hi there and welcome to my channel my name is Alice and today I wanted to show you quite possibly the weirdest art supply I have ever found these are the faber castell gelatos and they are so unique and so interesting but before I jump into demoing them and reviewing them and making some art with them I just want to say a quick thank you to our sponsor for this video our sponsor for this video is Skillshare you guys know I love Skillshare they've sponsored a lot of my videos in the past they are a huge supporter of my channel and I am so thankful for all the support that they give me and my channel it makes so many things possible for me so thank you to Skillshare if you don't know where Skillshare is Skillshare is an online learning platform and they have thousands of classes on pretty much any subject that you could imagine illustration fine art photography graphic design animation a bunch of cool stuff one class that I noticed that I thought that you guys would be really interested in is this botanical illustration class it's called botanical illustration paint a colorful garden with watercolor and gouache and it's by Sarah but to Cheney Meadows and she's a print designer in Illustrator and she's so talented and this class is so so interesting it's only a 35 minute class and it takes you through the initial sketch through the final finished piece so yeah you guys might like that if something like that sounds interesting or useful to you and you'd like to try out Skillshare they are offering a free two months child to my subscribers so click the link down below to check out your free two months trial thanks so much for Skillshare and then let's get on with the video so as I said these are the gelatos by faber castell and i saw these on Amazon and I was immediately intrigued so what they said on Amazon was that this was a multi-purpose art color stick I got a gift set which came with 28 colors and I got that because I had a bunch of different varieties of colors in it it had metallics and then it also had their regular colors neutrals a wide variety of different colors so I really got a lot to try with getting the gift set so these were really intriguing to me because of a lot of reasons but the primary reason is that they are considered a multi-purpose medium so on Amazon when it says watts of gelato it says gelatos are the original multi-purpose medium and is a go to color option for mixed-media artists and paper crafters alike this dynamic medium is a compact acid-free water-soluble pigment crayon the glides on creamy smooth for vibrant color and coverage geladas blend easily without water and can be used on any porous surface with gelatos you can add water to create a mist mix with your favorite mediums combined and blend to create new colors add water to create water colors layer add shimmer or highlight in journals date planners or Bibles gelatos are available in 68 delicious colors and the complete collection includes 52 opaque 12 iridescent and four highlighters okay so that was a lot of information as you can see I am testing and swatching all of the actual gelatos so that I can see how many of their claims and techniques actually held up and what I could do with them so I tried them on three different kinds of paper I tried them on a mixed-media paper I tried them on a cold pressed watercolor paper which is what I'm currently working on and I tried them on a dark paper the reason for this is that they are able to work on special surfaces including dark paper I wanted to try a lot of the different techniques I didn't try the one where you mash everything up put it in a spray bottle and spray it even though that sounded very cool because it sounded a little too messy but I did try most of the others that were mentioned in the book as well as ones that I came up with myself since the gifts that came with quite a few blending tools including a water brush that had this cool pump on it that I couldn't quite figure out how to make work as well as some blending stumps and part ilion's and things like that I don't normally use any sort of medium that has blending stumps for chileans except for when I do my pallet for pax demos but I have used oil pastels and such in school so I was excited to try this out in a bunch of different ways when I tested them I found that the water-based ways of work which were the ones I was most excited about for the ones that actually liked least I found that these crayons really picked up texture of paper which made them hard to work with watercolor paper I feel like they would work a lot better with hot press watercolor paper which I don't have but I might pick up a couple of sheets just so that I can try these on it they worked much better on a really smooth paper this black paper is just drawing paper and so they worked really really nicely on this when you blended them with the stump or the tour Tilian they created a almost oil paint like effect and you could create some really really beautiful blending and textures that's what I used primarily for this shirt so the shirt is based on the idea of a stormy sky flattened out and placed into the shirt so removing any shading or indication that it is a shirt simply the shape filled with a sky it's something that I'm interested in in my own personal art that involves flattening out and juxtaposing 2d and 3d I won't go into it anymore but I was