 or up kind of guys I think a 16 year old can start appreciating really dark themes but I was reading that shit at their age yeah it's like oh my god well you know there is one bright spot a picker that's and euphonium movie is screening tonight oh really oh that's beautiful yeah that's beautiful I'm glad to know there's good news oh boy so let's decompress you uh yes so Kira see Burkhardt so okay this this took this this was a roller coaster this adventure that is kerosene cars our best worked involved horses but that might have also been her co-author playing a major part in the author in like the star ratings are okay they don't typically admit there's only a few that breached four stars that's okay I just mmm unimpressive so maybe thirty maybe they should work together maybe yeah because they because they love the reviews for the horse books we're all I mean there were many of them but they were decent doing a recent picture was Kirsty on actually on stage and r-tx does anyone know I don't that's actually a good question is anybody did anybody watch the Ruby panel do they know if she actually made a pair and the record this is her now if you're looking at this well you'll be able to see on the screen in a few minutes again like this is her now I mean I I anything I hate septum Puri some piercings I hate them yeah it always reminds me of like it reminds me of cattle you remind me of a bowl and it's like that is yeah that is not a good look yeah I don't like comparing people to cows right I do not like it that's not my reason for it I just I just don't find a particularly attractive also that you get in the way of like kissing just saying yeah this should add more horses if they can bring back kneel for rings then they may do the say looks rainy from different adhesive no I don't have time for panels okay well if does anybody else the SJW nose piercing I mean honestly but then again most news piercings yes we get down to it and piercings on on unusual parts of the body or have an artistic endeavor and artists typically lean pretty far left so it's not not surprised there's gonna be a brought over I guess yeah I just I hate the idea of needles piercing as like no Sam say yeah I can't do that shit technically volume 6 chapters 5 to 7 or filler and fabricate drama yeah but they were still good I see nobody's yeah nobody's saying anything yes nobody's seen the nobody's I guess nobody in here was at the panel because nobody's so we have 245 people here and none of them went to the damn panel or none of them at least watch the action they couldn't watch the numbers broadcast none of them were we yeah I think I think the main floor I think the main floor was all the same just holy crap man okay this is yeah I think I might get like I'm trying to find like an extra bit okay so calc a caso of lies sells for 18 bucks but it's on discount for 12 right now is there a way I can find a preview 8 sure if you dig around like Google reads and stuff you can probably find something is it on Google reads you saw a video you saw a video about the panel but not the actual panel at Samsung Apps it's at seven bucks on there a free sample here we go we're all poor you see the leech fight for the payout no I haven't watched it I'm I don't know again I also I guess I've also said that I'm not watching well now I'm now I'm sorry oh wait wait we have a chapter we we have oh my okay we have up through page 72 oh Jesus oh we have a map map I have to I have to go to bed at some point I know I know but uh we we can at least we can we get a little start on this I don't even how much how much sleep that I even get last night like I can't measure as much no fit I'm not going to bed right now time coffee on us and King Ghidorah they needed to decimate humanity strap up we got a bunch of maps here the holy kingdom but listen the Bluffs the see the seeking the dimness oh very inventive names here the northern republic i wonder i do it they're probably in the south I mean I mean I'm not good with names either so someone else when I when I do something else is gonna these are my names for me because I've done yet keeps getting squished all right this I was in back oh yeah what the hell all right Phoenix Tom please read it I'm let us read let us read up through up up to par so merciful it's like four pages okay um do you want to link to this and can read along clicking up make sure you have cookies I think I do why is it I just want to click about your day morning all right oh wow I still go I do like the decoration decorations good um chapter one failure oh wait Oh guess I don't hang on oh my god you murdered that really nice quote that we had about Corinne it's literally the first line of the book and I'm moving it over to uh I'm moving it over to Firefox see if it gives you better looks like it does I'm gonna try and Center this better for everyone so that they don't have it have such a hard time reading it all right there we go uh chapter one Corinne isn't made of Queen material never has been and illustrating my point she can't even hold her liquor she worms across her bed in her silk nightgown spilling wine across the blankets weak inside and out oh yeah I don't know what to do my cousin settles