trying to paint a sky and I found that these worked really nicely for that because I was really able to carve out where the clouds were and create these really really nice controlled blends I used a little bit of water on a brush to try to smooth things out in the clouds but I mostly use the stump and I also use my fingers to really work it into the paper I really enjoyed this technique and I think it works great for natural landscapes one of the things that I did have a hard time with that started showing up in this specific part as well as I had issues with it later as well is you really can only layer these so much now that's to be expected but after time they just do get quite a buildup almost a waxy surface and at that point the pigment just won't stick to it and you also have some issues where every now and then it was trying to lift pigment because I had so much on there but if you're not layering up its to the extreme I don't think that that would be an issue that you would have for the background I created a gradient but I went on top with a wet stiff brush I wanted to try that because it had been mentioned in the techniques then I tried a wet blending sponge on top of it and things just got bad as you can see it really picked up a lot of the color from the center so I went back over with the pastels to reput that color down and then I actually tried spraying it to blend the color a little bit more this was a much more effective solution than using the brush because it didn't lift up the color as much and then I smoothed it out again and went over again with more colors as you can see I did have a couple issues with the lighter pink slip ting up and becoming transparent when I tried to blend them they were very opaque when I put them down when I tried to blend them I started having some issues that said I'm working on a pretty thin paper it's a dark paper and certain colors just aren't gonna show up as well on it I put a plant in the background because I love plants this is a fatone iya plant it's based on my plant Frenchie and this is where I ran into something that I suspected would be an issue but I was confirmed which is that it's really hard to get small detail with these as you can see they are big fat crayons they are truly sticks they are extendable so they have a twist top and they extend out and retract inwards but they are not sharp or pointed there is no fine point if you want thin lens you can use the edge but that's pretty much it so it can be difficult to get those real details that you're looking for especially if you're working as small as I did this is a very small piece it's just from a sketchbook something with a tip as large as these pens or crayons whatever you want to call them it's gonna be a lot more suited to working large if you're looking to create detail if you're just working at creating backgrounds more abstract work things that don't require as much finicky tiny little details like eyes and noses and things like that or patterns then that won't be a problem for you but if you do use a lot of detail in your pieces that might be something that you wanna keep in mind so moving on to the skin the skin was interesting the skin I was nervous about obviously mixing skin tones is always difficult and as someone that comes from primarily watercolors and paint where I can mix the color on a pallet and then transfer it to the paper I'm always a little nervous to do on canvas mixing which is what you really have to do when you're working with dry media like colored pencils pastels water-based crayons whatever you want to call these so that's always a little nerve-racking for me but I was excited to try it and I was actually quite happy with the way that this worked for skin the only issues that I had where again I was working on a black paper and a lot of the colors that I wanted to use in the skin tone trying to create a lighter skin tone for this piece were not as opaque although they were decently opaque and I was able to build them up quite nicely I think more of the issue late and just not being able to get quite as much detail as I originally maybe wanted and again that comes down to me using a very small piece of paper as well I really enjoyed the overall look that this gave it reminded me very much of not I'm gonna say this and I don't mean this in a I'm just de gAHS work and not in any way comparable in terms of the talent or skill at all just the way that the medium looks on the paper working on that toned paper reminded me a lot of his pastels and he is one of my biggest influences I adore him so being able to find a medium that somewhat replicated a little bit of that look and technique was really exciting to me even though I will never be able to replicate his skill so I've mentioned that there are a bunch of different ways that you can blend these mixed-media sticks but I didn't use all of them so I wanted to talk about some of the others so I've mentioned the dry media and being able to mix them with tort ilion's and stumps and things like that I've mentioned using them wet on wet one of the other things that I did right at the beginning I tried dipping the crayon into water and then applying that that actually worked really really well and I think would be great if you're creating a flat wash or a gradient or a background or something like that I also played around with the spray bottle I think I mentioned this before but one of the techniques it says that you can actually do is you can crush up and cut off a small part of the stick mix it in with water and put it in a spray bottle and actually spray with it so I think that could be a really good technique to use in a watercolor painting if you are wanting a colored spray watercolor is quite diluted so this might be a better way for you to get that pigment without wasting your watercolor some of the other things that you could do were really interesting and a lot of them involved stamps so you can use it for stamping you can use it in a couple different ways actually so you can use them for embellishment so you can like recolor fabric and buttons and Brad's and anything like that for stamping you can do textural stamping so you can get like tone-on-tone events using gesso or glaze and you can also spritz it spritz the paper and then apply the geladas to a stamp and press that onto the wet surface or you can coat the stamp with them spritz the surface of the stamp and then press that onto the page so there's quite a few different ways to use these with stamps and with crafting and scrapbooking and card-making and things like that it also mentions that you can mix them in with gel mediums that you would use for acrylic or mixed-media so they really are versatile there's a lot of different ways that you can use them so if any of those ways sound interesting to you if the other one doesn't then they may still be something that you would want to look into I don't know I let's go into my personal opinions about these now I've talked a little bit about the techniques of things that I've tried and I liked these I didn't love them I liked them I thought they were really fun to use I thought they were interesting to use and I'm really glad that I tried them I think that they work very well for as a dry medium I loved that technique I loved the way it looked you could as I mentioned only build it up so much before you started having issues with it not sticking to the surface and I'm not sure what mediums would work on top of it when you've built it up so much but I did love the effect as a water-based medium I didn't like it as much as I thought I would they didn't blend as much as I wanted them to but I am interested in trying it on a smoother watercolor paper and I really I really want to try this stamping method they mentioned especially stamping onto damp paper that could be really interesting to incorporate pattern and such and see the background of a painting or a piece so yeah I mean there's a lot of possibilities with these and there's a lot of things that I want to experiment with them more so I'm definitely glad that I purchased them if nothing else I mean the name gelato is great the they are versatile they are pigmented they are creamy they are something that I think would work in a lot of people's artistic practice so if you are the kind of person that you love working big you love working texturally you love working in mixed-media you enjoy incorporating different art supplies you're not that big into loads of tiny details or working really small if you're looking for something to experiment with I think that these would be really up your alley if you enjoy water mediums you might like them if you enjoy dry mediums like oil pastels you would probably like them if you like to paint very small detailed very controlled artwork these may not be for you they are harder to control they are big and bulky and you can't get those details so they work for you if that's the kind of art that you make they're gonna work better for backgrounds for creating the overall atmosphere for doing larger piece larger parts of your whole piece if that makes sense I did try the metallics as well at the very end I used one of the gold metallics to do a flat pattern of the plants in the background kind of overlapping her as well and the we're really really pretty they were just as creamy as the others they weren't as metallic as some things that I've seen they were definitely metallic and I really enjoyed those I haven't tried those too much with water yet but I will see how those mix into water colors as well so I hope you liked this video I hope that you found it informative or useful I saw them online and thought they were interesting and I figured I can't be the only one that has seen them online and thought they're interesting and wanted to know more about them so I thought hey I'll try them and hopefully I can help somebody out so yeah if you liked this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up subscribe if you want to see more I'm trying to upload Tuesdays and Fridays right now so we'll see how that goes um I think that's pretty much it let me know if you've tried these down below I would love to hear what you think of them if you've tried them and you have some techniques to share with me let me know because I want to figure out different ways to use these and let me know if you've ever seen anything like this before if there's any dupes out there are other brands that I should try and on that note if there's anything else you want me to try let me know down below and I will be happy to try it that said I love you guys so so much I will see you on Tuesday for another sketchy Tuesday thank you so much for watching and have a great rest of your day bye guys