her head on my lap and sits what's left of her glass I play my usual part rubbing her shoulders so she wouldn't get wouldn't get the fury still boiling inside me touching her so she wouldn't know how much I want to tangle my hand in it and pull until she screams I feel my lips back in a small what do you mean do what you've always done she rolls her hair out of my lab in denial it's more than that was bailing it's she lets out a frustrated pump of wine breath it's more complicated now as if things haven't always been complicated between princess Corinne in that lucky foreigner yes lucky Corinne can compete eBay lit all she wants for losing his parents when he was barely barely ten but look where it landed him in line for the throne so maybe his parents were unlucky still they should have known they should have known leaving out a candle to welcome magic into their house was a bad idea especially here in the holy kingdom people have been hanged for less and she always he's always preaching about how women should be allowed in politics didn't make them popular either I've never been convinced that fire was a mere accident that that fire was a mere accident why would a complicated I asked Carlene gently he's the king he's the king's warden air you're the princess the people's favorite you you two are supposed to end up together if the King were smart which is always a matter of suspending your disbelief he'd be angling for the the union with bay lid on the throne will will get access to the northern Republic's trade routes and their luxury market their technology we were chlorine empties her glass but I think it's a mistake a sake mistake was made that my stuttering was totally in character there just say oh my old chest is gone goes warm and bubbly like the wine in my glass I've been waiting for these words since spring when she buried that dagger in my back and she ruined my one chance at happiness oh we might learn what she did what happened is keeping the eagerness out of my voice as much as I can Corinne slides off my lap and buries her face in my pillow four empty glass rolls away shunts a more you know you could trust me I take her hand and squeeze what happened Corinne she sniffles into the pillow she asked me not dad engaged without the King's permission behind his back I hold in a wicked smile praise be the glory of Mallika I know exactly how I repay accordion for what she did to me congratulations I'm sure the king will approve I take her glass and refill it another Corinne sighs langoria sleep thank you I am the full glass back watching her take long gulp a long gulp tomorrow's banquet when everyone who's anyone comes to four halls to dine with the king and I already have a battle plan mother always said that everyone needs an edge a bit more knowledge than anyone else so you always have a bit more power I found my edge I know just how to use it do I feel like him I don't know that feels like we've like skips like like a preamble with this character like I feel it feels like I've never seen some context to this we're like thrown right in the middle of the whatever's going on okay I'm walking into the banquet hall when Parsifal stumbles upon me fire kinky though his cheeks are bright red he's gone into the wine cellar with their Dirk again my dearest Billy a fin garden you're looking fabulous tonight I roll my eyes in the pink face cousin he's been flattered he's been a flatterer since he arrived in the holy kingdom and realized certain people were laughing not only at his jokes but also as a regular face it worked surprisingly well for him with most people I've worn this dress I've worn this dress she doesn't she doesn't she should have probably made another paragraph there I've won this just a dozen times Percy and ivory stitched it another half dozen times or died two different colors to make it look new that's been my routine ever since the King senseless war bankrupted us all along with every other noble family daddy found out the hard way that just being the Queen's brother didn't protect our fortune doesn't negate my statement in the least possible flattened his nose and mouth curled into themselves as he smiles we take our seats next to each other it's a long banquet table I sit across from Daddy who ignores me Oh God who ignores me even though he hasn't seen me all week that never gets easier but at least my brother more Guan Morgan Morgan didn't join him tonight he's probably back at the Manor performing bloody penance to the goddess eating roast pig at a banquet would undoubtedly interfere with all his gratuitous self-sacrificing melodious name I'm not interested in parts of Falls gobbling tonight I have something important to do dearest uncle I say as I help the King out of his chair at the end of the banquet he'll be drunk and grateful for my assistance I hate to bear the sort of news but I believe you'll dog has betrayed you I heard something that might interest you Percival said I snap out of my pirate rehearsal some visions how visitors have arrived to the castle earlier today I narrow my eyes visitors he holds up one finger you first you must have something for me you initiated this conversation fuck we've played this game for years trading secret for a secret I mean inside for an eavesdrop now that our family families have no coin we only respect one kind of currency information I had integrity once upon a time but now I said that's a hard sell Atlantis live right there well I had integrity once upon a time but then my brother tried to break my legs I got the scar down the side of my face and my mother ran off since then I haven't had much patience for the for the heart and honest way so I lean over and tell Parsifal what I know his dark eyebrows rise into his mountainous curls there should be enough to buy me the gossip he promised I suppose it was inevitable possible Cox's eyebrow you must be disappointed he's your um he's the only one well besides mother who knows what I want more than anything to push Korean out of the way Mary Balin myself and the moment they kick old King kicks off become the queen that's not how that works but okay as I learned monarch is a lot more common lot more complicated could you become likely the the the force like the consort or something like that like the currently we have a queen in England and her husband is not he's like the consort of the Queen he's not he's not a king my mother crawled her way to the title of Duchess with her teeth and nails tolerate violence full of power as she always said what Corrine was born with you will have to fight for well my silly cousin was Maureen mooning over a boy mother taught me the cripple a man without messing up my braid and not disappointed I smoked it all I'm going to tell the king Partho sits up straight unable to hide the curling grin how absolutely cruel of you I smile did you expect anything at less the more you give him this voice one like she ends up parking him oh god nobody else would understand nobody else knows that Corrine did did to me maybe he'll be so insulted that he'll insist the two of them part ways Oh maybe he'll be so insulted that he'll insist two of them part ways I say making bail it available for me possible brows furrow and keep bail it as his heir he wouldn't choose bail it over his own daughter that's your foreigner upbringing showing here it's when I remember growing up in free Foss breakfast free falafel bail bail it's not royal blood but he's a man that counts more mother always said that when you're a woman in this land working twice as hard won't get you what you want maybe wanting it ten times as much will huh all right first of all grimaces at me I mean I guess I guess mathematics is working in your favor ask now what do we have for me about these visitors key sighs they're from the South the Lord of willows my eyebrows rise and hopefully note my hope on it fills my voice or the barren farther south there's only one place in the kingdoms at the edge of the kingdom the key listen a sunlit land on the hills of hills sheep and people who are under other doorknobs what could those cata tubes be doing here I asked they've refused to speak to us since the war ten cycles ago to see years there scattered tribes United to life there their first head chief to repel the foolish invasion do you blame them possible snorts we try to invade and conquer completely unprovoked kind of a shit move that's a very very modern phrase for okay so where are they so are they here now I'm sure we'll find out soon enough horn blows in the Royals enter the hall horn blows the rails enter the banquet hall we all rise the King walks in first under the guards cross spears carrying a full goblet of wine behind him comes Karine strawberry ringlets spilling down the front of her ocean blue gown then bail it enters dress in his favorite long red coat the BIRT makes his deep brown skin glow in the lamplight and I can't help smiling supreme ass-kisser of the kingdom though he is he has a certain boyish charm but bay lid doesn't like take his usual seat of the Kings right he settles one chair down and he looks like he swallowed a particularly unsavory Beetle we're all about to return to our seats when another horn blows a pretty young blonde man I've never seen strides into the banquet hall wide open color flapping across his chest is that the chief he's so much younger than I expected he's flanked by three rough-looking bodyguards two men and one woman all of them armed so it's normal in the south for women to use swords for a second I feel foolish about setting my ambitions here on the holy Kingdom but the tasted victory will be even greater when I become Queen and wield my sword from the Kings balcony everything will change under my rule okay so there's a futanari story got it yeah great bring it back to the the taken hand lady come on the blonde man makes a bail at seat takes bail at seat and casts quarry in a sideways look with his ocean blue eyes his bodyguards stand against the wall watchful Parsifal shoots me a lookin that says things are getting exciting aren't they we'll sit down and put and a parade of servants enter the banquet hall with carts and trays full of food I've only got one bite of Haman the King staggers into his feet goblet eller loft everyone why not just over the size of his goblet wow really going overboard with this wine detail uh I have an announcement he justice to the blond southerner