  • Angela Hardy says:

    She is amazing beautiful.

  • Kylee WinteR says:

    Beautiful piece! And thanks to you, I'm still working on how to draw people (this sounds backwards, but what I'm trying to say is you give me courage to keep trying lol). Also, happy (a-day-late) birthday!

  • Proton says:

    I had some of this, in France it's sold as child's art supplies so it's kinda weird to see that for artists :')

  • JustBookishThings says:

    I wonder if putting down a workable fixative between some layers would help with the lifting? Also maybe using an exacto knife to scrape out small details would work. I do that with colored pencil sometimes.

  • Linda Beebe says:

    Just now finding Gelatos? Where the heck has everybody been?!???

  • Isabella Bihy says:

    Looks like a Frieda Kahlo self portrait. Very good. I'm looking right now where to get that stuff from. Love it.

  • Howly Cc says:

    I use these all the time and I adore them, I will say there’s a weird and prominent difference in the quality of the gift set and the smaller sets you buy in store, the gift set is much harder and doesn’t work as well! Not sure why!

  • Kyomii says:

    These are commonly used in art/visual journalling – they work better on gesso.

  • YellowMelle says:

    These are on my list of Want So Bad art supplies, but the price is always going up up up. They have a kid range, though, and the only difference between them is lightfastness which is fine if you use them casually. If they ever come out with these pretty colours in the kid range, I am scooping them!

  • Andi Marus says:

    Oh my god, I haven't even watched your video yet, but I love these! I use them in my bujo with finger daubers I bought on Amazon. I'll show you some pics on Twitter!

  • Liz V. Art says:

    I've seen people use these in their art journals! I think they work really well for those.

  • sthom4bad says:

    Sadly the amount of plastic waste involved would bother me. I suppose the same issue exists with disposable pens and markers.

  • Amy Ackley says:

    Thank you for sharing. I only ever seen these used in bible journaling and that is what I always used them for. Very very pretty. I'm going to try something new,

  • Victoria Scully says:

    I’m so impressed with the detail you were able to get with such a challenging medium.

  • Sonya B. says:

    She turned out beautifully- great art!

  • Liesbeth Vandenschrieck says:

    They remind me of the Caran d’ache NeoColor 2 which i like to use as watercolorcolor, as dry medium, as acrylicpaint (with adding gesso to them,white gesso to make them look as pastel colors) .
    Thank you for staring this review ! They sound amazing and now i’m more into them ! I was planning to buy more of the Caran d’ache NeoColor 2 but now i’m in doubt of which to take 🤔 did you tried the Caran d’ache NeoColor 2 before?

  • menacherie says:

    honestly amazing, i've always just used them as backgrounds in my bujo

  • Christina Davidis says:

    Had no idea you were influenced by Degas. He's one of my faves 🙂 had an old edition book of his works that was stolen 🙁

  • Lily says:

    can u fix your sound quality pls?

  • RoseQuinzel says:

    Honestly I hate the idea of this art medium lol, your piece came out amazing tho 💜

  • Debbie N. says:

    Wow! Your picture is beautiful. I have these and I like them but I like them more as a wet medium. I feel the end texture is better using them that way. They work much better wet on paper that has been primed with gesso.(I love the clear kind). I also like coloring them on plastic, wetting them with a waterbrush and using them like watercolors.

  • Sarah Whitney says:

    They work better on a gesso covered surface.

  • Dawson Weatherford Art says:

    Isn’t gelato the Italian ice cream thing?
    Really nice art work

  • thejaydegarden says:

    I can see these being fun for big, impressionist style pictures

  • TheChryseis says:

    I can't stand Gelatos. They leave a waxy residue in my sketchbooks, and are so sticky. There are better ones called Color Sticks, from Jane Davenport that are in Michaels. I LOVE those. They smudge a whole lot easier than gelatos, and you can layer over the top of them with other mediums. Can't do that with gelatos. Also, when it comes to these kinds of crayons, they do actually have a "drying time." So if you leave the caps off they'll dry out and be useless, and it also makes it much harder to smudge them and activate them with water. I'm sorry for always mentioning Jane Davenport, but her supplies are just so fun and interesting. You should really check out her whole range, but here is a vid on the color sticks –

  • Brailee Custer says:

    I think theses would be very useful to create Georgia O'Keffee style flowers or landscapes in a large scale.

  • Diana Trout says:

    These are a pretty well known color media. I'm surprised that you haven't heard of them. They sure aren't STRANGE or WEIRD.

  • revsla says:

    The blend well with a baby wipe. Great for backgrounds.

  • Frince Cornista says:

    Are they like Caran d'Ache neocolor 2 water soluble wax pastels?????

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