welcome elder that newest said lon sort of chief lon the formidable leader of listen they're gonna overplayed I'm gonna overplay it I'm sure all the noble women here appreciate your presence a ripple of laughter travels down the banquet hall tables parts of all whispers as if eerily nobody's women appreciated blue ah a blonde with impeccable defined impeccable chest definition Arvin what's the fucker eat I've invited options for the beautiful Hill countries look listen for a good reason King drones we finally reached the terms of annex for annexation my head jolts up annexation would mean the Clisson becoming one of the holy kingdoms docile territories like fray ffice it's all the king's ever wanted we'll have all the sheep iron and potatoes the kingdom will ever need potatoes ever so important them potatoes I mean obviously they are they're important don't forget potatoes save lives but I did but what did we trade away for it no sale sale on Rises besides the king goblet held high held up very glad of this invitation I am honor it brings to my country to be asked by the king and join blessed holy kingdom is he purposely that's that's written weird is that intentional I guess I turn the parsifal his face reflection a reflection of how I feel like we're missing an essential piece of the picture why would the crater truths be at this eager to reconcile with us unless I snap my finger I sent my gaze to Corinne sitting at the other end of the table with her eyes focused on her lap the princess the key to keeping the royal bloodline going the perfect glue for building an audience whose acute Brotherhood the King says voice alert I was right voice slurring I am pleased to announce that in one moon my daughter Prince Karim will wear null says saw a salon of Clisson our kingdoms will at least unite tradesmen Lydia I knew it everyone clap I join in but I'm focused on some on someone else poor sweet handsome guileless bailet gripping his goblet so tight his knuckles strain I can see this bundles tuning in your head feels they also came possible leans closer what are you plotting and that plotting I hope you get a crotch rot for suggesting it he won't get more from me until he can offer me something for it I could help I'd rather see you on the throne than that big Oh daddy has noticed we're whispering so it raised my voice a little and say I'm happy for Corrine Percy unification was surely reunite the returned the kingdom to its former glory daddy gives an approving nod and I come a committed to memory no she's a daddy's girl they've got it absolutely absolutely Percival says and annexing listen to the kingdom will give us strategic barriers against he paused for dramatic effect the elven armies he laughs like it's a good jape but every muscle my body goes tight now sit your lips closed like with chicken thread i hiss possible bella sir possible better sell my daddy sets down his pork Arabs are a threat not a punchline my father doesn't have a shred of patience for Bella sayers in-laws are not there my mother's relatives so far as he's concerned they're poison you uh you should be spending your mental energy on what you're going to say to no sell on when you meet him your father could use his new connection to a plentiful land like the Clisson Possible's cheeks go fierce red I could laugh if I weren't too busy wondering if he's right maybe this still happened not only because the King thought I bought the chief off with his beautiful daughter but because they're both afraid of the same thing then oh well we've already dropped like we dropped like 60 people from this oh alright so that wasn't terrible that was bad that was like that was a wandering meandering thing that kind of just that you know what that that whole chapter was as drunk as the carriage yeah like you'd like that wasn't a chapter admittedly that was just a little bit of it but just Jesus Christ that felt so so vapid yeah Wow oh I really hate most covers for things these covers like I'm looking at all these stepsister bland last things okay this one is actually kinda interesting yeah this one actually I can dig last things good shit you'll see it dark shores obviously wanting to be Game of Thrones nocturia wants to be Game of Thrones Helena Fox how it feels to float artsy and single person very lame candle-flame single character on there doesn't really tell me much she's holding a fire someone super chatted Rick's Arts donated five pounds through super shot this was gold almost woke up my brother laughing at Phoenix's quarry boys I am glad you had a fun time I had a fun time going over this but holy shit guys is it bad and I mean that is a bad sign for everything I don't I almost want a tune back in just to see how bad it gets but at the same time I don't all right well I'm going to start heading off yeah if you guys want remember I too have a novel in that's that's currently available I'm putting the link in the description and here which I believe it's already in the description we see make sure uh it is already in the description oh and it's already it's there for you guys it's available in paperback and digital please feel free to 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  • Ginger Powers says:

    1:50:58 for the dustpan reaction. You're welcome.

  • mary34 says:

    RIP RWBY it was nice knowing you

  • Kaiser Shounen says:

    Well, if this is where dreams die, im gonna enjoy every minute of it

  • Balázs Makai says:

    39:45 not enough diversity you say, person named Kelly on Amazon?
    Yes, Norway is a good example for the lack of diversity (so would be any country in Central-Africa, but nobody complains about that for some reason – quite strange…), I still have 2 problems with this:
    – Americans in general can't seem to comprehend the conception of "not America" (living in the shining city on the hill makes people blind I suppose)
    – I hope you are aware, Kelly on Amazon, that literally the only reason you have your current level of that beloved diversity over there is because you were literally buying minorities to work instead of you.

  • Luke Freet says:

    This has made me excited for Volume 7. They are at this point actively attempting to beat out volume 5. I refuse to believe that was possible, but they seem to want to prove me wrong.

  • CrimsonSpirit says:

    Man, so many of these reviews are as bland or bad as the books themselves. Bloody hell, the person who got mad about somebody trying to bring a rapist to justice, and the one who actually used stupid terms like allosexual or demisexual seriously while barely spending any time really talking about the rest of the book, were cringetastic. Even one of the good reviews went "INCEST?! OH EWWW, THIS ROMANCE IS INSTANTLY BAD!", as though there's anything wrong with it. When a writer has books like this and an audience like that, RWBY sure has a promising future.

  • Hazelcrisp says:

    After watching this video I think I understand why they hired her. When you were reading the reviews there were so many points which just reminded me of RWBY. I fear for the Atlas poop garden.

  • Jamie Chevalier says:

    oh chist. as if we needed another feminist in RWBY facepalm

  • geoff2886 says:

    1:53:47 Raymond reaches his breaking point on incest in medieval fantasy

  • Sir Lomin says:

    Just when I thought the writing is probably getting better

  • Princess Sparrow says:

    Ruby will become a horsefan

  • Ultimalice says:

    It's official. RWBY has hit rock bottom.

  • Changhis Khan says:

    I honestly started to tune out when you started to read the actual book. I regret going back to actually listen to it.

  • boohoo723 says:

    How am I supposed to trust you when someone drops such a bad opinion (current Attack on Titan manga arc is bad) right off the bat? For shame.

  • CDSonic Live says:

    I'm so glad I left when I did, god save everyone from this train wreck…


  • Josh Evans says:

    “Jacques is the shit and piss overflowing in the poop garden!” – Blake, Volume 7, while riding a horse.

  • MinersLoveGames says:

    Oh… Oh No…

  • Aidan Quiett says:

    TLDR for people who missed this stream?

  • T Jex. says:

    "I Am tHe GarDeNEr oF tHE PoOP GArDEn!!"

  • 12345 54321 says:

    A bag of manure has a lot of potential. It can be burned for fuel or used for farming, but that does not change the fact that it is a literal BAG OF SHIT.

  • TheIntratec9 says:

    1:22:22 For the scat references.

  • Wylabley says:

    Aren't there two new writers being Eddy Rivas and Kiersi Burkhart or is Eddy in a sideline role?

  • alex rios says:

    I swear to fucking God if their is gonna be a rapey scene in rwby volume 7 with weiss a crusade is gonna happen

  • Freddy Martinez says:

    Is it that hard to find a genuine good writer? Is it?

  • Nova Kaiser says:

    Annnnnnnnnd, this volume will be a shitfest.

  • ECL_fuzzy 011 says:

    2.00.30 question mark

  • TheFloofArtist says:

    They literally picked the shittiest writer possible, didn't they?

  • Aussie Puppet says:


  • Unkown000 Ortiz says:

    Should've hired Jane Goldman if they wanted a female screenwriter

  • Nikhil Kapoor says:

    To quote Dr. Ian Malcolm, “That is one big pile of shit.”

  • LET'S WATCH says:

    "What If She Was A Vampire"- Celtic Phoenix Productions 2019 god So many good quotes from this stream

  • DapperShinx says:

    Can you not put ads at every possible point in a video so long? Love you but come on man

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